Is It Possible To Mow Wet Grass With A Trimmer?

Constantly living in a private house is easy to follow a regular lawn care schedule. Even in wet weather, wet grass can be mowed with a lawnmower or trimmer a day later after it dries. It is much more difficult to care for a natural grass covering on a summer residence. Since visits fall on weekends, mowing falls on these days. What to do if the weather was rainy?

What trimmers can mow wet grass?

To understand what trimmers can mow wet grass, and what-not, you should deal with their device. To date, the consumer has two main types of mowers:

Electric trimmers, depending on the location of the engine, can be:

  • With the top of the motor;
  • With the lower arrangement of the electric motor.

For safety, mowing wet from rain or dew can only be done with a petrol trimmer or “Lithuanian”. The use of electric motor mowers is extremely undesirable. Especially if it concerns devices with a lower location of the engine, as they are in the zone of water ingress. As a result, a Short Circuit may occur.
It is not recommended to mow the grass during rain and with electric trimmers with a top motor. In the case of the penetration of water to the power unit can not only short but also hit by the current mower.
Wet grass also can not be mowed and lawn mowers with electric. The reason is the same as with electric trimmers with the lower location of the power unit. there is a high probability of a short circuit. Also, there is a danger that due to negligence, it is possible to chop the power wire that feeds the unit accidentally.
If, however, there is a need to mow the grass in wet weather or dew, then use better carburetor trimmers and lawn mowers. So it will be much safer for life and health.

Why you shouldn’t mow mowed wet grass?

There are also indirect reasons for why it is impossible to mow the grass wet from dew or rain on the garden plot.

These include:

  • Premature trimmer wear;
  • Damage to the lawn.

How can a trimmer be disabled by mowing wet vegetation? Everything is straightforward. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. Besides, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a high probability that the engine will not withstand the heavy load created on the flexible trimmer shaft. Yes, and the shaft itself can crank. Such loads most often arise from sticking wet grass to the knives and spindle to which they are attached.
In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing the grass in wet weather, due to heavy loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Here we can note the premature failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving parts. Most often, the piston pair fails due to overheating of the engine. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by wet grass when mowing.
If you mow wet grass with a gasoline trimmer, to avoid engine overheating, let it work for 30 seconds at idle speed without load. In this way, you will remove the excess heat and save the piston pair.

About the dangers to lawn grass.

Many probably noticed that if you cut wet grass with a trimmer, the cut is torn. In the future, it dries up, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow.

It can happen for several reasons:

  • Wet grass is very flexible and pulls it to the ground;
  • Trim line is either too thick, or round line is used.

In the first case, it is worth waiting for the vegetation to dry. When drying, the grass always becomes tougher. In the second case, it is worth replacing the fishing line with a thinner one or with a different profile. As practice shows, an even cut on wet grass can be obtained by using profiled woods with a square or star-shaped cross-section.
Those who have tried to mow the grass at least once over the dew or in the drizzling rain have noticed that the vegetation stuck to the knife and spindle is scattered around the lawn. If they are not removed in time, there will be bald spots in the places where wet grass falls. The mowed heaps begin to rot, and the lawn starts to ache. So there are unsightly bare spots.
So decide for dear readers for yourself whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower if you still want to put the lawn in order before the onset of cold weather.