How to trim the asphalt crumb with vibration plate. We lay asphalt crumbs

Garden paths using asphalt crumbs

Asphalt baby is a relatively new material that is used in the construction of roads. It belongs to secondary materials, produces a crumb of cut old asphalt concrete coating.

Asphalt baby is the best option for high.quality and economical road coverage. The scope of its application is wide:

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  • minor roads without a significant load;
  • roads in the yards, paths in squares, parks;
  • sidewalks;
  • households, parking, sports grounds.

Asphalt baby has many advantages. It consists of granules of asphalt concrete and bitumen. thanks to this, the technology of its laying is very simple, and the cost of the material is much lower than that of the new asphalt. Subject to the rules of laying crumbs, you can get wear.resistant, durable coating, which has not required repair for a long time. Due to the size, the baby fits tightly and fills all the voids, and over time the coating is more and more compacted, it becomes stronger.

Preparing for styling

Before laying asphalt crumbs, it is necessary to carefully prepare the masonry territory:

  • We determine the area of ​​work and make markings, taking into account the location of communications, the presence of trees and other vegetation.
  • We order building materials, given that for 100 kV.m. you need 15 tons of crumbs.
  • We rent a rink. You can contact the same suppliers from whom the material has been purchased.
  • We remove a soil layer with a thickness of 20. 30 cm, with a slope for drainage water by 7 mm every meter. Next, we lay geotextiles.
  • On the edges of the ditch we lay the borders.
  • After the manipulations, you can proceed directly to laying asphalt crumbs.

By the way, if you want to save, it is better to order the material from April to September. at this time it is as cheaper as possible. In addition, it is better to buy asphalt crumbs from local suppliers to minimize the costs of its transportation.

Asphalt and asphalt concrete. What’s the Difference?

Few people know that asphalt in the modern sense of the word is a variety of asphalt concrete. This asphalt is a natural mountain resin, formed as a result of the evaporation of light fractions from oil and extracted from reservoir or residential deposits and in places of natural oil output to the surface.

Prep and Patch

Asphalt concrete is made from a mixture of bitumen with gravel, gravel of large and small fractions or sand. Artificial asphalt is made of bitumen, sand, mineral powder, gravel or gravel of a small fraction.

This material is secondary. Receive crumbs with crushing, granulation (large fraction) or cutting the road surface with a cold.type planner. The composition depends on the brand of the source material. Asphalt crumbs are used for the device of the blind area, laying the coating of sports grounds, parking lots, secondary roads.

Where asphalt crumbs are used

Asphalt crumbs are added to the composition of asphalt mixtures. Its share can be 25-60 %. In addition, they use it as an independent material:

  • For the installation of blindings during the construction of private houses.
  • To pour the floor in the garage. In this case, asphalt crumbs are a successful alternative to traditional concrete.


  • To lay the coating of gym, tennis courts, basketball sites or football fields. Asphalt crumb reduces the cost of work.
  • For asphalting access, suburban, temporary and secondary roads with low load. Asphalt crumbs fit quickly and does not require thorough preparation of the surface of the soil.
  • For the installation of paths and automobile platforms in the yards of houses or in summer cottages. Asphalt crumbs are used instead of asphalt concrete or tiles.

Autonomic crumb car platform

Patching of road surface using asphalt crumbs

  • To restore the road surface as a result of cold recycling. In this case, asphalt crumbs are mixed with cement, lime and bitumen to obtain asphaltogranul concrete. This material perfectly replaces the old road surface.

Restoring the road surface using cold recycling

Paul in the garage: Basic coating requirements

A competent flooring in the garage should have the following characteristics:

  • strength;
  • wear resistance.
  • low dust formation;
  • resistance to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • Fire safety.

Thanks to the extensive assortment of building and finishing materials, any car owner can create just such a garage that will satisfy his requirements from the standpoint of strength characteristics, design, financial investments.

The composition of the asphalt crumbs

The main components of the material are gravel, gravel, sand and bitumen. Concrete may be present as a binder. The ratio of components depends on the brand of asphalt, type and condition of the roadway when removing. On average, the baby includes:

The concentration of the latter in the crumb is less than in the asphalt. the binders of the component leaves the coating during the operation of the road, creating the need to repair it.


The product is a crushed road surface. It is carried out at the repair site. asphalt equipment includes a technique that crushes the canvas. Grinding is carried out and after removing. Pieces of asphalt are sent to granulate in crushers.

As a result, a baby is obtained, 3-5 mm in size, which differs, depending on the production method, in the following parameters:

  • Concentration of the bitumen component. in a baby, which is made on the spot more binders than in the removed waste sent for processing.
  • The requirements for operating conditions. the material from the road is recommended to be used in the summer; He must be warmed up to activate bitumen and is suitable for a complete replacement of the canvas. The product obtained from the raw materials delivered to the production site is suitable for cold times of the year. Due to the lack of astringent components, it is advised to use to eliminate local defects.
  • Price. Cubic meter of material from the cutter, on average, costs 800-1000. For a similar volume of crumbs from the crusher, they ask for 600-800 cost depends on the buyer’s residence, the way as includes payment for delivery costs.

Baby can include different types of asphalt. this affects the weight and other product characteristics. So, mass 1 cubic. m of the crushed coating varies within 1.5-2.0 t. The most severe is asphalt concrete; mixtures without cement have less weight due to the lack of a small fraction.

Advantages of laying asphalt crumbs

There are several methods on how to lay asphalt crumbs. In the first case, the ground under the device of the road is leveled and compacted, then geotextiles, sand and crushed stone are laid. All this “sandwich” is well tamped and the asphalt crumbs are already laying on top, taking into account its future tamping 10 cm.

Asphalt Paving

If you are interested in how to lay asphalt baby with your own hands with saving time and money. the second option is suitable. In this case, after clearing and alignment of the Earth, the baby is laid, and then bitumen is poured onto the required plot. After that, the asphaltogranulative is applied again and then the site is compacted using the rink.

With proper styling, the road from the asphalt crumbs will please the following advantages:

  • – wide range of application.
  • – affordable price compared to gravel, gravel and asphalt.
  • – the durability of the service in the right conditions.
  • – Simplicity of laying.
  • – resistance to negative atmospheric factors.

When compared with other materials for the road surface, then an asphalt crumb machine will cost much cheaper. However, before carrying out work, it is necessary to calculate how much asphaltogranulator will need for styling.

Briefly about the main thing

Laying asphalt crumbs will help put in order the personal territory if saving funds and time is important to you. Inexpensive material consists of a redesigned roadway and bitumen. Thanks to the ability to form a dense and durable coating, it is considered a practical alternative to gravel and sand.

The most important advantage of the material is the simplicity of laying, you can get a flat platform or track using simple tools without resorting to the help of professionals. The calculation of the desired amount is carried out taking into account the method of tamping; To make the canvas high.quality, geotextiles are laid on the base, and the surface is additionally poured with bitumen.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, do you think, is it necessary to make a pillow of sand and gravel at the base of the asphalt crumbs?

Listen to the last time I ask.

fourteen.09.2015, 09:20 You are talking about asphalt? gasoline fields and settles after tamping. And again trim. And finally it must be put in early summer. during the summer under the rays of the sun he heats up and sins.

fourteen.09.2015, 09:22 I know. But I needed to put it right now. My neighbor got the road with clay all. I had to put urgently since everything was rushed into the house.

I tried gasoline, in the baby there is little bitumen, it is not very contacted from gasoline.

fourteen.09.2015, 09:36 Buy bitumen mastic, divorce and spill oh and scum!

mastic in the same place as the roofing material. fourteen.09.2015, 09:38 I can’t believe I bought.

Laying asphalt crumbs yourself

The indisputable advantage of this raw material is that you do not need a special qualification to work with it. The product processing product is becoming an increasingly popular material every day. The popularity of raw materials is added by the fact that it became possible to lay asphalt crumbs with your own hands.

If we are talking about a small area and there are no restrictions on time, then even one person can cope with such a task in power. In the case of a significant area, it is better to hire a team of workers.

Making asphalt crumbs

Is a secondary processing product. There are two types of crumbs. The first type of this material is produced using a special cutter, which in layers cuts the old asphalt coating. Old asphalt immediately after the cut is crushed into small particles. Such a baby has a smaller fraction. This makes it better. Most often, asphalt crumbs, which is obtained using a cutter, is used immediately after its manufacture. If necessary, if you need to increase the characteristics, bitumen or other additives are additionally added to it.

The second type is carried out by crushing. Crushing is carried out by special crushing installations. Pieces of dismantled old asphalt are loaded into these installations. The output is asphalt crumbs of a larger fraction. Such a baby has a lower quality. But it costs much cheaper than the one obtained by milling.

Building roads from asphalt crumbs

Any road, regardless of how it has a coating, needs to comply with certain rules. The construction of the road from asphalt crumbs can be divided into the following stages:

  • Preparatory work includes removing the upper layer of soil along with all vegetation. This is done due to the fact that in the future such vegetation is replaced, and the road may begin to sag. To prevent such subsidence, in places where the construction of the road is planned, the upper layer of soil is removed. This is done using excavators.
  • The arrangement of the drainage system is the construction of cuvettes or ditches along the roads. The drainage system is made so that water is removed as quickly as possible from the roadway to the ditch. The presence of a high.quality drainage system allows you to increase the life of the road several times. Arrangement is carried out using mini excavators and excavators of loaders.
  • Geotextiles are laid as the lowest layer. However, very often, to save money, this layer is neglected. But as practice has shown, geotextiles are able to significantly significantly increase the life of the road.
  • Sand.shaped bedding is a uniformly distributed layer of sand. Sand is brought to the places of construction of the road by dump trucks, and leveled by excavators of different capacities. A layer of sand should be at least 10 centimeters. After it is leveled, the sandy layer must be tamped. This must be done using road rinks. But due to the fact that from the asphalt crumbs they mainly build summer cottages or temporary roads, the seal of the sand layer is very often neglected.
  • Crushed stone layer. another layer of pushing, which consists of crushed stone. Ideally, there should be two layers of crushed stone. The lower layer consists of a crushed stone of a large fraction, the upper one is made of small. But under the road from asphalt crumbs, only one layer of crushed stone of any fraction that is more accessible is almost always poured.
  • The laying of asphalt crumbs is carried out manually. It is brought by dump trucks, and leveled using excavators, excavators of loaders and mini excavators. A notorious role at this stage is played by manual work. After all, the final leveling of this asphalt coating is carried out using a conventional shovel. Asphalt baby, like ordinary asphalt, requires compaction. But most often, this material is compacted under the pressure of cars passing through it.

Advantages of the road from asphalt crumbs:

    • Cheapness. Due to the fact that it is very cheap material, it can afford a large number of population. Very often summer residents throw off the asphalt crumbs and build roads on their own. In addition, you can put on a granted crushed stone already dropped out of crushed stone.
  • Small demand. If we compare the level of demand with the amount of crumb produced, then it can be bought almost always in the warm season. This is due to the fact that a very large amount of old asphalt is removed and processed. Recycled, it is used only for asphalting of temporary roads, sidewalks and places that are not subject to large load.
  • High strength. Roads built from asphalt crumbs have the same strength as ordinary asphalt roads. The truth has a much shorter life.

Which is better, asphalt or asphalt crumb?

If you think logically, then asphalt is a new material that is intended for road surface. Asphalt crumbs are a kind of asphalt coating waste. Everyone knows that waste cannot be better than the original raw material. But in any case, it is worth noting that it has excellent properties that can turn the gravel road into a full.fledged asphalt. And this is for a completely moderate cost. If cash does not allow you to build a road from full asphalt, then it will be the perfect material.

Where to order services for the construction of a road from asphalt crumbs?

Our company provides road construction services of any complexity. The roads from asphalt crumbs are no exception. We can completely pave the existing road, we can repair it, or we can completely build it. We cooperate with a large number of road companies. And this means that we can get asphalt crumbs almost always.

Is it possible to put asphalt crumbs on the ground. How to lay asphalt crumbs

The technological process involves the preliminary creation of the base from sand and crushed stone. In cases where the construction budget is limited, and the intensity of movement is small, it is allowed to put the material immediately on the ground, without creating additional layers.

  • Uprooting all vegetation, purification of the soil from rhizomes.
  • Alignment of the territory.
  • Soil coating with bitumen mixture.
  • Laying the required number of asphalt crumbs manually with the subsequent alignment of the surface.

In order for construction work to be carried out on time and without delay, it is necessary to correctly calculate the necessary volume of building materials. To evaluate the required amount of asphalt, you should find out how much the cube of asphalt crumbs of your chosen manufacturer weighs. For approximate calculations, you can use the following numbers: 1 cubic of asphalt crumbs-1.5-1.9 tons.

Pros and cons of use of asphalt crumbs

The widespread use of material from processed old asphalt is due to its following advantages:

  • Low cost. The budget price for the baby makes it accessible to ordinary citizens: summer residents, gardeners, owners of private houses, etc.D.
  • Availability of goods in the market. Hundreds of tons of old asphalt coating are processed annually. The volume of production significantly exceeds the demand for baby, so you can buy this material without problems at any time of the year.
  • Great strength indicators. The highway, composed of processed asphalt, is not inferior in strength to the highway from fresh raw materials.
  • Long period of operation (in the absence of active transport traffic).
  • A simple laying algorithm. Road work using this material does not require involving a large number of special equipment and workers, the process takes little time.
  • Resistance to any aggressive environmental influences.

Like any other material, the baby has disadvantages. As the main disadvantages, they highlight:

Despite some shortcomings, asphalt crumbs are rightfully considered one of the highest quality budget building materials. Compliance with the rules of styling and competent guarantee a long period of service of the road laid out this method.

Is it possible to put asphalt crumbs on the ground. How to lay asphalt crumbs

The technological process involves the preliminary creation of the base from sand and crushed stone. In cases where the construction budget is limited, and the intensity of movement is small, it is allowed to put the material immediately on the ground, without creating additional layers.

  • Uprooting all vegetation, purification of the soil from rhizomes.
  • Alignment of the territory.
  • Soil coating with bitumen mixture.
  • Laying the required number of asphalt crumbs manually with the subsequent alignment of the surface.

In order for construction work to be carried out on time and without delay, it is necessary to correctly calculate the necessary volume of building materials. To evaluate the required amount of asphalt, you should find out how much the cube of asphalt crumbs of your chosen manufacturer weighs. For approximate calculations, you can use the following numbers: 1 cubic of asphalt crumbs-1.5-1.9 tons.

Why is asphalt crumbs suitable

The material is used by industrial enterprises and private individuals. Recyclables are included in new asphalt mixtures. Depending on the type of product (cold or hot) waste coefficient in the new material is 0.25–0.6. That is, the share of crumbs reaches 25-60%.

The material is also used for such work:

  • local repairs. baby will reduce primary asphalt consumption during pits;
  • preparation of the foundation of the track;
  • coatings of secondary and country roads with a low level of load;
  • Strengthening the artificial relief. recyclable can be poured out by the shafts of the railway and roads;
  • Improvement of household and public sections. laying asphalt crumbs is carried out in parking lots, summer cottages, sports grounds and floors of technical premises.

To work with recyclables, you will need equipment that can compact and melt bitumen in the mixture. The last procedure is not required. you can put the baby without heat treatment. the connecting substance will express particles during the sealing process.

Asphalt crumbs laying technology

The process of application depends on the area of ​​application. when the relief is strengthened, the mixture is scattered with an uniform layer (at least 20-30 mm) and is erected by a roller tool. In the case of laying the tracks, the marking of the site is first made, and the soil is dug up inside the contour of the future canvas. The crumbs with subsequent sealing are added to the recess. The principle is preserved when creating secondary roads and arranging the courtyard.

How to lay asphalt crumbs with your own hands

First of all, the necessary amount of raw materials is calculated.

Paths made of asphalt crumbs in the country will require depths of 30–40 mm. With a width of 50 cm per 100 m coating, 0.15 cubic meters will be needed. m of the material. Or 0.23–0.3 tons of product, depending on the density.

With a lifting capacity of KAMAZ 6 tons, one car is enough (raw materials by almost 2 kilometers) to mark the routes in the yard and fill the pits behind the gate.

  • Marking. draws a diagram of paths that is transferred to the site.
  • Preparation of the site. recesses of 30–40 mm are dug up in the marked contours. the basis of future paths at the bottom of direct segments can be put boards or concrete windowsill to strengthen the structure in loose soil. Instead of them can be used as a geotextile litter.
  • Filling the crumbs. If it is planned to melt bitumen, you will need a tin barrel and dense mittens. Robble can be used for leveling.
  • Trombovka. For large works, such as priming roads in front of a private house, they rent a miniature rink. Decorative and narrow paths inside the yard are manually trampled with a roller instrument. Before using a new route, at least 24 hours are waiting for the material to cool or grasp.

Laying asphalt crumbs with your own hands just. The presented algorithm is also suitable for the improvement of technical premises: barn or garage. When creating the base of the parking space, the weight of transport is taken into account. A parquet SUV will require a thicker floor, in comparison with a passenger model.

DIY Asphalt crumbs laying

Features of application in summer and personal plots

Before starting work in country and household plots, it is necessary to take into account the location of all communications, trees, and outbuildings.

It is advisable to take care of the presence of one or more assistants, or auxiliary workers.

You can certainly cope alone, but it will take much more time and effort.

Laying asphalt crumbs in the country is not necessarily reconstruction or creation of paths, it can be skilled, amazing beauty landscape design with its participation.

Baby is often used as an element of decor with landscape designers because of their color.

You can also use asphalt chips for the floor in the basement.

Whatever option you choose and no matter what method of application you find, it is always an acceptable price in return for excellent quality and durability!

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