How to Transfer a Screwdriver to 18v Lithium Batteries

1. Li-Po screwdriver battery

  • Duration: 8:05
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How to Transfer a Screwdriver to 18v Lithium Batteries

In this video, a story about my upgrade version of a screwdriver with a battery from radio-controlled toys.

2. Put the Li-pol battery in a screwdriver

  • Duration: 8:31
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A regular screwdriver battery died a long time ago, and without that, a small capacity dropped by 2 times. Poet.

3. 3s lipo battery on a screwdriver

  • Duration: 8:09
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Instagram: Second channel :.

4. Converting a screwdriver with Ni-Cd to Li-Po

  • Duration: 8:19
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LiPo Battery LiPo Battery 4s 2 Units: LiPo Battery 3s 2 Units: LiPo.

5. &# 128267; How to transfer a screwdriver to lithium batteries, a detailed guide

  • Duration: 25:40
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Page with all the hardware In this video I’ll talk about lithium batteries, BMS and how to.

6. Screwdriver and laptop battery

  • Duration: 5:59
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NiCd batteries die quickly and are inconvenient for intermittent use. What to do? Power supply from 220V with a conversion.

7. Alteration of the screwdriver on Li-Ion (LiFePo4)

  • Duration: 3:38
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We catch batteries in series with thick wires. If a capacitor breaks into the housing. it will not be superfluous.

8. About remaking a screwdriver on a Li-ion (Li-Po) 18650

  • Duration: 2:38
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Batteries selected: My low budget idea for.

9. Screwdriver LiFePO4 battery. Part 1. Batteries

  • Duration: 5:09
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Video: How to Transfer a Screwdriver to 18v Lithium Batteries

Replacement of NiCd battery batteries with lithium LiFePo4 with protection and balancing do-it-yourself. Batteries

10. What is the difference between a lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery?

  • Duration: 2:05
  • By

The dry truth about lithium-polymer batteries, we reveal an insider about their composition! Our projects: INTERNET MAGA.

11. Alteration of a Makita 6281D screwdriver with Ni Cd to Li Ion batteries

  • Duration: 11:40
  • By

In this video I will show how to remake the charger and screwdriver Makita 6281D from Ni-Cd to Li-Ion battery.

12. Interskol DA-12ER-02 Li-Po battery

  • Duration: 17:37
  • By

In this video, my experiments on converting a screwdriver to a Li-Po battery, as well as a description of the features.

13. Converting a screwdriver to lifepo4 (lithium iron phosphate)

  • Duration: 13:49
  • By

Hello! In this video, I finalized the second battery of my long-suffering 12-volt screw.


  • Duration: 6:43
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AliTools: Proven 18650 Li-ion batteries: Good Ni-MH batteries.

15. Battery for a screwdriver. Which to choose

  • Duration: 7:06
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The Internet has become full of videos where people install cheap Li-ion batteries into powerful equipment.

16. Limit of the 18 volt Interskol screwdriver with Ni-Cd to li-Ion batteries

  • Duration: 13:03
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Alteration of the 18 volt Interskol DAU-13 / 18ER screwdriver from Ni-Cd to li-Ion batteries. Video about Condensation.

17. Replacing Ni-Cd batteries with Li-Ion in an Interskol 14.4V screwdriver

  • Duration: 18:19
  • By

Replacing Ni-Cd batteries with Li-Ion in an Interskol 14.4V screwdriver Video about reworking a charger

18. DO NOT KNIT the Li-ion battery! CHARGE CORRECTLY!

  • Duration: 8:26
  • By

In this video, I talk about how to extend the life of a lithium-ion battery ion. You will learn how to.

19. How to convert a screwdriver to lithium batteries Li-ion with Ni-ca Battery charge indication

  • Duration: 26:46
  • By

20. Replacing the batteries on a screwdriver

  • Duration: 2:04
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