How to Wear a Trimmer Belt

How to mow grass with a trimmer?

The main thing is to correctly adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum with fishing line does not crawl along the ground.

Properly make a gasoline-oil mixture.

Do not use too thick fishing line. it picks up speed and overloads the trimmer.

Do not be afraid to give him speed.

Do not wind too much fishing line on the drum, and do not wind it too much.

Stop from time to time and empty the basket.

Lubricate the trimmer cable and gear (if any) with a grease gun.

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The technique of mowing grass with a trimmer is not very complicated and takes into account the need:

  • Decide how exactly you are going to mow. It is possible to fold, crosswise.
  • choose a place so that a bald spot does not appear as a result and the site looks harmonious
  • understand what exactly you are going to mow, and depending on the choice to put the right knife. They are different. For example, hay or weed. You also need to set the speed.
  • Of course, it is necessary to prepare both clothing and protective equipment. Whatever you are an experienced mower man, but glasses must be worn. and don’t forget the headphones and long clothes.

All the details of the technique are on the video how to mow with a trimmer.

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First of all, inspect the area that you have to mow. Cut off bushes or large flowers that cannot be cut on your own.

Always start with a light area where there is little grass. See if there are slopes or ditches in the area. The easiest way to mow across the slope.

Determine the direction of the grass. Mowing is easier if the grass is tilted forward.

As for clothes, you should always wear glasses and boots. Also anti-vibration gloves do not interfere.

Depending on the density of the grass, use different knives.

One more tip: try to mow at the same speed. This way your mower will last longer. If you stop and immediately pick up speed, then the trimmer will wear out faster.

Correct mowing with trimmer:

  • choose the fishing line correctly. For different tasks, there are two different subjects. fishing line and knife. Too wide fishing line is undesirable, as this will give overload to the trimmer. As a rule, on a simple site fishing line is enough.
  • when cutting is installed (fishing line or knife), it is necessary to tighten and fasten the nut.
  • Check the charge or availability of fuel. Put on the belt comfortably.
  • movements when mowing with a trimmer should be thought out. The algorithm is: right-left-left-right. This will give the maximum result. Yes and be attentive to work. It is necessary to control that there are no children or animals near you. You should also wear a mask to protect your eyes.

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First, adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum does not touch the ground. Further, it is important to remember that due to the thick fishing line, the trimmer will be overloaded, so do not overdo it with the thickness.

A lot of fishing line on the drum is not worth winding.

Remember to periodically clean the trimmer.

Lubricate the cable with a solid oil.

The trimmer is very convenient as it can be used in a variety of places, including complex terrain and areas near trees. If you mow tall grass, first start with the protruding tops and then continue with the bulk.

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Use the trimmer as intended. An electric scythe (that is, a trimmer) is good because it copes well with its work in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the trimmer can be used near trees, fences in relief areas. And not only for mowing the lawn, but also ordinary grass.

The main thing. this is to ensure that the weeds do not have time to give the seeds and mow them in time.

If you did not have time to mow the grass until the moment it gave the ears, then first mow the tops of the ears and burn them. And only then mow the grass itself, and put it into compost.

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In almost all trimmers (if there are no special ones), the fishing line or the disc rotates clockwise. That is why it is better to mow the grass with a movement from right to left (a movement that resembles movement when mowing with an iron scythe). It can be mowed by tilting slightly towards mowing.

You need to mow with calm movements, not jerky. Mow grass half the length of the fishing line. If you grab more, the trimmer can handle it, but grass can clog the space between the coil and the tube.

Mow, squeezing the gas to full.

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Before mowing the grass, first adjust the fishing line and firmly fix it in your cavity so that the fishing line does not hang out and go there. here. Then fill the fuel accordingly (if you do not have an electric trimmer) which consists of special oil and gasoline. Next, start mowing the grass with smooth movements (not fast) to the right and left. Do not try to chop thick stems of plants often, as the fishing line will instantly end, and you will have to adjust the reel again. In dense places, the main thing is not to spare gas)

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The trimmer from the company Varyag koshu according to the instructions:

Step 1. Install the cutting mechanism.

Depending on the type of weed grass, we choose a cutting tool: for soft-stalked grasses. a fishing line, for hard-stemmed and small shrubs. a knife. Unscrew the nut securing the cutting mechanism and install the cutting tool. Tighten the nut. the mechanism is ready to work.

Note: some trimmers do not have interchangeable cutting tools, so you can start working with them right away.

Step 2. Preparing the trimmer for work.

If the trimmer is electric. we charge the battery or turn on the motor in the network. If gasoline. fill the tank with fuel. Then, depending on the type of trimmer. we adapt it to ourselves (upper-motor. is hung with a loop on the shoulder, knapsack. for the shoulders, lower-motor. we take the handle). We hold the trimmer over the grass so that its cutting mechanism is parallel to the treated area. We start the engine.

Action 3. Mowing.

Grass mowing with a trimmer is carried out with simple movements. It is important to remember that the cutting mechanism of the device rotates counterclockwise, so that the mowed grass will fall on the already treated area. The first is from right to left in front of us (this is how we cut off the top of the grass). The second is from left to right (this is how we remove the rest of the grass).

It is better to divide a large area of ​​the cultivated area into squares, and mow grass on them, moving from one to another on the outside of each square.

When mowing grass on the slopes, it is recommended to mow from below, moving parallel to the sloping area. We reached the edge, went back, became a little higher. and we repeat the same route. until the site is completely mowed.

Video: How to Wear a Trimmer Belt

For mowing grass on a site where there are trees, it is better to use a forest cutting mechanism, and you need to mow, passing the site along the perimeter, bypassing the tree around the trunk.

Step 4. Finish the job.

After mowing all the grass in the area, you need to turn off the engine, remove the trimmer (for shoulder and knapsack devices), clean the cutting mechanism of the rest of the grass.

»How to configure

How to properly adjust the lawn mowing belt for yourself

author: fazenda | June 2 | Views: 10082

Specialists of service centers often complain about consumers of household gardening equipment who, at the stage of its assembly and first start-up, make mistakes and disable equipment. Of course, there is an instruction in the package, but either it is stupidly written, or it is read after improper assembly, when extra parts were discovered or, worse, a breakdown occurred. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated in assembling household gardening equipment. You just have to be careful. Let us give an example of the assembly procedure for the Stihl FS 130 lawn mowers, complementing our instructions with illustrations.

1. Begin assembly by opening the box and checking the assembly of the unit. If everything is in place, then we have to fasten the handle to the rod with the motor, put on a belt, attach a protective cover and cutting elements.

2. First you need to remove the handle and unscrew the thumb screw that secures the upper part of the support without losing the springs.

3. Insert the handle into the socket and fix it without tightening it much. The final position is adjusted after the final assembly of the lawn mowers.

4. We put the control knob of the unit on the handle tube and tighten the fastening bolt. To do this, the kit has a universal key.

5. All Stihl FS 130 lawn mowers are located on the handle. These are: the throttle lever, which has protection against accidental switching on and the shutdown lever of the unit, which is controlled by the thumb. The modification of the lawn mowers with a D-shaped handle controls are located next to the engine on the bar.

6. We put a plastic protective cover. If you plan to use only a knife, then for its work we use a part of the casing (in the picture it is painted in orange).

7. If there is work to be done with a cutting line, then a plastic skirt is additionally put on the protective cover of the chainsaw and a knife for cutting the line is placed. In some varieties of this model, the cover can be universal or two different covers can be attached. one for the fishing line and the other for the knife.

8. Sliding the skirt over the casing, you must check the reliability of its fastening. Sometimes it may be necessary to fix this protection with another screw.

9. Now you need to put the knife for cutting the fishing line and fix it with a screw.

10. It remains to install the reel, pre-filling it with fishing line. The coil is screwed onto the shaft (as in the illustration) or fastened with a special nut. Keep in mind that the thread on the shaft is usually left. How to fill the fishing line into the reel, read the instructions.

11. If a knife is required, then we put it instead of a coil. The knife is equipped with a protective cover so that during operation it does not dig into the soil. After installing it, do not forget to scroll this cutting element and make sure there is no play.

12. Well, the last, simplest step is to install a metal clamp on the rod, i.e. fastenings for a suspension belt.

After the lawn mowing is assembled, we put on a shoulder belt or a belt knapsack suspension (depending on what is provided in the kit) and customize them according to the figure. Fill the gasoline mixture, start the engine. and go.

Trimmer belt How to Adjust the Trimmer Knapsack

1. Adjust the height of the hook of the trimmer knapsack belt pulling the shoulder straps so that the trimmer knife lowered to the ground is parallel to the surface of the plot (strictly horizontal).
When operating the trimmer saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by lifting the shoulder straps) so that the trimmer blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

2. Moving the ear to hang the braids on the trim tab forward or backward, balance the trimmer so that when releasing the steering wheel the trimmer knife is near the surface of the site, but does not lie on the grass.
To saw bushes and young trees with a saw blade of a brush cutter, the trimmer must be balanced so that when the steering wheel is released, the machine hangs horizontally on the hook horizontally. Attach.

3. Adjust the trimmer shoulder straps (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check by hand pressing on the hook of the trimmer suspension).

Video about the Husqvarna trimmer backpack. On the design features of the belt suspension (harness) that make mowing the lawn mowing, trimmer, lawn mowing, brush cutter Husqvarna easier and safer. wide shoulder straps and an elastic waist belt, quick-release locks (carbines) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the trimmer. On the versatility of belts for men and women.

Such Husqvarna trimmer knapsack belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric braids, brush cutters.

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How to Wear a Trimmer Belt

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The right trimmer belt

There are trimmers for which additional accessories are not needed. for example, lightweight trimmers with batteries. Even a child can carry them, and they firmly lie in his hand, not breaking out. However, most often trimmers weigh from 6 to 9 kg, and in order not to get tired of moving them from place to place, you need a belt.

Why else do I need a trim belt?

1) To transport the trimmer. Transporting a trimmer to the cottage when there is no car is a complicated matter. If the equipment does not have a belt, then at least a cover with a belt should be sewn over the shoulder. This will ease the load when transporting the trimmer.

2) For convenient mowing of grass. After all, if your hands get tired, then you will not want to mow the weeds and the overgrown lawn. And if you want, then trembling hands from fatigue is an unsafe option.

3) For the ergonomic position of the trimmer relative to the body. Properly fastened and adjusted along the length of the belt to protect against lower back injuries and overstrain of the muscles of the back.

4) For security. The trimmer will be much safer if it decreases the likelihood of it slipping out of your hands when branches and hard vegetation get into the cutting head. When this happens, the trimmer, whether it be a petrol or electric braid, makes a sharp jerk, and the trimmer literally “breaks out” of the hands.

For these reasons, many models of garden trimmers equipped belts. They are threaded through the trimmer shaft and mounted over the operator’s arm. The belt helps balance the total weight of the trimmer and the operator, and you don’t have to balance the balance by stretching your arms or putting one leg back.

How to attach the belt to the trimmer?

1) Find the place where the belt fastens to the trimmer shaft. On many models designed for amateur gardeners, a hook, screw, or groove is located next to the ignition handle or toggle switch.

2) Squeeze the carabiner belt and hook it on the eye on the trimmer handle. Find the second hole for the belt and do the same.

3) Throw the trimmer with the belt over your back so that the upper part of the belt goes over the left shoulder (for left-handed people. over the right one).

4) Adjust the length of the strap so that the lever, which is responsible for mowing power and continuous mowing, is at a convenient height of the arm slightly bent at the elbow. Width must be monitored to from the body to the trimmer was at least 10-15 cm.

5) Put your right hand on the lever and the left hand on the top panel. Move the head of the trimmer, feel where the center of gravity is located at the trimmer. If the weight is still unbalanced and you have to bend over, or you make an extraordinary effort to hold the device, try pulling the belt higher or lower by 1-2 cm. After you have completely dealt with the belt, you will feel what position with the trimmer most comfortable

6) Stop cutting grass in case you have pain in the lower back and arms. Adjust the belt again.

What should be the trimmer belt?

The leather belt is best suited for the trimmer: it does not slip and fixes the equipment quite rigidly, and the skin is pleasant to the touch.

In the area of ​​the shoulder, you can make a special quilted pad that will make the shoulder load less noticeable and reduce friction.

Remember that a correctly selected belt for the trimmer is essential will increase comfort and speed with this garden equipment. This means that health, mood and lawn will be in perfect order.