Setting Up A Sharpening Machine For Band Saws Video

Sawing and turning of wood, as well as other lumber, occurs with circular or band saws. However, the use of a band saw is much more technologically advanced. Such varieties can speed up the work process several times, and also leave much less waste after work.

A band saw is a working tool for special machines that allows you to cut many materials. But, like other cutting tools, such a saw tends to become dull, which means that for further normal use it is necessary to sharpen the blades.


A saw of this kind is a closed tape of teeth. This design has several advantages over other saws.

A band saw is useful in situations where it is necessary to cut some expensive raw materials, since the teeth create a neat and bottleneck cut, while maintaining the maximum amount of material unscathed. For example, you can use a band saw on wood while working with valuable wood materials.

If it is correct and with constant frequency to sharpen the teeth of such a saw, then the tool will perform its task efficiently, namely: instantly, accurately and with a small amount of waste, cut the parts from almost any material.

What can be sharpened?

A small blade with small teeth can be sharpened with a special file or a regular nozzle of the machine. However, such sharpening is very long and inefficient, and also very often causes a series of breakdowns of the saw. Given these problems, many craftsmen have long been using an electric sharpening machine, which quickly and equally evenly grinds all the teeth of a band saw.

Such machines are divided into several groups.

  • Fully Automatic Centers, they use a specialized feed and sharpening program, such machines are mainly used by large workshops for grinding or restoration of large and massive band saws. The process takes place with the use of cooling chemical liquids and under strict control.
  • Semi-handed machines with consoles of a special tool.
  • Small auto centers, they configure the step of moving the web and control the process.

A grinding machine is an aggregate that helps to sharpen a saw efficiently using a grinding wheel. Most often, a specific unit is selected for a certain type of saw.

The machine includes:

  • base and external structure;
  • tool holder;
  • special drives used to move the blade and rotate grinding wheels.
Setting Up A Sharpening Machine For Band Saws Video

Sharpening process

The recess is divided into 2 types:

  • edge sharpening;
  • full profile sharpening.

The process can be carried out without the use of a special machine, however, with such a process you may experience a number of difficulties. And if in the first type of sharpening such problems will be insignificant, then in the second. without the use of a special grinding machine you just can not do.

The work is carried out using special grinding wheels, each of which has certain parameters, which means that you need to select them individually.

Video: Setting Up A Sharpening Machine For Band Saws Video

How to choose equipment for sharpening?

It is quite difficult to choose a high-quality grinding machine, but in the modern market there are more and more truly high-quality tools. With the advent of automatic tools for sharpening saws, the quality of the process has also increased, since the human factor in such a process is minimized, which means that incorrect angles of inclination of sharpened teeth or churning of the sinuses are eliminated.

Among high-quality machines, models of several brands can be distinguished.

  • "Cedar". One of the most common and famous brands. This tool belongs to a fully automatic machine, which uses work due to the installed program. It also implies constant monitoring and use of coolant for normal operation. "Cedar" is quite easy to use and suitable even for novice masters. Setting the angle manually is also not difficult, just loosen the two special bolts located on the back of the tool and adjust the angle you need with the screw near the base. And also on the instrument there is a speed control of the web.

modern variations allow the use of grinding diamond wheels.

  • "Taiga". The brand is no less famous than the previous one, it has almost the same characteristics, its management is even a little easier. The angle and feed speed of the blade can also be easily adjusted on the tool.

You can use this machine for both wide and narrow band saws.

  • "AZU-02". The most modified of all previous machines. All models have a special device for the automatic supply of coolant. The tool has several switches that allow you to fully control the operation of the grinding machine. And also in all models diamond blades are used, which accelerate the work process and improve its quality.

At AZU-02 it is still possible to adjust the speed modes of web movement, which also greatly simplifies the process.

  • "PZSL 30/60 pros". A modern, fully automatic machine with a high sharpening speed. A special cooling oil is used to cool this machine. To work with such a machine does not require any professionalism, in the process of work you will need only surface control, since the machine turns itself off when grinding one circle of saw teeth.
  • "PZSL 10/2". Automatic machine for narrow band saws, suitable for both wood saws and metal saws. This unit, like the previous one, has oil cooling. The process is fully automated, the task of the wizard is only to set the desired process and bring the canvas into the machine, then the machine itself will do all the work.
  • Astron (A-1). Full-profile borazon machine, the process of working with such a unit is fully automated. The machine cuts the entire saw blade in 1 full pass. For sharpening, an elbor disk is used, which is distinguished by high quality and durability. Setting up the process is very easy and does not require high professionalism.

In the modern market of tools, there is a huge number of the most diverse saw grinding machines, the most basic and popular tool grinding machines are given above.

Useful Tips

If you want to sharpen the tool with high quality and easy, then during operation you need to observe the following:

  • in fully automatic devices it is necessary to use a special liquid, otherwise the device will overheat and may break;
  • from each clove during sharpening the same layer of material should be removed;
  • after working on the teeth there should not be bumps and burrs;
  • all work must be carried out with the same pressure on the tool and at the same angle;
  • the workplace should be cleaned and nothing should interfere;
  • there should always be a first aid kit at hand;
  • during operation, protective clothing must be used.

When performing work by a person without special education and experience, certain difficulties may arise, therefore it is better to sharpen, having at least some knowledge and skills in this area.

Summing up, we can say that the use of special sharpening machines for band saws greatly simplifies and speeds up the work process, however, it is important to follow the instructions and all recommendations, and also not to forget about safety rules.

See how to sharpen a band saw on sharpening machines in the next video.

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