Sawing Saws Overview

Miter saws "Bison". description of functions, purpose

Miter saws of the Zubr brand are a category combining saws for domestic use and for industrial use. The purpose of the “Zubr” miter saws: this is work with any kind of wood, with combined materials based on wood, trimming, sawing of any wood blanks, wooden planks, and figured products. When using appropriate blades, miter saws can even cut aluminum pipes or thin metal plates. In order to saw metal, a special metal disk is used, reinforced with a diamond notch.

Sawing Saws Overview

The review of a miter saw from "Bison" 1600 W

Face saws for domestic use usually have less weight and less power, and professional tools are used in industries such as woodworking or procurement. There is a huge selection of miter saws, with or without a broach, with or without a laser pointer, combined or conventional. The choice of an end saw should be made based on the frequency of use, the degree of laboriousness of the work, the expected load on the tool.

The saw is fixed by attaching the base of the tool to the machine or table, and even universal miter saws cannot be used as hand saws, since the design and weight of the tool require fixing in a certain plane. A homemade table can also serve as a temporary base. Saws with a broach on a tree are usually used as elements of woodworking machines, since they can cut long logs.

Overview of the miter saw from the "Bison" 1800 W

The set of the face saw is determined by the manufacturer, based on the model, the standard package usually includes:

  • manufacturer-installed saw blade;
  • extenders of a saw table;
  • clamping clamp for the Bison miter saw. a fixture for fixing wooden objects, workpieces;
  • wrenches and universal wrench;
  • dust collecting tank;
  • instruction for a saw with a warranty card.

The guard is mounted on the saw by default. If we are talking about a combined saw, then the casings are installed on both saw parts. Some miter saws are equipped with a belt drive, which reduces engine load during sawing. This design increases the working gear life.

Video about the Bison miter saw:

Range of miter saws

Let’s consider a model range of the Zubr miter saws. It includes such models:

  • saw ZUBR, sub-series zpt 305 1800 pl "Master", cross-cut, with a broach, 1800 W, belt drive, disk 305 mm;
  • miter combined ZUBR zptk 305 1900, "Master", disk 305 mm, 1900 W;
  • ZUBR, sub-series zpt 255 1800 plr, "Master", cross-cut, with a broach, belt drive, 1800 W;
  • Bison. combined miter saw, sub-series ЗПТК 255 1800 "Master", 1800 W;
  • with a broach, saw "Bison" subseries zpt 255 1800 pl, 1800 W, series "Master";
  • "Bison", sub-series ZPT 210 1600 pl, 1600 W movable head, laser;
  • "Bison", sub-series zpt 255 1800 lm2, series "Master", 1600 W;
  • combined “Bison” zptk 210 1500, “Master” series, 1500 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series ZPT 210 1400 l, series "Master", 1400 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series zpt 190 1100 L, 1900 W, series "Master";
  • combined "Bison" zptp 255-1800, 1800 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series ZPT 210 1300 L, 1300 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series zpt 255 1600 L, 1600 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series zpt 255 1800 L, 1800 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series zpt 305 1800 lr, power 1800 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series RFP 255 1800 L 02 with drain extension, 1800 W;
  • "Bison", sub-series ЗПТ 210 1300 l 02, saw with drain extension;
  • "Bison", sub-series ЗПТ 210 1300 l 02, saw with drain extension.

Video: Sawing Saws Overview

How to use a miter saw:

End saw classification

Miter saws are classified by household and professional categories. To household miter saws of small and medium power (up to 1500 W), professional models. from 1500 W and above.

For home use, owners most often acquire:

  • crosscut saw “Bison” zpt 210 1400 l, series “Master”, 1400 W;
  • Miter saw "Bison" ZPT 190 1100 L, 1900 W, series "Master";
  • crosscut saw “Bison” 210 1300 l 02. series ЗПТ, 1300 W;
  • miter saw "Bison" 210 1300 l 02. series ЗПТ, 1300 W.

For professional use, owners choose:

  • miter saws for wood with a broach, for example, "Bison" 255 1800, 255 1800 plr. series ЗПТ;
  • Combined saws "Zubr", for example, ЗППТ 255 1800, ЗПТК 210 1500. Combined saws are usually good because the working part can be quickly and smoothly replaced by another, that is, switch from a conventional face saw to a table saw and vice versa.

Cross-cut machine of the Zubr brand. ZPTP 255:

Such machines are used for professional work with material, it is convenient in that it can be moved, put in a garage, on bal-KOne, in small work rooms. Combines the qualities of table, circular, miter and easel saws. The power of the machine is 1800 watts. The weight of this building is 36 kg in assembled form without packaging. Connection to the network is via a network cable (2 meters), the voltage required for operation is 220 volts.

The machine has the following parts: clamp, disk, casing, pusher, longitudinal guide, angular stop, dust collector, dust elbow, wrench, manual. The assembled machine can be supported on wheels, so the device can be transported by holding the two supporting legs.

The average cost is 15.5 thousand rubles.

Disks for the Bison miter saws. what are they?

Additional accessories for the Zubr miter saws which are offered to be acquired by the manufacturer:

  • wood discs of the type “clean cut”, “quick cut”, “optimum cut”;
  • metal discs;
  • cutting segment discs;
  • diamond cutting turbo discs;
  • polishing nozzles and various grinding devices;
  • an anchor for a miter saw (the anchor vibrates, based on the model of the saw);
  • protective accessories (masks, gloves, earphones, respirators, mittens, etc.).

All discs are divided by the manufacturer "Bison" into the categories: Master, Professional, Expert, these discs are designed for dry cutting and have different diameters. Please note that on some bison miter saws, disks of different diameters can be installed, but on some. not. Such saws work with only one type of blade. To change the blade correctly, read the saw instruction manual. Also, disk replacement can be done at a service center.

Video. how to change a disk on a miter saw of the Zubr brand?

Adjustment of the saw is carried out at the factory, however, during assembly, you must again adjust all the details of the end saw, check how the tool starts, how the laser pointer works.

Competitive models of face saws from "Bison" are the saws "Corvette", which produces the brand "Encore". Which is better. a miter saw "Bison" or "Corvette"? Let’s compare the options for these tools:

Before the final choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the materials and comments of the thematic saw forums, as well as watch a video with reviews of the desired models, and only then make a purchase.

Video about the work of miter saws "Bison"

Reviews about miter saws "Bison"


“Last year I bought a Bison saw 255 1600 l-02, the experience of using it is negative! At first the stopper latch broke, then the kayuk came to the laser, and also did not like the fact that the saw does not hold exactly any of the corners. Sawing, of course, but there is no particular enthusiasm! I’ll change for something else. ”


“I use a saw Bison ZPT 190 1100 L, I am very pleased with everything, despite a number of minuses.

Advantages: light and convenient saw, for domestic use it’s super, especially if you don’t chase very high power.

Disadvantages: during work, there is a lot of dust around and it gets clogged under the circle, it is very inconvenient to clean it out.

Otherwise, everything is fine, I recommend! "