Jammed The Bit In A Screwdriver How To Pull Out

Screwdriver design

What is a screwdriver? In fact, this is the same drill, however, a screwdriver differs from it in that it has a lower speed of rotation of the chuck and, at the same time, more torque.

Another difference. if the speed of rotation on a drill can vary smoothly, then on a screwdriver, as a rule, “fixed” speeds of rotation of the chuck are installed. This is due to the “slip” function of the screwdriver’s chuck: when the screw is tightened, the chuck stops rotating, although the engine is still running. This function allows you to not tear off the slots and not "drive" the screw inward.

Different types of speeds are calculated for specific types of work and materials, as well as the "drilling" mode. Just like a drill, a screwdriver has a reverse function. The design features of a screwdriver allow them to perform a wide range of work: tightening and loosening screws and self-tapping screws, screws and nuts, drilling soft materials.

The use of a screwdriver, for example, in the manufacture of drywall partitions or in the assembly of furniture, increases the speed of work at times. Therefore, a screwdriver is rightfully considered one of the most common tools in the set of any master.

The designs of all screwdrivers are approximately the same. They are quite light and have a “pistol” handle, designed to work with the tool with one hand.

Youtube How to insert a bit into a screwdriver?

The start key is designed to regulate the speed of rotation by pressing force.

An important element of a screwdriver is its power source. If the drills are available in versions with mains power as well as in an autonomous (cordless) version, then screwdrivers, due to the application, are almost exclusively cordless. The battery is the heaviest and most expensive part of a screwdriver.

Household models of screwdrivers are usually equipped with nickel-cadmium (labeled “Ni-Cd”), and more expensive professional ones with lithium-ion (“Li-Ion”) batteries. Their difference lies in the fact that nickel-cadmium have a shorter service life (about 1000 recharges), and also have one unpleasant feature: if the battery is not completely discharged, its capacity decreases during subsequent charging.

But whatever the battery, its capacity is limited by the weight of the instrument. Therefore, even the most expensive models of screwdrivers are able to work continuously for no more than a few hours. Some manufacturers solve this problem by introducing a second spare battery into the screwdriver kit. However, this significantly increases the cost of the tool. The battery is being charged from a normal network. The charging speed again depends on the model and can range from 2-3 to 6 hours, although some models of screwdrivers provide for “fast” charging in 10-15 minutes.

Work rules

Working with a screwdriver is easy. The nozzle necessary for operation (a “bit”, or a wrench, or a drill) is clamped in the chuck lips, and, with some effort pressing the screwdriver, pressing the button rotates the chuck. If you need to unscrew the screw or pull out the drill, turn on the "reverse". When working, several rules should be observed:

  1. Before working with a screwdriver, fully charge it. At the same time, strictly follow the instructions on the charging time. “overexposure” of the battery in the charger reduces its service life.
  2. When working correctly, select the "screwing" or "drilling" mode. this way you will protect the engine and screwdriver gear from breakdowns.

Remember that the screwdriver is not intended for drilling stone or concrete.

  • Try not to drop or drop the screwdriver. this is a rather fragile tool.
  • Keep the screwdriver clean. remember that fine dust and dirt particles act in the rubbing parts as an abrasive, and the elements of the screwdriver fail more quickly.
  • Now you have a general idea of ​​what a screwdriver is and how to work with a screwdriver. It’s time to pick up the instrument and create!
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    Cordless Drill / Driver

    Bosch cordless drill / driver PSR 18 Li-2.

    A fairly simple screwdriver for home use, the main advantage of the device is a universal lithium battery suitable for jigsaw and delta grinder.

    The weight of the screwdriver with the battery is 1.3 kg. That is, it is not heavy, but not light. At the same time, the maximum moment is 46Nm, which is not very bad.

    The speed is regulated, as in most other screwdrivers and drills. by a button. Also standard, a cartridge direction switch is located nearby.

    Jammed The Bit In A Screwdriver How To Pull Out

    Video: Jammed The Bit In A Screwdriver How To Pull Out

    The screwdriver has a standard quick-clamping three-jaw chuck. The maximum diameter of the drill shank that can be clamped into this chuck is 10 mm.

    The manufacturer does not recommend using this screwdriver for drilling large holes: in steel more than 10mm, in wood more than 35mm.

    To fix a bit or a drill in a keyless chuck of a screwdriver, just fix the chuck by hand and turn on the screwdriver at high speeds.

    How to work with a screwdriver

    And the cartridge itself will clamp the drill.

    To remove the drill or bit, you need to switch the screwdriver to reverse, fix the chuck and turn on the screwdriver: the cams will unclench and release the drill or bit.

    The standard in screwdrivers, torque limiting clutch. At the top of the case, opposite the cartridge, there is an arrow that indicates a number. The larger the number, the greater the torque the clutch can withstand without disconnecting. In total, the clutch has 10 positions with different torque settings, plus a drill mode. In drill mode? marked DRILL, the torque limiting clutch disengages. And with a screwdriver you can already drill.

    This screwdriver has two speed ranges from 0. 400 revolutions per minute and from 0. 1340 rpm. The speed can be switched by the red slide switch in the upper part of the screwdriver, in the “back” position, the screwdriver operates at the first. low speed. If the engine is moved forward, then the second speed is turned on. In addition, the speed number can be seen in the window next to the switch.

    A convenient option for a beginner is an indicator of the direction of rotation: two triangles in the upper part of the device will help determine in which mode the screwdriver works: the forward arrow means that the chuck rotates clockwise and accordingly turns the screw, if the back arrow lights up, the chuck rotates counterclockwise and turns the screw.

    On the screwdriver there is an indicator showing the degree of charge of the battery.

    And the POWERLIGHT backlight is located nearby, which will greatly help when working in poorly lit places.

    We drill a wooden block in the "drill" mode, i.e. with clutch disconnected. For a relatively thin drill, a second speed can be included.

    To screw in a screw, you need to select a bit that is suitable for this type of screw.
    The main types of slots, in the photo from left to right:

    • 1) Philips
    • 2) posidrive,
    • 3) direct
    • 4) star-shaped (torx),
    • 5) hex.

    In addition to the shape, the slots differ in size and for each size of the slot of a screw or screw, you need to take a bit of the right size.

    So, the desired bit is selected and clamped in the cartridge, but to screw in the screw it is worth turning on the first speed and set the clutch to limit the moment. In our case, for this diameter of the screws, select the position "17".

    In the photo, the result of screwing a screw to different depths. When the screwdriver completely tightens the screw, the screwing force will increase and the torque limit clutch will start to work. Thanks to this, the screw will not go deeper than necessary and will not split the bar.

    The lithium-ion batteries on which the battery is built are very good and you will not need to replace the batteries in a screwdriver for a long time.

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