Trimmer Head (Reel).

A trimmer is a simple and trendy device that helps keep lawn, flower beds, parks, and gardens in order.

Its main advantages can be safely:

  • versatility. by changing the cutting element (fishing line or special knife), it is possible to mow not only grass but also dense bushes, vine, and shoots of young trees;
  • ease of operation;
  • relatively light weight.

Such a mowing unit can operate from the mains, battery or gasoline engine. Depending on the energy source, the trim is different, but the trimmer head remains the same in all models. In some instructions, these parts may also be referred to as a coil.

Trimmer head. views and features.

This trimmer element is a special reel on which the cutting cord (fishing line) is wound. It is the ends of the cord, which are pushed to a certain distance at high speeds, mow the grass. It should be noted that a cord reel can only be strained with low grass, but tall weeds, a vine or a shrub can destroy a cord.

Today in the consumer market there is a coil for trimmer of different designs. Specialists divide the coils into the following types:

  • manual. to adjust the length of the cord, it is necessary to stop the operation of the unit and manually extend the line;
  • semi-automatic. cord adjustment is carried out with the engine on, control is exercised using centrifugal force, press the button on the handle;
  • automatic. to change the line, it is enough to slow down the trimmer, then increase the speed and the line will automatically lengthen.

From these descriptions, it can be concluded that the manual spool on the trimmer is the most inconvenient design. The automatic design of the coil is convenient at work, but it has one drawback. it is not economical, high consumption of fishing line. Therefore, the best option is a semi-automatic design.

Trimmer’s heads are also qualified in two ways of threading the line.

  • Fast charging. To refuel a new cord, there is no need to remove the reel from the trimmer, insert the end of the cord into a special hole and perform several rotational movements to wind the new fishing line.
  • Winding folding. The coil is removed from the unit and disassembled. Winding is carried out on the specified arrows, after which the head is mounted on the trimmer.

From the above material, we see that the coils can be different, both in design and in the method of filling.
Therefore, before you pay for the trimmer, study in detail the head with which it is completed.