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How to put a disc on a trimmer for Echo grass

You can mow grass with trimmers thanks to the use of a mower with fishing line and metal disks. Each type of cutting device has its main features. The use of the fishing line is limited by the type of vegetation, so where the head does not cope with the task, a metal disk is used. How to choose a cutting disc for a trimmer for grass, what it is and how to sharpen, we will learn more before buying the appropriate equipment.

What are the types of knives for trimmers

First of all, we note that metal discs can be used not only on gasoline, but also on electric trimmers. The main condition for using the knives for cutting metal on equipment is that the transmission mechanism (shaft or gear) should be tough in the design of the tool. A hard gearbox is a metal shaft that transfers torque from an electric or gasoline engine to a working organ.

There are models of trimmers with flexible shafts, the design of the gearbox in which is represented by a steel cable. Typically, these are low.power electric lawns that are not intended for large loads, as well as household lawn mowers. Do not use metal disks on flexible shaft trimmers (you can use only plastic discs), as this will lead to a quick way out of the gearbox. Before buying a metal cutting machine, you need to find out the type of gear mechanism of your tool. Hard or flexible.

What type of gearbox is used on the trimmer, indicated in the tool data table. If a trimmer for grass has a curved rod, then a flexible shaft is used in its design. A straightforward tool can be equipped with rigid and flexible transmissions, depending on the power of a trimmer for grass.

Three.dimensional knives are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Production material. Plastic and metal. Plastic knives are less effective than metal, but do not have a large load on the shaft and the tool drive mechanism. Plastic discs are used on household electric trimmers and gas trimmers.
  • The design of the cutting device steel discs is two types. Clinkle and gear (milling). Plastic knives are available in the form of blades. Tough gears have a design similar to round discs, and the blades have large flat knives.
  • The number of cutting edges. The number of teeth and knives on the disks is different, which affects the performance of cutting tools. On gear discs, the amount reaches 80 links, and on blade disks. from one to four pieces.
  • The presence of additional spraying. Steel toothed discs are additionally equipped with a victorious soldering, which allows you to use tools for mowing grass on hilly surfaces. When the disk touches obstacles in the form of earth and stones, the teeth are not deformed and not dull, which is achieved due to the presence of winning solders. Experts say that carbide devices do not live for a long time. The solder wear out quickly, and then the cutter is used without damage


Plastic knives for trimmers are not only cheaper than metal knives, but also do not carry heavy loads on the engine and gearbox. This is especially true when the knife encounters obstacles. The higher the elasticity of the cutting knife, the less likely the deformation of the plastic disks.

The advantages of three.dimensional discs compared to the fishing line

A three.dimensional disk compared to the cord, has its advantages. You should know these advantages to finally decide whether to buy or use knives for cutting metal. Consider all the advantages of disk edging:

  • The ability to cope with different vegetation, unlike fishing line. It can be dry, long and thick stems and even small vegetation. The rod is unlikely to cope with the middle grass, and it is not able to mow the grass with thick stems. The cord either gets confused in the grass, or a fishing line for a trimmer wear out quickly, which is irrational
  • High speed achievement of results. Unlike fishing line, the disk cats the grass qualitatively in one pass (with good sharpening) without leaving “roosters”, so the mowing with a metal circular trimmer occurs faster than using the cord.
  • Discs do not wear out, unlike the cord. Cutting knives or wheels are blunted, but the problem is solved by sharpening. How to sharpen the wheel of a metal trimmer for grass is described in the material below. With prolonged use, cutting devices wear out, but serve at least 3-5 years
  • Long service life, unlike the fishing line, which is associated with the design of the equipment

There are also the shortcomings of the considered cutting devices for trimmers. The first drawback is that you cannot work with a tool when the grass is transferred next to obstacles in the form of trees, buildings, stones, benches, etc. D. When the disk is faced with an obstacle, the drive slows down, which affects the following: disadvantages:

  • Overheating of the engine
  • Damaged parts of the blade, which become dull
  • Transmission mechanisms fail. Flexible and hard shafts (gearbox)

If you plan to mow thick grass in the field, this is impossible without a trimmer for grass with a metal disk. The rod is used to mow small grass in closed rooms near obstacles.

Choosing the best knife option

Some manufacturers of trimmers with a rigid design of the transmission shaft equip the tool not only with fishing lines, but also with steel disks. This is not always the case, and if such a situation is appropriate, then, if necessary, instead of a mower with a fishing line, a metal disk is installed. However, this is not always the case. First you need to make sure that you can use a steel disk on a trimmer. Consider all types and designs of cutting knives intended for trimmers.

Disk gear knife in cases where it is used

Metal gears have the shape of a circle, the base of which is placed the corresponding number of teeth. These teeth are of different shapes, shapes and sizes. The more teeth, the more effective the means to combat thick grass and even small trees. Milling circles for trimmers gain speed faster, which is their advantage. They also have a high moment of inertia, which is their disadvantage. This negatively affects the drive device of the tool, as the starting power increases and as a result the engine overheats with frequent stops. In addition, the equipment is distinguished by the presence and absence of penetration.

  • Oeinated circles with holes and a large number of teeth up to 40 teeth. effectively cope with a bevel of thick, tall and small, large grass and shrubs. The more teeth, the less grass. Grass is not twisted around circles with many teeth. Discs with teeth in the amount of 60-80 pcs. Designed for mowing grass with small trees available in the territory, the thickness of the stems of which does not exceed 7 cm.
  • Solid. discs that have no holes in the design. They have a large weight, so it is not recommended to apply them to gas braids with an engine volume up to 30 cm3. The tool simply cannot pull out a heavy cutting element. Compared to the oenicities, they weigh 1.5-2 times more. Effectively copes with thick and rare grass. The smaller the number of blades, the more the grass is crushed and the load on the engine increases. The load on the gearbox also depends on the angle of grinding.

If the operator is faced with the task of mowing thick grass and dryness, it is recommended to choose disks with penetration and a large number of teeth. Hard discs are suitable for mowing green grass of various densities, but they are used only on powerful gas mowers with an engine volume of more than 40 cm3.

Where the blades are suitable for trimmers?

Compared to gear or milling disks, the blades are low, so they are used on trimmers with low energy consumption. Bosch supplies these cutting blades to its lawn mowers. Their advantage is the minimum moment of inertia, which eliminates the negative impact on the drive mechanism.

The number of knives affects the grinding of grass. The smaller the blade, the more the grass is molested. Two.lobed discs are used to mow uniform and homogeneous grass. Their advantage is that they cast cut processes to the side. It is recommended to use 4 or more hinged knives for mowing herbs in the field when cleaning hay. They do not grind the mowed grass and do not load the tool drive mechanism.

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Rogue Echo Bike Unboxing and Assembly

Plastic circles on trimmer. When applying

If gas milling trimmers for grass and metal blades are used, it is recommended to use plastic wheels for power tools. Their main advantage is the low weight, so the load on the electric motor is completely excluded. Structurally, the nozzle is a plastic base on which knives are installed around the perimeter. The knives are made of soft plastic, which is bent without deformation when in contact with an obstacle. Knives are attached on a round base at an angle of 120 degrees.

They are designed for mowing thick grass using electric trimmers when a fishing line for a trimmer fails. If the nozzle has a large moment of inertia, it can be reduced by making symmetrical holes. When the teeth are stupid, they should be sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees using a grinding circle with low or medium roughness.

Which knife is better

Modern manufacturers are offered to the consumer a wide selection of disks varieties. The cutting parts are classified according to the following criteria:


The material for the knives is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. The question naturally arises of which disk is better to use: plastic or metal? The choice is determined by the following factors:

Three.lobed plastic knife for an electric trimmer for grass

From the point of view of safety, steel mills are not recommended to be put on electric braids. they are almost always equipped with plastic blades. Features of the design of the power tool itself, its technical characteristics make the installation of metal cutting parts dangerous:

According to the rules of safe operation, plastic knives are used only on braids with a flexible bar. Plastic blades are designed for mowing soft plants (for example, burdock, nettles), dryness. A metal disk-fluz is used for mowing thick, high, coarse grass, shrubs and shoots of various trees, because its cutting properties and wear resistance are higher than that of plastic analogues.

Freak for a trimmer for grass with carbide attacks 40 teeth

The device, as well as the technical characteristics of the benzos, determine the use of metal nozzles when working with them:

  • the presence of a straight rod increases the distance to the legs of the mowing;
  • comfortable handles with limiters;
  • The possibility of a smooth speed set.

Gasoline units equipped with metal disks are well suited if it is necessary to pump out significant areas with different grass or shrubs.

The number of blades

The form of disk blades practically does not affect the quality and speed of work, their number matters. For hay harvesting, it is recommended to use mills with a large number of blades, for example, with 8 or 4 main and 4 additional. If there are few of them (2, 3), then such knives grind the grass very hard. Mills with a large number of small teeth are used to mow young shoots of trees and shrubs.

Patriot PT453 lawn mower with a metal drive for mowing shrubs

Metal knives for lawn mowers are sharpened in different ways: one-sided and on both sides. Dumb or with poor sharpening cutting cuts of milling cuts reduce labor productivity, and also worsen the quality of work. In this case, the load on the tool and fuel consumption increases.

The collision of knives with stones is dangerous, as a result of which the tool bounces, which can apply the mowing of injury.

Select a cutting element for a trimmer for grass according to the material, size, structure should be based on the type of tool and the power of its engine, the volume of upcoming works and the type of plants that have to be mowed. Partially, the instructions from the manufacturer to the model used will help. the recommended milling parameters are spelled out there.

A knife installation algorithm for a trimmer for grass

Replacing the knife on the trimmer is quite simple. In the kit with it, manufacturers include the key to remove the cutting nozzle (spray with a fishing line) and a pin designed to block the gearbox. To change the disk, you need to perform the following actions:

  • remove the casing that performs protective functions;
  • insert the pin into the combined holes located on the shaft and gearbox, and in this way block the drive;
  • If a spool with a fishing line is installed, then it should be unscrewed along the time of time and find a nut to tighten the knife;

In detail the algorithm for installing a knife on a trimmer for grass is demonstrated in the video further.

Modern trimmers for grass, for example, from the company “STIHL”, are easy to maintain. Conduct the replacement of cutting parts on your own will not be difficult.

When working, you should pay attention to safety measures so as not to cut.

What knives to put on an electric and a lawn mower

Before buying and putting a knife on a motorcycle, find out what they are and in what cases are used. Today, manufacturers offer the consumer a large number of types of these supplies. In general, the entire cutting tool designed for mowing grass can be classified:

The main material for the manufacture of trimmer knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables largely depends on two parameters:

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend putting steel knives on electric trimmers for grass. Almost all motokos operating from the electric network and battery are equipped with plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be a solid disk design, with several blades or in the form of a special mowing head, which provides for the installation of removable plastic blades.

Direct rod in a gasoline trimmer for grass and curved in electric

Putting a metal knife on an electric trimmer for grass does not allow its design features.

  • The curved rod of the unit reduces the distance from its working part to the legs of the Kosar. In the case of a collision of blades with a stone or other hard object of a braid for grass, it is discarded to the legs.
  • The high torque, which we mentioned above, in the event of a collision of a metal knife with a solid object, transfers a large load to the flexible shaft of a trimmer for grass and its engine. What causes their premature failure.
  • Handle Electric Knules most often does not have a restrictive bar playing the role of the stop. Which does not exclude leg injury.

It is these features that allow the use of exclusively plastic knives on trimmers with electric engines. In a collision with an obstacle, the blades are destroyed, thereby protecting the legs of the mower from obtaining possible injuries.

The use of metal knives only on gasoline trimmers is also due to constructive features.

  • The direct design of the rod increases the distance to the legs, which provides the Cossacks with complete safety.
  • Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles allow you to keep the tool firmly. D-shaped handles Motokos are equipped with a limiter resting in the leg of the Costsa, which does not allow to let the head to the legs when meeting a cutting disk with a solid obstacle.
  • The clutch of the gasoline engine allows you to smoothly gain speed to the optimal level. And when the blade collides against a hard surface, it can extinguish part of the blow.

Thus, gasoline trimmers for grass with an installed metal knife are best used in large areas. They will successfully cope not only with high coarse grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also with shrubs, as well as young trees.

The shape of the blades of the disk set to the trimmer for the grass does not affect the quality of the work performed. The speed does not depend on them. Triangular, trapezoid, rectangular forms are all marketing course of manufacturers.

Rules for replacing knives on a trimmer for grass

If the disk on the trimmer is used regularly, it needs to be removed from time to time to remove and sharpen or change it to a new. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar to the equipment of different manufacturers, whether Carver or Huter, but minor differences are possible. Changing the knife on the trimmer is quite simple if you observe safety precautions and know the correct procedure for which you can find a description of which you can in the user’s instructions. The whole process of replacing step by step, as well as the way of independent sharpening of knives, will be described in this material.

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Many users of mowers, both electric and gasoline engines, some time after using the purchased fishing line are asked: and how to replace it? If you exclude dangerous options (chain from a chainsaw, canvas from a hacksaw, wire, cable, string, etc.D.), which can cause severe injuries to the user and others, then a home.made fishing line for a trimmer from a plastic bottle is considered the best way out of the situation.

How to cut a bottle into a tape

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a home.made cord, you will need to prepare the material itself, namely the plastic tape of the required width and length. To dissolve the PET bottle on the tape, use various devices, the manufacturing algorithm of which can be found on the Internet. If you are going to mow large areas overgrown with grass, and you will need a lot of home-made cord, then, of course, it makes sense to make a more complex bottlecore from the corner or U-shaped aluminum profile. The process of manufacturing a bottle.cutter is shown in this video.

But if you are not interested in the mass production of a plastic tape, then from time to time to dissolve the bottle on the strips in a simple way.

Take a regular plug plug plug. Cut it in half (but not to the end). Remove all the sides located inside the cork

Folding the cut cork in half, pierce it with a knife through the figure below, while observing caution, since the plastic is very hard. To facilitate the process, the tip of the knife can be pumped up

Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle with scissors (if possible exactly, without zazubin). Insert the bottle into the device from the side where the knife blade is sharpened, and begin to crash a little. When a small strip appears. just start pulling it.

Thus, the entire plastic container will blossom into the tape of the same width.

A version of a bottle.cutter, which you will always have at hand, can be made from a conventional sharpener for pencils, preferably made of aluminum. In detail how to make it, shown in this video.

How to make a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass

A chopped tape from PET bottles, if you wind it on a trimmer for grass, will mow, but not for long, because it is fragile and quickly breaks. It needs to be improved a little, and for this you need to do the following.

  • Insert one end of the plastic tape in a vice and click it.
  • The second end of the tape can be squeezed into a drill or electric screwdriver. Insert her into the cartridge of an electric screwdriver so that she holds well in it and does not jump out when tensioning.
  • Turn on the smallest revolutions on an electric screwdriver and begin to twist the tape, be sure to hold it stretched, otherwise it will begin to confuse.
  • After the tape stops twisting, without releasing the tension, begin to warm it up with a building hairdryer. Since this plastic has thermal properties (reduced when heated), the turns will be aligned and sleep.
  • During the warming of the twisted tape, from time to time, turn on the electric screwdriver and turn the rope to align the turns on it.
  • When you warm the entire tape, you will get a home.made plastic rope, which is quite plastic and durable.
  • In the case when you don’t have a drill at hand, you can use to twist a plastic tape with a regular stick, as shown in the next figure.
  • The construction hair dryer can be replaced with a regular lighter if you make a short length cord.

As practice shows, a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, made by yourself from one twisted tape, mows the grass well, but if stones or branches come across it, then quickly wears out. To eliminate this drawback, it is recommended to weave a plastic rope of several tapes, for example, from two or three. The following figure shows a homemade cord woven from three plastic strips. Although it differs in thickness from a single cord, it is much stronger than the first, and it serves as a longer time.

Further, as usual, the fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is inserted into a mowing head or wound into a reel, and then inserted into the head, after which the sticking ends are cut so that they do not touch the protective casing.

Thus, literally from improvised materials, a free fishing line is obtained for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, which can be made in unlimited quantities.

How to change a disk on a gasoline trimmer

Set a new one or replace the nozzle on a motorcycle will not be inconvenience. A pin is always in the kit with the tool, which need to block the gearbox hole. We need it, so that the blade does not spin and we could unscrew the mounts under our nozzle. The main thing is to adhere to safety precautions. It is forbidden to change the nozzles on the tool on!

How to put a disk instead of fishing line or a new blade on a trimmer for grass:

  • Remove the plastic casing.
  • Block the pin hole in the pin. It is necessary to simultaneously hook the gearbox and a cup of the shaft. If everything worked out, we move on.
  • Unscrew the rogue through the mounting nut (clockwise). If the trimmer for grass is used for the first time, then the antipsychot is unscrewed along with the structure. He is there.
  • Install the knife so that its hole coincides with the center.
  • We fasten the boot back.
  • Without removing the pinstore, we tighten the nut (in the opposite direction).
  • Tighten the nut by any key. The stronger the better.
  • Put a protective casing.

To change the disk for a trimmer’s fishing line on a gas station, a similar procedure is carried out. Only instead of a nut you unscrew the spool. And at the last stages you return the nut and the boot.

Now you know how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass instead of a fishing line, or install a completely new nozzle. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what knives you use and how effective they are in the fight against weeds. See you in the following articles!

How to put a knife on a trimmer for grass correctly

Putting a knife on a trimmer for grass is not so difficult. The manufacturer equips his tools with a special pin that allows you to block the gearbox and the key, with which the spool is unscrewed with the fishing line. The most important thing is to observe when changing the cutting elements safety precautions and the assembly sequence of disassembly.

The algorithm for installing a knife on a trimmer for the grass is as follows:

  • Remove the protective casing;
  • We block the drive. To do this, it is necessary to combine two holes. in the hub of the shaft and in the gearbox cup. After combining them, insert the pin into the holes;
  • We unscrew clockwise a spool with a fishing rod with a fishing line or a mounting nut that holds the boot (if the trimmer for the grass has not yet been used);
  • Next, we install the cutting knife, so that the slots on the puck of the hub coincide with the notchs in the hole of the cutting disk;
  • Install the boot;
  • We twist the mounting nut (counterclockwise) holding the stopped pin;
  • We tighten it using a tubular key;
  • Return the protective casing in place.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Now you can safely start the mowing of weeds on the site.

A garden tool, as well as any other, requires regular care, which includes sharpening a trimmer for grass. Workshops are most often provided to sharpening standard tools. knives, scissors, forceps, less often. drills, chains for chainsaws. And our workshop “The blade” can sharpen a trimmer for the grass so that the tool will help you solve your garden issues for a long time.

Sharpening of a trimmer for grass. the price of services

Our craftsmen efficiently and quickly performed a knife for a trimmer for grass, each client will like the price of the service. And those who regularly turn to us for sharpening the tools receive pleasant discounts.

Contact, we guarantee an excellent service, high.quality performance of our work.

Despite the fact that the laces of the lawn mowers are made of high.quality steel, from time to time their sharpening has to be updated. Fortunately, for this you do not need special skills and equipment, and today we will tell you how to sharpen the lawn mowing knife yourself without worsening the quality of the metal.

You can cut off excess grass from the lawn even if the edges are obviously bluntly bluntly at the mowing knife. However, at the same time, the shoots will be spaced in the longitudinal direction, turning into a fringe. A few days after the mowing, the grass will become terrible and will hurt a few more weeks. The cut should be even and neat, then it will drag on in just a few hours and the lawn will always be juicy-green. This requires the knife to be sharpened almost perfectly.

Left: grass cut off with a blunt blade of the lawn mower. Right: grass cut off with a sharp blade

Cutting the cutting nodes of the lawn mower

The saw settings after a while stupid or wear out. Working with the inventory becomes intense, the load increases, the quality of the crook is aggravated. Iron saw canvases are pulled, plastic changes.

If a cutting inventory is a fishing line for a trimmer, it wear out evenly, and new material is installed in the reel. The mechanism of work of the cutter with the fishing line is contained in the gradual promotion of the coil under the influence of centrifugal force. When in contact with the grass, the fishing line for the trimmer is abrasion, it is supplied from the coil evenly. A special winding is needed if you set the goal of two cutting elements went out immediately did not get confused with each other.

The figure shows how to correctly wrap the fishing line for the trimmer to the reel of the lawn mower. Before wound the latest fishing line for a trimmer, you need:

Disk toothed knife in what cases is used

Metal toothed discs have the shape of a circle, on the basis of which the corresponding number of teeth are located. These teeth are of different types, shapes and sizes. The more teeth, the more effective the tool copes with thick grass and even small trees. Milling circles for trimmers are gaining momentum faster, which is their advantage. They also have a high moment of inertia, which is their disadvantage. This negatively affects the drive device of the tool, as the starting power increases, and as a result, the motor overheats during frequent stops. In addition, the equipment differs in the presence and absence of penetration.

  • Oeinated circles with holes and a large number of teeth up to 40 teeth. effectively cope with mowing thick, high and small, coarse grass and shrubs. The larger the number of teeth, the less grass is crushed. On circles with a large number of teeth, grass is not wound. Disks with teeth in the amount of 60-80 pieces are designed for mowing grass with small trees available in the territory, the thickness of the stems of which does not exceed 7 cm
  • Continuous. disks that have no holes in the design. They have a large weight, so put them on lawn mowers with an engine volume up to 30 cm3, are categorically not recommended. The tool simply cannot stretch the heavy cutting element. Compared to the oenicized, they weigh 1.5-2 times more. Effectively cope with thick and rare grass. The smaller the number of knives, the stronger the grass is crushed, and the load on the motor increases. The load on the gearbox also depends on the angle of sharpening of the teeth

If the operator is faced with the task of pricing thick grass and dryness, then it is recommended to choose disks with penetration and a large number of teeth. Continuous discs are suitable for dying green grass of different densities, but they are used exclusively on powerful benzocoses with a motor volume of more than 40 cm3.

It is interesting! Milling wheels with a winning attack allows you to mow grass next to existing obstacles. For mowing grass on hay, it is recommended to use steel with a large number of teeth. Flat sharpening of teeth on such knives allows you to effectively cut off grass. For cutting thick.stem plants (raspberries, ragweed), continuous discs with the number of knives 16, 24 and 32 are used, as well as oral to any number of teeth.

How to sharpen and put?

The lawn mower with constant use sooner or later will begin to need regular maintenance. One of the important points is the timely sharpening of the knives. A metal disk, of course, can work in a stupid state, but it cannot be used. This leads to a decrease in productivity, overheating of the engine, wear of the gearbox. Silent teeth or blades is completely simple, but if you wish, you can simply install new knives.

  • First of all, a knife is removed from the device. It is not recommended to make sharpening right on a motorcycle, as it is unsafe.
  • Next, you need to examine the cutting element for the presence of chips, cracks, damage. If they are, you will need to install a new disk.
  • For sharpening knives, you can use a file, sharpener or corner grinder. The safest tool is considered to be a file that even a newcomer can handle. For sharpening, the knife is placed in a vice, and then manually processed at an angle of 30 degrees. This method is considered the highest quality.

When using a corner grinder, it is important not to overheat the metal, otherwise the disk will quickly become worthless. Corner grinder with a thin abrasive circle is suitable for sharpening disks, which have many teeth

At the end of sharpening, the disk can again be installed on a trimmer for grass and check how efficiently the tool works. You cannot take up the sharp parts of the knife to avoid injury.

Over time, the knife wear out and it should be changed. Installing a new drive on a trimmer for grass is completely easy. This procedure takes no more than 5 minutes of time if you adhere to a simple instruction.

First you need to remove the protective casing, but on some models it may remain. For example, metal casings with motorcycle are not removed. Next, take a key with six faces (hexagon) and use it to block the gearbox. The blocking hole must be sought from the side or from the end. After that, it is necessary to twist the mowing head with motorcycles. Then a disk will be installed in its place

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the inner diameter of the knife should be completely located in the groove reserved for this. The front side of the nozzle should be located upwards. Now you need to fix the disk with a special washer and screw the fastener counterclockwise

Before doing this, it is necessary to block the gear shaft. The last stage is the installation of a protective casing of plastic.

Features of disks for motorcycle

Disks-ceremonies are produced by plastic and metal, as well as various shapes to perform diverse tasks.

  • Two-, three- and four-lobed knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and overgrown trees. However, they are not suitable for harvesting hay, as the shoots are crushed, cutting them several times.
  • Massive four.lobed discs are intended not only for clearing the earth from grass, but also for hay mowing. They prevent multiple cutting of shoots, thereby making them suitable for harvesting for the winter.
  • Disks with cutting faces around the perimeter are relevant for the bevel of reed and reeds. Such knives are very heavy. this is the necessary quality to cut thick stems.
  • Professional discs with a saw tooth for artisans and motorcycles allow you to cut down small trees and bushes.

Plastic knives are used as an alternative to metal disks. They do not need to be tightly attached in the head, and they revolve as a result of exposure to centrifugal force. The strength of the plastic knives is high, so the service life is quite long.

On a note! The advantage of plastic disks lies in the fact that, having hit an irresistible obstacle, they bounce, and there is no

The procedure for installing a disk on a trimmer for grass

Installation of a knife on a trimmer for grass is very simple. For this, a complete key is used, disconnecting the cutting nozzle, and a pin that blocks the gearbox. The procedure is as follows.

  • First of all, you should turn off the electric trimmer for the grass from the network, gasoline. just drown out. Disconnect and remove aside the protective casing.
  • Next, you need to combine holes on the gearbox and shaft to stick a pin in them and block the drive.
  • If a spool with a fishing line was used, it must be unscrewed clockwise.
  • Then you need to find a nut to tighten the knife.
  • The next step is to install knives. Trimmer owners are often interested in which side to put the disk. You need to do this so that marking with numbers and letters is on top.
  • Then you need to put the boot on top, and above it. the fixing nut, which must be tightly tightened with the key.
  • The last step is to install a protective casing.

As you can see, the procedure is very simple and the same for many brands, whether it is the technique of Stihl or Husqvarna.

On a note! If the owner of the device wants to replace the disk back with a trimmer fishing line, you can install a coil with it in a similar way.

Disk selection criteria

You need to choose a plastic or metal knife, given the area of ​​the site that is planned to be processed, as well as the type of trimmer for grass is electric or gasoline. The number of blades will depend on which shoots must be removed using the tool. Choose the desired disk shape, the number of blades and manufacturing material can be using the instructions for the operation of the device. It usually prescribes which mills are recommended to use to solve certain problems.


It is not recommended to put metal knives on electrocos, since the design features make their use dangerous for the user. This is due to the curved shape of the bar, the absence of stops on the handles, as well as a high speed of rotation.

Important! Direct rod provides the safe use of a trimmer for grass at such moments when the disk, rotating, pushes into the obstacle. In this situation, he bounces back. towards a person, so a curved design can cause an injury.

On trimmers with a flexible bar in terms of safety, plastic knives should be used. Their purpose is a mowing of soft grasses, dry. Whereas metal disks do a great job with high, thick, hard shoots, shrubs, as well as shoots of trees.


The number of blades is important in solving diverse problems. So, two to three pieces are enough to grind the grass. For hay harvesting, it is necessary that there are four to eight blades on the disk. To destroy small shoots of trees and shrubs, instead of blades on the discs, there should be a large number of small teeth.

How to remove the coil and replace the fishing line for the trimmer

The owners of the trimmers, mainly beginners, confuse, bordering on panic, when it becomes necessary to change the cutting tool or fishing line for a trimmer in a reel. Very often, when trying to unscrew the mowing head, users simply make it unusable, not suspecting that it is unscrewed in the opposite direction. So that this does not happen, if you need to replace the tool, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the instructions given below.

  • Before refueling the fishing line for the trimmer to the coil, drown out the engine of motorcycles or de.energize the ethletric trimmer for the grass to avoid injuries that may occur in case of accidental rotation of the cutting tool.
  • Unscrew the nozzle mounted on the gearbox shaft. To do this, the shaft must be fixed by combining holes on the puck and on the axis, and inserting a metal rod or screwdriver into them.
  • Unscrew the nozzle. You should know that the thread on the shaft is left. Therefore, to twist the coil of the trimmer for the grass should be right, that is, clockwise.
  • Disassemble the mowing head. Most often, the head cover is attached to the fixers. To remove it, you need to drown these latches into the body, pressing the edges of the lid. If your trimmer has a semi.automatic mowing head, which has a button from below, then disassembling the nozzle should be done carefully, since you can lose a spring that sometimes flies away when removing the cover.
  • Cut the required amount of fishing line. Usually its length is 5 meters. Use the cord of the diameter that is indicated in the instructions for the tool. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum diameter of the fishing line, since this will lead to increased load on the engine and greater consumption of gasoline.
  • Find the middle of the segment of the cord, folding it in half. You will get a loop.
  • Special grooves are cut out inside the coil (there may be holes). Insert the loop from the fishing line into this groove.
  • Wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil, turning it counterclockwise. You need to refuel the cord as evenly as possible, the turns should be laid without ceiling and with good tension. When the winding is finished, leave the free ends of the fishing line about 20 cm long and fix them in the grooves located on the sides of the coil.
  • Collect the braid head. Before you finally collect the nozzle, do not forget to insert a spring and washer (if it is available). Install the coil in the case, and prone the ends of the cord through the holes or eye.
  • Dress the lid and fix it with latches.
  • Screw the nozzle back to the gear shaft, also fixing it with a screwdriver. Tighten the coil of the trimmer for the grass will need to go to the left (against h. Arrows).

Is it possible to make a coil for a trimmer for the grass with your own hands

On sale there are a large number of trimmer heads (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes situations arise, for example, in the country, when the trimmer coil broke, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and you need to mow. In this case, you can quickly, literally in a few minutes, make a simple trimmer nozzle to fix the fishing line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle with a diameter of about 14 cm on it.
  • Cut the disk with a jigsaw or hacksaw for metal.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disk, suitable in diameter to the gear shaft. Do not forget before installing a disk on the shaft, put a puck on it.
  • You can fasten small corners along the edges of the disk or make 1-2 holes on the opposite sides. They will serve for refueling fishing lines in them.
  • To fix the fishing line for a trimmer, you can screw several screws into the plywood.

Such a homemade mowing nozzle is fixed on the shaft with a nut. Twist or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft will not work. To replace the cord, it will be enough to release the screws, insert a segment of the fishing line of the required length and press it again.

Also, a mowing nozzle for fixing the fishing line on it can be made from a metal sheet. How to do this can be understood from the next video.