How to Sew a Trimmer Belt

How to Sew a Trimmer Belt

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  • How to sew a simple belt for every day?
  • How to cut and sew a belt for an evening dress on your own?
  • How to make a beautiful belt with a buckle with your own hands? Master Class
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It seems to all girls that their wardrobe is not too diverse, not stylish enough, something is constantly missing in it. Therefore, they are trying in every possible way to dilute it with bright, fashionable details, to make it more attractive. For those who can not afford to spend a large amount of money every month on updating the wardrobe, accessories will come to the rescue. Fans of dresses will certainly appreciate the various belts that emphasize the figure, attracting special attention to it. There are a huge number of varieties, so each fashionista will be able to find the perfect option for herself, which can complement both everyday, and romantic or business image. Why not try to solve the situation with additional accessories? For example, you can think about how to sew a belt for a dress with your own hands. This article will give examples of sewing the simplest models of belts, each of which even a novice seamstress can master.

General recommendations

  1. Why do you need a belt. That is, for everyday wear, evening wear or a business suit.
  2. It must be suitable for any particular outfit or to be universal.
  3. You will use it as a decorative element or to maintain the shape of a certain outfit.

How to sew a simple belt for every day?

You must admit that there is nothing simpler than an everyday fabric belt that fits almost any clothing. Therefore, he must be present in any wardrobe.

To make this wardrobe item you will need:

  • Measuring tape.
  • Plain or colored texture fabric. it all depends on what color shade you will most often wear.
  • Needle, thread, scissors, soap or crayon.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Decor elements, accessories.
  • Non-woven.
  • Corsage tape.

Now let’s dwell on how to sew a belt for a dress made of fabric:

  • Using a measuring tape, take measurements from the waist, multiply the resulting volume by two. That is, if the waist volume is 60 cm, the belt will have a length of 120 cm.
  • Cut a strip of 120 cm long from the fabric, while its width should be twice as large as the width of the finished belt plus 1 cm. For example, if you need a 5 cm product, you will need to make a blank of 11 cm.
  • Measure 0.5 cm above and below this strip, draw thin mowing lines with soap or chalk.
  • Bend the belt in half, attach the mowing line to each other, make a line on the typewriter.
  • Turn the belt on the front side, sew a side cut.

Here is your universal belt ready!

How to cut and sew a belt for an evening dress on your own?

Do I need a pattern for a belt on a dress or coat? You have already made a simple belt for a dress from your own fabric. It’s time to think about creating something more complex, for example, to sew an accessory for an evening outfit. Here, of course, more time will be required, but there is nothing complicated.

Today at the peak of popularity are wide belts with buckles. Therefore, the creation of something like this, we now consider:

  • As in the previous version, first we measure the volume of our waist. Considering that the belt will be on the fastener, it is necessary to add 4 cm to the figure obtained, and another 2 cm to the seam. In this case, it will be tight, reliable, and most comfortable to sit on the waist.
  • In order for him to keep his shape well, it should be strengthened with non-woven fabric, because of which the belt will be reduced by a couple of centimeters, which should be added to its final length. That is, having a waist of 60 cm in volume, the fabric will need 68 cm in length.
  • Cut a strip of the required width and length. It is not difficult to determine these quantities, as we have already found out, you can do everything according to the scheme already given in the case of a simple belt.
  • Fold the product in half, draw a medium line with soap or chalk.
  • Sew the corsage tape on the wrong side. In this case, the length of the tape will be equal to the length of your belt minus 2 cm, which we took on the seam. Using the sewing machine, sew the ribbon to one part of the product from the inside, departing 1 cm from the edge.
  • Inside out, fold the belt in half, sew on only three sides.
  • Turn the product on the front side, carefully sew the edge left open.
  • Sew buttons, a decorative clasp or hook-and-eye clasps. choose your own option.

An elegant belt from a ribbon with your own hands for a dress is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it with rhinestones, beads, appliques, fabric flowers, embroider with glass beads or beads. In fact, there may be many options for decorative design, and each of them, in its own way, gives the accessories sophistication, style, and beauty.

How to make a beautiful belt with a buckle with your own hands? Master Class

Perhaps the above options for accessories will seem to you too simple? Then get acquainted with the idea of ​​how to make a belt for a dress with your own hands with an original buckle. In this case, of course, it will take even more patience, time, strength.

Methods and materials

There are two ways to make buckle belts. classic, accelerated. For work, you will need fabric, leather or a quality substitute longer than the waist by 15 cm, buckle, lining-sealant of the same size.

Sewing Technology. Option 1

First, consider how to make a belt for a dress with your own hands in the classical way:

  1. Cut out 2 strips from the fabric so that their width matches the width of the belt that you want to get, the length is equal to the circumference of the waist with the addition of 15 cm. Consider allowances for seams, not more than 0.5-0.7 cm.
  2. Cut strips from the lining of the same length and width as in the belt, except for allowances for the seams.
  3. Iron the seal or non-woven onto the outside of the belt from the wrong side.
  4. To the wrong side, take allowances on the slices of the outer part strictly along the edge of the seal. In the corners, allowances must be slightly tucked up.
  5. In the same way, take allowances on the slices of the inner part.
  6. Iron both parts with an iron, fold them in such a way that the wrong sides are inside, pin everything with safety pins.
  7. Sew the belt along the edges on the front side of the machine, grabbing the inner part.

Video: How to Sew a Trimmer Belt

Sewing Technology. Option 1

How to sew a wide belt for a dress according to the accelerated method, we will consider further:

  • Cut one strip of leather or fabric so that its length is equal to the length of the product with allowances for seams, the width corresponds to the double width of the belt.
  • Take a gasket with a length equal to the length of the belt, the width of the corresponding one part of the finished product. Allowances are not considered here.
  • Fold a strip of fabric or leather in half and lengthwise so that the front side is inside.
  • Sew longitudinal sections.
  • Fold the product so that the seam is in the middle, smooth the seam allowances with an iron.
  • Cut short slices. First grind slices on one edge, giving them the desired shape. Cut the seam allowances, leaving a few millimeters.
  • Turn the belt to the front side, iron with an iron, paying maximum attention to the edges and ends.
  • Insert gaskets to the seams with an adhesive base in it, iron the belt with an iron.
  • Sew the product along the contours.
  • Move away from the free edge of 3 cm, make a small hole, cut a circle with an awl or hole punch. Process it with a buttonhole stitch, thread a peg directly into it.
  • Wrap a jumper with the end of the belt, catch it on the wrong side with a zigzag or oblique seam, stitch it all together.
  • Punch blocks on the opposite side. In this case, one should be located at a distance equal to the circumference of the waist, the rest. with intervals equal to 3 cm.
  • Buckles can be tightened with the same fabric of which the belt is made. Cut two pieces out of it, the size corresponding to the size of the buckle with the addition of allowances for stitching. Fold the details inward with your face, chalk out the markings. Cut the fabric down to the stitch into short cuts for jumpers. Turn the part and put it on the buckle.

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So we learned how to make a simple, elegant or original belt on a dress with our own hands. The options discussed above are quite simple in terms of execution, do not require serious temporary and financial investments. But having made such accessories, you noticeably dilute your everyday and business wardrobe.

Women always try to follow fashion, look beautiful, fashionable and attractive. Through products and accessories, makeup, hairstyles, the female gender expresses its internal mood, highlight its natural talents and change flaws. To create a unique and inimitable image most often help various accessories that the craftsmen make even at home: earrings, watches, belts and straps, chains with cute pendants, bracelets. How to sew a beautiful belt for a dress or coat with your own hands from a simple material? Pretty easy.

Dress, perhaps, is the main part among women’s clothing. Even the lightest dress with a belt can instantly create a feminine look fashionable and unusual, add a twist to it. In the world of the fashion industry, there are three main forms of belts: soft, stiff with a buckle (strap) and figured.

Do you think a strict leather strap, or a hard leatherette strap is more suitable for a boy? Not at all. The thing is how to make it and what to wear.

Soft belt master class

For an interesting creative process you will need:

  • Meter.
  • Material (different fabrics).
  • Thread, needle, sharp scissors, crayon.
  • Non-woven.
  • Hardware.
  • Decorative details (if you want to make a bright evening look).

Stages of creative work:

With the help of a meter, you need to take the main measure. the waist circumference. The resulting number is increased twice. It is also necessary to consider two cm for allowances and four centimeters for the fastener. Thus, it turns out that the length of the belt = waist x 2 plus 2 centimeters 4 centimeters. The width of the belt can be any, everything will depend on the model of the dress and personal preferences.

It can be calculated as follows: belt width = desired width x 2 3 centimeters.

Based on the created sizes, we will carve out a thing. To cut the belt is in the width of the fabric, since the weaving of the material along the thread is more elastic, it will be easier for us to shape the belt.

Now you need to cut the non-woven fabric and attach it to the thing.

Non-woven fabric is a non-woven material with glue on one side. With its help, you can give auxiliary densityl material and fix the mold, so that the product does not change when worn. The length of this part will be equal to the length of the belt. You can attach the non-woven to the wrong side with the iron, remove the excess.

We put the thing in half lengthwise and iron everything.

Folded in half with the front side inward, the belt will need to be sewn one short edge at a time and along the entire length along the cut.

Slowly twist the thing on the front side, and flash the last side cut. Then iron the belt well.

Manually sew buttons (or another type of fastener) if they are provided for in your model.

This belt can be decorated in different ways. Your image can become romantic and festive.

Traditional belts can be made not only narrow, but also wide, it is important not to forget to strengthen them with non-woven fabric. These parts can be fixed on the waist with buttons, buttons, Velcro or hooks. Or the belt can be sewn without fasteners, just tying it. This option is perfect not only for dresses. The decoration of these products is a separate part for creativity and imagination. You can decorate them with beads, rhinestones, buttons, chains, cute applications and embroidery.

Wide option, belt sash

Wide sash-style belts, very popular among many fashionistas. In the classic version, the satin sash is most often found, but such a product can be sewn both from fabric, and from leather or suede. This model looks pretty elegant and chic. They perfectly emphasize the figure, hide many of the shortcomings of the figure and add an unusual effect to the image. Sewing them is a little harder than soft traditional ones, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The result will fully pay for all efforts.

  • First you need to cut out all the elements of the future girdle: two central parts for the product and four elements for the ties.
  • In addition, so that the product holds the mold and did not change while wearing, both central particles will need to be strengthened with a corsage ribbon. Its length will be equal to the length of the belt minus 2 centimeters. To calculate the length of the product, the girth of the figure must be halved. The width of the thing according to the picture will be of two values: in the largest place, and in a narrow place.
  • Ties should be cut in the shape of rectangles six centimeters wide plus two centimeters for allowances. To calculate the length of the ties, you need to add half the waist and the desired length of the tips.
  • The main thing is to add one centimeter to the seam allowances around the entire perimeter of the product. The diagram below is shown so that it is more convenient to carve out the central particles of the thing.
  • After our pattern is completed, all parts of the future girdle should be transferred to the wrong side of the fabric and slowly cut.
  • Next, you need to stitch the stitches. To do this, fasten the edges with a pin and sew along the part. On one side of the edge, tie the edges a little round. Turn them on the front side and iron a little.
  • Attach the corsage ribbon to the central elements.
  • We lay on the front side of one from the main details of the belt ties. We put the second main part on top of 1 face inward. We fasten them with pins and fix the ends of the ties so that they do not move out while sewing. Due to the poor fixation of the ends, it is possible to spoil the entire product, remember this when working.
  • A small part of the line should be left, because through it the belt can be turned on the front side. And then stitch the hole left.
  • At the end of the work, iron the product completely. So we learned how to sew a belt for a dress using a pattern. Conclusion If you understand this, you can understand that making a belt from leather or other material is not difficult at all, the main thing is patience, the ability to sew and tie some details. Many because of fear do not start their work in vain, because it is very interesting and useful. Well, the most important advice for all beginners, follow the master class and general recommendations for work, and then you will succeed.