Huter Chainsaws: Model Range Review.

As the European market becomes saturated with reliable and durable household appliances, the requirements of potential buyers to its technical and performance characteristics increase. Competition of leading manufacturers allows you to keep the range of selling prices at an affordable level for the mass consumer.
According to experts, the products of several foreign manufacturers of chainsaws are gradually reaching a new qualitative indicator. The reason for success is in the application of new materials and technologies, a thorough modernization of the production sphere.

Chainsaw Huter. first acquaintance.

The above fully applies to the model assortment of household and professional class power saws developed by the German company Huter Elektrische Technik GmbH.
Homeland brand. Germany, the country of origin. China. Mutually beneficial cooperation allows the company to periodically update the model range and stabilize selling prices at a budget level with minimal financial losses.
In the domestic market, Huter chainsaws are represented by several popular models of different capacities and purposes, designed at a high technological level, meeting the requirements of current standards and the wishes of numerous owners.

Construction properties.

The Chinese assembly of chainsaws of the Hooter trademark of all models is carefully controlled at all stages. Also, the replacement of branded parts and components with lower-quality and durable analogues of local production is completely excluded.
In the information field, it is easy to find more detailed characteristics of any model. The official site includes a complete catalogue of branded chainsaw technology, contributing to the correct choice of tools of a particular class.
The instruction manual supplied with the chainsaw provides detailed information on startup features, self-care, troubleshooting techniques.

In separate sections are considered:

  • independent adjustment of the saw chain tension and carburetor setting;
  • features of the use of alternative motor and chain lubricants;
  • typical malfunctions and recommendations for their prompt elimination.

Carburetor adjustment.

The performance and efficiency of the chainsaw directly depend on the correct setting of the fuel supply system, so the preliminary work and the steps to adjust the carburetor are served in the specified sequence.

  • The main reasons for the instability of the engine include the use of low-grade fuel, a large gap in the contacts of the spark plug.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to service the air intake with cleaning the standard filter and warm up the engine to the optimum temperature.
  • On the carburetor there are three adjustment screws, the rotation of which the engine is displayed on the mode of maximum thrust and economical fuel consumption.
  • Properly performed carburetor tuning will manifest itself as a good engine response with sharp gas flow and stable idling speeds.

If the saw does not start or runs in abnormal mode, it is necessary to check the carburetor for water and the cleanliness of the nozzles.

Lubrication and cooling system of the saw mechanism.

Established chains for chainsaw Hooter standard, step 3/8 inches. The tire and headset chain is lubricated and cooled with oil, which under a slight pressure enters the working area of ​​the cut from the built-in reservoir.
Depending on the class of the tool, oil pumps with fixed and variable capacity are installed on the saws. To check the performance and serviceability of the lubrication system, it is enough to hold the saw headset brought out at increased speed over a blank sheet of paper.
Special properties characterize brand oil for chainsaw Huter, therefore, as a full-fledged alternative, an analogue with identical parameters can be used.

Types of chainsaws Huter and their technical capabilities.

Each tool of the model range is unique in its way, so the most popular samples deserve an individual assessment.

  • Huter BS-25

The household saw of Huter of the BS-25 series in the class the easiest and small-sized. A tool weighing 3.8 kg is activated by a two-stroke internal combustion engine that runs on a mixture of gasoline and engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.
At operating conditions, a power unit with a volume of 25 cm3 develops power up to 1.08 hp. Engine thrust is enough to activate a 12-inch sawing device and drive an automated chain oil pump.

  • Despite the small liter capacity of the engine and the budgetary cost, the BS-25 Hooter chain saw is equipped with a starting primer and a full-fledged vibration damper.
  • The presence of a shoulder belt allows the use of tools for high-altitude work in construction and the formation of crowns of tall trees.
  • Huter BS-40

Household chainsaw Hooter BS-40 differs from the previous model increased to 2 hp power carburetor two-stroke engine and a more productive headset, equipped with a 16-inch tire.

In the list of undeniable merits:

  • appliqué shape and body balancing;
  • optimum degree of vibration and noise of an exhaust;
  • the speed of the emergency stop system;
  • convenient service access to the air intake filter.

Even with the modernization, the price of a more technically refined model increased slightly.

  • Huter BS-45

Completion of this model with a more powerful 2.3 – strong push-pull power drive had a positive effect on its versatility and performance.
The working volume of the cylinder 45 cm3 made it possible to obtain a supply of torque that compensates short-term loads when sawing viscous and frozen wood with an 18-inch headset.

The tool weighing 7 kg differs from the same type of firm development:

  • the location of the main and auxiliary controls on the handle;
  • ergonomic design of the case and the volume of the fuel tank increased to 550 ml;
  • Saw Hooter BS 45 series had received a more reliable starter and easily removable air filter cover.
  • Huter BS-45M

Based on the BS-45 chainsaw, a version has been developed that has increased reliability when working in difficult conditions. In the design of the chainsaw Huter BS45M, the kinematics of the headset drive and the emergency braking system are improved. Some measures to increase the resource loaded parts and assemblies.

  • Huter BS-52

The semi-professional status of the BS-52 saw determines a powerful 3.4-horsepower engine and a high-performance 50-cm saw headset. The tool in the conditions of working loads can be operated for a long time without interruptions for cooling the power unit.
The saw is focused on the effective mechanization of complex and volumetric sawing operations with wood with a diameter of up to 400 mm.

The tool is characterized by:

  • comfortable noise and vibration indicators;
  • good balancing;
  • convenient management and simple routine maintenance.
  • Huter BS-62

The review of the model range is completed by a semi-professional Huter high-class chainsaw BS-62. The list of general advantages should be noted efficiency and stability of the thrust of the internal combustion engine of 58 cm3 and 3.94 hp
By design features, the saw is identical to the previous model, which allows the use of unified spare parts and components for repairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Huter gasoline technology.

Household and semi-professional chainsaws of the manufacturer from similar developments of other brands, the optimal ratio of cost and quality.

  • The entire range of basic and secondary characteristics meets the requirements of the current regulatory documents, quality standards, reliability and operational safety.
  • Huter chainsaws are maximally adapted to increased loads, weather and climatic conditions throughout the country.
  • Economical fuel consumption, high reliability and durable life of parts of saws of any class have a positive effect on the efficiency of its maintenance.

The list of the most frequently mentioned deficiencies is a poor supply of regional service centers with branded spare parts, moderate quality of the components of guide rails and saw chains.