Kubota Unveils 2022 Line of Mowers. Kubota lawn mower zero turn

Kubota zero-turn mowers by model

Established in 1890, the Kubota Corporation has a long history of manufacturing agricultural machinery in Japan. With an excellent line of compact tractors, necessary on smaller Japanese farms, Kubota entered the North American market in 1969.

Model Power Mower Deck Years
Z121S 21 HP 48″ deck 2014.
Z122R 21 HP 42″ deck 2015. 2019
Z122E 22 HP 48″ deck 2014. 2019
Z125E 25 HP 54″ deck 2014. 2019
Z125S 25 HP 54″ deck 2014. 2019
Z231KW 21 HP 42″ deck 2019.
Z231BR 22 HP 48″ deck 2019.
Z231KH 21 HP 48″ deck 2019.
Z251BR 25 HP 54″ deck 2019.
Z251KH 25 HP 54″ deck 2019.
Z411 22 HP 48″ deck 2017.
Z412 22 HP 48″ deck 2020.
Z421 24 HP 54″ deck 2017.
Z421T 24 HP 60″ deck 2017.
Z422 24 HP 54″ deck 2020.
Z422T 24 HP 60″ deck 2020.
Z723 22 HP 48″ deck 2014.
Z724X 23 HP 48/54″ deck 2015.
Z724 23 HP 54″ deck 2014.
Z725 25 HP 60″ deck 2014.
Z726X 25 HP 60″ deck 2015.
Z751 25 HP 48″ deck 2018.
Z781 29 HP 54″ deck 2018.
Z781T 29 HP 60″ deck 2018.
ZD18 18 HP 54″ deck 2001. 2006
ZD21 21 HP 60″ deck 2001. 2006
ZD25 25 HP 60″ deck 2005. 2006
ZD28 28 HP 60/72″ deck 2002. 2006
ZD221 21 HP 48/54″ deck 2008. 2018
ZD321 26 HP 60″ deck 2007. 2011
ZD323 23 HP 60″ deck 2008. 2018
ZD326 26 HP 60″ deck 2007. 2017
ZD326H 26 HP 72″ deck 2014. 2015
ZD331 31 HP 60/72″ deck 2007. 2017
ZD1011 19 HP 48/54″ deck 2016.
ZD1021 21 HP 60″ deck 2016.
ZD1211 24 HP 60″ deck 2016.
ZD1211L 24 HP 72″ deck 2016.
ZD1511L 30 HP 60″ deck 2017.
ZD1511LF 30 HP 72″ deck 2017.
ZG20 20 HP 48″ deck 2003. 2007
ZG23 23 HP 54″ deck 2003. 2007
ZG123S 23 HP 48″ deck 2013
ZG124E 24 HP 48″ deck 2013
ZG127E 27 HP 54″ deck 2013
ZG127S 27 HP 54″ deck 2013
ZG222 22 HP 48″ deck 2008. 2018
ZG227 27 HP 54/60″ deck 2008. 2018
ZG327 27 HP 60″ deck 2008. 2018
ZG332 32 HP 60/72″ deck 2012. 2016
ZP330 31 HP 60/72″ deck 2012. 2016

Kubota Unveils 2022 Line of Mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

The GIE Expo in Louisville, KY is one of the OPE industry’s premier events for unveiling the next year’s product lines. In keeping with what is now tradition, Kubota has debuted the next year’s line of commercial turf care products at this past GIE. This includes the line of Kubota Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers, as well as two of the brand’s lines of powerful zero turn mowers showcasing upgrades designed to reduce your costs and maximize uptime.

Kubota Introduces a New Hydro Walk-Behind Mower in 2022

The Kubota 2022 Commercial Mower Line will see the addition of the W Series Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers. Kubota offers three models–the WHF14NC-36-2, WHF15NC-48-2, and WHF19NC-52-2–with each one built to cut, mulch, and bag better.

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

These models offer updated ergonomic controls, a new floating deck design, and larger, puncture free tires. Additionally, the W Series mowers all feature cutting power that’s optimized to account for the cutting deck size. The mower speed and horsepower increase as you move up deck sizes. These include a 36″, 48″, and 56″ deck option.

The company claims that the W Series Hydro Walk Mowers can tackle properties up to three acres with a 5-hour runtime and increased performance and durability.

Kubota 2022 Zero Turn Mowers Get an Upgrade

Kubota will also introduce upgrades to the existing Z400 and Z700 Series Zero Turn Mowers.

For the Z400 Series mowers, Kubota has unveiled a Power Grass Catcher. Designed for both residential and pros, this grass catcher leaves no debris behind on even the most challenging tasks.

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

The Kubota Z400 ZT Mowers come standard with 6.5-inch-wide front caster tires and a deluxe adjustable suspension seat with 3″ of travel. Hydro-Gear ZT-3600 transmissions, 24″ low profile rear tires, and 22-24 HP Kawasaki engines deliver class-leading travel speeds, as well as Pro-grade durability and performance.

Meanwhile, the Kubota Z700 Series mowers now offer airless Michelin X Tweel tires. Tweel Turf airless radial tires are designed to eliminate service time caused by flats and unseated beads. Tweels offer lateral stability on hillsides, sloped surfaces, and when climbing over curbs and bumps.

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota claims that the Z700 mowers offer best-in-class performance, productivity, and durability. And, with a wide operator station and a premium adjustable suspension seat, longer jobs will cause reduced fatigue.

A cut above the rest. Built for professional mowing results, durability, and comfort – Kubota zero turn mowers are ready to tackle any terrain while keeping you comfortable.

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota SZ

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota Z200

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota Z400

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota Z700

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota ZD1000

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota ZD1200

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota ZD1500

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota ZG200

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Instock Kubotas

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2000 Kubota GF1800 Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2010 Kubota F3680 Front Mount Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2016 Kubota BX25D

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2016 Kubota F3990 Front Mount Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2016 Kubota F3990 Front Mount Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2018 Kubota F3990 Front Mount Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

2022 Kubota SZ26-52 Stand On 52″ MOWER

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Demo 2021 Kubota SZ26-61 Stand on Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers


kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota SZ19-36-2 Stand on Mower

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota T2290KW-42 Lawn Tractor

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota T2290KW-42 Lawn Tractor

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Kubota Z231KW-42 Zero Turn

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Why Kubota Wheel Loaders?

Kubota zero turn mowers are popular among homeowners and professionals alike for their speed, maneuverability, and durability. Here are some of the reasons why Kubota zero turn mowers are considered great:

Maneuverability: Kubota zero turn mowers are designed to turn on a dime, with the ability to make 180-degree turns quickly and easily. This makes them ideal for mowing around obstacles and in tight spaces.

Speed: Kubota zero turn mowers are fast machines that can cover large areas quickly. They have high horsepower engines and hydraulic systems that provide excellent speed and performance.

Comfort: Kubota zero turn mowers are designed for operator comfort, with features such as ergonomic seating, adjustable armrests, and intuitive controls that reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Durability: Kubota zero turn mowers are built to last, with strong frames, high-quality materials, and reliable engines that can handle heavy use and rough terrain. They also have features such as durable decks, heavy-duty transmissions, and large fuel tanks that ensure long-term performance.

Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

The Kubota zero turn series covers a range starting at 42″ size decks through to 72″ deck sizes with both residential and commercial options available. These are premium machines to suit those who want a mower that will last the distance with minimal downtime and durability.

Kubota Residential Series

The Kubota Z 100 kommander zero turn series is the ultimate residential mower combining performance, style and comfort. Just set your deck height with the easy reach dial, push and release the foot pedal in to lower the deck, settle into your high back seat and you will be mowing like a pro.

Comfort and Convenience

Choose the S Model for LED headlights and full seat suspension

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

Deep welded mower deck

High functioning 10 gauge steel fabricated mower deck. Outstanding professional-level cutting performance.

Kubota Commercial Series – ZG Petrol Series

The Kubota ZG pertol series are for those who need that extra level in performance and comfort. The commercial series features Kubota’s rugged petrol engines which offer you outstanding performance with quiet operation.

Pro Commercial mower Deck

6″ 6.5″ Deepest deck in the industry for outstanding cutting performance

Easy Maintenance

Tilt up feature to access underneath deck

The ZD327 features a large fuel tank of 49 litres for those who need to be out mowing for longer, semi-pneumatic front caster tires so you don’t have to worry about those punctures, and the duel-element air cleaner which lets you know when it’s time to service the air cleaner.

Kubota Commercial Series – ZD 1000 Series

Built to take on big mowing jobs, the ZD zero turn series features diesel engines starting at 19hp to 29hp, giving you powerful performance and sheer grunt when you need it most. With options of a side discharge, 54″, 60″ or 72″ deck model or rear discharge 60″ or 72″ rear discharge deck, there is a diesel mower to suit your needs. Packed with clever features such as a hands-free hydraulic deck lift and on-the-go cutting height adjustment. You can count on the Kubota ZD 1000 series to take on the toughest mowing jobs with ease.

Kubota also has higher level front mowers for other specific applications, just contact

ZD 1000 Series Mower Deck Engine
ZD1011 54” Diesel 3 cyl.
ZD1211 60″ Side Discharge Diesel 3 cyl.
ZD1221R 60” Rear Discharge Diesel 3 cyl.
ZD1221L 72″ Side Discharge 72″ Rear Discharge Diesel 3 cyl.



5-LED Low-Profile Work Light Kit

Curtis Cab Door Storage Bracket Kit

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

kubota, unveils, 2022, line, mowers

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The 10 Most Frequent Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

Maintaining a healthy lawn can sometimes be quite difficult, especially if you live in an area with fast-growing grass types. You will end up mowing your lawn every other weekend, which is much harder if you have a lawn mower that breaks down all the time!

This is why investing in a good mower will make your job a lot easier, and you will think of mowing your lawn as a pleasant task to do early in the morning.

When you are spending a lot of money on something, you have to make sure that you get a mower of the highest quality. Gardeners often turn to Kubota zero-turn mowers as they are produced by a Japanese company that has been in the business for a long time. They are effective, reliable, and expensive!

However, they are not perfect — you can still face some issues even after you have bought the best of the best. Today, we are going to talk about the most common Kubota zero-turn mower problems.

If you are considering getting one, read this before you part with your hard-earned money!

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

Kubota lawn mowers are getting relatively popular nowadays. They are produced by a brand that has been in the business for quite some time now. Kubota offers zero-turn mowers with a choice of engines ranging from 19 to 32.5 horsepower, and deck widths from 43 to 72 inches. These mowers are fast and easy to handle, and they ultimately get the job done.

The catch is that Kubota are quite pricey, with some of their tractors costing over 30,000!

When it comes to the mowers, they cost a bit less. However, you will still have to spend several thousand dollars for a good Kubota mower. So, before spending all that money, you should get familiar with all features.

We are now going to discuss the common problems that you might have to deal with.

Uneven Cut

Grass having uneven cuts and track marks is a bothersome and typical issue. This is also one of the common issues with Spartan mowers.

The typical causes of uneven cuts are obvious: using blades that are worn, broken, or dull, mowing too quickly, and not overlapping. As well as dull blades, the causes can also be damaged deck shells, blades not installed properly, or a clogged deck with grass clippings.

To ensure that you have cut every blade of grass, you should slow down, overlap rows, and change or sharpen the blades.

You will quickly start enjoying your newly renovated lawn by adjusting the cutting height to the terrain. However, there are a number of other factors that affect cut quality, so if you notice that one side is cutting more or less than the other, you should also check the tire pressure to make sure it’s the same on both sides.

Ensure that everything is properly installed and clean the mower blades regularly.

Starting Problems

Your lawnmower not starting is among the worst situations you could face. The most important thing is to remain calm and give it a thorough examination.

The most common causes of this issue include fuel tank clogging, bad electrical connections, clogged air filters, and faulty charging systems.

The battery and fuel levels should be checked first; your mower won’t start if the gasoline tank or batteries are empty. Fill up the tank, charge the battery, and if the problem persists, look for other faults.

If the battery is weak and failing, you might need to replace it, but you must never let it discharge. You should remove the battery from your mower and store it in a warm location if you won’t be using it for an extended period of time (such as throughout the winter), and if you have a battery tender, use it!

While you’re at it, remember to check the connectors. Like rusted and weak connections, broken or frayed wires pose a threat and won’t convey enough electricity. Don’t forget to check the spark plugs, replace any worn-out wires, and tighten any loose connections.

You should examine the carburetor and clean it using a carburetor cleaner if the gasoline tank, battery, and other components are all full and functional. If it doesn’t work, manually clean it.


The most common complaint by Kubota customers is that the mower overheats frequently. Overheating issues are usually caused by blocked filters. This is because the filter gets clogged with dust and grass after it has been used a couple of times.

This type of blockage can lead to radiator damage, which is a far more serious issue, especially if there is leakage from the radiator. Therefore, you should regularly check and replace the filters if they get clogged.


When the mower’s deck isn’t properly installed, that is, if it strikes the ground, it will cut the grass at its growing point. An improperly leveled deck can create an uneven cut and brown patches on the lawn.

It will take some time for the grass to recover from scalping. Some grass types might recover faster, while others can take weeks until they start growing again.

Other issues that might cause scalping include a deck that’s too-low, uneven tire pressure, an uneven lawn, and ground speed that’s too fast.

Step Cut

Step cut happens when the surface of the lawn has sharp ridges on it after mowing. Imagine spending all that time and energy cutting your lawn, just to end up with an uneven cut or a step cut! Step cut occurs primarily due to severely damaged blades, an inadequately leveled deck, blades and tires not being installed properly, and a damaged mower spindle.

Check to make sure that your deck is level, your blades are undamaged, your mower spindle and deck shell are in good shape, and your tires are adequately inflated to prevent stepped cutting. You shouldn’t experience any future step cuts if you adhere to these instructions.

Transmission Issues

Hydraulic transmission problems are also one of the most common issues reported in customer reviews. This is also a frequent issue with the Ferris zero-turn mower.

Hydraulic transmissions are primarily used to reach higher acceleration. However, this system is fragile and needs constant upkeep, such as replacing the hydraulic fluid regularly. If there are any leaks in the system, air may enter and slow down the mower until it eventually stops. The likelihood of a sudden blockage in your zero turn mower increases with hydro drive component failure.

If the ground is muddy or damp, drive softly over the grass instead of mowing. Instead of driving up or down, utilize the sideways position to lessen the likelihood of hydraulic transmission failure.

I would suggest that you avoid cutting wet grass, which can damage both your lawn and the mower.

Changing the fluid can also be troublesome. I would suggest watching this video:

Handles Too Stiff

Investing in a good mower isn’t all about getting that even cut. It is also about comfort — you will have to get something that is comfortable, especially if you will be mowing the lawn every other week.

How To Keep Your Mower In Good Condition

Maintaining your mower properly will help it last longer.

This includes giving your lawnmower routine cleaning, periodically checking the oil and fuel, and being cautious with how you store it.

Check The Oil

Checking and refilling the engine oil, adding more grease to the parts that need it, and topping off the hydro oil are all crucial parts of maintaining your mower and extending its lifespan.

Every time you use your lawn mower, check the oil. You should also use lubricant after every 25 hours of use, replace the engine oil every 50 hours, and replace the hydro oil every 400 hours.

However, you should change the hydro oil in a new lawn mower after the first 100 hours and then every 400 hours thereafter.

Clean The Mower

Cleaning your mower as frequently as you can is crucial. Simply cover all the electrical components to protect them from moisture when washing it. After letting the mower dry, oil all the necessary components.

After 25 hours of use, clean the deck and the engine cooling fins. The battery cable can be cleaned every 100 hours, and the spark arrestors every 50 hours. Finally, everything should be fine if you clean the cutting deck’s undersides once every 400 hours.

Store The Battery

You must take care of the battery to extend its life, or you will have to purchase a new one each year. When not using the mower, you should be careful with how you keep it.

When preparing for the winter and anticipating not using the mower for a few months, you should unplug the battery and keep it in a warm location to prevent significant charge loss.

A battery tender can be used to extend its life and keep the charge so that it will be ready when spring arrives.

Store The Mower

When not in use, the mower must be stored carefully to prevent damage from the sun and rust and corrosion from the rain.

Keep it in a garage or another protected area where the elements won’t affect it. Over the winter, keep the mower inside a shed or garage to prevent damage from snow and cold.

Check The Fuel

It’s crucial to check the fuel because it can go bad if the mower isn’t used for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, you can forget about issues with old gasoline by purchasing a fuel stabilizer from Amazon.

Check The Tire Pressure

Check to see if the air pressure in both tires of your lawnmower is the same before using it. If one of your tires has a minor loss of air pressure, you won’t get a clean cut.

Check The Air Filter

Your mower may have trouble starting if your air filters are clogged, primarily because the fuel may burn less efficiently than usual.

Like the gasoline filter, the air filter can be cleaned or replaced using a similar procedure: unplug the cables, remove the filter, and decide whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The filter can be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and soap, just let it air dry and then replace it in the mower.

To Sum Up

The above mentioned Kubota zero-turn mower problems aren’t extremely troublesome. I am sure that you aren’t expecting too many issues when you spend a lot of money on a machine, but unfortunately, that’s never completely true.

After you have used the mower for a long period of time, you will definitely run into some issues despite its price and durability.

In my opinion, Kubota zero-turn mowers are good mowers, and if you have enough money, I definitely recommend buying one. If you want to try other zero-turn mowers, then check out John Deere zero-turn mowers or Ferris zero-turn mowers.

That’s all, folks. I hope this article was helpful.