How much can you work with a corner grinder per day. How can you use a corner grinder?

How much can you work with a corner grinder without a break power and type of power

This is mainly due to a large number of hot sparks that appear when cutting this material. Manipulations are carried out only in refractory protection. In addition, you should clean the site of work from objects that may light up when the spark enters. At first glance, everything is clear the permissible angular velocity of the disk by 1.9 times higher than the maximum angular velocity velocity of the angular grinder spindle means that it is possible to use this cutting disk for metal without fear. Successfully cut a corner grinding of solid materials.

Unauthorized improvement of a tool not adapted for these needs. For example, a artisanal supply of water, if the manufacturer indicates that the machine cannot be used with water, which is fraught with a shock. A useful option that significantly increases the working resource of the electric motor.

  • frame. An electric motor is installed inside that rotates the shaft through the gear gear. In most models, the case performs the handle function, so the inclusion/disconnection key is located here, the spindle rotation speed regulator;
  • gearbox. It is a transfer link for the working effort from the electric motor to the cutting disk, directly connected to the rotating shaft;
  • spindle. This is a landing shaft for a grinding or cutting disk, usually complemented by a button-fixer, clamping nuts for installing an abrasive circle;
  • Protective casing. A safety element that protects the masters from flying sharp particles and chips, invariably formed during the sawing process.

Modern units differ greatly from the first samples of the corner grinder, they have become more reliable, universal, durable and functional, with a large range of opportunities and elements that facilitate the work. Through the corner gearbox, the rotation is transmitted to the shaft, which is used to fix the nozzle.

much, work, corner, grinder

Safety precautions when working with a corner grinder when replacing a worn disk with the same new one must keep in mind that its thickness is several microns more. Manufacturers of saw wooden disks for corner grinder. Glasses will protect from sparks, small crumbs or a sipped disk. To get a free consultation, feel free to contact me!

How to work properly a corner grinder: technology, techniques, safety

How to work properly with a corner grinder (angular grinder): an educational program from the Estimata amateur in it acts on the coupling connected to the led gear, and not on the gear itself. In this situation, it is recommended to stop and bring the cut to the end from the opposite side.

It is also forbidden to work with a “angular grinder” with not sufficient stability and equilibrium of the body. The question is how to properly hold a corner grinder is very important, it must be studied from all sides even before working with this power tool. It is not worth working with any power tool not only with corner grinding, being unhealthy, tired or intoxicated, the loss of clear control over the body leads to negligence in actions, the lack of the desired reaction rate and the displayation of movements. When making a cut or grinding, always hold a corner grinder tightly with two hands.

Corner grinder, or natural selection tool. (slightly about security) ⁠ ⁠

On the wake of posts about grinder and other angular grinds)) I observe a lot of stories as a man with a corner grinder cut off his hand / leg \ head, the disk was chopped into the thigh \ face \ cerebral cortex, which on the corner grinding can not work with saw (circular). Let’s go.

I have serious experience with power tools and corner grinding in particular since 16. 12 years, very significant. With circular disk 7. I had 1 accident-chuvak at my facilities roughly neglected safety precautions and greatly damaged the foot. So, what I see, just reading the posts: the absolute majority of gross violations of TB! (although the instrument and equipment, yeah, are almost always to blame) let’s go through the basic rules a little (all pictures from tyrnets)

The direction of the cut. The direction of the cut should always be sparks on itself. There are several reasons, and almost everything can be seen in this very successful picture.

1) the direction of movement of the tool after loss of control, uncontrolled exit from the cut. That is, when the disk spins “on itself”, if the corner grinder bites (metal corner, sharp change of material, knot, crushed and burst the disk)-this beauty will fly forward! Not an employee. Actually, this is how it was with us, with our emergency. It flew to this “fellow” in the leg, thanks to the independent transfer of the handle (cut in the other direction) and the workpiece was recorded for compression (more on that later). Personally, I had 7 times a bit of a disk so that I lost control of the machine. And at a height, also (when you cut the stroob in the LEF and reinforces reinforcement, for example). Two corner grinds in the end into the scrap, crashed, from my injuries, I broke my elbow, while flying from the platform. Sharped, damn) By the way, for jokes, so young corner grinders with a diameter of 230 mm with a vertical cut during a snack, torn from a place upward about 15-20 90 kg of a guy. So think if you can hold it if this fool flying in the leg. Sparks fly into the eyes? Well, what did you want. Glasses do not help? Yes, I know. For example, I work with metal in a welding mask with a folding light filter. Raised and ordinary transparent plexiglass. Cheap, angry, absolutely safe. Burning pants? Jeans live for a very long time, berets. And in general in slippers and shorts of such a tool, a little arrogant to be a mistake.

2) Well, the scatter of the disk is shown in the picture very high quality, there is nothing to talk about.

3) the correct location of the workpiece. Reliable fixation and t.D. And after cutting, part of the workpiece should fall under its weight / move away from the workpiece without pinching the disk.

4) incorrect disk position. Well, EPT, well, not funny. As soon as they do not cut. If you have little experience working with an angular grinder and it is not your constant tool, only at 90 degrees to the surface. If the disk is not even, but bend the ultimately necessary for its breakdown, siiylo decreases not in your favor.

5) This is more from the category of tips, or something, will help many professionals. Under a protracted nut, put a piece of paper folded several times and feel free to tighten. The disk does not pull, does not squeeze, easily removed without a key.

6) Circular disk) Well, it only looks scary, in fact. There are precisely special, with a diameter of landing and the estimated speed of rotation. Subject to safety precautions is not more dangerous than the same dry. Turn some kind of garbage from the sawmill and I would be worried. And also important, make the side of the disk installation.

GrinderTec Corner Grinding Tool

7) power. Yes. Suddenly. Select the tool taking into account the tasks. Ideal for everyday life and many mm, 1.8 kW. A very powerful thing, you can work quite confidently on top, you can hold and have time to react. With a trifle to work, we take a smaller animal. Well, 230 mm and 2.5 kW is already a highly specialized tool and you really need to be able to work with it. For example, I have 180 and 125 mm. Although I somehow bought a fool of 230 mm, after my partner threw it on a chair, they sailed. It was after that that they realized that it was better to pass twice less powerful. But, for example, tilers-trowel are needed precisely powerful corner grinders. IMHO, corner grinder more than 180 mm, for the work of purely “top-down” and errors in the technique of work do not forgive. But this is only my opinion, many gurus of welded business with her do this. But a beginner and a non.professional is better to stay away from such a thing.

8) wrong disk selection. Oh yes, this is a favorite. First we grind the profile of the disk to the cordial grill that it is a little thicker than the paper, and then we are surprised, the disc has burst. For each type of work, the equipment is equipped! There are sandpaper (sharpening), grinding (petal, felt, etc.D.), a variety of detachment. Well, you should not ignore them because of your own laziness.

9) Defense removal. Well, this is already natural selection, cheap. Darwin Prize.

10) serviceability of the electric wire. There was somehow a case, isolation was damaged. Pierced on the skin, lost control of the corner grinder, the corner grinder flew into the country of drilled things and crashed against the wall.

11) the correctness of the cut itself. Shown in the picture. Do not invent anything new, fraught with troubles.

In general, if you summarize all the TB with a corner grinder boils down to: a) the correct selection of tools and equipment, compliance with the cutting technique.B) PPE. Glasses are not so 100 % saving their eyes, a mask with a folding light filter or a plexiglass shot, more reliable. Clothing-tight (jeans at least), durable shoes, non-combustible. The perfectly-coopeum of a tarpaulin made of tarpaulin and berets made of whole leather or even a Kiraza, without fabric inserts (burn out, verified). Gloves-earnest loud. Also for a very short time, but at a price of 25 p, two or three pairs per day, no special consumption. I would not advise kraga, you don’t feel a button, with a very bare hands, the skin is leather and there is a great risk of getting burned on the workpiece.C) air circulation. Provide good ventilation, gases formed during the cut process are able to spoil health.

Criteria for choosing “corner grinding

Reliability angular grinder, warranty

The concepts of reliability, durability are very firmly related to the guarantee, so immediately ask what warranty period is given by the manufacturer for the presented model. Basically, corner grinders have a guarantee of 1 year. Some companies, such as Bosch, in addition to the usual guarantee, offer to register the purchased corner grinder on the official website. In this case, you absolutely freely increase the warranty period to 3 years. On the brand “Zubr” also when registering on the site, issues a certificate with a guarantee of 5 years for a professional and household tools, provided that it is used by professional purpose.

When buying a corner grinder, immediately check its performance on the spot. To do this, it is not enough just to turn it on at idle, you need to check only under load (for example, cut off a metal corner). You also need to remember that the store will never replace a faulty corner grinder with a new one, even if you return it on the day of purchase. He will send it to the service center, and you will be left without money and corner grinding, so carefully check its condition. Keep in mind, when giving a corner grinder to the store under the guarantee, you will have to wait much longer than if you give it to the company service center, so find out which brands have the proximity of the service center.

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The choice of “corner grinding” (corner grinder) in size

Next arises the question of which size to choose an angular grinder, under what disk diameter. Corner grinders are produced for this diameter of the circle:

For cutting metal, pipes, profiles or other metal rental, the angular grinder with an around 180 mm will be optimal, and corner grinder with a circle up to 150 mm are better suited or cleaning surfaces. information about the nozzles for corner grinders can be found by the link on our website.

The choice of corner grinder (corner grinding) by power

Another question is what power to choose a corner grinder. Corner grinders are of different capacities 0.5-2.5 kW with the same circle diameter. It directly depends on this factor whether the circle will slow down with an enhanced press on the corner grinder until a complete stop. The capacity is also responsible for the duration of the tool. powerful models are less heat, so they can work much longer, but they cost 15. 20 % more.

The choice of a brand of corner grinder (corner grinder)

On store shelves you can find a huge number of widely advertised and little.known brands. We will figure out where which brand is produced, and which company belongs to. The most common brands of the Bulgarians (angular grinder):

  • Bosch. a German company, production are located at European factories, Asia, but under the strict control of the company’s engineers (tools are produced two colors: the green building. for domestic, blue. professional use); Skil. American brand purchased Bosch;
  • Dremel is also an American brand purchased Bosch;
    Energomash. belongs to the STURM concern and is produced in China for a Russian.speaking buyer;

  • Makita. a Japanese company, corner grinders are made in China and other Asian countries (designed for intensive use during the year);
  • Hitachi. a Japanese company, factories in China (the tool is characterized by small sizes and the highest quality);
  • Interskol. company, a tool is assembled in China factories;
  • WHOLE. production, assembly
  • Violent. a high.quality domestic instrument, is produced in Crimea in Simferopol (great for home and medium loads);
  • Union. brand (assembly China,
  • Enkor. the company produces professional machines and tools (has one of the best service programs in
  • Dewalt. the brand belongs to the American giant BlackDecker, one of the best manufacturers of the power tool (produced on all continents);
  • Sparky. produced in Bulgaria (produces corner grinders of medium quality);
  • Triton. belongs to the English company Toolstream, the factories are located in Taiwan and China (characterized by low price).

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much, work, corner, grinder

They will not always tell you the truth about the origin and country of the manufacturer of corner grinders. You can often find the instrument of one company, but produced in different countries.

How the specifics of the work affects the choice

Much depends on which work will be carried out. All corner grinder outwardly slightly similar to a friend, but in practice the difference can be very great. Choosing which is better to buy a corner grinder for work or at home, you should clearly understand its purpose.

When the use of the corner grinder boils down to the periodic cutting of the metal. cut off the bolt, reinforcement, then almost any inexpensive model (excluding dubious brands) is suitable. For cutting tiles or concrete, you should take care of protection against dust. Household models will hardly withstand such loads and can soon fail.

For grinding and stripping in large volumes you need a powerful, hardy tool. Otherwise, the result will be a burned rotor or stator. Polishing can be carried out by any corner grinder, where the speed adjustment starts from 0 and it is provided for maintaining power under load.

How to properly rotate a disk on a corner grinder?

The working circle on the corner grinder should rotate clockwise. This follows from the logic of the security of the operator himself. However, with this arrangement of the sparking tool, they will always fly to the user.

The correct rotation of the disk. The working circle on the corner grinder should rotate clockwise. This follows from the logic of the security of the operator himself. However, with this arrangement of the sparking tool, they will always fly to the user.

Is it possible to work with a corner grinder in the rain?

It is impossible to carry out work in a humid environment or in the rain. All flammable or combustible substances need to be removed from the workplace. Violation of these rules will lead to fireworks from the resulting spark. Keep the tool during work tight enough, while without straining the hand.

It is not prohibited by a hand.made electric machine “Corner grinder”, not protected from the effects of drops and splashes, in conditions of exposure, as well as in open areas during rain or snowfall.

What is considered noisy work

Repair itself is not a violation. But if the neighbor violates the standards for the noise level and carries out repairs with a violation of the set time, then this is already beyond the scope of the permissible.

Repair refers to noisy work, as it entails a violation of peace of citizens and their right to silence. The final level of noise in the apartment is legislatively established:

The normal level of unstable background noise for residential premises is 55 dB in the daytime and 45. in the night.

Any sound that exceeds the norm and interferes with residents can be considered a violation. This level of noise can create not only building instruments, but also music, pets, etc.

To understand the guideline of acceptable noise in the apartment: at the level of sound from 160 decibels, rupture of eardrums is possible, more than 200. death (this level is inherent in noise weapons). Human speech can reach 50 dB, crying of a child. 75 dB, scream. 90 dB.

The peoporator operates at about 100-140 dB, drill (for example, when working with drywall)-about 80-82 dB. The audibility in the neighbor’s apartment will be lower-about 60-70 dB. That is, when the wall is touched by the peorater in any case, the noise threshold will be violated, but this in itself will not be an administrative or civil law violation.

How to measure noise level

To measure the noise level, the noise meter is used. Buy this device for 300 thousand. R., To find out how much a neighbor makes no sense. With this money you can make complete sound insulation in the apartment and forget about the problem forever. You can, of course, buy a cheap analogue for 2-3 thousand. R., but it has a fairly large error.

To measure the noise level, just download the application to the phone and start measurements. There are more than enough such applications today. For iOS, this is, for example, Decibel 10th, Sound Level Meter, Db Meter. Analogs for Android are: Sound Meter, Noise Meter, Decibel Meter, Decibel, etc.

What time is the repair work is permissible

The permissible time of repair work was regulated by 2-ФЗ “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Wealthy of the Population”: it was established as a gap from 7 to 23 hours. Depending on the region, the time of repair work may vary.

If a neighbor needs to be sent on the weekend, then he should enlist the support of other residents of the house. Only if all the tenants on the stairwell agree, then you can start work.

What other restrictions on repair work are valid today

In the production of construction work, the tenant should be guided by the following standards:

  • Continuous noise is permissible for 6 hours. If you need more time, then the employee needs to take an hour break.
  • The total duration of the repair cannot exceed 3 months, even if work was carried out 2 hours daily.
  • The use of tools, the noise of which exceeds 40 dB, is strictly prohibited for more than 6 hours without a break.

How to deal with a noisy neighbor who constantly drills

If a neighbor started an “eternal repair”, then the first thing to do is try to agree with him personally. For example, find a compromise solution: at what time work will be done and when their completion is expected.

But often neighbors categorically refuse to make contact and then they need to call the police. Calm violators can be brought to administrative responsibility. If at the time of the police arrived noisy work will be completed, then evidence of noisy repairs can be given: audio recordings, videos and testimony of witnesses.

Violation of the noise level established by sanitary standards, entails administrative responsibility for. 6.3 and 6.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, penalties are 500-2000 depending on the region. The fact is that the regions were given the right to independently establish the size of penalties. So, on the basis of ST. 3.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, a fine for repairs in prohibited hours will be 1000-2000 r. Also, the fine will depend on whether the neighbor is held liable or secondary for the first time. In some cases, law enforcement officers can limit themselves only to a warning.

It is also worth remembering that noise leads to negative health consequences: sleep is disturbed and immunity falls, irritability increases, and the entire nervous system suffers. Therefore, you can sue a neighbor and demand compensation for non.pecuniary damage.

You can influence a noisy neighbor by contacting the Moszhilin Inspection to verify the legality of repairs. The application can be transferred through the territorial division of the inspection or sent it by e.mail.

Thus, during noisy work in the apartment, neighbors should adhere to temporary intervals permitted for work. In case of violation of the regime of a neighbor’s noisy work, you can bring to administrative responsibility. Penalties for such a violation are 500-2000 r. depending on regional legislation.

What disk to cut a tree with a corner grinder?

An ideal disk will be the so.called wooden wood disk with three teeth, which is designed to work at high speeds. It will be a plus if there is a revolution control on a corner grinder.

The best option for working on wood is a corner grinder with a 125 mm disk. It is this size of the circle for wood that is the safest, and therefore has become widespread. For work, corner grinder for wood requires a special disk. It is strictly contraindicated to cut wood with abrasive or diamond circles. This will not help to cope with the task, but will rather lead to the destruction or overheating of the tool.

What are the nozzles for a corner grinder?

corner grinder, or angular grinding machine, is most often used to work with metal surfaces. The category of nozzles for metal processing includes:

Sharpic stone discs for working with cutting tools

Rittle and grinding wheels with metal wire

Some types of diamond disks for corner grinders

Is it necessary to crush on a corner grinder?

No need to put pressure on the tool, its weight is enough for work. Also, you should not make sharp jerks. The depth of the cut should be increased gradually, do not try to cut everything in one call. In no case do not remove the protective casing!

Keep an angular grinder when cutting a metal is necessary so that the disk is walked perpendicularly processed part. Do not press on the case. the movements should be soft.

What actions are prohibited to perform when working with a grinding machine?

-work without personal protective equipment;.work with the appearance of smoke, extraneous noise;. pull, twist or bend the cable, put the load on it, as well as allow it to intersect it with cables, coils of welding equipment;.Touch rotating details and grinding circles.

When working with a grinder, it is prohibited:

Grinder Safety: How to Properly Use an Angle Grinder

work without special. clothing and shoes, head and eye protection products

Apply circles permissible rotation speed of which is less than the speed of grinding grinding

braking a working circle with a hand

put a grinder until a work circle is completely stopped

It is forbidden to replace the working circle without disconnecting the grinder from the network

It is forbidden to leave power tools without supervision, as well as transfer it to persons who do not have admission to work

Firing work and work with a corner grinder, fire safety requirements. outfit to admission to work and labor protection.

Firing work and work with a corner grinder, fire safety requirements. outfit to admission to work and labor protection.

Readers and colleagues! Today we’ll talk about fire work and work with corner grinders (angular grinding machine). The essence of the question is as follows.

Readers and colleagues! Today we’ll talk about fire work and work with corner grinders (angular grinding machine).

The essence of the issue is as follows-in the production of installation and construction work, especially in the territory of large factories, they require opening outfits for fire work not only for welding work, but (for some reason they believe that this is also firing work) and to work with a corner grinder or even with with a pedorater, including if we cut the corner grinder, not metal, but conventional plastic pipes for water networks (as an option for laying wires) or cutting out the strokes in concrete or brick.

So what includes firing works? Open PPB 01-03 (fire safety rules- canceled today) or PPR (fire regime rules in “Order 90 of 25.04.2012.) and read:

“For firing work (fire warming up bitumen, gas and electric welding work, gas and electric cutting, gasoline and kerosin-cutting work, soldering work, cutting metal with a mechanized tool) in time places (except for construction sites and private households) by the head of the organization or A person responsible for fire safety is drawn up an outfit-announcement for fire work in the form provided for by Appendix N 4 “

1) fire heating of bitumen; 2) gas welding; 3) electric welding work;

4) gasoline and kerosyno cutting; 5) mechanical cutting of metals; 6) soldering work.

That is, it is clear that the work of a corner grinding in the list “Firing works” includes that the metal with the appearance of sparking is cut and, accordingly, in the design of outfits for firing works, it needs a corner grinder.

In the case of cutting the metal of this very corner grinder. the production of such works already falls under the concept of mechanical cutting of metals and, accordingly, is included in the list of “fire works”.

Now we will analyze what requirements of PB (fire safety) must be carried out if you carry out firing work. Below are the text of the fire instructions for you:

Instructions on fire safety measures during gas.electric welding and other works included in the list of “fire works”

  • This Instruction takes into account the requirements of GOST “Working electric welding. Safety Requirements ”, GOST“ GARPLAMENT METALIARY. Safety requirements ”, fire safety rules in the Federation, the rules for the device and safe operation of vessels working under pressure, the rules for the installation of electrical installations and is mandatory for all employees related to the performance of firing work at the enterprise facilities.

Violation of the requirements of this instruction entails liability in accordance with the current legislation of the Federation.

Persons at least 18 years old who have successfully surrendered to the fire and technical minimum, having a certificate for the right to carry out appropriate fire safety and a deposit of fire safety equipment with a note on the surrender of start from fire and firefighters are allowed to perform work technical minimum.

Gas.electric welding work in permanent places (in workshops) is carried out after fulfilling all requirements for the equipment of the premises in accordance with the above documents:

a) for the premises (workshops) of gas processing of metals:

b) for premises of electric welding workshops:

What your corner grinding? ⁠ ⁠

Today it will be short, but I hope a useful post about corner grinding (corner grinding) and its use based on my personal experience. Those who have come here by chance. for the past three years I have been engaged in housing construction, including by technical supervision and the correction of problems arising from customers as a result of violation of the construction technology for their contractors. In this connection, I have experience of both the house.builder and Handyman. I must be able to quickly navigate in the situation and be able to carry out repairs that fits into the trunk of my car.

And although there is a lot of fits there, I try to maximize the use of the capabilities of each available tool, and not buy a separate special device for the procedure that may have to be performed one.only time.

So, first you need to understand that in addition to the corner grinder (angular.grinding machine) there is a device that looks like it, but is completely not suitable for our purposes. This is the UPM. a polishing machine that looks like a corner grinder. They differ in the speed of spindle rotation, that is, the number of revolutions per minute. In a standard corner grinder without a revolution regulator, it is approximately 10,000 revolutions per minute. UPM is spinning at a speed of 2,000. 3,000 rpm.

Corner grinder with a revolution regulator combines the functions of the angular grind. And although I have one, today I will tell you about the most simple corner grinder, with fixed turns, which is in the arsenal of almost every master.

So, despite the word “grinding” in the name of the device, more often the angular grinding of metals is used for cutting metals, which it perfectly copes with the help of a standard abrasive disk. You can’t tell you anything much, most have experience with cutting discs. I can add about myself that according to my experience, when sawing thick metal elements from continuous metal, you should not use excessively thin wheels (0.7-1.2 mm), They quickly abuse and do not forgive mistakes with the slightest deviations from the cut axis. Well, it is clear that a small corner grinder should not cut the rails. it will work at the limit of power and will soon fail.

Also, the corner grinder can be used directly for grinding. For example, using a petal disk (right in the last row from above in the photo), or using a rubber circle with Velcro and sandpaper circles on Velcro (installed on a corner grinder). The petal disk is bad in that first, it is quickly clogged, replacing it requires time and money. it is not very good. The advantages are that it grinds aggressively, it is convenient for them to clean the metal of rust. Velcro circles change very quickly, they are inexpensive, while you can use the different granularity of the abrasive to obtain the desired result. When working with a rubber grinding circle, it is important not to put pressure on the tool, while learning how to hold it horizontally the surface of the workpiece. Then the process of processing will be no worse than after a flight or an electric rhubank. In this case, the surface is pleasant to the touch and very smooth. The downside is that it is still necessary to master the technical techniques of work with such a disk. taking the wrong corner easily to blame the part by choosing a recess in it with the edge of the disk.

Using grinding or abrasive wheels with corner grinders, you can sharpen tools and knives, but here you need to have a good experience, because at high speed any wrong movement can lead to the fact that the cutting edge will be constrained, even with due diligence.

Is it possible to cut a tree with a corner grinder? Despite the terrifying stories about opened breast cells and sawn turtles, I say responsibly. you can. At the same time, I do not deny the veracity of these stories. All of them happened with non.compliance with safety precautions and installing the saw discs of the circular on the corner grinder. Therefore, if you do not want to become a designer for a surgeon, use only specialized disks for angular grind. On the KDPV they are located in the second row and are represented by three.toothed and multi.tooth disks. The multi.toothed has wiring incisors on teeth to prevent jamming. These discs are suitable for rough cutting of sheet materials and boards, for cutting and sampling wood in uncomfortable places. In most cases, an angular grinder with such a disk replaces me a renovator. Also, with the help of such discs, you can choose semicircular grooves in the tree. For even cut, of course, you need a firm hand, and even better. the support sole like a circular.

Some manufacturers have universal discs for wood and plastic work. In the photo below the disc from Bosch. over, they have wheels for wood work with nails.

Well, with a tree is clear. What do you think about concrete? And then everything is fine with the corner grinder. Even with a disk size of 125 mm, it can easily cope with the cutting of paving stones or paving slabs, will help to last a wall under an electric cable or cut unnecessary angles on concrete products. To do this, it is best to use steel disks with diamond spraying that cut concrete as a sausage. The only negative is that dust flies just a cloud. In the photo, the discs are located in the first upper row. And the first in the lower is a diamond cup that copes equally well with concrete and wood. For example, if you need to remove a large amount of wood, it is better to use it first, and after a rubber circle for final grinding.

If necessary, you can put a diamond crown on the corner grinder for drilling holes in concrete. For example, in the photo below. 83 mm crown, which is installed directly on the shaft angular grinder.

In addition to the components presented in the photo on the corner grinder, you can put steel brushes for grinding, an adapter for milling or core, the nozzle turns the angular grinder into a chain saw, an adapter for installing a grinding tape and other exotic. Do you need it. I decide, I still prefer a drill, saw and milling milling plants in the form of separate devices.

As you can see, in experienced hands, an angular grinder is a universal instrument that is applicable both in locksmith and carpentry deeds. It significantly facilitates life and accelerating the cutting and processing of various materials. from wood to metal and concrete. Treat the corner grinder seriously and work with it will bring you only positive emotions