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Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna chainsaws have been known to the global consumer for decades. The world community managed to make sure of the high quality of the products offered by the Husqvarna concern, its reliability and durability. The history of Husqvarna began in 1689, when a state-owned defense company producing weapons was opened in Sweden.

Forms of ownership changed, but Husqvarna remained a defense enterprise. This continued until 1970. It was then that the owners of the company took a peaceful course of development, leading them to worldwide popularity and an increase in areas of influence. Now the brand produced landscape gardening equipment, construction equipment, and power tools. Factories in America and Germany were opened, the plant in Sweden was increased. Popularity quickly gained the whole world.

Basic Husqvarna chain saws

Husqvarna chainsaw advantages:

  • excellent wear-resistant and power characteristics;
  • reliability and durability;
  • push-pull ICE;
  • AutoTune stabilizer;
  • Easy start Smart Start;
  • rev set with RevBoost;
  • improved economy and ecology with X-Torq;
  • vibration protection LowVib;
  • inertial two-stage cleaning Air Injection;
  • quick filter;
  • tank with a viewing window;
  • automatic oil supply;
  • throttle control semi-automatic;
  • the presence of a primer (not all chainsaws);
  • forged crankshaft (for pros and semi-professionals);
  • excellent maintainability, the availability of spare parts.

Husqvarna chainsaw disadvantages:

  • excessive noise;
  • high price;
  • the presence of Chinese fakes.


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It turns out that not every chainsaw marked Husqvarna can boast of its originality, i.e., belonging to the Husqvarna trademark. China works tirelessly and produces Chinese chainsaws with the “Husqvarna” logo, which in appearance look little different from the original!

The main differences between the original and the fake:

  • The case of the original chain saw is bright and glossy, the fake has a dull and matte finish.
  • “Originalka” has perfectly adjacent parts of the case, the counterfeit has slots, backlash of important components and other inconsistencies.
  • A metal tag with a serial number stamped on it is the prerogative of the original Husqvarna chain saws.
  • We draw attention to the name of the chainsaw: the inscriptions and numbers appearing after the letters XP indicate the Chinese origin of the saw.
  • The original Husqvarna chainsaw is not for sale in the market and costs no less than 50,000 rubles.

The lineup

It is represented by three lines:

  • Professional. They are expensive, quietly withstand prolonged loads, used by various enterprises engaged in logging, clearing roads from rubble, in construction, etc.
  • Semi-professional chain saws. powerful than household chainsaws, inferior to professionals in the duration of continuous operation and in power. Ideal both for private use and for small organizations.
  • Household models. Designed for short-term sawing (2 hours a day), used by residents of the countryside, owners of cottages and cottages. Can be used in private construction.

The purpose of all without exception Husqvarna chainsaws is one. sawing wood (oblique, longitudinal, transverse). The tool is used to remove unnecessary branches, uprooting trees, fueling, construction of wooden buildings. Let’s move on to the lineup of chain saws from Husqvarna.

Household models

Husqvarna 45

This petrol tool is equipped with a carburetor push-pull ICE with a nominal value of 3 liters. from. Safety during operation is provided by the chain braking system, chain catcher, anti-vibration system.

This chainsaw can use tires of different lengths: from 13 ”to 18”. The chain is lubricated automatically from the oil pump. Unit weight 4.7 kg.

Husqvarna 51 and 55

These saws are equipped with more powerful power units for 3.16 and 3.26 liters. from. The weight of the saw increased to 5.2 kg. Guides from 13 ”to 20” in length can be used as cutting equipment. Chainsaws are equipped with effective braking systems, auto-lubrication, vibration protection.

Husqvarna 135

This chainsaw is compact and lightweight at 4.4 kg. The saw bar has a size of 16 ”. Two-stroke engine power 2 l. from. As in all Huskvarn chain saws, there is a chain brake, an oil pump, and vibration protection.

Husqvarna 136

The performance of the engine is 2.2 liters. with., the mass of a gasoline tool 4.6 kg. The tire length is 14-16 ”. Auto lubrication circuit, there is vibration protection and brake.

Husqvarna 140

ICE (X-Torq) allows you to save fuel consumption by 20% and reduce up to 70% the content of toxins in the exhaust gases. Chainsaw rating 2.2 l. from. its mass without equipment is 4.4 kg, the tire is 16 ”, vibration dampers, an oil pump and a brake are built-in.

Husqvarna 235

This is one of the most compact chainsaws from the entire household line. The internal combustion engine has a capacity of 1.77 liters. with., the launch system is facilitated by an inertial spring on the starter and a decompression valve.

Small tires of 15 inches are used. There are vibration dampers, an oil pump and a chain braking system.

Husqvarna 340

The saw is as close as possible to semi-professional units, equipped with a lightweight start system, ICE with X-Torq, an automatic oil pump, dampers for damping vibration and a chain braking system.

Used tires at 38 cm. The performance of the engine is 2.7 liters. from. chainsaw weight 4.7 kg.

Husqvarna 345

3 liter petrol ICE from. (X-Torq), Air Injection. Starting is simplified by inertia spring decompression valves). There is a chain braking system, a chain catcher, anti-vibration dampers and an automatic oil pump.

Chainsaw weight 4.8 kg, tire length 45 cm.

Husqvarna 435

TOP modification, ICE 2.2 liters. from. (X-Torq), fuel consumption reduced by 20%, exhaust gas treatment up to 70%. Installed primer, braking system, vibration damping, oil pump.

The weight of the petrol tool is 4.4 kg. It is possible to install tires with a size of 33-45 cm.

Husqvarna 440

TOP chainsaw, characterized by lightness (4.4 kg), ICE 2.4 liters. with., improved start, the system "Air Injection".

Add economical fuel consumption, a cleaned exhaust, a primer, an oil pump, a brake system and a damping vibration protection).

Semi-professional models

Husqvarna 445E II Series

A universal saw made using the X-Torq innovation, a two-stroke ICE produces 2.86 liters. with., which is quite enough for the installation of saw tires 33-50 cm.

Cleaning with Air Injection, chain brake, decompression valve, oil pump. Starting from a manual starter with an additional spring. The weight of the model without accessories is 5.1 kg.

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Husqvarna 61

This is a rather heavy chainsaw weighing 6.1 kg (the headset does not count). 3.94-liter carburetor powerplant from. The innovative X-Torq technology is involved, making the gas tool more economical and environmentally friendly.

Starting from a starting cable with an additional inertial spring. Air injection cleaning “Air injection”, there are dampers for vibration damping and chain brake. 45 cm guides recommended.

Husqvarna 137

The weight (4.6 kg) and the power of the internal combustion engine (2.18 hp) are small, however, the operational characteristics and the ability to withstand the load rightly rank this gasoline tool as a semi-professional technique. Included is a 16 ”guide.

Husqvarna 350

This product weighs 4.8 kg, is equipped with a carburetor engine (X-Torq) of 3.1 liters. from. Starting from the starting cable, “Air Injection” in 2 steps, automatic oil pump, vibration damping system, inertial brake system. Canvases up to 45 cm long are included.

Husqvarna 450E II

The weight of the chainsaw is 5.1 kg (the headset is not taken). The saw is equipped with a 3.2 liter propulsion system. from. (X-Torq), which improves tool performance.

15 ”tires are applied to this model. Vibration suppression, braking, Air Injection, lubrication systems are built-in.

Husqvarna 455E

The saw is equipped with a carburetor engine with a nominal value of 3.5 liters. from. The following systems are involved: Air Injection, oil supply to the circuit, vibration damping, and braking. Mounted tires size 13-20 ".

Professional Chainsaws

Husqvarna 268

A professional unit weighing 6.2 kg produces up to 4.4 liters. from.

The chainsaw is equipped with all the necessary systems to ensure long-term efficient operation: Air Injection, easy start, brake, anti-vibration pads, automatic oil pump. The power of the saw allows you to mount guides up to 60 cm.

Husqvarna 353

The chainsaw is ideal for long-term operation, increased loads, can work in extreme mode. Two-stroke ICE delivers a power of 3.26 liters. from.

The X-Torq system allows to reduce losses in fuel and to reduce the content of toxins in the exhaust gas of a chainsaw. 38 cm tires are used. An inertial brake, a chain catcher, a vibration damper, an oil pump are integrated. The saw received an easy start-up and cleaning system Air Injection. The weight of the gas tool is 5 kg.

Husqvarna 359

The weight of the chainsaw is 5.5 kg and is equipped with all the regalia inherent to the Huskvarn professional saws: a 2.9 liter two-stroke engine. from. (X-Torq), lightweight starting, shock absorbing dampers, chain brake, Air Injection system, oil pump. Mounted 13-20 ”cutting equipment.

Husqvarna 365

Motor (X-Torq) rated at 4.6 liters. from. allows you to achieve certain savings, increases the environmental friendliness of gasoline powered tools. The decompression valve is activated. double air cleaning system “Air Injection”, auto-lubrication equipment and braking system. Recommended for use with 18 ”tires. The chainsaw has a mass of 6 kg.

Husqvarna 372 XP

This professional tool allows you to develop a capacity of 5.27 liters. from. ICE (X-Torq), involved the system “Air injection”, “Low vib”, chain lubrication, chain brake. The tire is 45 cm long. The device weighs 6.1 kg.

Husqvarna 395XP

One of the most powerful chain saws in the entire line (6.6 hp) is equipped with a 2-stroke ICE (X-Torq) and weighs 7.9 kg. The systems involved are: “Low Vib”, “Air Injection”, lubrication, braking. Starting the chainsaw is as easy as possible with the built-in decompressor and a second spring on the cable. 18-36 ”tires are installed.

Husqvarna 545

The mass of the unit is 4.9 kg, the permissible length of the guide is 13-20 ”. The X-Torq gasoline engine produces 3.4 liters. with., built-in decompressor, starting from the starting cable. The systems involved are braking, vibration damping, air purification, chain lubrication.

Husqvarna 555

The unit weighs 5.6 kg. The power plant (X-Torq) allows you to get up to 4.21 liters. from. This is enough to secure the 13-24 inch saw headset. The chainsaw is equipped with the following engineering innovations: LowVib vibration damping system, Air Injection double cleaning, lubrication supply, chain brake.

Husqvarna 562 XP

This chainsaw is even more advanced. Its engine was created using two innovations at once: RevBoost. an instant set of revolutions, and X-Torq. clean exhaust fuel economy.

Saw power 4.76 l. with. that allows you to put tires with a length of 38-71 cm. Other characteristics are standard: automatic oil pump, brake system, vibration damping.

Husqvarna 576 XP

This modification weighs 6.6 kg (without cutting unit), a two-stroke engine produces 5.7 liters of power. from. Saw tires from 38 to 71 cm in size can be used. Otherwise, the unit is fully consistent with its range, including useful features.

Chinese fakes

Husqvarna 142

The Chinese-made saw received a 2.6 strong gasoline engine, which allows you to mount a 38 cm long tire. The weight of the saw without a headset is 4.6 kg. There is a vibration damping system, and a brake, and an oil pump.

Husqvarna 236

This is the most popular Chinese saw, its weight is quite large (7.37 kg), the power of the carburetor engine is 1.9 liters. from. In this regard, a short 14-inch tires are mounted on the saw.

Husqvarna 240

Normal 2 L chainsaw from. and weighing 4.7 kg. There is a chain brake, anti-vibration pads, oil is automatically supplied to the chain by an oil pump.

Husqvarna 5200

The weight of the chainsaw is 5.3 kg. The unit is quite powerful (3.6 hp), equipped with vibration damping and braking systems, lubrication is automatically supplied. There is enough power to install a guide length of 52 cm.

User’s manual

The instruction has an introductory function, introduces the owner of the chainsaw with the capabilities and features of the tool:

  • Stages of assembly, Huskvarna device.
  • Security.
  • Completeness.
  • Table with characteristics.
  • Ways to work.
  • Preparing the chainsaw for work, running in.
  • Maintenance.
  • Malfunctions.

Safety measures when working with a chainsaw:

  • use protective equipment: glasses. gloves, comfortable clothes and shoes, ear plugs, etc.;
  • Do not smoke near the chainsaw;
  • tuck the tool away from the work area;
  • remove strangers from the working area;
  • Do not cut with a malfunctioning saw;
  • Do not disassemble the included tool.

First start

Before working with a chainsaw, you must:

  • Cooking fuel (ratio, how to breed). The fuel mixture is prepared from engine oil and gasoline, proportion 50/1. How much is in liters: 1 liter of gasoline and 0.1 liter of engine oil (only 2T). It is better to use the finished mixture immediately, because it does not last longer than a month.
  • Pour mixture into the fuel tank.
  • Checking fasteners.
  • Chainsaw launch.
  • Functional check of the following systems: lubricant supply; braking; single turns.
  • Run in. Running-in allows you to get used to all moving parts of the chainsaw with minimal loads. Break-in time. 10 hours.


Chainsaw service includes:

  • Cleaning:
  • Replacing the working sprocket.
  • Sharpening the chain.
  • Adjusting work: carburetor; ignition.

Major malfunctions and their elimination

Why the Husqvarna chainsaw does not start:

  • empty tank;
  • low-quality fuel mixture;
  • ignition system not adjusted;
  • carburetor not configured;
  • disconnected / broken high-voltage wire;
  • failure of the piston group;
  • candle cleaning or replacement required;
  • the filter is dirty.

The chain saw stalls when you press the gas, reasons:

  • the filter is clogged;
  • water impurities in the fuel;
  • spark plug problems;
  • carburetor adjustment required.

Video review

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Owner reviews

Valentine, 39 years old:

“I bought a Huskvarn saw, it turned out to be a fake, it still works, it’s 1.5 years old. I repair it myself, I use it for trimming branches, pruning bushes and crowns. A short tire makes it easy to crawl into a tree. The weight of the saw is large, it interferes, hands get tired on weight. This is a 236 model. Advantages: worked for 1.5 years, still working. Disadvantages: China, low power, heavy. ”

Anton, 26 years old:

“I work semi-professional AL-KOI, the saw is excellent, it takes any wood, but it is expensive both in price and in maintenance. Satisfied with the instrument. Advantages: powerful, reliable, convenient. Disadvantages: expensive to maintain. ”

Boris, 42 years old:

“This summer I bought a household Husqvarna. I coped with the harvesting of firewood for a time, in February I will be cutting trees. Management is simple, the saw is excellent. Advantages: reliability, power, light weight. Disadvantages: price. "

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