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John Deere Lawn Mower Decks

John Deere is a manufacturer of tractors that are designed to deal with landscaping and yard maintenance projects of all sizes, whether residential or commercial. That means the company has a large selection of mower decks that can handle all sorts of thick vegetation and bumpy terrain. If you?re looking to replace your equipment, eBay has new and pre-owned John Deer lawnmower decks and components to get you back on the job.

What are the main parts of a mower deck?

These are the main parts of the deck that can need repair.

Comparing John Deere X300 Series Lawn Tractors

X330 22 HP Cyclonic 42–48 in. Low-effort2-wheel 3,799
X350 21.5 HP iTorque 42–48 in. Low-effort2-wheel 3,999
X350R 21.5 HP iTorque 42 in.Rear-discharge Low-effort2-wheel 5,999
X354 21.5 HP iTorque 42 in. Low-effort4-wheel 4,899
X370 21.5 HP iTorque 42 in. Power 2-wheel 4,999
X380 23 HP iTorque 48–54 in. Low-effort2-wheel 5,499
X384 23 HP iTorque 48 in. Low-effort4-wheel 6,499
X390 23 HP iTorque 48–54 in. Power 2-wheel 6,699
X394 23 HP iTorque 48 in. Power 4-wheel 7,499

John Deere X300 Pricing

Ranging from 3,799 to 7,499, the John Deere X300 Series Lawn Tractors are available exclusively from John Deere dealers or All X300 Series models come with a 4-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

John Deere”s First All-Electric Riding Mower: Everything You Need to Know

It seems everything is going electric these days, from your pickup truck to your grill. Now, John Deere is joining the EV revolution — with their first-ever fully-electric residential riding lawn mower.

Residential electric riding mowers have existed for a while, but we”ve never before seen John Deere enter the space before — and they”re making a pretty big splash with their debut effort. The new zero-turn mower is called the Z370R Electric ZTrak Mower, and it”s the first in what”s expected to be a wave of electric mowers and lawn tractors from the legendary manufacturer. You likely have a lot of questions about John Deere”s big electric shift, so here”s everything you need to know about this innovative new zero-turn mower.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Easy to Charge

You can kiss your gas cans goodbye, since the Z370R Electric doesn”t need any. Instead, all you have to do to charge the mower is plug a standard outdoor extension cord into a 110-volt grounded outlet. There”s no need to remove the battery or purchase any special charger, meaning you”re likely already set up to charge the mower out of the box.

Outside of the obvious benefits of going electric — like less noise and a lack of polluting emissions — is the reduction in maintenance. According to John Deere, the Z370R Electric will be much easier to maintain than its gas-powered brethren, since you won”t ever need to change its oil or replace any filters or belts.

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The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Just As Powerful As Gas Models

The Z370R Electric shares many components with John Deere”s gas-powered models. Its 42″ Accel Deep Mower Deck is the same one you’ll find on gas zero-turn mowers, and the electric transaxle has the same maximum forward travel speed of 7 mph that you’ll find on the gas-powered zero-turn Z300 ZTrak mowers. Its 3.2 kWh (3.56 kWh maximum) lithium-ion battery also allows the Z370R to mow up to 2 acres on a single charge, which is the same maximum runtime you’ll find on Z300 ZTrak mowers.

Not that you’d want to mow your lawn in the rain, but just in case, the Z370R is set up to do so. Both the battery and the mower deck motors are sealed to prevent water ingress, and the mower is rated to be used in the rain and on wet grass without worry. It’s also safe to store outdoors and wash with a hose.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Expensive

So far, this electric Deere sounds pretty great, but it”ll cost you. The Z370R is being launched with an MSRP of 6,399. For comparison, the closest gas-powered model specs-wise in John Deere”s lineup is the Z320R, which also has a 42″ deck and ZTrak zero-turn capabilities, and those go for 3,699.

While there’s no exact release date for the mower yet, you can get a jumpstart on John Deere’s “Electric Tomorrow” by pre-ordering your Z370R today. The brand’s online store is taking orders, and the mower is listed as a 2024 model, so it’ll likely be some time before you take delivery. Our Electric Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.