How to start a mini cultivator gasoline. Why does one -axle tractor shoots in a silencer?

Preparation for the winter of the walk.behind tractor

A huge role for the extension of the operating time of the Motoboblock available in the household is played correctly preparation of technology before the winter period. Many novice farmers make big mistakes, leaving the unit to winter in inappropriate conditions, or trying to get it into a minus temperature without preliminary preparation. As a result of this, the main mechanisms of the technique lend themselves to increased wear, and inevitably fail at the most inopportune moment.

The advantages of modern motoblock are its multifunctionality and high performance. Subject to the availability of appropriate attachment equipment available in the farm, the unit can be actively used in winter. to clear a large amount of snow and solve other household problems.

At the same time, the improper operation of the walk.behind tractor in winter, and especially its incorrect launch, significantly reduces the working resource of the main mechanisms of the unit. What to do. To prevent typical errors when starting a “cold” walk.behind?

First of all, you will need to deal with the type of cooling system provided for in its design. Units equipped with an air system are more simple when storing and starting in the winter. they do not need a rapidly freezing antifreeze and a constant check of the radiator. At the same time, the air cooling system has its drawback. the engine heats up faster with it, which means it cools faster, which will not allow long breaks when working in winter.

Many motoblocks need preliminary insulation of their engines to operate in winter. For this purpose, both branded covers and various improvised means. blankets, blankets and other fabric products can be used. It is especially important to provide high.quality insulation in conditions of severe frosts, up to.20 ⁰C. If the temperature does not drop below 5-10 ⁰C, then this step can be skipped.

An important role is also played by a place in which the one.axle tractor is stored. If the unit is planned to be actively used in winter, then it is best to choose a heated room for this. a garage or another household building.

With intensive use of the walk.behind tractor in winter, it is extremely important to take care of the oil poured into the gearbox. Synthetic oils are best for use in winter, since they, at subsequent temperatures, retain their most important properties longer. In any case, it is best to use more liquid oils that do not thicken so quickly in the cold.

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Following all these rules, the owner of the walk.behind tractor can easily start his unit. The launch of an agricultural machine in winter is carried out in the same sequence as at any other time of the year. The only difference is to allow the walk.behind tractor to work at least 15 minutes on idle. during this time its engine will warm up and will be completely ready to work. In more detail about starting a walk.behind tractor in winter, you can find a video.

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Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for winter. what to take care of?

The proper conservation of the walk.behind tractor for the winter is an important topic that allows, if not extended, then at least save the working resource of the unit used in the farm. The preparation of an agricultural machine itself is not a complicated procedure. It is enough to study a number of rules and tips that will help save the unoic tractor and without problems start it after wintering.

By sending an unit for winter storage, you will need:

start, mini, cultivator, gasoline, does, axle
  • completely replace the oils in the motor and gearbox of the unit. To do this, in the corresponding tanks for the winter, you will need to fill a new lubricant, or, in extreme cases, filter the old, making sure that there is no sediment in it. In any case, with the onset of spring oil, it will be necessary to replace;
  • Rinse all the filters available in the design. If the unit is equipped with filters placed in an oil bath, then they need to fill in fresh motor oil;
  • Many experienced farmers recommend that the motoblock sparkles with the ignition of the, then pour not more than 20 ml of motor oil into the working cylinder, and manually scroll through the crankshaft of the unit, performing literally a few revolutions;
  • The uniform tractor for the winter must be washed from dirt, without missing details located in places. After washing on the body and spare parts of the unit, it will be necessary to apply a thick layer of oil, which will help eliminate the formation of corrosion;
  • If possible, instead of oil, a special polish with a protective function can be applied to the parts of the walk.behind tractor. it forms a strong film on the metal surface, which will prevent the metal rotting in winter. At the same time, it is very important to apply the product on a clean surface, since otherwise it will not protect the metal parts of the walk.behind tractor;
  • All the caps of candles and electrical connectors of the unit for the winter need to be lubricated with silicone grease in the form of a spray. it will effectively protect their effects of various environmental factors;
  • If an electric starter is provided in the design of the walk.behind tractor, then it is best to remove the battery from the unit during the storage in the winter and transfer it to a dry and warm room. During storage, the battery will need to be completely charged several times;
  • In order to exclude the extent of the rings in the cylinders in winter, you will need to open the motor block fuel several times a month and pull the starter handle 3-4 times 3-4 times.

Adhering to these simple rules, the farmer will provide optimal conditions for storing a walk.behind tractor in winter. With the onset of spring, the unit can be removed from the room, replaced oils, and begin the operation of the unit.

How to dilute fuel for a walk.behind tractor

The main difference between a two.stroke motor block is that it does not have a separate lubricant system. For this reason, oil is mixed with gasoline. Such an oil-Benzine mixture during the operation of the device forms a special fog, and it, in turn, processes all the details of the motor unit in its path.

Oil for a chainsaw. how to prepare a fuel mixture. What oil to use the correct ratio to lubricate the chain.

Types of lubrication possible

Oil is no less important component than gasoline. The stable work of all components of technology depends on the quality. The main task of lubrication is to exclude unnecessary friction. A good remedy must meet several requirements:

  • When burned out, a minimum of ash should form;
  • when it gets it quickly, decomposes;
  • quickly dissolves in gasoline;
  • good fluidity (relevant for engines with separate supply of oil and gasoline);
  • anti.corrosion, temperature, anti.symbolic properties.

When choosing oil, they also pay attention to seasonality. The lubrication product happens:

  • Summer. Has high viscosity indicators, provides a good work of the cultivator in hot weather.
  • Winter product. The manufacturer marks the products for winter with conditional marking in the form of the letter “W”. The viscosity of the product is lower, which provides comfortable work in cold weather.
  • All.season type. Very popular type of oil, as it can be used at any temperature.

By purchasing all.season lubricants, it is taken into account that there are options with different viscosity levels. When choosing, they use the rule: the stronger the frosts, the lower the level of viscosity should be.

How to mix gasoline and butter

Proportions that are used for mixing. Classical proportion A is the ratio of 1 part of the lubricant to 4 parts of gasoline. Specific values ​​are indicated in the instructions from the manufacturer.

To assemble a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor without making errors, you will need step-by-step instructions and.

The fuel mixture is diluted in a separate container. The container should be dry, gas.resistant and clean. First it is worth pouring gasoline in the tank, and then add oil. Only after thorough mixing is the resulting composition in the tank of the walk.behind.

For motoblocks use gasoline up to 92 octane. When mixing, the tank is not completely filled, they leave a gap of 2-3 cm (when mixed, the fuel expands).

Whether it is necessary to pour oil into a motor.cultivator gearbox

The gearbox is responsible for the transmission of torque in the walk.behind tractor from the motor to wheels. The components are very prone to wear, so they need constant high.quality lubrication. Not every oil can be used for such purposes.

An ideal option for lubrication of the gearbox is released transmission oil. It perfectly lubricates mobile details.

In order not to harm the device, it will be necessary to clearly determine how much oil needs to be poured into a gearbox. Check the need to replenish the substance in the gearbox using a long wire. The wire is thrown into the pouring hole until it stops. Then they stretch it out and look at what part of it was wet:

  • If the wet area is 30 cm, then it is not necessary to add grease;
  • If the rod is a wet less than 30 cm, then the substance is added to the mark of 30 cm.

Oil in the gearbox is approximately changed 1 time in 100 hours of work of the walk.behind. The frequency of a change in the lubricant depends on the recommendations of the manufacturer. Also, the frequency of oil change depends on the frequency of work. If the motor.cultivator operates per day for more than 4 hours, then the replacement is carried out every 50 hours of work.

We start correctly

Launch rules for gasoline and diesel models are different. At the factory of the first you need to immediately switch the handle of the suction. Need to put up in the “Launch” position. Only then can you open a gasoline faucet and pull the starter a couple of times. With the correct performance of all operations, the one.axic tractor must start. If it is equipped with an electric starter, then it is enough to turn it on and start the engine.

Diesel types of machines require a different approach. First of all, the air from the fuel hoses should be. To fulfill this task, the tap opens, after which the connection is unscrewed to feed the DT to the nozzle itself. It is necessary to wait for diesel fuel to flow. Then the taps open, the gas handle is transferred to the middle position. It is necessary to squeeze the lever 3-4 times and shake the decompressor (holding your finger). Then it must be returned to the initial position. After performing these manipulations, press and pull the starter once. When fulfilling all these stages, the unoic tractor must start.

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for launch

Problems with the start of the motor can arise not only the motor block and the cultivator who were in use, but also new, just bought in the store. Therefore, before the first time you have a single.based tractor, whether it be a cascade, a mole, a bison, a centaur, a hoper, a tarpan, an eye, a salute must read the guide for its operation, then carefully examine all the connections and, of course, check the oil level in the internal combustion engine.

To study the instructions compiled by the manufacturer, it is necessary to find out what kind of working cycle the engine has: four.stroke (like Forte, centaur, Lifan, bison) or two.stroke. This is important to know, since for models with a two.stroke engine (like a mole cultivator) you need a special combustible mixture, consisting of a certain proportion of gasoline and oil. Due to the discrepancy between the fuel, the technique will stall, and the candles of the fuse and the fuel pipeline can also suffer, which is fraught with the refusal of the gasoline pump-and this is the direct path to expensive repair in one hundred. Determine whether the fuel is suitable for motor vehicles by smoke. With poor quality of gasoline, it will have white color, as is the case with a strong slope of the machine. If you have bad gasoline, then replace it to prevent breakdown.

Fuel quality is also important for a diesel walk.behind engineer. It does not start in the winter, or starts up, but soon stalls if the summer diesel fuel is flooded into its engine, since at low temperatures it begins to thicken and clog the fuel stove. In such cases, the risk of breakdown increases. In cold weather, select the corresponding fuel.

The launch of motor vehicles, both in summer and in winter, should be carried out in a certain sequence. For example, to start the MROT brand motor.cultivator, the following procedure is carried out:

  • Open benzovran;
  • Put the lever lever in the “chock” position (launch);
  • Turn off the ignition and scroll through the motor several times with a manual starter starter;
  • Run the engine again and the lever is transferred to the Run position (work).

It is not rare that situations arise when the power unit easily starts, but after a few seconds it stalls. In this case, it is necessary to check the patency of the sump, perhaps the reason is that the crane is clogged. then it is cleaned with gasoline.

Starting motorcycle equipment with a diesel engine (such as a bison, cascade, centaur, nonsense) will be somewhat more difficult than mole. The diesel engine is starting with the “fuel” of the fuel line, that is, from the release of its accumulations. For this:

  • Open the fuel supply crane;
  • Unwind the compounds of the fuel.ascending channel until the fuel appears;
  • Twist the joints and blow the nozzles.

If, after the actions carried out, the engine does not function properly, and the technique is very smokes with white smoke. the reason is in the old lubricant and it should be completely replaced. Diesel does not start due to insufficient volume of oil fluid, so do not forget to control this parameter.

The launch of a motor cultivator after winter or long.term downtime also has its own nuances. In order to bring the car to working condition, the following manipulations are done:

Well, of course, before launching motor equipment, whether it is a centaur, cascade, Neva, Patriot or bison, check all the compounds, including transmission nodes, clutch, starting mechanisms and, if necessary, adjust them.


The plow is the main working body that is used for plowing land plots. In addition to the standard plow, which is usually included in the kit, there are several more types that can be useful for certain types of work:

Frosts require to take the fuel capacity seriously. The opinions of specialists in this case vary. Full fuel drain involves the formation of corrosion. However, with the full tank of the walk.behind tractor, which is stored, the risk of fire increases sharply, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

Why it is necessary to preserve?

In no case, the same tractor can simply be left in the cold garage before the heat. Canned, stored carefully and correctly. In the worst case, after melting snow, you simply cannot start the unit. Simple recommendations for the storage of a walk.behind tract in the winter will help in this matter to prevent mistakes.

  • Pay attention primarily to the engine with the gearbox. We change the oil. the previous one can also be used, but only under the condition of “suitable” condition and filtering.
  • Cleaning air filters in good faith and pour engine oil.
  • We unscrew the candles, add the oil to the cylinder (approximately 20 ml) and “manually” scroll the crankshaft (literally a couple of revolutions).
  • We carefully clean all parts of the walk.behind tractor from the accumulation of dust and dirt (do not forget about the most inaccessible places). Next, we cover the body and spare parts of special equipment with a thick layer of oil, which will protect against corrosion. Sharp edges we sharpen.
  • If the one.axic tractor is equipped with an electric steamer, then we remove the battery during winter storage. And also do not forget about its regular exercise throughout the “frosty period”.
  • We cover the unit, or rather, its painted parts, polish. This will help protect the product from the decay process. It should be noted that the polish is applied only to the clean unit, otherwise there will be no help from it. With the onset of spring, the coating layer should be washed off.
  • Do not forget to open a fuel supply tap for a couple of times a month and pull the starter handle 2-3 times 2-3 times.

Features of the launch of some motoblock models

Different models of motoblocks are launched in different ways. In order not to face difficulties, you must carefully read the instructions where everything will be described in detail.

So, in order to start the Neva one.axle tractor, you need to put the ignition to the “inclusive” position. After that you open a gasoline crane and close the air damper. The gas handle should be in a position of approximately ¾ from the maximum indicator. Pull the starter and then open the air damper. If you launch a single tractor in the cold season, then you need to open the damper gradually.

the uno.based Tractor “Ural” starts also quite simple. The gear shift handle should be in a neutral position, and the gas tank should be open. Then close the throttle and air damper, and then start the engine.

The Patriot unit starts in this way. Gas handle should be in the maximum position. You need to pull the piercing cord a couple of times, and then a few more times, but abruptly and short, to start the motor. Turn the gas handle to adjust it.

How to start a single tractor correctly?

Motobobes are quite serious and not cheap gardening technique. If you want it to fully fulfill its functions, serve for a long time and reliably, then you need to carefully take care of it and follow all the recommendations prescribed by the manufacturer.

When you bought a technique, it is important to know how to make a single tractor correctly. There is a certain sequence of actions consisting of preparing the technique to launch and its direct launch.

How to launch a single tractor after downtime

Before the first launch of such a technique, especially after long, in time, downtime, it must be pre.prepared for work. First, the uniform tractor needs to roll out into the open space (on the street in the yard) and examine it for corrosion.

If there are traces of foci of corrosion on the nodes and the metal surface of the unit, they should be immediately removed, and the problem areas should be treated with special compounds (rust converters) and paint. Then, before the first launch of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out the following preparatory work:

  • Remove the old one, which was flooded before the conservation of the walk.behind tractor, fuel from the tank.
  • Clean the gearbox from the old lubricant.
  • Clean the gear lubrication from the residues of the lubricant, rinse it, and then dry it properly.
  • Pour fresh fuel, as well as transmission oil.
  • Inspect the fuel tubes for their sealing and the presence of a variety of cracks. In case of acute need, for example, when strong blockages appear, they should be washed.
  • Rinse and rinse filters in gasoline. Then dry them and put them back. Worn or damaged filters should be replaced.
  • Carry out the diagnosis of the carburetor (dismantle it, disassemble, then blow it with compressed air and clean it from contaminants with gasoline, and then assemble it back and install on a single tractor).
  • Perform a comprehensive diagnosis of drive belts for wear or large cracks. Worn or damaged belts must be changed to new.
  • Complex diagnostics of the CPG of the apparatus. It needs to be disassembled and a thorough inspection for the presence on the surface of the walls of the apparatus of burrs and traces of the appearance of rust.
  • Carry out a thorough inspection of the spark plug. It needs to be twisted and make sure that there is no scale on its surface, as well as a variety of deposits. Then you need to damage the machine engine. To do this, you need to stretch out the starter cable several times with sharp movements.

Then you need to make sure that the running part of the walk.behind tractor is good, check the service service of the battery, as well as the tire pressure. Before the first launch, especially after prolonged downtime, you need to make sure of the serviceability of the control systems of the walk.behind tractor.

Launching a motor unit with gasoline ICE

To run the single.axle tractor after prolonged downtime, which is equipped with a gasoline engine, you need to activate the crane through which fuel is supplied. The fuel lever should also be activated (set the start mark), and the clutch should be disconnected. After that, a manual starter is pumped (using sudden movements, pull the cable several times).

At the next stage, it is necessary to activate the ignition and sharply pull the starter cable several times. After the ICE is launched, the lever of the suction should be activated (transferred to the “work” mode). It is worth noting that after prolonged downtime, the same.based tractor may not start on the first attempt. This is due to the fact that the details and nodes of the unit need to warm up properly.

How to start a single tractor correctly?

The operation of any engine begins with its launch. But the trouble is that, having made a purchase, the new owners have no idea how to properly start a single tractor. Paradox: Manufacturers apply a instruction to each copy of their products, in which the sequence of operations for operation and technical care for their brainchild is described in detail, and the buyer with perseverance worthy of the best application, these recommendations ignores, believing that everything knows everything already.

If the new unoic tractor cannot be started, then most likely the engine is insufficient in the engine. This applies primarily to the technique of brands CAIMAN and VASTERYARD, the engines of which have a special sensor, at a low level or quality of oil blocking the launch of the motor. Therefore, if the technique of these brands does not start, you need to add, and even better, change the oil in the engine.

On the motoblocks of other trading companies, where there are no such sensors, it is also necessary to check the oil level before starting. If this is not done, then sooner or later the oil level will be critically low, and you will ruin your unoic tractor seriously and for a long time.

Be sure to read the operating instructions before the first launch. Do not be lazy to do this, since some models are available with 2-bed engines, for the normal operation of which gasoline should be diluted with special oil. The technique and proportions of such dilution are described in detail in the instructions.

Before starting the engine, do not forget to pour gasoline or diesel fuel into the tank. The vast majority of gasoline motoblocks operate on A-92 gasoline, but the A-95 will not hurt the motor, especially considering the current quality of gasoline. Not everything is unambiguous with diesel fuel: in winter, the diesel engine will not be able to work on the summer diesel fuel, since it will thicken in the cold and clog the ends. In the instructions for use, it is clearly scheduled at what temperature you need to switch to the winter diesel fuel, and at which. to summer. Strictly follow these recommendations, and everything will be in order with your technique.

Launch of the walk.behind tractor

Immediately before starting a single tractor, you need to check and adjust all the compounds, primarily clutch, gas and reverse, as well as fastening the steering wheel. Correctly adjusted connections should move softly, smoothly, but with a slight effort at the beginning of movement.

To launch a gasoline walk-behind engineer with a manual starter, you need to open a gasoline leaf, put the lever of the suction on Choke (launch), turn off the ignition and make 3-5 strokes with a starter. After that, turn on the ignition and pull the starter again. As soon as the motor “came to life”, you need to switch the lever lever to Run (work). Everything is much easier on gasoline motoblocks with an electric steamer: it is enough to turn on the ignition and you can immediately start, because when you press the launch button, the electric starter itself begins to pump gasoline into the carburetor.

A little more complicated diesel unoic tractor is started. Initially, his launch system is ascended, and it must be pumped, vigorously twisting the starter until the engine starts.

If the engine is equipped with a manual starter, then you can pump in another way: open the fuel supply crane and open all the connections sequentially until diesel fuel appears from them. It spilled a little of it. we close the connection and open the following, repeating all over again, and so step by step we get to the nozzle.

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With manual launching of a diesel engine, you need to open all the feed taps, set the gas to the middle position and squeeze the decompressor. Holding it with your finger, pump it several times, and then carefully pull it to return to its original position. After that, press the decompressor again and immediately pull the starter to start the engine.

When buying, be sure to demand that the seller tell and show how to properly start your future unoic tractor. So you will not only get acquainted with all the nuances of its launch, but you can also make sure that your one.time tractor works.

How to start a single.axle tractor: instructions

Operation of garden and searry technology begins with its launch. The same.based tractor is a design that provides a complex fuel system and engine. At this stage, any error can cause a breakdown breakdown, a decrease in its work and the life of operation. Depending on the model of the device, its type of engine and the season, the launch includes its characteristics. Knowledge of basic rules and recommendations will make the start of the walk.behind tractor high.quality, and do not damage the unit.

Before starting the cultivator, some preparatory work is performed. Gasoline and diesel unoic tractor differ slightly on launch. To start the device, you need:

  • Check how fasteners and levers are fixed in the fuel system. Their course should be smooth and sensitive.
  • Check the amount of oil. If the level is insufficient, then the unit may break.
  • Check the fuel level. To extend the service life, only high.quality fuel is poured. If the engine is two.stroke, then a special mixture is poured.

In the instructions that are attached to the technique, all the stages are prescribed. Therefore, before switching, it is important to familiarize yourself with it.

The gasoline unit is included from the transfer of the lever to the “launch” position, the ignition is included and the starter is pumped. Thus, the equipment starts up. Those designs where electric steers are provided, only the engine is turned on. With a diesel engine, the air is first removed from the fuel line.

Launching a device without a starter

Of the details, starting mechanisms. starters most often come out of the system. Damage can occur anywhere, and it is important to be able to launch the device without it. To do this, the broken part is removed and pulled out the torn rope up to a meter long. Clean the area where there was a trigger, from dirt. In place of the starter there is a small part of metal, on the wall of which there is a small hole. The rope is threaded into it and fixed using the node. Then the cable is wrapped several times around the part, while leaving up to 40 cm of a free cable.

Oil for a chainsaw. how to prepare a fuel mixture. What oil to use the correct ratio to lubricate the chain.

To turn on the engine, you must sharply pull the cord. The engine should earn. After that, the rope from the part is removed completely. For the next time the procedure is repeated. In order not to injure, the rope is not wound on hand.

Starting after winter

It is more difficult to start a single.axle tractor after winter than in a warm time. This is influenced, as a rule, storage conditions and the quality of gasoline. For example, if the equipment was stored in a wet and cold room, then serious damage in details are possible.

Before you start the agricultural unit, it completely changes fuel and oil in it. At the same time, it is important to consider the temperature of the liquids. it should be the same as the ambient temperature. When the tractor started, they give him a while so that he warms up well. If the engine does not turn on, then they do the following:

  • They blow out the fuel system, since fuel is possible in it;
  • check the spark in the spark plug;
  • inspect the wiring for damage and breaks.

Do not load the engine hard, give time to warm up the parts and the coating with oil.

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The first launch of the walk.behind tractor

The first thing to do with new equipment is to check the presence of motor oil. Then pour fuel and turn on the device. Depending on the manufacturer, he must work on idle from 3 to 10 hours. Upon completion of the, the oil and fuel are completely replaced. After that, they begin to give a load on the nodes of the structure in accordance with the instructions.

If the possibility of a walk.behind tract for plowing the Earth is indicated up to 20 cm, then the first is done with a digging of 10 cm. Thus, the details will gradually get used to the load.

start, mini, cultivator, gasoline, does, axle

Sharp loads can lead to slight damage to the transmission and parts in the engine. For a month, the device is well warmed up before each launch. This allows all the details well lubricated with oil.

Rules for using in winter

If you attach additional attaching equipment to a single tractor, then it can be used in the winter for cleaning areas and roads from snow. Since the engine is able to quickly heat and cool, it is better not to do it during breaks during breaks. In some models, motors are insulated using special covers, or from improvised materials (for example, Plaid or a blanket). Do this at temperatures from.20 ° C. The garage, where the unit stands, must be heated so that the details do not freeze and fail. In winter, it is very important to use high.quality fuel and oil. In frosts, not a thick synthetic oil is used.

Modern chainsaws delight us with their reliability, ease of operation and the presence of many special systems.

Inclusion of motor blocks of popular brands

Depending on the model of motor vehicles, the start of the launch occurs in different ways. If the algorithm is performed not in the correct sequence, then a serious breakdown of the device is possible. For example, in the motoblocks agro, Neva or fireworks are four.stroke engine, so oil and gasoline are poured separately. This also applies to the cascades, beam and hoper.

When the famous model is launched, the ignition lever is transferred to the “inclusive” position. As a result of this, a gasoline crane opens, and the air supply is closed. In this case, the gas handle is in position ¾ from the maximum value. Pull the starter and open the air damper. If the launch is done in winter, then this is done gradually.

The uniform tractor of the Urals is turned on as follows: put the transmission lever in a neutral position. At the same time, the gas tank remains open. Close the air damper and start the engine.

Before starting the engine, the spark plug is checked. Very often in the Ural model, motor oil leaks into the engine cylinder.

Only the 92nd gasoline is poured into Patriot motorcycles, since the 95th at many gas stations below 92. The model has a special oil container that is designed for an air filter. The capacity provides a mark above which the oil is not recommended to be filled. Otherwise, it will flow into the carburetor.

The launch of the patriot occurs in the following order: the gas lever is installed in the maximum position. Include fuel supply and ignition. The starter cable is slowly pulled to the occurrence of resistance, then twitch it with a sharp movement and the engine starts up. The gas lever is installed in the middle position, and the cold start to the right.

Motobobes of various models are not difficult to start if you know and adhere to some features of their design. If you hold the rules and recommendations that are registered in the instructions, you can avoid damage to the unit, and extend their service life. It is important to periodically conduct inspections as a prevention. This will allow you to notice a slight breakdown in a timely manner and fix it in time.

Why not start a cultivator?

The main reason due to which the equipment is not started is the presence of old oil in the crankcase. White smoke emanating from the exhaust system will talk about this. To solve this problem, you will need to completely drain the old oil and clean the carburetor. After that, you need to fill in a new lubricant.

Often the cultivator does not start due to lack of oil in the crankcase. Before launch, the farmer is obliged to check the amount of the composition inside the tank using the probe. Sometimes cultivators are equipped with special protection, which automatically works with a lack of oil. In these cases, a special sensor gives the command to block the launch, which is why the motor is instantly stalling.

When using the technique, you need to remember that each model cultivator works on gasoline of one specific brand. To refuel a 2-stroke ICE, for it you need to prepare in advance the fuel mixture. In this case, the proportions indicated in the operating manual for the equipment should be adhered to.

To extend the terms of the application of the cultivator, only clean fuel should be used to refuel it. The working resource of the piston group of the engine and the carburetor of the equipment depends on the presence of harmful impurities in it.

DIY cultivator repair

Very often farmers fail to start a cultivator due to air entering its fuel system. If after several attempts the equipment has not started, then it will be necessary to steal the remaining air from the structure.

To get rid of air excess, it is necessary to open the fuel supply crane, as well as promote all bolted fuel mounts. After that, you need to blow the nozzles. To do this, you can use a spaced span.

If even after that the cultivator does not start, then you need to inspect other details of the technique.

Particular attention is paid to such nodes:

  • Air filter-due to strong clogs, it may not let air into the carburetor;
  • The tank cover. if a cork has formed on it, then the defect will need to be carefully removed;
  • Fuel supply channel. due to the regular use of the cultivator, the hoses are very clogged. In this case, the channel must be removed and blowing it with compressed air;
  • carburetor. this part of the equipment is constantly working with fuel. Due to the poor-quality fuel, a carburetor forms on the walls of the carburetor, which must be regularly removed;
  • The exhaust system. on the inner walls of the pipe, the black carpet gradually accumulates, interfering with the normal work of the cultivator;
  • The cylinder-piston group-the walls of this part of the engine should be perfectly smooth. If the slightest defects appeared on them, this will lead to a major breakdown. In this case, you will need to completely change the piston group of the cultivator motor.

Often the cultivator cannot be made due to the malfunction of the spark plug. To inspect the part, it must be unscrewed using the key. If a carpet formed on its surface, then the farmer added too much oil to the fuel mixture. To fix the problem, you need to clean the candle and screw it again. If even after that the cultivator does not start, then the candle will need to be replaced with a new part.

The owners of the cultivators SUNGARDEN, Texas and Neva are faced with all the above causes. They have almost the same design, so repairs for each cultivator will be carried out in a similar order.