Husqvarna lawn mower gasoline height of mowing. Husqvarna LC 551sp

Review of Husqvarna lawn mowers, assistance in choosing a lawn mower

A neat and uniform mowing of grass is one of the most complex and laborious processes when caring for a personal plot, garden, and commercial object. To facilitate your work and make a regular procedure simple and fast. buy a Husqvarna lawn mower at a profitable price without intermediary. To do this, it is enough to contact the official dealer of the Swedish brand in which, in addition to an attractive cost, offers a long.term guarantee, high.quality service, prompt delivery of consumables and spare parts.

At the first stage of resolving the issue of how to choose a Husqvarna lawn mower, you need to decide on its type:

It is important to pay attention to the ability of the unit to move around the site without additional physical efforts of the operator. Husqvarna self.propelled lawn mowers with a drive to the front or rear axle have such capabilities (they have a “s” symbol in the name). The manufacturer also offers all.wheel drive models of increased ability, which are marked by the letters “AWD”.

Width and height of the nobility

Husqvarna is trying to give its garden technology maximum compactness for better handling, higher maneuverability, ease of storage and transportation. The overall width of the lawn mower coincides with the size of the working area (fixed knife capture width). Depending on the specific model and the series, this indicator is:

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The height of the haircut settings is usually implemented through a practical scheme of centralized adjustment of the position of the wheels using a multi-position lever on the housing (5-10 provisions). The average value of the spinning level interval varies from 25 to 75 mm. At the same time, there are models that can cut the grass even lower (from 20 mm) or much higher (108-120 mm).

Separately, mechanical lawn mowers should be considered, which are less variable in terms of the number of cuts of the cut, but are able to “shave out” the lawn to a height of 12-13 mm.

Types of haircuts

Standardly Husqvarna lawn mowers are able to throw mowed grass back or to the side. Many models have a mulching option (BioClip technology) and a grass collector (letters “LC” in the name). In the absence of an assembly container, LB marking is used.

The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of hiring units with special accessories, which allow you to change the operating mode of the cutting deck in order to finely grind the grass for fertilizers for fertilizers. Manual models can be understaffed by a suspended grass collector.

Wheel formula

Husqvarna mechanical lawn mowers are equipped with two large wheels, between which the cutting headset is located. Electric, gasoline and battery units have a 4-wheeled layout that provides optimal stability in even areas, complex relief, rise and descent.

In this case, the scheme is used with equal size wheels (maximum exchange rate) and enlarged rear tires (improved maneuverability). In terms of controllability, the leader is the DBS 51 model with small fumeling wheels of the piano type, which is effective due to the reinforced knife not only with the haircut of soft and thick grass, but even the hard shoots and shrubs.

Cutting deck

The key element of Husqvarna’s lawn mowers is a cutting headset in the form of a large casing with sides around the perimeter (deck), which is located below the power unit, is completely open towards the earth and is a protective element for a rotating knife. The presence of special technical holes determines the possibility of mulching or haircuts in the grass collector by installing additional accessories.

Regardless of the model, stamped or cast, deck is not subject to rusting and chips. The main materials are:

Some modifications, such as LC 356V, are equipped with a decree with a fitting under a watering hose for quick and high.quality cleaning after work. Husqvarna mechanical lawn mowers do not have a separate deck, but are supplemented by a cylindrical block of knives, which is fixed on the wheel axis and protected from above by the unit housing.

Work resource

Most Husqvarna lawn mowers are designed for regular maintenance of small and medium.sized in the area of ​​herbal sites. Such units have a good ratio of power and weight, high assembly quality, ease of operation. The daily limit of continuous work is several hours. With more active use, accelerated wear of components, drives and systems occurs.

Models with the prefix “Profi” (professional) are focused on large areas and commercial use. They can be operated without a problem throughout the work shift (6-8 hours). Characterized by increased performance, significant width of processing and a richer set of functions. To freely navigate in the categories (classes) of Husqvarna lawn mowers, it is enough to understand the value of the first digit in the name of the model, which is indicated after the letters LC or LB:

  • “1”. for private use;
  • “2”. private and irregular commercial;
  • “3”. commercial and private;
  • “4”. commercial and professional;
  • “5”. professional and commercial.

Ergonomic handle with adjustment and folding options

Husqvarna lawn mowers are equipped with convenient T-shaped (mechanical) and P-shaped (all others) handles with soft holders. The presence of an adjustment option in height allows you to configure the handle for a specific growth of the operator.

If necessary, the handle is removed or folded with a slope forward for the practicality of transportation and storage. Advanced models of gasoline lawn mowers Husqvarna (LB 448S, LB 553SE) have multifunctional pens with tuning heights and tilt to the side.

Mechanical lawn mowers

Designed for small lawns and even areas. Do not require gasoline and electricity for the work. They differ in budget price, low weight, maneuverability, low noise and the possibility of use. Have a very simple design, which consists of:

  • cutting node. a drum (cylinder) with long spiral blades made of hardened steel;
  • two strong wheels with a directed tread;
  • haircut height regulators:
  • a removable-dismantling control handle in the form of the letter “T” or loops;
  • protective steel building;
  • Puppy knife.

The lack of friction between the elements of the cutting headset and the light course of the wheels with closed bearings provide high comfort of the mowing without jerks, return, unpleasant noise and excessive physical efforts.

Wear.resistant knives made of strong hardened steel are designed for prolonged operation without reducing the cutting properties.

Reliable discs from an impact.resistant polymer in combination with an aggressive tread provide light ease, excellent handling and durability of the lawn mower.

A spacious grass collector is easily installed on the lawn mower in order to create a neat and clean lawn without the need for additional cleaning of mowed grass.

The cutting block is installed on the wheel axis and rotates due to the physical efforts of the operator (pushing). Grass cutting is carried out according to the principle of scissors at the time of passing the blade close to the clamping knife. The maximum mowing efficiency is achieved at the speed of the user’s movement of 4-5 km/h. information for choosing a mechanical lawn mower of Husqvarna See in the table below.

Characteristic/option 54 Exclusive 540 Novolette 64 Novo Cut
The principle of work/movement pushing pushing pushing
Weight, kg 8.6 9.1 8.7
Processing width, cm 40 40 40
Haircut height, mm 13-38 13-38 12-55
Number of haircut height positions four four Stained
Smooth change of haircut height Not Not Yes
Super.resistant cutting knives Yes Yes Yes
The ability to install a grass collector Yes Yes Yes
Wheel diameter, mm 203 203 203
Type of handle T-shaped with two soft holders Loop.shaped with soft coating T-shaped with two soft holders
Precision bearings of the wheels (closed on both sides) Not Yes Not
Shock.resistant polymer discs Yes Yes Yes
Non.filmed (silent) cutting headset Not Yes Not

The best lawn mowers Husqvarna

High.quality lawn mower. the necessary tool for caring for a site near a summer house or private house. And not the first year of Husqvarna models are very popular in our country. The choice is quite large. here every potential buyer will easily choose an option that will completely arrange it. On the other hand, it is because of the abundance of models that an inexperienced user can get confused, unable to understand which is best suited to him. That is why our experts made the rating of the best Husqvarna lawn mowers, using both the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and user reviews.

Gasoline lawn mowers have both important advantages and certain disadvantages. The strengths include high power. gasoline engines are usually significantly more powerful than electric. In addition, they are completely autonomous. having tucked a full tank of gasoline, you can safely work both near the house and a few hundred meters from it or even further. On the other hand, such lawmakers have greater weight and high cost. Therefore, they are most often purchased if you need to process an extensive area with an area of ​​several hundred square meters or more.

Husqvarna LC 140S

Perhaps this is one of the best lawnmands of Husqvarna. powerful, maneuverable, relatively light and very convenient to use. It does a great even with high grass. however, in this case, you should refuse to use the grass collector. The mowed grass will simply fly behind and take the lawn. assembling it after that it will not be at all difficult. In addition, unlike most models, this lawn mower copes with wet grass perfectly. if you have to mow it after the rain or just in the early morning, when the dew has not yet dried up. Judging by the reviews of the owners, an important advantage is a large number of mowing height options. as many as ten, which allows you to choose the right option for each site. It is very convenient that the lawn mower is suitable for both even areas and for problematic ones. with mounds, holes and even quite large stones.

  • It copes with high grass perfectly;
  • high power;
  • simple launch;
  • convenient management;
  • reliable engine;
  • high.quality assembly;
  • Ten levels of herbal mowing height.

Husqvarna LC 140

To contain the lawn in perfect condition, it is worth buying this particular model. The width of the mowing of 40 cm is considered optimal. on the one hand, you can maneuver in problem areas or just between the beds, and on the other hand, even cutting a large area will not take much time.

For women, adolescents or elderly people, it is best to purchase gasoline self.propelled lawn mowers. when working with them, you do not need to make a lot of effort.

An additional advantage is that the wheels are attached not on bushings, but on bearings. this increases maneuverability and facilitates the care of the lawn. The grass can how to gather in a roomy bag (soft, with a volume of 50 liters), and throw it behind a gasoline lawn mower. Since the model is self.propelled, even working with an extensive area will not take much time, the usual mowing of the lawn turns into continuous pleasure.

  • low weight;
  • quickly and easily starts;
  • detailed instructions;
  • engine optimal power;
  • affordable price.

Husqvarna LC 253S

Users who need a good Husqvarna lawn mower, which allows you to quickly trim the grass even on an extensive and very running area, will surely like the Husqvarna LC 253S. Start with the fact that the model can boast of a significant width of mowing. as much as 53 cm. Therefore, even on a large site you will not have to spend a lot of effort and time. In addition, the lawn mower is very powerful. 3.2 horsepower, which is an excellent indicator.

The handle is very comfortable. folding, easily adjustable for a particular user. Separately, it should be noted that a mulching nozzle can be installed on the unit. a very useful function for owners of gardens and gardens. It is not surprising that according to many owners, this is the best gasoline lawn mower from the world famous manufacturer.

  • high power;
  • ease of storage and transportation;
  • Convenient adjustment of mowing heights;
  • durable deck;
  • Significant width of mowing;
  • The ability to install a mulching nozzle.

Husqvarna LB 248S

Another very successful self.propelled lawn mower. it should be purchased for people who often mow really large, but even, without gross defects, plot. One of the main features of the lawn mower is the absence of a grass collector. Grass can be thrown back and sideways. The last option, according to experienced owners, is especially successful if you have to work on a very large site.

When choosing a model with a grass collector, you should pay attention so that its volume is at least 30 liters. Otherwise it will have to be cleaned too often.

husqvarna, lawn, mower, gasoline

In general, according to manufacturers, the lawn mower is well suited for sections of more than a thousand square meters. high power and ease of use will turn ordinary hard work into pleasant entertainment.

Husqvarna LC 347V

But if you are looking for the most compact and easy model, you will not be mistaken by choosing this. The mass is only 30 kg. for gasoline lawn mowers, this is very little. At the same time, she confidently develops a speed of 5 km/h, which makes it possible to quickly restore order even on a rather large site. Additionally, the work facilitates a significant width of mowing. 47 cm. The grass collector is quite roomy, its volume is 55 liters. Grass can fold both into it, and just throw back. at the request of the user. The mulching function will appeal to the owners of flower beds and bushes, which it is desirable to fall asleep with crushed grass. So, this popular lawn mowing model will definitely not disappoint even a picky user.

Photo of the Husqvarna LC 153S lawn mower

LC 356 AWD

An all.wheel drive all.terrain vehicle with a Japanese engine for demanding owners who are important, quality of work, and the functionality of the lawn mower are important. The model is probably equipped with all possible options and branded technologies.

Technical characteristics of the gasoline gas mowing of Husqvarna LC 356 AWD:

Characteristics Indicators
Engine Honda GCV160
Engine volume, cm3 160
Power, l.With. (kW) 3.8 (2.8)
Speed, cm3 160
Power, l.With. (kW) 3.8 (2.8)
Speed, km/hour 0-4.8
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.9
Speasing width, mm 560
Speasing height, mm 38-108
The volume of the grass collector, l 68
Type of the grass collector soft
The number of adjustment modes 9
Area, m2 2000
Front wheels diameter, mm 203
Rear wheels diameter, mm 203
Noise level, dB 84
Weight, kg 39.5

Photo by the Husqvarna LC 356 AWD lawn mower

LC 48

The original, recognizable on the side duct of the AFTECH system, a lawn mower for those who need a productive and effective equipment that provides high quality work.

Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna LC 48 gasoline gas mowing:

Characteristics Indicators
Engine BSQUANTUM 650 Series
Engine volume, cm3 190
Power, l.With. (kW) 3.2 (2.35)
Speed, km/hour 0-4.8
The volume of the fuel tank, l 1.2
Speasing width, mm 480
Speasing height, mm 35-70
The volume of the grass collector, l 60
Type of the grass collector hard
The number of adjustment modes 5
Front wheels diameter, mm 210
Rear wheels diameter, mm 210
Noise level, dB 84
Weight, kg 38

Photo of the Husqvarna LC 48 lawn mower

LC 348V

The productive self.propelled LC 348V self.propelled model for intensive operation, the “workhorse” for those who need to regularly work in large areas.

Technical characteristics of the Husqvarna LC 348 V gasoline lawn mower:

Characteristics Indicators
Engine volume, cm3 150
Power, l.With. (kW) 3.3 (2.4)
Speed, km/hour 3.9
The volume of the fuel tank, l 1.5
Speasing width, mm 530
Speasing height, mm 32-95
The volume of the grass collector, l 62.3
Type of the grass collector soft
The number of adjustment modes 7
Area, m2 1000
Front wheels diameter, mm 203
Rear wheels diameter, mm 203
Noise level, dB 84
Weight, kg 36.9

Photo of the Husqvarna LC 348V lawn mower

Gasoline lawn mowers Husqvarna Husqvarna LB 251S | LB 256SP

Engine: Husqvarna HS 166a; OHV; 166 cm³; manual launch of the volume of the fuel tank: 1.0 l power (nominal): 2.7 kW (3.7 liters. With.) at 2900 | 2800 rpm Material Decks: Steel modes of operation: side release; Mulching (Bioclip) Nothing width: 51 | 56 cm height adjustment: centralized; 25–75 mm; 7 steps Wheel diameter: 203 mm grass collector: no drive: on the front wheels | On the rear wheels weight: 32.0 | 33.1 kg price (July 2021.): 41 990 | 43 990

Both lawn mowers belong to the “two hundred” series designed to perform a wide range of tasks. It includes a number of mowers with decks with a large width of processing (46–56 cm), with and without grass collectors and without them. These two models differ from the “classic” braids precisely the lack of a grass collector. it is simply not provided for. We can say that such a simplification of the design is made “to save”. Only saving here not so much the means for buying, but the forces spent on work. Despite the significant width of the mowing, the mowers are easy and compact. The absence of a grass collector made it possible to raise the control handle, thereby reducing the longitudinal length of the mowers. As a result, such models are more convenient for “traditional” both in high.speed processing and when maneuvering.

Braids belong to dual.mode. For mowing thick high grass, a lateral emission mode is used. a special deflector is installed under a spring.loaded cover on the sideline of the deck. The second mode is mulching (BioClip), suitable for periodic processing of lawns.

Husqvarna LB 251S mitch-the novelty of this season, Husqvarna LB 256SP was previously offered in a slightly different modification (Husqvarna LB 256S), with the Briggsstratton 650Exi-Series engine.

Both of these mowers belong to self.propelled, can develop speed up to 4.0 km/h. On both models, engines produced under their own trademark are installed. Front and rear wheels here. the same diameter.

Particular attention should be paid to the performance of the control unit of the control handle. The handle is installed on powerful and high racks (this feature is characteristic of all Husqvarna braids). This type of fastening facilitates high.speed maneuvering, in which the operator presses down the handle down and turns the mower, resting it only on two rear wheels. The handle itself is a single, P.shaped, adjusted by the angle of inclination in two positions and can easily fold forward.

Wheels, of course, are installed on ball bearings. Another feature of these and many other Husqvarna mowels is the execution of the front of the deck. It is made so that it is convenient to take on it when carrying the car “on hand”.

Gasoline lawn mowers Husqvarna Husqvarna LC 140p | LC 140sp

Engine: Husqvarna HS 123A; OHV; 123 cm³; manual launch of the volume of the fuel tank: 0.9 l Power (nominal): 1.95 kW (2.65 liters. With.) at 3000 rpm Material Decks: steel modes of operation: rear emission; Collection in the grass collector width of the nobility: 40 cm Higher adjustment: centralized; 25–75 mm; 10 steps of the diameter of the wheels: front. 152 mm; rear. 203 mm grass collector: combined; 50 L drive: no | On the rear wheels weight: 25.2 | 26.8 kg price (July 2021.): 24 990 | 29 990

Husqvarna LC 140p and LC 140SP lawn mower. basic models of the assortment of gasoline mowels Husqvarna. Braids belong to the “hundredth” of the series intended for demanding private users. The first of them is “pushed”, the second is self-propelled, single-speed, with a drive to the ground wheels. Work speed of movement for the Husqvarna LC 140SP model. 4.0 km/h.

Although mowers are basic, they have quite original technical solutions. First of all, you should pay attention to the control handle. It is from two P.shaped parts connecting to each other with the help of hinges, it can be formed “accordion”. The design of hinges connecting the handle racks and its lower half allows you to fix the laid out the handle in two positions, that is, adjust its height (or rather, the angle of inclination, on which the height depends). Tools for folding and adjusting the height of the handle are not required-screws with “flywheat” nuts are used in hinges, these connections are easy to unscrew and manually wrap. Both braids. new products, appeared in our market in 2021. precisely, they can be considered updated versions of the previously offered lawn mowers Husqvarna LC 140 and LC 140S. On new Husqvarna mowers, more powerful engines are installed under its own brand. These motors are equipped with light starting systems, do not require pumping fuel and manipulations with air damper before starting. Air filter. double, foam, easily served.

The operating modes of these models of mowers: “traditional” collection to the grass collector and the release of mowed grass with a shot by a grass collector. Herbackers themselves on both models are combined: plastic top, fabric sides, the lower part is made of non.proceeding material.

The upper part of the control handle has a soft coating in the grip area. The engine on the engine is equipped with a plastic lining. for the convenience of holding. Similar pads are extremely rare in other manufacturers, they usually use simpler rods bent from steel rod.

The rear wheels of the increased diameter are installed on the braids. This is done to facilitate maneuvering in “complex” places, and there are usually many such places even in small garden areas. And one more interesting feature is an increased number of steps for adjusting the height of mowing. Typically, on the lawnmands, the number of steps is from three to seven. Here. ten.

Husqvarna gasoline lawnies rating

If the owner of a summer cottage wants to enjoy a neat lawn every day, then he can not do without a lawn mower, for example, Husqvarna. Gasoline options that prevail in the model range of the company are most popular. This is due to their autonomy, reliability and moderate value.

The following units will become reliable assistants for hardworking summer residents. They differ from each other by engine power, width of mowing and, accordingly, price.

Husqvarna LC 140p

Inexpensive lawn mower, which is perfect for mowing grass in a small summer cottage. The operator can easily and quickly change the height of the cut with one lever.

If you need to remove the device for a while, then the owner does not have to highlight a lot of space in the outbuilding or pantry, as he has a folding handle. An excellent mowing result is achieved due to a reliable four.stroke engine with lightweight launch and high.strength cutting deck of steel.

  • Cheap.
  • Takes up little space when stored at the expense of the folding handle.
  • Convenient management that will quickly master a summer resident.
  • Easy to start.

Husqvarna LC140SP

Unlike the previous model, this one is self.propelled, so the operator does not have to make a lot of effort when cutting the lawn. Also, this Husqvarna lawn mower has a more powerful engine (2.7 instead of 2.45 l. With.).

It is best to use this model to restore order in small areas. A spacious grass collector, the volume of which is 50 liters, does not need frequent emptying.

Another advantage is large wheels that provide it with excellent maneuverability. The owner will easily be able to go through the bushes, flower beds and other obstacles on the way. The model is convenient in transportation thanks to the folding handle. Equipped with a simple system of changing the height of herbal mowing. For this, the owner must use a special lever. High reliability is ensured by a strong deck of steel.

  • Simple management.
  • Large grass collector, the operator does not need to often be distracted from work to clean it.
  • It starts to start quickly.
  • Little.

Husqvarna LC 151

If you compare this lawn mower with the previous one, then it is worth noting a large width of mowing (51 instead of 40 cm). Therefore, its owner will be able to quickly restore order on the site. It also has a more spacious grass collector (65 instead of 50 l).

The owner will not feel fatigue in his hands even after a long work. All thanks to ergonomic and soft handles. The operating mode without installing the grass collector is possible. In this case, the side emission of mowed grass will be carried out directly to the site.

A special shape knife allows you to create a powerful flow of air and will provide a quick collection of cut grass. If desired, the owner can use the mulching mode. To do this, he should buy a special set.

husqvarna, lawn, mower, gasoline
  • The ability to quickly choose the appropriate height of the spin with a lever.
  • Using a lawn mower, you can create mulch for fertilizer of the garden.
  • Suitable for mowing grass in large areas, as it has a solid mowing width and a powerful motor.
  • Will not take up much space when stored thanks to the folded handle.

Husqvarna LC 551SP

Husqvarna LC 247S

Unlike the previous lawn mower, this model is self.propelled, so it will be easier to roll on the ground. Plus it works a little quieter, and will not annoy the operator loud sounds.

Easy and quick launch is provided due to automatic air damper. The cutting deck will last a long time, as it is made of durable composite material. The lawn mower is convenient to use due to an ergonomic handle equipped with soft elements. If the device needs to be sent for storage, then the handle can be folded along the case so that it takes less space. Thanks to the rear drive, the unit will be confident even along the hilly area. To increase the motorsurs, the manufacturer installed the wheels on high.quality double bearings.

  • Large rear wheels allow you to maneuver well on an uneven area.
  • Durable deck resistant to mechanical exposure.
  • In the manufacture of the grass collector, a multi.layer material was used, which would not allow particles of grass to fly out.
  • The ability to change the height of the handle.

Husqvarna LC 151s

Compared to the previous device, this has a greater width of mowing (51 instead of 47 cm). Therefore, it is great for the mowing of grass in large areas.

To change the height of the cut, only one lever is enough to use the operator. The lawn mower is universal, as it can work in three modes. If the owner does not need mowed grass on the site, then he can attach a grass collector to the device. With the help of a mulching nozzle, he will be able to get an excellent fertilizer for the beds. In the third mode will throw mowed grass to the site. After the end of the summer season, the model can be removed even in a small pantry in which it easily fits thanks to the folding handle.

  • Self.propelled, so the operator will not have to make a lot of effort during mowing grass.
  • Convenient to use by ergonomic handles.
  • Fast and simple adjustment of the height of the mowing.
  • After folding the handle, the lawn mower will become compact and there will be a place for it even in a small pantry or outbuilding.

comparison table

One gardeners are important for a large width of the linen of the lawn mower, thanks to which you can quickly put the site in order. For others, the weight of the device is of great importance. After all, light models are much more convenient to transport in a car. Some are primarily interested in the price of the device. The following table presents all these characteristics of the considered lawn mowers from Husqvarna.

Model width / mowing height, cm engine power, l.With. Noise level, dB weight, kg average price,
LC 140p 40/2.5-7.5 2.45 95 25.2 36,000
LC140SP 2.70 93 26.eight 40,000
LC 151 51/2.5-7.5 3.70 98 thirty.3 50,000
LC 247S 47/2-7.5 2.40 96 29 56,000
LC 151S 51/2.5-7.5 3.70 98 32.3 70 000
LC 356VP 56/2.5-7.5 3.80 80 000
LC 551SP 51/2.6-7.4 3.90 97 fifty 115 000

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Simplicity of work

Self.propelled garden equipment with a reliable gasoline engine Husqvarna, Honda, Briggsstratton or Kawasaki provides high performance and operational comfort without unnecessary physical efforts. The leadership positions here are assigned to Husqvarna’s lawn mowers, which are available in household, commercial and professional modifications with front, rear or all.wheel drive (AWD).

Self-propelled lawn mowers move at a speed of up to 5-5.5 km/h, which allows the operator to move comfortably from behind, controlling the mowing process and changing the direction of movement if necessary. In this case, the Husqvarna gasoline lawn mower is necessarily equipped with an ergonomic handle, which has an adjustment option for the growth of a particular user and can be folded for the convenience of storage and transportation. In order to facilitate the operation of the unit even more, Husqvarna provided the central tuning of the height of the haircut with a multi.position spring.loaded lever.

Advantages and features of choice

Husqvarna gasoline gas mowers with a grass collector have the LC index in the name. These models are characterized by rear or all-wheel drive, which is explained by the displacement of the center of gravity of the machine as the container is filled, the weight of which increases to 50-70 kg.

Husqvarna self.propelled gasoline grass trap with front.wheel drive, most often has LB label, is not equipped with a grass collector to avoid slipping of the drive wheels with excessive loading of the rear axle. At the same time, such units are optimized for professional care for large lawns, have protective bumpers, differ in increased performance due to increased width of the cutting deck (48-55 cm) and a powerful 4-stroke engine 2.4-2.8 kW ( l.With.).

Regardless of execution, the Husqvarna self.propelled lawn mower has a number of common advantages:

  • easy start in various operating conditions;
  • reliable wheels on closed ball bearings or metal bushings;
  • universality of application (direct rear or side edition, mulching, collection to the container);
  • durable gasoline engine with a huge motorcycle resource;
  • anti.vibration handle with individual adjustment and convenient arrangement of controls;
  • durable deck of a composite or metal with an anti.corrosion coating;
  • ease of maintenance, cleaning and replacing the cutting headset;
  • a clear tread on the tires for a stable course stability and adhesion to the surface;
  • increased muffler for absorption of high.frequency technical noise;
  • wear.resistant drive, which provides constant speed or its smooth change, if a variator is installed.

Husqvarna self.propelled lawn mower with a gasoline engine is optimized for long autonomous operation. The unit has a spacious fuel tank and a simplified valve circuit due to a wide neck with a non.indsistral lid.

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Husqvarna lawn mower gasoline height of mowing

Our gasoline lawn mowers are known for their high power and first.class mowing results, which makes them the perfect choice for home and professional use.

Conventional gasoline lawners can be quite heavy in weight and in management. Husqvarna gasoline gas mowers are made of light aluminum, which provides ease of control with their high strength. Ergonomic handles and conveniently located arcs simplify maneuvering, and innovative technologies allow you to start working with minimal efforts.

Husqvarna gasoline lawn mowers have professional components in their design, such as chassis resistant to corrosion and aluminum parts. Due to the long service life of gasoline lawnmands, the costs of their maintenance and repair remain at the minimum level.