Is it possible to mow with a lawn mower after rain

Lawn mowers that run on electricity are unsafe

We all know that you shouldn’t swim in a river, pond, or sea during a thunderstorm. But why then use an electric lawn mower on a wet lawn? Indeed, in this case, you also run the risk of getting an electric discharge. When you mow wet grass with the electric mower, there is a risk of damage to the mower due to moisture. It can also potentially lead to injury to the person working with the lawn mower.

Wet grass. increased risk of danger

Even if your waterproof shoes are well-soled, you still have the risk of slipping on wet grass while you mow. And with a running lawnmower it can be dangerous. Especially if you are trying to mow the grass quickly.

Did you know that mowing a wet lawn is much more difficult??

Is it pleasant for you to look at a smooth, mowed lawn? Did you know that if you mow a wet lawn with a gasoline or electric mower, you are unlikely to get such a perfect result? This is because it is more difficult for wet knives to cut the grass evenly. As a result, this leads to an uneven surface of the lawn. This is especially true for mobile mowers. So if you care about the appearance of your lawn, you should wait until the grass on your site is completely dry.

Wet grass can clog the mower

Wet grass is very sticky! It not only sticks to your shoes, but also to various parts of the mower. As a result, accumulated grass can block the blades and other parts of the mower, making it difficult to mow the lawn further. What’s more, wet grass can even damage your mower.

Is it possible to mow the grass when it is wet?

So, after working days, you escaped to the dacha for the weekend, and your gaze was presented with an unkempt lawn, which you decided to tidy up with the help of an electric or gasoline lawn mower. It would seem that nothing can prevent you from putting your site in order. But did you know that if it has been raining recently and the grass in your area is wet, it is better to put off this venture until the grass is dry? Do you understand that cutting wet grass can be dangerous?

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So before you take your lawn mower, put on waterproof shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind:

It can really damage your lawn.

If you decide to mow wet grass in your area, then you should know that you can ruin not only the appearance of the lawn. Grass isn’t the only wet part of your lawn. Together with the grass, the soil is moist. You can damage the soil and grass roots while using the mower. As a result, your lawn can become uneven and become covered with ugly spots throughout the territory.

So with some of the dangers and potential damage you can do to your summer cottage lawn, it is wise to keep the mower away from the grass when it is wet.

Mowing lawns in the rain!


Battery-powered grass trimmers are much lighter than petrol and electric trimmers due to the lack of an engine. Other benefits include:

  • simple construction;
  • lack of an electric cable;
  • no need to buy expensive gasoline;
  • low cost.

But the performance and power indicators of battery trimmers are not very high, the charge is enough for a maximum of 40 minutes of work, and it takes a long time to charge.

Ideally, it would be nice to have a hand-held lawn mower for mowing grass on a level lawn and a battery grass trimmer for working in hard-to-reach places at their summer cottage.


Weight 4.1 kg, power 1 l / s., Tank size 0.3 l, average cost 13 thousand rubles;

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a gasoline lawn mower

Do not work after a rainstorm and gasoline-powered equipment. The grass becomes heavier, leading to premature tool failure. First of all, due to overheating, the piston pair and other moving parts will break.

Important! If it is impossible to postpone work, then it is necessary to take breaks in work every 10-15 minutes and let the tool run at idle speed.

The lawn itself may also be affected. The soil will be wet, furrows will be formed and the grass will be mowed in ugly stripes. Young plants can be pulled out along with the roots, and in older grass, the cut will be uneven, torn, which can lead to various diseases. The spreading of grass after the grass trimmer will also be uneven, which can lead to bald patches on the level surface of the lawn. It turns out that it is possible to mow damp grass with a gasoline mower, but it is better to choose another time for mowing.

possible, lawn, mower, rain

Working in wet weather

If there is a need to mow with a trimmer in any weather, then it definitely must be gasoline, since it tolerates wet weather well. Although, according to the instructions, work in the rain or on wet grass is also prohibited by some manufacturers of such gasoline equipment. This is also worth considering when choosing a grass trimmer.

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The electric motor is the most vulnerable place to moisture with cordless trimmers. Accordingly, if it is located on top, then there is less chance of moisture getting there from the grass, but in rainy weather they cannot work either.

Most moisture sensitive AC powered grass trimmers.

Typically, water from wet grass enters the connectors of the extension cord, where an electric arc can occur that can ignite the insulating plastic or cause a short circuit. Such a defect is “corrected” by buying a new extension cord or replacing the plug, but moisture ingress on the engine or control circuit leads to irreversible failure of the grass trimmer. In addition, it is simply dangerous to work with such a tool in the rain, since there is a high probability of electric shock.

We start with safety

Of the protective devices, the glasses and gloves recommended by the annotation do not interfere at all, but the protection of the legs is more important. The cutting tool, especially when mowing with a gasoline trimmer with metal knives, spinning at tremendous speeds, picks up debris, stones and cuttings of vegetation, scattering at such a speed that they can injure a person. Therefore, it is better to work in pants and closed shoes or boots.

As for ear protection, there is a tangible need for this only for the “loudest” petrol trimmer. based on a two-stroke engine. They are usually equipped with special headband headphones to reduce the sound pressure on the eardrum.

grass trimmer

It is a rod with handles, a special coil and a motor, which can be electric or gasoline. The reel has a spool on which a special line is wound or a knife is put on.

Note! The electric grass trimmer simply plugs in and is ready to go. It is lightweight, handy, but its operation requires long wiring and a socket, which is not always convenient. It will be difficult to mow a large area.

  • Low-power. Comfortable, lightweight, but can’t handle tough, wet grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. They come with a lower motor and an upper one. A special blade can be fitted to cut coarser grass. Models with a lower motor do not cut wet grass.
  • Rechargeable. lightweight, mobile. The disadvantages include the fact that the battery lasts for an hour.

The petrol-powered grass trimmer is heavier than an electric mower, but differs from it in mobility. It has a forged shaft, shoulder straps and a powerful drive train. The device of the gearbox allows you to use in work not only fishing line, but also a knife and a toothed disc, which greatly improves the quality of processing the site. With a petrol mower, you can mow very impressive areas.

possible, lawn, mower, rain

With a trimmer, you can mow grass in hard-to-reach places (under benches, near poles), as well as mow paths, regardless of their location.

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Cutting wet grass, plus Bermuda Grass tips

  • do not get a flat surface;
  • when mowing for a long time, the operator will get tired.

Why you shouldn’t cut wet grass with a trimmer

There are also indirect prerequisites for why it is impossible to mow grass wet from dew or rain in a personal plot. The better to mow the grass why there is and then, when working with a trimmer of such a flow. These include:

  • Early wear on the grass trimmer;
  • Damage to the lawn.

How can a brushcutter be disabled by mowing moistened vegetation? It’s simple. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a great possibility that the engine will not be able to withstand the heavy load put on the flexible shaft of the grass trimmer. Well, the shaft itself can turn. Such loads in most cases appear from the sticking of wet grass on the knives and on the spindle to which they are attached.

In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, due to huge loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Here we can note the early failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving units. In most cases, the piston pair fails due to overheating of the motor. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by wet grass when mowing.

If you are mowing wet grass with a petrol trimmer, let it idle for 30 seconds without load to avoid overheating of the engine. In this way, you will remove excess heat and save the piston pair.

What to do with cut grass?

When buying a lawn mower, do not forget about such a useful function as mulching. Mulch is the finely cut grass that the mower spreads on the ground. Why mulching? Mulch is used as an affordable fertilizer. But it is not always useful. Do not mulch your lawn with a lawn mower in wet weather. Prolonged rains contribute to mulch decay and contamination of lawn grass with bacteria and fungi.

Even if your lawnmower is not equipped with this feature, but simply collects the grass in a special compartment, you can benefit from it immensely. Sprinkle it under various plants in the garden or flowers. Mulch is perfect for cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage. It will retain moisture and inhibit the development of weeds.