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DIY carburetor setup for chainsaw

For an independent carburetor option, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its device and clarify the procedure for the work that is carried out to adjust the parts responsible for the proper functioning of the component parts of the device and parts close to it.

It is necessary to carefully handle objects for the system option, and also determine the compliance of the set characteristics with very acceptable values.

About carburetor design

The carburetor is used to mix a combustible consistency with air, subject to well-established proportions. Chainsaw carburetor setting h. screw for adjustment I have a Chinese Husqvarna. If clear doses are not respected, the health of the motor is at risk. When a huge amount of air enters during the mixing of the component, and there is not enough fuel, such a mixture is considered to be “poor”.

It should not be allowed and oversaturation, because with a large amount of fuel in comparison with air, malfunctions or deterioration of the engine are also likely. Adjustment of the carburetor is necessary not only before the initial implementation, but also when any differences in its work are revealed. Before working with a chainsaw, do not forget to run it in.

Carburetor parts

The carburetor design contains a standard set of parts, but may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Components:

  1. The basis. This is a special tube that visually resembles an aerodynamic design. Air passes through it. In the transverse direction, a shutter is located in the middle of the pipe. Her position can be changed. A screwdriver with a flag for adjusting the carburetor for the solo 636, 643 chainsaw. In general, the carburetors are already adjusted by the manufacturer for optimal operation, and the screws are designed to more precisely adjust the carburetor of the Champion chainsaw and others, c. The more it is pushed into the passage, the less air enters the engine.
  2. Diffuser. This is the lent out part of the tube. With its help, the air supply rate increases in the segment where the fuel comes from.
  3. Channels for supplying fuel. The fuel mixture is contained in the float chamber, then passes into the nozzle, from which flows into the spray.
  4. Float chamber. It is a separate structural element that resembles the shape of a tank. Designed to constantly maintain an optimal level of fuel fluid before entering the channel from where air comes.

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What you need to have to configure

Each carburetor owner must have the necessary tools to adjust this system. There are three adjusting screws that are located on the device. They have their own markings:

  • L. screw for low speed correction.
  • H. screw for adjusting high revs.
  • T. regulates idling, in most cases it is used for experiments.

Chainsaw Air Filter

Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to prepare the device:

  1. The engine warms up, that is, it starts about 10 minutes before repair, and turns off when work starts (see how to start a chainsaw).
  2. The air filter is checked and flushed.
  3. The chain is stopped by turning the T screw all the way (see chain oil).

Setup Instructions

Carburettor adjustment is divided into two main stages. The first is called basic. It is made with the engine turned on. The second is performed when the engine is warm.

To carry out the carburetor setup procedure successfully, you need to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions for a particular model in order to identify additional features of the device settings.

First stage

The adjusting screws for the highest and lowest revolutions should be carried out clockwise until the highest resistance is encountered. When the screws reach the stop, you need to translate them in the opposite direction and leave when passing 1.5 turns.

Main stage

Homemade carburetor tuning tool BK Husqvarna

Husqvarna carburetor settings (factory)

Raises idle on a Husqvarna 555 chainsaw.

The engine turns on at medium speed and warms up like this for about 10 minutes. The idle adjustment screw should be clockwise. It is released only when the engine comes into stable operation. It must be ensured that the chain does not move during this process.

In idle mode, the engine may stall (the reason is here). In this case, immediately adjust the adjusting screw clockwise to the stop. Sometimes the chain begins to move. In this case, turn the adjusting screw in the opposite direction.

Acceleration Test

You need to do a little research. The acceleration of the device is initiated. It is necessary to evaluate the serviceability of the engine during maximum revolutions. Set up and to adjust the carburetor chainsaw, chainsaw. When the engine is functioning correctly, then when you press the accelerator, the speed increases rapidly to 15,000 rpm.

If this does not happen or the speed increase is too slow, you must use the screw marked with the letter L. It turns counterclockwise. It is necessary to observe moderate movements, since the turn cannot be more than 1/8 of the full circle.

Maximum speed

To limit this figure, you need to use a screw marked H. To increase the number of revolutions, turn it clockwise, and to decrease it in the opposite direction. The maximum frequency must not exceed 15,000 rpm.

If you make this figure more, the engine of the device will run to wear, which will lead to problems in the ignition system. When rotating this screw, the ignition processes of the device must be taken into account. If the slightest glitches appear, then the maximum speed value must be reduced.

Final idle check

Before this procedure, it is necessary to perform a full adjustment of the components of the carburetor when operating at maximum speed. Next, you should check the operation of the device in idle cold mode. When the correct parameters are achieved during adjustment, you can notice the exact compliance of the carburetor design with the following criteria:

    1. When the idle cold mode is connected, the circuit does not move.

    Chainsaw Accelerator

    1. When even pressing the accelerator a little, the engine accelerates at an accelerated pace. With a gradual increase in pressure, you can notice that the engine speed is proportionally increasing, reaching the maximum allowable values.
    2. When the engine is running, you can compare its sound with a four-stroke device.

    If violations are noted in the above parameters or the device was not fully adjusted, you need to perform the main setup step again. Sometimes actions are performed incorrectly. Carburetor adjustment is usually to adjust the carburetor of the Goodluck chainsaw and others. In this case, the device may fail due to the loss of the correct node settings. In this case, you will have to contact a specialist.

    Dismantling the carburetor if necessary to check or repair the components

    The device of different models of carburetors is almost the same, therefore, when working with them, you can use the standard scheme. All elements must be removed carefully and then laid out in the order below, so that you can successfully arrange the objects in place after the completion of the repair work.

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    Top cover removal

    1. The top cover is removed. About setting up the husqvarna137 chainsaw carburetor. Carb adjustment. Husqvarna 137. To do this, unscrew the 3 bolts holding it in a circle.
    2. Foam is also removed, as it is the upper part of the filter that conducts air.
    3. The fuel hose is removed.
    4. The drive rod is displayed immediately on it.
    5. The cable tip is disconnected.
    6. The gas hose can be completely removed by steadily pulling it off the fitting.

    To finally prepare the carburetor for overhaul or replacement of the smallest details, you need to carefully disconnect it from the main system. Sometimes it requires further disassembly. Unscrew the components carefully and fold the fasteners in groups, as these small parts are easily lost.

    Instruction for chinese

    To correctly configure the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw, you must first remember the factory settings of the device, then turn on the engine. In the future, you will have to leave it to work for several hours to accurately set your own parameters. Sometimes work is performed once after a ten-minute operation of the engine, but many Chinese-made models require special handling.

    Chinese model of chainsaw

    1. Events begin at idle. Using the adjusting screws, you need to achieve a systematic set of revolutions by the engine, so you should first let it work at low speeds. A deviation from the norm is the movement of the chain along the bus. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the extreme position of the extreme screws so that the chain remains stationary.
    2. The transition to medium speed revolutions. Sometimes the engine smokes at the same time. This defect can be eliminated by tightening the screw to supply a leaner fuel mixture.

    In this case, the smoke will disappear, but the engine speed will increase. It is necessary to adjust the settings to the level where, when you press the throttle, the engine gains speed, sharp jerks or interruptions are not heard.

  1. The device’s engine is being checked. The chainsaw is transferred to the minimum speed, and then a rapid pressing of the lever is carried out. how to adjust the carburetor for chainsaws find the key to adjust. With maximum pressure, it is held for 3 seconds. If there is a malfunction in the engine, you need to gradually loosen the screw until the optimum position is reached.
  2. A chainsaw should work for several hours in real conditions. It is necessary to engage in sawing wood, and then perform an inspection of all the elements involved in this event. (Husqvarna) used; chainsaw wrench to adjust the wrench to adjust the carburetor. If there are deviations, they need to be corrected using adjusting devices. Chainsaw carburetor adjustment is done in h. screw to adjust high. Based on personal experience, I can say that the key for adjusting the carburetor of the husqvarna chainsaw (Husqvarna) is simpler, faster and more profitable, can be found in specialized services on. When all defects have been eliminated and optimal settings have been set for the supply of correctly concentrated fuel, the process of setting up the device can be considered completed.
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    In order for the chainsaw to work properly, it is necessary to carefully carry out work on adjusting the carburetor in exact accordance with their priority. If there are any malfunctions in the operation of the device, you must independently perform its complete disassembly. In most cases, replacement of any parts that have become unusable is required.

    Video: Husqvarna 125r Trimmer Carb Adjustment

    With a constant check of the quality of the carburetor settings and the implementation of timely actions to improve its operation, there are no problems with the chainsaw.

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    how to adjust, adjust, remove, correctly

    A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for people living in private households. It is a mechanism consisting of carefully fitted parts and assemblies.

    Husqvarna 125r Trimmer Carb Adjustment

    Like any mechanism, it requires periodic care and adjustment. Especially because of low-quality fuel. Consider the principles and procedure for adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw.

    The device and the principle of operation of the carburetor

    The carburetor is used to prepare the combustible mixture in the proportion determined by the operator from gasoline and air.

    Overly enriched, as well as overly poor, the mixture will lead to unstable engine operation, can cause overheating and accelerate piston system wear.

    The proper functioning of the device depends on the proper settings and adjustments.

    And for this, you need to know the principles of the carburetor of the Husqvarna chainsaw.

    Its design consists of the following elements:

    • case with clamping bolts and a set of gaskets;
    • fuel pump. a device that injects a gasoline-oil mixture into a carburetor;
    • diaphragm. designed to limit the flow of the combustible mixture into the engine;
    • float chamber. fuel is collected in it, the level is regulated by the float, as necessary, the mixture is fed into the main chamber for mixing with air;
    • the main chamber. air passes through it, and fuel is injected there, the amount of the mixture supplied to the engine is regulated by the throttle located here;
    • diffuser. a section of the narrowing of the tube supplying air at the fuel injection site;
    • needle valve. a device that regulates the supply of fuel;
    • jet. screws that control the flow of the mixture at high and low speeds, as well as the idle screw.

    Also in the carburetor device, in addition to the throttle, there is a damper located at the inlet of the air filter. It artificially reduces air flow, making the mixture more saturated to facilitate starting a cold engine.

    The injector valve is responsible for injecting fuel into the main chamber, it also prevents air from entering. When setting up a carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw, special attention should be paid to this valve, since its condition has a direct effect on engine operation. After prolonged storage, the nozzle may stick. This will limit the flow of fuel and prevent the engine from starting.

    Also, from prolonged use or due to factory defects, the valve can let air into the main chamber. In this case, only a replacement will help to fix the problem.

    The carburetor operates as follows: the air flow entering the diffuser is mixed with the injected fuel, the resulting mixture is fed into the engine. The amount of mixture is regulated by a butterfly valve. The larger the mixture, the higher the engine speed.

    When adjustment is needed

    The need to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw is rare. Often there are problems with the flow of fuel, air or wear parts. But sometimes adjustment is still required:

    • A started engine stalls after a few seconds, or does not start. the reason for this is too rich a mixture;
    • excess exhaust, high revs, increased consumption. in this case, on the contrary, the mixture is too lean, that is, there is not enough air;
    • revolutions are kept at the same level after they are reduced or increased by the operator. the cause may be a sticky needle valve.

    Factors leading to such changes may be as follows:

    1. Strong vibration damages the protective cover, and the adjusting jets get out, changing the setting. In this case, it is possible to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw.
    2. Deterioration of piston system components. Setting the carburetor in such a situation may provide temporary assistance. Replacing worn components is recommended.
    3. Poor fuel, a defective filter, or long-term storage can cause blockages. In this situation, the carburetor must be removed, rinsed with a special liquid or clean gasoline, collected and re-adjusted.

    It is best to start setting up the saw by checking the nozzles, the fuel and air supply. After that, proceed to dismantling the carburetor, and then to checking the piston system.

    What tool will be needed

    First of all, you need to prepare a tool for adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw. You will need a set of screwdrivers and open-end wrenches, a special cleaning compound that dissolves soot and debris.

    Disassembly is best done on a table or workbench. On a part of the table, lay a flap of clean, preferably light and plain fabric, on which the removed parts and the washing container will be laid out. Optimal if it is an ultrasonic bath.

    How to remove the carburetor and whether it should be done before tuning

    In the event that the chainsaw does not develop revolutions or, on the contrary, works at excessively high, the carburetor can be adjusted without removing.

    But if the chainsaw does not start, the speed hangs at the same level or it works unstably. Setting the chainsaw carburetor will not change the situation. It must be removed to clean or replace parts. It is necessary to act in this order:

    1. Unscrewing the holding fasteners, remove the upper casing of the saw.
    2. We remove the gasket and part of the air filter by unscrewing the bolts or by clicking off the fasteners.
    3. To the right of the carburetor is the fuel hose. Remove it with the throttle control rod.
    4. We remove the carburetor from its fastenings.

    Dismantling the carburetor is carried out in accordance with the supplied instructions. When disassembling with extreme caution, it is necessary to fold the parts on a pre-prepared fabric. Due to the small size, there is a risk of losing components during disassembly and flushing.

    All parts thus obtained are washed in a special liquid, dried and wiped with a lint-free cloth.

    The channels, tubes and jets are purged with compressed air, if possible, pre-washing them in an ultrasonic bath.

    How to adjust

    For this, 3 adjustment jets are provided in the design of the device. The idle adjustment screw (T) is located at the top of the carburetor. Below is a pair of nozzles for adjusting the fuel supply at minimum (L) and maximum (H) rpm, left and right, respectively.

    The procedure for adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw is as follows:

    1. Warm up for 5 minutes.
    2. Turning the screw L, we bring the engine to the highest speed in the unloaded state and return it a quarter of a turn.
    3. Hold the throttle button with one hand for 15 seconds. At this time, turn the jet H to the right until it stops and reaches maximum speed. Then we turn it back one and a half turns or until the “squeal” of the engine disappears.
    4. After releasing the gas, turn the idle screw (T) clockwise until the chain starts to move. After that, we rotate it in the opposite direction until the chain stops moving.

    During the adjustment process, a situation may arise in which the chainsaw stalls. This may be due to excessively twisted jets, too rich or poor mixture.

    If this happens, it is necessary to tighten the jets of minimum and maximum revolutions to the stop. Then turn them back one and a half turns and try to start a saw.

    Ignition adjustment after carburetor adjustment

    If cleaning and tuning the carburetor did not fix the existing problem, you need to check the spark plug and adjust the engine. You should act in the following order:

    1. A candle is twisted and a visual inspection is carried out. If it is dry with a light brown deposit, it can be considered healthy.
    2. If traces of gasoline are detected on the spark plug, the carburetor must be readjusted. This is because it delivers excess fuel to the engine, filling it.
    3. If the candle looks normal, check the operation of the electrical equipment. First of all, the cable that supplies current to the candle. The end is brought to a short distance to the radiator grill of the cylinder and the starter is scrolled with a cord. A spark should slip through. If not, check the cable with a tester and replace if necessary.
    4. If the cable is working, the ignition coil is tested. If the inspection does not reveal scorched or dangling wires, the coil is called a tester, comparing the data with the accompanying documentation. If deviations are found, the unit must be replaced with a similar one.

    After replacing the coil unit, set the gap in the magneto. The gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel should be between 0.2 and 0.4 mm. To set the gap, you need a set of probes or you can use a foil of suitable thickness. The probe is clamped between the coil and the flywheel at the time of installation, and then pulled out.

    How to understand that everything is done correctly

    After setting, you need to start the chainsaw. Check stability at idle. In this case, the chain should not move. When you press the accelerator, the chainsaw should steadily accelerate and stop without delay.

    At minimum and maximum speed levels, the Husqvarna 350 should work stably, without extraneous noise. At the time of operation there should not be a sharp loss of power or shutdown.

    Carburetor Adjustment Braids Husqvarna 235 Р AURAMM.RU

    Trimmers and Chainsaws

    Adjust the Husqvarna carburetor if:

    And also, so that the Husqvarna engine works as it should, and so that the maximum efficiency of the trimmer (gasoline, motorcycle) is ensured.

    Husqvarna carburetor adjustment

    Before setting up the Husqvarna, perform trimmer maintenance (wash the gasoline engine and engine, replace the spark plug, and remove minor defects).

    Be sure to wash the foam element of the air filter. Wash the item in warm water with soap, then squeeze and dry (or replace if it is old or damaged).

    Note: if you adjust the Huskvarna carburetor with a dirty air filter, after cleaning the air filter, the fuel mixture will become much poorer (which can lead to poor performance or even engine failure). Install a trimmer with a cord of maximum diameter and standard length (up to the cutting disc in extra protection) to create a load on the engine while adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor high-speed screw. Start the gas pump in accordance with the Husqvarna Manual and warm it up for 10 minutes (if the trimmer head rotates at this idle, then the idle screw, i.e. the lower one, must be turned counterclockwise until the rotation of the trimmer head stops ) Carefully rotate both needles (left and right) to the middle position between fully turned and fully screwed (do not turn it all the way! This could damage the Husqvarna engine).

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    The adjusting screws for adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor are three: right, left and below.

    1) The correct L. screw adjusts the enrichment of the low-speed mixture (first adjusted): Find the maximum idle speed by slowly turning the right screw to the right and left. Then turn this screw 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Note. At the Husqvarna factory, the right screw was completely twisted (0.5 turns). Now he is looking at 11 o’clock.

    Husqvarna 125R carburetor tuning without tachometer (temporary solution)

    How to adjust the carburetor if you need to work, and service with a tachometer is far away.

    Carburetor adjustment for the Husqvarna 125, 128

    How to adjust the carburetor of the Husqvarna 125, 128 lawn mowers (without tachometer) Part number: 5450818-48.

    2) Bottom screw T. Husqvarna engine idle speed adjustment (if necessary): turning the screw clockwise increases the idle speed, decreases it counterclockwise.

    It is considered correct to adjust the idle speed when:

    1. A cold engine is idling stably.
    2. A hot engine does not have too high idle speed.
    3. Before rotating the trimmer head, a sufficient margin of revolution remains.
    4. The engine runs stably in any position (for example, when the knife drops sharply).

    Note: From the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the idle screw from fully tightened was tightened 8 full turns and “2 hours” (now it remains). The recommended idle speed of the Husqvarna gasoline engine is 2,900 rpm. 3) The left H. screw adjusts the enrichment of the high-speed mixture (adjusted in the last turn). It controls maximum speed, engine power, temperature and fuel consumption.

    Note: The Husqvarna engine must not run at full power for more than 10 seconds!

    • Open the throttle fully (give a full throttle) and slowly turn the left screw clockwise until the Husqvarna engine speed decreases (by ear).
    • Then slowly turn the left screw counterclockwise until the engine starts to run unevenly.
    • After that, slowly turn the screw clockwise a small distance until the Husqvarna engine starts to run smoothly.

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    Husqvarna is over on this setup.

    Note: Recommended Husqvarna maximum high speed engine. 11 500 rpm. The maximum output power of the Husqvarna 333R gasoline engine is 1.6 kW (2.1 hp) at 8,400 rpm.

    Note: On the new Husqvarna trimmer from the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the left screw was completely unscrewed (0.5 turns) and locked (poured) with hard plastic, which I drilled after the warranty expired. Now the left screw (like the right one) looks like about 11 o’clock.

    We verify the correct configuration of the Husqvarna carburetor

    The engine quickly, confidently and confidently picks up speed, and a little four times at maximum speed, the head of the T-35 trimmer at idle should not rotate.

    Reference. Read to understand what you are doing!

    The required composition (quality) is air- (changing), turning the adjustments into the intake air flow (right and left). The amount of mixture supplied to the cylinder is dosed by the throttle. If they are turned clockwise, the mixture that is sucked into the cylinder is depleted (less fuel in the air / fuel ratio), and the engine speed increases, and the Husqvarna engine is softer (it is slowly gaining speed), and the power decreases. In addition, with increased speed, less oil is supplied to the cylinder on a lean mixture (lubrication is worse), and therefore the engine may be damaged. Well, the trimmer will be bad. If the screws turn counterclockwise, the mixture sucked into the cylinder enriches (more fuel in the air / fuel ratio), and the engine speed decreases, and at low speeds more gasoline and oil gets into the cylinder (better traction, better lubrication), but the engine Husqvarna “Deflections” is bad (gaining momentum) and forms more carbon deposits in the cylinder!