How to Wear a Belt From a Chinese Trimmer

Working with a trimmer is much more convenient and easier with a special belt. Thanks to him, the operator can mow large areas of grass for several hours without pain in the joints and muscles. The design of the two-shoulder belt is designed in such a way that the lawn mowing is held by means of fastenings itself. without the help of hands. She only needs to set the direction, and she will do the rest herself. How to properly attach the belt to the trimmer and adjust it for yourself to ease the load, and we will talk about this material.

Trimmer Backpack Strap. Intended Use

Many models of trimmers are equipped with a regular slanting belt. However, for work it is best to purchase a backpack strap that is specifically designed for lawn mowing. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, it evenly distributes the weight of the device to the whole body. Padded shoulder pads reduce severity and relieve pain in the forearms. A hard back disperses the load between the upper and lower back, excluding the lower back. The shockproof protection for the thigh prevents the lawn mowers from contacting the leg so that it does not rub and does not transmit vibration. In addition, the belt provides:

  • convenient transportation of the trimmer;
  • comfort during operation due to ergonomic position of the braid relative to the body;
  • safety at work. a backpack belt prevents the lawn mowers from slipping out of your hands when hard objects get under the knife.

How to Wear a Belt From a Chinese Trimmer

What is a backpack belt

It should be understood that the weight of the refueled lawn mowers is on average 6–9 kg. And this device must always be kept in limbo. In order to evenly distribute the load, the backpack belt seems to encircle the body from all sides. The main load falls on the shoulders and back, so its upper part is complemented by wide foam inserts and fabric straps. Further, the belts descend along the body and, with the help of a quick-detachable clip, are connected to each other in the area of ​​the chest or abdomen. And so that under load the belt does not crash into the body, a wide and durable lining is provided. A plastic foot protector is attached to the belt. It has a snap hook for attaching to the trimmer and spring cushioning. Easy to unfasten and fasten the lawn mowers provides a quick-release latch located on top.

Belt adjustment

To ensure comfortable working conditions, you need to be able to correctly wear a backpack belt. This process requires some skill, but then, after adjusting the satchel for yourself for the first time, it will be worn much faster and easier.

Hook height adjustment

The most important thing is to adjust the belt so that the trimmer is at the right level from the ground. To do this, raise or lower the height of the hook, which is done by tightening the shoulder straps until the holder is below the hips by 10-15 cm (palm width). In this case, the knife of the attached braid should be parallel to the surface, that is, in strictly horizontal position.

Balancing the scythe by moving the abalone

After fixing the required height for yourself, you need to balance the trimmer. To do this, the eye is rearranged, with the help of which the device is suspended from the belt, forward or backward. As a result, you need to attach the belt to the trimmer so that when releasing the steering wheel, the knife or saw blade did not lie on the ground, but hung over it, without touching the surface. How far it will be located depends on the goals set.

Shoulder strap adjustment

In order for the load to be distributed evenly on the shoulders and back, you need to adjust the shoulder straps well. To do this, it is enough to tighten or relax the straps. they should not dig into the body or hang down. You can understand how the weight will be dispersed if you press the hook for hanging the braids with your own hands.

Securing the lawn mowers to a belt

Depending on the model, the gasoline braid can be mounted on a belt using a strap or loop. In the latter case, to balance, you need to move it around the bar to get the desired result. In some cases, shock absorption mechanisms are provided that smooth out the vibration and soften the sharp jumps of the trimmer.

Handle balancing

An important step in adjusting the knapsack belt is also to adjust the handles to the optimum level. When the operator holds the lawn mowing, his hands should be relaxed, and his shoulders should be parallel to the body. Therefore, after fitting the two-shoulder belt, the two-handed mechanism should be adjusted by moving it up or down. It is necessary to achieve such a result that the hands only set the direction, and not hold the device. If after this the trimmer balance is again disturbed, you will have to repeat all the steps again.

Video: How to Wear a Belt From a Chinese Trimmer

Safety regulations

Among the safest and most popular trimmers, products from German manufacturers (including Denzel) are especially valued, as they pay increased attention to quality and reliability. However, despite the brand and model, there are a number of rules that must be clearly known and observed when using the trimmer.

  1. Before use, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.
  2. You can not work with the trimmer in a state of fatigue, illness, intoxication.
  3. It is forbidden to use the braid in explosive and fire hazardous areas.
  4. Do not mow during thunderstorms and rain, or after rain when the grass is wet.
  5. You can only work in the daytime, in good light conditions.
  6. Use only the type of fuel and lubricant that is suitable for the particular trimmer model.
  7. It is not recommended to repair the tool yourself.
  8. Do not touch rotating or heating elements during operation.
  9. Do not smoke or make fire during mowing, etc.

If you still have questions about adjusting the lawn-mowers on a belt-backpack, you can try to find the answers in the instruction manual that came with the product, or watch a video on the Internet where it is clearly and readily shown how to adjust and adjust the belt with the lawn-mowing.

The best trimmers

Huter GET-400 trimmer on Yandex Market

Trimmer STAVR TE-1700R on Yandex Market

Makita UR3502 trimmer on Yandex Market

adjustment of the belt and handle of the benzotrimer

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Trimmer belt How to Adjust the Trimmer Knapsack

1. Adjust the height of the hook of the trimmer knapsack belt pulling the shoulder straps so that the trimmer knife lowered to the ground is parallel to the surface of the plot (strictly horizontal).
When operating the trimmer saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by lifting the shoulder straps) so that the trimmer blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

2. Moving the ear to hang the braids on the trim tab forward or backward, balance the trimmer so that when releasing the steering wheel the trimmer knife is near the surface of the site, but does not lie on the grass.
To saw bushes and young trees with a saw blade of a brush cutter, the trimmer must be balanced so that when the steering wheel is released, the machine hangs horizontally on the hook horizontally. Attach.

3. Adjust the trimmer shoulder straps (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check by hand pressing on the hook of the trimmer suspension).

Video about the Husqvarna trimmer backpack. On the design features of the belt suspension (harness) that make mowing the lawn mowing, trimmer, lawn mowing, brush cutter Husqvarna easier and safer. wide shoulder straps and an elastic waist belt, quick-release locks (carbines) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the trimmer. On the versatility of belts for men and women.

Such Husqvarna trimmer knapsack belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric braids, brush cutters.

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