How to start a chainsaw Patriot Garden. Description

Easy launch of a chainsaw what is it

Why do you need a preliminary pumping pump for fuel?When you press the pumping part of the preliminary pumping of the fuel, the fuel mixture pumps up and fills the carburetor. The launch of an unheated engine will be made faster. (Preliminary fuel pumping pump is installed on the Patriot Garden 2512; 3816; 3818; 5518).

What is the difference between nylon and felt air filter?The nylon filter, as a rule, reusable use, is easily cleaned and cleaned with pollution, but if large sawdust is accidentally hit, it is damaged. The felt filter has higher resistance to mechanical damage, but when it is polluted, cleaning does not always lead to the desired result. (All Patriot Garden models are equipped with a nylon air filter).

What does the number of fists affect the clutch coupling?A larger number of fists provides a more reliable adhesion, minimizing its slip. The load on the clutch cup is carried out more evenly. (All Patriot Garden models, except for 2512 are equipped with a 3-fist clutch).

Why do you need vibration protection?When sawing, a small vibration occurs from the engine operation and from the contact of the saw chain with wood. The vibration system helps to significantly reduce the sensation of these vibrations by the operator. (All Patriot Garden models are equipped with vibration protection).

What is an adjustable oil pump?The adjustment of the oil pump affects the amount of lubricant supplied to the saw tire. When used on a chainsaw of saw tires of different sizes, it becomes necessary to optimize and adjust the supply of lubrication, t.e, the longer the saw tire, the more lubrication it needs. When sawing various types of wood, there is also the need to adjust the amount of lubricant supplied. (All models of Patriot Garden, except 5518, are installed adjustable oil pump).

Why do you need a small hole on the tip of the saw tire?The hole is designed to lubricate the roller bearings of the driven star. The load on this node is large during sawing, it is recommended to make grease before the saw using a special syringe-oil. In the absence of lubrication, there is a high probability of jamming of roller bearings. (Saw tires of all Patriot Garden models are equipped with a lubricant).

Why do you need an inertial circuit brake?In the upper part of the tip of the saw tire there is a sector of 90 °, when sawing which there is a reverse rebound of the saw towards the operator. To prevent injuries, an inertial brake is provided, the inclusion lever of which, when rebound, is automatically turned on by the wrist of the right hand. The mechanism is triggered, the saw chain instantly stops. (All Patriot Garden models are equipped with an inertial chain brake).

What are the pluses of the engine with a chrome cylinder?The chrome coating serves to increase the service life of the engine, t.To chrome, a very durable material, resistant to high temperatures, has good frictional properties. Cylinders covered with chromium, are widely used in a benzo tool intended for professional use. (All models of Patriot Garden are installed chrome cylinders).

What is the difference between one and two piston rings in the engine design?Engines, in the design of which one piston ring is provided, have a higher overclocking rate and have a higher acceptance. Cylinder wear occurs slower due to a small contact area. But such engines are very sensitive to fuel quality. Engines, in the design of which two piston rings are provided, have an acceleration speed and acceptance lower than that of engines with one piston ring. Cylinder wear occurs faster due to the increased contact area and higher friction. Sensitivity to fuel quality below. (All engines of the Patriot Garden models except 2512; 3816; 3818 are equipped with two piston rings).

What is a “easy launch”?Chainsaws equipped with starters with a “light launch” system have a special mechanism with two platoon springs in their design. When pulling the launching cord, a significantly smaller attached force is required. The start of the engine will be made much easier. (Models Patriot Garden 3816; 3818; 4016; 4018 have a “easy launch” system).

What remains to our client of the chainsaw “STIHL” have two.stroke engines. Their cool start is carried out according to a similar method. But on sale there are models on the pages of which there are additional equipment, thanks to its use, you can start a saw without making special efforts. Therefore, the start methodology may differ.

The algorithm of the saw establishment “Stihl 180

If the question arose for you what, how to start a stihl chainsaw, then this process can be seen using the example of model 180. To be able to perform work on cool, you need to enable the ignition and install the engine control lever in the lower position. With all this, the carburetor damper will block the air from the filter, and the throttle will be open, because the fuel mixture will be enriched.

Starter handle must be pulled a couple of times until the 1st flash occurs. This will indicate that the mixture entered the cylinder, and the equipment is ready for the establishment. Before starting the stihl chainsaw, you need to install the control lever for one position upward. Here the air damper will open, while the throttle remains in this matter.

The starter must be pulled and started. The tool works at high speeds, the throttle will be open. To install the latter in the idle mode, use the gas trigger and release it. With all this, the tool should start working normally. There are no additional devices on the described model of the chainsaw that would facilitate the launch.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chainsaw Patriot Pt 2512

  • derived from production;
  • After each use, you need to pull the chain.

Basic equipment

Factory basic set of the chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

Optionally, it can be equipped with mittens for work (at the discretion of suppliers).


The main technical parameters of the chain gasoline saw Patriot PT 2512:

  • There is a circuit auto sculpting function;
  • Tire 30 cm;
  • engine volume 23 cubic;
  • oil tank. 200 ml;
  • fuel tank. 200 ml;
  • chain with 3/8 step “;
  • chain for 44 links;
  • tire groove 1.3 mm;
  • the weight of the chainsaw is 2.9 kg;
  • Warranty period. 12 months.

How to start a chainsaw: Features of proper operation

Many buy chainsaws for the first time without experience with this tool. Despite this, to learn how to work as a tool, there is no need to take special courses. After the purchase there is a great desire to quickly test the tool in work. To do this, be sure to start initially with the instrumentation instructions, as well as safety measures when working with a chainsaw. In the material, we consider how to properly start a chainsaw, as well as work with it.

How to start a chainsaw: Preparation for launch

Every master who has a chainsaw should know how to start it correctly. Initially, it should be noted that to start the tool, it must be seasoned with fuel. For this, not just gasoline is used, but a gasoline mixture.

It’s important to know! Pure gasoline for the functioning of chainsaws cannot be refueled. It is necessary to refuel exclusively a mixture of gasoline with appropriate oil for two.stroke engines.

First you need to figure out how to prepare a gasoline mixture correctly. These proportions are naturally indicated in the instructions, but since few people read them, this issue should be considered in detail.

As fuel, gasoline of the AI92 brand and above is used. It will also be necessary to use the corresponding oil, which can be purchased in the same place as a chainsaw was bought. The proportion of gasoline and oil is 1 to 50, after mixing which, it is necessary to thoroughly stir. In this case, it is necessary to prepare the mixture in a separate container (plastic bottle), since it is not only convenient to store the prepared fuel mixture in it, but it is also convenient to refuel the tool in the tank through the small diameter of the gas tank hatch.

Pour the cooked mixture in the fuel tank, the cover of which is indicated in the form of an image of a gas station. This is very important, since the chainsaws have two similar tanks. The second tank is intended for filling the oil, which is consumed for lubricating the tire and chain during the functioning of the tool.

It’s important to know! After refueling the fuel to the gas tank, do not rush to start the tool. It is also necessary to refuel oil into an oil tank to prevent the chain overheating, which as a result can cause damage to it.

As an oil to lubricate the chain, it is recommended to use special branded or motor oil for the car, but in no case do not practice. If you see how your neighbor refueling in a chainsaw, then you should not repeat its mistakes, as this significantly reduces the service life of not only the chain, but also the tool itself.

It is always necessary to control the level of oil and fuel mixture in tanks, but it is recommended to carry out refueling according to the following scheme:

  • The fuel mixture in the tank is filled to full.
  • At the same time poured to full and oil for lubrication of the chain.
  • The oil consumption and fuel mixture is approximately the same, so both tanks are recommended to refuel simultaneously.

How to start a chainsaw: launch features

After the tool is ready to launch, you can start. The process of launching a chainsaw is as follows:

  • First, the chain tension is checked. It is required to try to raise the middle links of the chain in the upper part of the tire with your hand. If the chain stretches with an effort, then everything is in order, if it is easy, then you need to tighten it. Do not overdo it, since the excessive tension of the chain is also extremely not desirable.
  • Checking for a hauling. If after pulling up the chain there are doubts about its plugging, then you can check the correctness by rotating it manually on the tire. The chain should rotate normally without stretch.
  • Installation of a hand brake. The hand brake of the chain is located in front near the upper handle to hold the tool. If you squeeze the lever forward, then after starting the chain will not rotate, and when returning to the opposite position, the cutting product will begin to move. Before starting, you need to put the tool on the brake.
  • Fixing the tool on a flat surface and starting. So that when starting the tool does not twitch, it is necessary to take the top handle with the left hand, and rest on the lower handle with the right foot. The chainsaws are fixed, now you can turn on the ignition button, put forward the throttle, and then pull from 2 to 5 times by the starter handle. While pulling the handle, the engine should give the first flash 2-3 times indicating that you can push the throttle and launch. Twing the starter handle must sharply, then immediately return it to its original position, without detaining in an elongated position.
  • Removing a hand brake. As soon as the chainsaw starts up, it should be allowed to work for 1 minute without rotation of the chain with medium.sized processing. The engine will have time to warm up, after which you need to squeeze the hand brake. If a hot engine is launched, then you can start work immediately after starting.
  • Checking the availability of oil supply. To do this, you need to bring the file to a sheet of paper and go out, after which traces of oil should appear on it.

How to work properly a chainsaw

The work of the chainsaw is one of the most dangerous, so it is very important to control the location of the tire as far as possible from itself. Each subsequent action should be deliberate, otherwise the consequences in the form of serious injuries cannot be avoided. If you have to work with a chainsaw, then you should know the following features:

  • It is required to work exclusively in appropriate overalls: a protective helmet, headphones, costume, gloves and shoes. This will increase the security of the master several times.
  • You need to keep the tool exclusively with two hands, and take the appropriate position in the form of a reliable emphasis with your feet. Working standing in an uncomfortable position is strictly prohibited.
  • Lean the tool against wood should be with a moving circuit at medium speeds.
  • Drinking the tire with particular caution, as there is a high probability of a reverse blow.
  • When working, all unnecessary objects that can cause a violation of equilibrium should be excluded from the saw zone.
  • If you are tired, then you need to drown out the tool, allowing you to rest not only yourself, but also.
  • The legs during operation should be widely divorced to the sides, and the back should be straight.
  • You can cut wood not only with the lower part of the tire, but also the upper one, only it is important to know that the chain will be taken in the corresponding direction.
  • When switching with a chainsaw to another place, the tool should be jerked or put on a hand brake.

The above features are also suitable for the operation of the electric saw. It is better to perform work in tandem with a partner who can not only insure, but also replace you when you get tired. After all, working with such a tool is not easy, since in addition to physical strength, smartness is also required. Observing the above rules for working with a chainsaw, all types of manipulations will have a successful conclusion.

Care for a chainsaw

Another important condition for working with the tool is to ensure proper care. After completing the work, you should not throw a chainsaw at the workplace until the next time. It is necessary to clean it of sawdust and garbage, periodically check the tension of the chain, as well as the fullness of the gas tank and the oil tank. It is also important to monitor the clogging of the air filter.

It is not recommended for a long time to store a gas station with refuel fuel, so it is better to drain it. Timely it is necessary to replace the chain, tire and leading stars, as these are elements that quickly wear out.

In conclusion, it is important to note that over time the chain has the ability to stretch, which as a result leads to the fact that it cannot be pulled. If you observe such a property, it is not recommended to continue to operate the tool until the cutting tool is at all tear or jumps off the tire. If a person is not confident in his abilities, then it is better not to undertake to cut trees of large diameter.

Squeezing of actions when starting

After the chainsaw is prepared, as described above, start the engine, performing the following actions:

  • Close the brake of the chain. This is necessary for the security of the operator.
  • Close the air damper. To do this, a lever with a conditional image of a carburetor shall be provided on a chainsaw. It must be transferred to a position corresponding to a closed damper. A small amount of air required to start, will flow through the hole in the shutter.
  • Skip the fuel mixture. If the chainsaw is provided on a primer (“pear”, “suction”), click on it several times so that the fuel mixture appears inside.
  • Turn on the ignition. This is usually a toggle switch or button with the inscriptions on and off. Switch to the ON position.
  • Pull the starter handle until the resistance appears. You should not immediately try to pull the handle intensively, as this can lead to a breakdown of the starter mechanism.
  • Pull the starter handle several times. With moderate intensity. If you pull too sluggish, the engine will not start. If sharply and with excessive effort, you can damage the starter mechanism. On saws without a primer, the number of starting attempts should be increased.
  • Open the carburetor air damper. When the engine “grabs”, “shows signs of life”, “grunts” and so on. the air damper control lever must be transferred to the working position (the damper is open and the air enters in full).

If the chainsaw is in good condition, then the engine should start from 2-4 attempts. Before starting work, give a cold engine time to warm up for a minute at idle.

Why the chainsaw engine does not start?

If the engine of the new chainsaw does not start, then the reason may be as follows:

  • The tool is incorrectly prepared to launch.
  • A poor.quality, “old” or incorrectly prepared fuel mixture was refuel.
  • The sequence of actions when starting.

When it is not possible to start the chainsaw engine that was in operation (usually after a long downtime, unskilled repair, or as a result of natural wear of parts), then, in addition to the reasons listed for a new tool, the problem may be as follows:

Adjustment of the Patriot 3816 chainsaw carburetor with your own hands

Proper adjustment of the carburetor provides economical fuel consumption and maximum traction characteristics of the Patriot chainsaw. If you regulate incorrectly, then this will necessarily affect her work.

Before starting the adjustment, it is necessary to conduct a complete inspection of the chainsaw, if any, eliminate defects (air leaks, air ducts, etc.).

Usually on the carburetor case (duplicated on the chainsaw housing) there are designations:

  • L. the screw is designed to adjust low engine speeds.
  • H. the screw is designed to adjust high speeds.
  • T. the screw is designed to adjust the idle.

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When the engine is drowned out, it is necessary to fully tighten the screws l and h on the carburetor until it stops. Then unscrew for 1.5 revolutions each. Screw t at this stage does not need to touch. After that, you need to try the chainsaw. If everything is done correctly, then it will start right away. We warm up the engine for 7. 10 minutes.

Setting the operating mode at idle. Before adjusting the carburetor, it is necessary to determine the position of the screw L in which the engine speed will be maximum. To do this, you need to slowly scroll it in one or the other. When the position is found, it is necessary to turn the screw counterclockwise at 1/4 turnover.

In this case, you need to ensure that the chain remains motionless.

If suddenly, when adjusting, it started moving, we twist the screw counterclockwise until the chain is stopped. After that, we wind the screw for another 1/4 turnover in the same direction.

The next step is to check the Patriot chainsaw in all engine operating modes. Try to launch a cooled chainsaw and evaluate the work at idle. The revolutions should be equal, not floating. Then try to cut the logs, with the handle of the gas accelerating the engine.

If everything set up correctly, then the engine should work stable, develop power quickly, without failures.

If there are interruptions in the engine, and there is no normal acceleration, it is necessary to scroll the screw L to 1/8 turn counterclockwise and repeat the above manipulations with the screw t. You need to repeat until you achieve the correct operation of the engine.

How to start a chainsaw |

In order to check the quality of the mixture, we disperse the chainsaw to maximum speed. In the process of adjustment, you must not allow long work in this mode, make pauses. Follow the exhaust and sound of work. Когда из глушителя идет много сизого дыма и звук у мотора очень громкий – значит смесь слишком богатая. Turn the screw H to 1/4 turn counterclockwise and observe the engine operation.

We check the chainsaw at maximum speeds, it should saw well, without failures and interruptions in work

Symptoms of the poor mixture: overheating of the chainsaw engine, interruptions in ignition, a characteristic crack in the exhaust, spontaneous increase in engine speeds. In this situation, it is necessary to turn the screw h by about 1/4 turnover counterclockwise.

All of the above adjustments are carried out until the main conditions are met: the circuit at idle is motionless, the sound of the engine is even, pressing the gas lever leads to rapid acceleration without failures and grabbing. For a more accurate setup of the Patriot 3816 chainsaw carburetor, you can connect an electronic tachometer.

You need to understand that at different times of the year, appropriate adjustment of the Patriot chain carburetor is required. So in winter, when working with a saw, you need to make a mixture richer, The characteristics of the input air are changing.

What carburetor is on Patriot 3816, its device

The Patriot 3816 chainsaw has a typical carburetor, an analogue of the Chinese “gypsies”. It consists of a light aluminum corps in which there are:

  • Throwdoy damper. Thanks to it, the ratio of air in the fuel mixture (dining or enrichment) changes;
  • Fuel needle or mixer. Through it, fuel enters the float chamber.
  • Diffuser. Narrow area of ​​the camera. Passing through it the air flow is significantly accelerated.
  • Float chamber. It is dosed in it and maintained at a certain level.
  • The main fuel nozzle. On it, fuel gets from a float chamber into a diffuser.

These are the main nodes of the carburetor of the chainsaw Patriot 3816. In addition to them, there are many more auxiliary small equipment.

Rem complex: What is included in it and where to buy

Patriot chainsaw carburetor is included: 2 gaskets, 2 membranes. Little things such as a needle, rocker, spring and pin are sold only for imported carburetors.

Before you clean the nozzle with wire, think well. If you damage the main fuel nozzle, you will have to buy a new carburetor.

You can purchase a repair kit in many online stores dedicated to garden and motor vehicles and not only.

Recommendations of Profi for the control of the working mixture

If the verification of the proper result was not given, we proceed to checking the ignition. A wet candle of wet indicates an excess of fuel and a lack of air, the mixture, which during launch flows a candle, cannot set fire to a powerful spark in such a proportion.

For the output of the quality and amount of the airborne mixture to the optimal parameter, a wide range of operational adjustments is used. The cause of fuel overflow in old chainsaws may be the leature of the fuel consumable crane and the float valve of the carburetor.

In standard situations, after a short purge of the cylinder, with a candle removed or turned on, the normal start of the launch is completely restored.

The consequences of operation on a rich and poor mixture

Confirmation of normal, in a proportion of 16: 1, the quality of the air fuel mixture is the brown color of the insulator and the absence of traces of soot.

Operation and repair

Work, Patriot chainsaw maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the attached instructions for operating. In the leadership:

  • the scope of the unit is given;
  • Operations for the installation of the tire and circuit, adjustment of the latter are described;
  • It tells about safe techniques of cutting wood, rolls of trees, storage production.

A separate section is dedicated to the malfunctions of the motorcycle, to eliminate which with your own hands is enough, in the presence of some skills. Among them:

  • The inability to start a chainsaw or after pressing the gas engine stalls. The reason may be clogging the filter of the air fiction system, the fuel tank.
  • Reducing the thrust, overheating of the engine cylinder, gas revenge. Incorrect carburetor configuration can lead to this.
  • There is no spark, which can be due to damage to the electrical wiring, damping the ignition coil during storage.

Operation Rules to help extend the deadline for the chainsaw:

  • You always need to have several chains and tires. The latter every 3 hours of work should be rearranged by deploying 180 °, and the chain should be changed to a new.
  • The unit must be maintained clean. Dust accumulation can lead to problems in the carburetor, a drop in power.

Settings of the chainsaw

The carburetor at the unit is set up at the manufacturer using special equipment. Subsequently, the Patriot chainsaw carburetor adjustment is carried out after the tool breakdown and repair. It is performed by 3 regulatory screws responsible for quality, quantity and idle. In this case, they achieve a combination of maximum power power and minimum fuel consumption.

Among the mandatory conditions when setting up a chainsaw:

Owners reviews and how much costs

I have been using a patriot of 4518 3 years. Changed the chain and tire. There are no complaints about other nodes. they work without fail. For lubrication of the chain I use branded oil. Only a cold start is straining. it’s hard to start a saw in the season. In the summer. right away. I have not found an answer to the problem yet.

The first saw I have Patriot 5220. Bought without thinking. The unit is heavy, you quickly get tired when working with it. The model is better to use for sawing thick trees. Later acquired the second. Patriot 3816. This one is much easier. I use horses for cutting, trimming in the garden. Both Patriot chainsaws work without complaints. I did not change any details in them. Did only the sharpening of the chains.

The price of the unit, equipping with options, its class affects the price.

Rules of care

To extend the life of the chainsaw, it is necessary to properly care for it. In particular, it must be provided that all the details change in a timely and lubricate.

This is what you should pay special attention to:

  • It is imperative to use high.quality oils and gasoline, and you need to dilute them in the proportion, which is recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the power of the motor will drop sharply.
  • The air filter is periodically required to clean from wood dust. When working using a swept chain, the speed of dust collecting in filters is very high. As a result, less air is received, due to which fuel consumption increases, a candle clogs and problems begin with the launch of the saw.
  • Adjustment several times a year. It is necessary to check the main nodes of the tool so that they work stably and are in an efficient form.
  • The cutting system should not be overly stretched, but you can’t hang free either freely. Before each cutting of the tree, it is recommended to check the amount of lubricant material. Sometimes sawdust can clog the supply of lubricants. If the oil is present, then it is easy to check the presence of a blockage.
  • Stretch circuits should be quite sharp. It is necessary to periodically sharpen the specialist.

List of the most popular models Patriot

PT 3818

This is a good household model, the device is convenient to use and has a small tire diameter. That is, you can saw thin branches, shrubs and small trees.

Here are the main advantages of this tool:

  • A light weight.
  • Good balancing.
  • Walbro motor is used, which guarantees a long service life.
  • There is a chain brake.
  • The lubrication of the chain is automatically.
  • Vibration insulation facilitates the work.
  • A fairly large tank (0.21 liters) allows you to work for a long time without refueling.

There are no objective shortcomings, but it must be understood that the tool cannot be used for industrial purposes, it is intended only for domestic use.

PT 445 The One

This is a universal tool with a fairly wide range of use.

Its main advantages include:

  • Reliable fastening of the air filter cover using special latches.
  • Improved air purification system.
  • The tank covers can easily be unscrewed using a screwdriver.
  • There is a primer of pumping for a quick “cold” launch.
  • The switch is large enough.
  • Low).

From the shortcomings, users note that the shutdown button is large, so during operation, you can accidentally click on it. Some also claim that the chainsaws are poorly balanced compared to a number of other Patriot models of a more expensive segment.

PT554 Pro

This is a semi.professional tool that can be bought on the market for about 14 thousand. He has a large margin of strength, excellent balancing, as well as a pleasant design.

Users note the following advantages of this chainsaw:

  • The presence of the Easy Start system.
  • There is a primer for a “cold” launch.
  • The inertial circuit brake guarantees safe operation.
  • The wide base of the handle on the rear panel will protect yourself from unforeseen cases.
  • Work at temperatures up to. 40 degrees.
  • The file of the Oregon.

Most users note that they are satisfied with the goods. But some write that gasoline is consumed very quickly. You also need to tighten the chain after several cuts. However, it must be understood that over time, fluid consumption increases. This is a natural process, which can be dealt with by systematic replacement of components, the quality of which has significantly decreased.


Another semi.professional chainsaw Patriot, which copes with most of the tasks. It can be used to harvest firewood and during construction. She has a large power supply, but the tool is quite noisy. Its in the market.

Many users value this model for:

  • Ergonomic pen. It has a chainsaw control lever and a shutdown button to prevent the device’s accidental trigger.
  • There is a side handle to make it more convenient to hold the unit.
  • Excellent balancing.
  • High performance due to the use of a powerful engine.
  • Oregon tire and chain. This guarantees a long service life.
  • There is an inertial circuit brake.
  • Fuel for 0.35 liters.
  • For the possibility of working for a long time, vibration isolation is provided.

Many users note that this tool for strong people. Large weight does not allow you to keep a chainsaw for a long time, you need to give your hands a rest. Some more write that over time the unit starts worse and strongly fills the tire with oil.

PT541 Pro

This device can also be attributed to semi.professional.

Many users write positive reviews about the tool, indicating the following advantages:

  • Easy Start system.
  • The presence of an air cooling system of the motor.
  • There is a primer.
  • Inertial brake of the chain is provided.
  • Wide base of the rear handle.
  • The possibility of operating before.40 degrees.
  • Using Oregon saw

Thus, this is a reliable device that should be used for household purposes and not only. A relatively small price allows the chainsaws to fully recoup itself with commercial use. The device does not have objective disadvantages. Vibration insulation allows you to use it for a long time.

PT 3816 Imperial

This semi.professional power device 2 l.With. will quickly prepare firewood for the winter and solve other current problems where chainsaws are needed. You can buy this tool for about 8,000.

The main advantages include:

  • Democratic price.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • The presence of the Easy Start system.
  • Vibration isolation.
  • Fuel tank by 0.21 liter.
  • Chromation of the walls of the cylinders, which reduces the friction of the elements and extends the life of the product.
  • Good balancing.

Some users in the reviews note that this is a good chainsaw for their money, but she has several drawbacks:

Thus, users recommend this chainsaw, and they also indicate that it can work for a long time without replacing components. One user indicated that he worked for about 2 years before repairing the tool engine.