How To Unscrew A Rusted Nut?

Each person in his life more than once faced such a nuisance as rusty and stuck fasteners. This situation is known to all: motorcyclists, motorists, cyclists, locksmiths, and plumbers — the latest, in particular.

It often happens that well, you need to replace the wheel or change the tap in the apartment or house, and the nasty nut or bolt does not want to get out. In this situation, power methods will not help: the nut sits dead. Yes, and apply to her excessive force does not always work. You can easily break something, break the thread, cut the edges of the elements. In order not to spoil the nerves, and in such a situation, this cannot be avoided, and it is necessary to know how to unscrew the rusted nut at home. There are several effective ways to do this.

Why and what to do?

A repair can be seriously difficult; the replacement of necessary parts will have to be postponed. Corrosion is to blame. And the reason for this is very, very banal. For example, during assembly work at the factory or in the process of carrying out previous repair work, the “professionals” in a particular area decided to ignore the processing of fasteners with a lubricant. Then liquid got under the thread. Water has caused loosening processes on the surface of the bolt and nut. This loosening tightly linked parts with a new compound at the level of molecules. How to unscrew a rusty nut is a whole science, and the process of unscrewing can take a lot of time, effort, and nerves.

Use of aids.

The first thing that must be tried is various means, among the properties and characteristics of which are indicated the reduction of friction and the dissolution of various contaminants. This substance can be absolutely any means that has high penetrating power. The modern market offers many different products that can facilitate the process of unscrewing the rusted nut.

The most popular drug for this purpose is the legendary composition of the WD-40. It is a truly unique tool that allows you to solve not only this but also many other problems. Before unscrewing the rusty nut, it is necessary to thoroughly spray the bolted joint with liquid from the cartridge and wait a bit.

But WD-40 is not the only option. The preparation contains kerosene, which means that if the master also has kerosene, gasoline, and diesel fuel, then this is not an optimal choice, but still effective. In any case, it will be possible to unscrew the nut.

Another available remedy is acetic acid. If there is in the public domain any other non-potent acid, then you can use it. Here, all the same recommendations. carefully moisten the connection.

At the very least, American technology will help. In the nearest supermarket, you can buy 0.5 liters, and preferably a whole liter of Coca-Cola. As part of this miracle, the drink is orthophosphoric acid, which, though imperfect, but will help solve this problem.

Before unscrewing the rusty nut, the compound is thoroughly wetted with any of these products. Then you can relax for about 20 minutes. It will be enough for the drug to show its penetrating ability. While the liquid will penetrate, you should knock on the culprit with a hammer. It is necessary to knock around the perimeter. The element should be torn off gradually, swaying the nut. If it does not work out, it is worth pouring the compound with any of the preparations and waits even longer. If it doesn’t work out again, then you should look for another, more efficient way of how to unscrew the rusted nut on the mixer or anywhere else.

Solving the problem by heating.

If the nut stubbornly does not want to give in, then it is necessary to apply heat. It will not be a secret to anyone that any metal if it is heated to certain temperatures, has the properties to expand. Therefore, you should try as one of the options to warm up the nut well. Then, while it is still hot, you need to try to wreck it. But everything should be done as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the bolt will be heated, and then things will not be. But even if the connection is fully heated, this process will occur unevenly. The rust deforms and releases the nut.

To sufficiently heat the fastener, you can use any available options. It may be a lighter, matches, boiling water. Best fit construction hair dryers, powerful soldering irons, blowtorches. Before you unscrew the rusty nut, you should make sure of reliable hand protection. It should work carefully and extremely carefully. If there are wood parts in the working area, the nut cannot be heated: this can damage the wood.


In addition to these two proposed methods still recommends not unscrewing, but twisting the part. Often in this way, it turns out to move the rust layer and swing the fastener, after which it can be easily unscrewed. This option can be combined with heating.


In the process of striking the edges, everything is unscrewed, even if the nut is very rusty. How to unscrew? Just knock around the fastener perimeter. In the process of strikes, micro deformations will occur. These deformations will destroy the rust layer. But here it is important not to make serious efforts. Blows should not be strong, according to the size of the connection. If you hit hard, you can damage the edges, and then the nut will never loosen.

Destruction and destruction.

If no method has brought the solution to the problem, it remains only to destroy and destroy the connection. There are also several options here. The method is selected based on where the nut is rusted. How to unscrew? Yes, just cut it with a grinder or just a hacksaw with a blade for metal. But not everywhere can destroy the connection by cutting. For example, in a car wheel, this will not be easy. On the bathroom faucet, you can damage the faucet itself.

If there are already no options for how to unscrew a rusted nut, for example, on a wheel, then you can try to drill the wretched with an electric drill. Another effective way. with a thin chisel and a hammer, you can make grooves on the edges of the product. It is necessary to deform the part on each side very evenly so that it can be easily unscrewed. Naturally, instead of this, then you have to screw in a new one.


It is much easier to care for the bots so that you do not have to think about how to unscrew the rusted nut in the home or garage. It is necessary to comply with the recommendations, tighten the part until a certain point, always lubricate the connection.