How to Increase the Power of an Electric Lawn Mower

Lawn mower. a device invented in 1830 by E.B. Bading (England). From the day it appeared, it has become a constant assistant to summer residents and municipal services caring for plots and lawns in a private or municipal territory. The device is easy to operate, easy to set up and efficient.

There are three types of mowers to choose from:

  1. Wheel (move on special wheels). Conditionally divided into gasoline and electric.
  2. Riders. special cars controlled by a driver located on the device.
  3. Trimmers are portable mowers with an electric, gasoline or battery “heart”.

Criterias of choice

Consider the rules for choosing two types of lawn mowers. wheeled (electric) and trimmers (on batteries and electricity).

Major manufacturers

The manufacturer is an important but not the main criterion. You do not need to focus only on the manufacturer, as well-known brands often have an overpriced price.

How to Increase the Power of an Electric Lawn Mower

There are many examples where an inexpensive model is in great demand and works no worse than expensive devices.

Type of cutting system

Electric lawn mowers are conventionally divided into two types:

  1. Rotary. a steel knife is fixed on a vertical shaft that rotates during operation. It moves parallel to the surface of the earth and removes grass with chopping movements. Such devices cope with thick grass, but it is more difficult to achieve an ideal lawn.
  2. Drum. more complex devices with several movable and one fixed knife. They are attached to a drum having a cylindrical shape. The grass is sheared. The movable part raises the stems with their subsequent cutting. Such models give the lawn an ideal appearance, but they are not suitable for removing tall grass.

The main difference between the species is the power of the motor. As a rule, rotary models are more powerful. An additional difference is the number of wheels.


Electric lawn mowers are conventionally divided into three classes:

  1. Household. devices designed to process small areas. They are convenient to use and have a low price. Less is a limited resource.
  2. Professional. electric lawn mowers for regular use and processing large areas. Their feature is a greater resource, high quality parts, maintainability. The disadvantage is only the high price. Such devices are bought by state and private enterprises.
  3. Semi-professional. something between a household and a professional class. This option is suitable for people who need a reliable mower, but do not want to pay more for professional devices.

When buying a model, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the cultivated areas and the frequency of use of the mower. So, for 6 acres, a household class device is enough, and for areas of a larger area, for example, up to 12 acres, it is better to take semi-professional models.

Ability to move

Electric lawn mowers differ in type of movement. Two options are available:

  1. Non-self-propelled. devices that are moved manually by the “operator”. They are light in weight, convenient to use and store. The difficulty lies in processing a site that has many bumps on the surface (rifts, humps, bumps).
  2. Self-propelled vehicle on wheels moves independently. The task of the “operator” is to set the right direction. The engine is used to rotate the knife and move the wheels of the apparatus. Unlike non-self-propelled electric lawnmowers, self-propelled devices have a large mass and are suitable for processing large areas.

When choosing between a self-propelled and non-self-propelled device, you need to remember the price. As a rule, self-propelled lawn mowers belong to the professional class and are more expensive.

Grass ejection

An important point is the method of removing cut stems from under the apparatus. Three types are distinguished:

  • with accumulation in the grass catcher;
  • lateral discharge;
  • mulching.

The second type is suitable for cleaning heavily overgrown areas. High stems do not get stuck on the way to a special container, immediately go outside (to the side) and do not delay the processing of the lawn. The downside is that after cleaning you will have to go through a plot with a rake.

In some models, the option of mulching is provided, which means chopping and ejecting grass to the treated area. To perform this work, a high-power motor is needed.

Experts assure the usefulness of this option, because the stems processed into dust play the role of fertilizer for the lawn.

In practice, mulching is useful when mowing stems of small height. Otherwise, large pieces that are badly rotted are thrown onto the lawn.


When choosing an electric lawn mower, the focus is on engine power. Models with a motor from 300 to 3,000 watts are sold on the market. The mower performance and electricity consumption depend on this parameter.

Powerful devices heat up faster, so in the characteristics you need to look at the time of continuous operation. As a rule, this parameter is 0.5 hours (enough for a small area).

The location of the electric motor depends on the power. With a parameter of 0.3 to 0.6 kW, the motor is located in the lower part, and in other devices. in the top.

When buying a lawn mower, the following are also considered:

  • manufacturer. Hyundai, Honda, Kawasaki, Daewoo, etc.
  • power source. 220 V household network or battery.

On sites up to 400 square meters. meters suitable devices up to 0.9 kW. When processing lawns with an area of ​​about 1200 square meters. meters it is better to take an electric lawn mower with a power of up to 1.8 kW. When harvesting grass with thick stems, 2 kW machines will be required.

Grass catcher

Grass catcher. a container for collecting mowed grass. The duration of equipment operation without stopping depends on its volume. In addition, after processing the site from it does not need to remove grass, which saves time.

The capacity of the grass catcher must be selected taking into account the location of the lawn. If he is near the house and regularly cuts, there will be little grass, so you can do without a grass catcher or be content with a small amount.

Another thing when it comes to a country house, where the grass grows. The capacity of the grass catcher should be from 25 to 80 liters.

There are two types of grass catchers:

  1. Tough. Such designs are easier to turn over to get rid of accumulated grass.
  2. Soft. It is more difficult to choose mowing from them due to squeezing with sidewalls made of a fabric base.

Rigid are more convenient to maintain. just rinse them with water. The soft design clogs faster and then you have to use a vacuum cleaner or wash the product.


The wheels of an electric lawn mower can be wide and narrow. Their number differs from two to four.

If the cultivated area has an imperfect terrain with tubercles and depressions, it is better to use a machine with wide wheels (it is easier for them to go along an uneven area) with bearings (more reliable).

Processing width

The width of the treatment (bevel) is an indicator that depends on the size of the knife and deck used. The larger the dimensions, the wider the cleaned strip after the passage of the electric lawn mower. Most models mow 30-40 cm. expensive devices capture up to 46 cm.

Wide-mowed mowers have the advantage of being able to quickly process the lawn, but they are more difficult to manage. When buying a model with a smaller bevel width, it will take longer to work. Therefore, it takes more time and electricity to bring the lawn to the required state.

The advantage of such devices is briskness and ease of operation. It is easier for them to go around shrubs and trees.

With a lawn up to two hundred square meters, a mower with a processing width of 30-34 cm is suitable. For large sections (up to 6 hundred square meters), models with a bevel of about 40 cm are suitable.

Cutting height

Mowing height is an indicator characterizing the distance between the ground and the upper part of the grass after the passage of an electric lawn mower. This parameter can be adjusted in the following ways:

  1. Rearrange the axis in the deck to the desired hole. This is a structurally simple but inconvenient method of changing the height.
  2. The use of a lever or button that changes the height of the wheels (individual regulation for each wheel). This method is also not convenient.
  3. Central height adjustment. The “driver” of the electric mower presses on the lever or button (taking into account the provided system) to lower or raise the product.

comfortable models with central regulation, but they are more expensive.

When studying the height of the bevel, two criteria are taken into account:

  • The minimum parameter is about 2 mm (grass is not cut below);
  • The maximum bevel height is the highest indicator that can be set for a specific mower model.

Video: How to Increase the Power of an Electric Lawn Mower

When processing the lawn with foreign objects, the highest height is set to avoid the ingress of foreign elements under the knife. After cleaning the territory from branches and other objects, you can once again go through the site with a lower processing height.


The mains powered mower is equipped with a cord and plug for plugging into a power outlet. For convenience, you need to use an extension cord that allows you to “serve” a large area. When choosing a carrier, the cross section of the power cable is taken into account. it must withstand the power (current consumption) of the mower.

It is advisable to buy an adapter with a wire of bright color (red, yellow), so that it is more noticeable on the grass.

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to completely unwind the cord to prevent it from rubbing.
  2. When mowing grass, the cable should be located behind the electric lawnmower (on the treated part).
  3. The best solution is to put the wire on your shoulder so that it is away from the ground and not damaged by the device’s knife.

The maximum cord length does not exceed 20 meters.

In the deck are the knives of an electric lawn mower. Depending on the price, it is made of plastic, steel and aluminum.

Models with an aluminum deck have the highest price. Their plus is durability and resistance to rust. Plastic decks are less reliable and fail faster.

Power supply

There are two types of electric lawn mowers:

  • without battery (powered only by 220 V);
  • with battery. In the absence of voltage in the household network, the device operates from a separate power source;
  • universal. can work from the network and from the battery.

Battery capacity can vary from 1.6 to 6 Ah, and voltage from 12 to 82V;

Battery models are convenient, but you need to consider capacity when choosing. If it is not enough to process the site, you will have to spend time on charging.

Ease of use is affected by the total weight of the device. Two-wheel electric lawn mowers weigh about 13 kg. They are easier to carry or move around the site. Products with four wheels have a mass of up to 40 kg.

They are harder to use, but this drawback is offset by greater engine power and a wide selection of functions. The buyer himself decides what to pay attention to. maneuverability or functionality.

Additional functions

When choosing an electric lawn mower you need to consider additional criteria:

  1. Knife drive. Some models are equipped with direct drive, which means connecting the grass-cutting part directly to the motor. There is no belt drive. This design is simple and reliable.
  2. Folding handles. The option allows you to reduce the size of the device and find a place to store it. It takes several minutes to assemble the mechanism and no additional tools are needed.
  3. Self-starter system. easy start by pressing a button. After operation, the spring flywheel spins up and starts the motor.
  4. 3 in 1. The function implies the possibility of three types of grass mowing. with collection in a container, with a throw to the side or mulching.

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to comprehensively approach the assessment and determine the purpose of the purchase. For periodic cleaning of the house area, simpler and cheaper models are suitable.

With regular processing of large areas, an electric lawn mower with more power and capabilities will come in handy.


Trimmers. a portable device for mowing grass. The main manufacturers are Bosch, Stihl, Triton and others. With the help of such devices, it is possible to maintain grass at the required height, mow stems along paths and in narrow passages, remove thickets and cut plants near fences.

They have a small price when compared with an electric lawn mower. Convenient and easy to use.

To begin using it is necessary to put the device on the body of the worker and secure it with straps. The engine starts after the trimmer head is brought to the grass.

To protect against impacts from foreign elements and the ejection of sticks, a protective housing is installed, covering almost half of the cutting part.

Today, two types of devices are in demand:

  1. Electric. powered by 220 V. They are easy to use, emit a little noise, are equipped with an adjustable handle and have an affordable price. Cons. the need to connect wires and limited action.
  2. Rechargeable. work from a power source. Such models are suitable for landscaping lawns in areas where there is no electric network. Pluses. noiselessness, ease, lack of restrictions on the area, a fast charge. Cons. limited energy supply, high price.

When choosing a trimmer, the following parameters are taken into account:

  1. Power. For domestic use, an electric apparatus for 250-700 watts is suitable. Utilities choose more powerful products from 900 to 1800 watts.
  2. Cut Width When used on solid lawns, trimmers with a mowing width of 30 to 42 cm are suitable. When processing small areas in a country house or near an apartment building, 25-27 cm are sufficient.
  3. Weight. Convenience of its use and ability to work for a long time depends on the weight of the device. The weight of the electric trimmer ranges from 1.5 to 9 kg. When buying for a cottage, models up to 5 kg are suitable. If there is no household network, the mass of the device increases to 7-9 kilograms.
  4. Turnovers. The effectiveness of the trimmer depends on the speed. In products of low power, this parameter is up to 7,000 rpm. This is enough to handle country lawns. With frequent use, it is recommended to prefer professional models with a speed of 7,500 rpm or more.
  5. Diameter of fishing line. This parameter is in the range from 1.4 to 3.3 m. For household purposes, products with a fishing line diameter of up to 2 mm are suitable. When mowing thick grass and processing overgrown areas, models with a thicker line from 2.4 to 3.3 mm are needed.
  6. Type of fixture. Trimmers are fixed on a person using one or two belts. The second type guarantees greater convenience for the operator and is suitable for continuous operation.
  7. Cutting system. The device uses “hard” knives (plastic, metal) or a soft cutting element (fishing line). The first type is suitable for processing overgrown areas with grass with thick stems. Trimmers with fishing line. the best option for rough surfaces, areas near enthusiasm. Such knives are not afraid of beating about foreign objects.
  8. Convenience of retention. The indicator depends on the number and shape of the pens and the ability to balance the device. For continuous operation, models with a cross frame and two powerful handles are suitable. An important point is the location of the motor. If it is located at the bottom, this increases the load on the operator, who can work for several hours. If the motor is up, the back gets tired less.
  9. Battery capacity. For devices with battery, an important parameter is battery capacity. It is measured in Ah. On average, 1 Ah is enough for 15 minutes. In this case, the charge takes 45 minutes (three times more time).

When choosing a trimmer, as well as an electric lawn mower, it is necessary to consider the scope of its application and financial capabilities.

TOP 5 popular models

The market for electric lawn mowers is wide enough to pick up the machine for the price and objectives. Below we highlight the five best models in the price range from 7 to 60 thousand rubles:


An electric lawn mower is a useful device that can tidy up any lawn, saving it from overgrowth and turning it into a perfectly smooth and beautiful area. The difficulty is in choosing the right model, taking into account the scope and budget.

To avoid mistakes, you need to carefully approach the purchase and take into account all the criteria considered in the article.

Features of electric mower

A lawn mower is one of the basic assistants in caring for a personal plot or territory of a summer residence. It is them who should be chosen, since hand braids and sickles have long sunk into oblivion. Progressive humanity continues to take steps forward, inventing ever newer and more advanced models of lawn mowers. Is there a wide enough choice? How do such models differ from each other? What to choose the ideal assistant for a well-groomed lawn?

The main advantage of an electric lawn mower is its cost. Battery and gasoline counterparts are significantly more expensive than electric ones. In addition, they do not save resources while working.

What are

To correctly choose an electric lawn mower for a summer residence, you need to understand the specifics of its future place of work. If you have a vast area that requires regular maintenance, then the electric lawn mower is a loyal assistant. If homework comes down to cutting grass on pagorbas, lowlands, small open areas, around trees and in other not so accessible places. pay attention to the manual electric trimmer. But often it turns out that the site partially consists of flat and even surfaces, and partially has a complex and uneven relief. Leaning owners often acquire both versions of the lawn mowers and use them depending on the circumstances. Where wheels easily pass, an electric assistant is used, and in more complex areas, a trimmer is picked up.

Here we look at the issues of choice among electric mowers. What is the difference between them and what is the similarity? What to be guided by when choosing? What to look for first? Roughly speaking, a lawn mower is a small cart with an electric motor. A knife for cutting grass and a container where the cut vegetation gets into is built into the design.

Such a structure, although mobile, but slightly maneuverable. You will not be able to mow the grass in small pits, ravines and in rocky areas. Therefore, it has proven itself perfectly for large and flat areas with low vegetation, for example, for a summer residence.

What to look for

Electric lawn mowers are divided into two types. self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The energy of the self-propelled model is mutually distributed between the wheels and working knives. Thus, the mower will independently move around the site, and it is enough for a person to simply set her direction. This technique has significant weight, which makes it difficult to transport, rearrange, or mechanically drag it from site to site. However, there are undeniable advantages. good maneuverability and ease of management.

A non-self-propelled lawn mower will not ride on its own with all its desire. It is designed so that during operation the owner moves the mower to the right place manually. Similar models have a relatively light weight. It is her who should be chosen if the owner has a small plot, because then he can easily rearrange the equipment to the garage after work or move it from the dacha to the city for storage.

Video “Mower selection”

Overview video how to choose an electric lawn mower.

Cutting Width

When planning to choose the right garden assistant, such as an electric lawn mower, carefully consider the requirements presented to her. One of the important parameters for this technique is the grass mowing width. It is logical to assume that the wider the working surface of the knife, the larger the grass can be processed per unit of time. That is, with different mowing widths, you can work out the same section for a different amount of time and approaches. And the wider the width parameter, the less time, effort and electricity you will have to spend to work. Of course, this option will directly affect the weight and cost of such a personal assistant.

Inexpensive models often have a mowing width of about 30 cm. powerful lawn mowers provide more choice and can have a width of up to 46 cm. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this technical characteristic of the machine to thoroughly calculate the quality of the model you need.

Grass height

Most users of the lawn mower prefer to adjust the cutting height of the grass once and not change it. Nevertheless, an accurate understanding of the characteristics of this parameter you also need. The design of all models allows you to change the working level of the bevel of vegetation. Sometimes for this it is enough to manually move the axis. Sometimes a button or a lever for changing the height is provided in the mower. And sometimes it is necessary to independently unscrew each wheel of the machine and manually rearrange it to a new place.

Engine power

Once you have decided on the width and height of the mowed grass, take an interest in the following technical parameter of the lawn mower. its power. Everything is simple here. The larger the area of ​​the intended working area, the more powerful the mower itself should be. Optimum power is 600 watts. And for larger-scale work, stop on technology with a power of at least 1000 watts.

The deck is the part of the lawn mower where the knives are located. The deck can be made of aluminum, steel or plastic. The life of the equipment itself depends on the quality of the deck. But on the other hand, the deck is the part that is the last to wear out or undergo damage. There are tons of other vulnerable parts in the mower, such as wheels or a motor. Therefore, everyone chooses an acceptable option for themselves. Either the future owner opts for expensive and durable materials, or chooses a cheaper option with a plastic deck for a small area and small amounts of work.

Other benefits

Video “What to look for when choosing”

Information video, as well as useful tips on how to choose a device for your own needs.