Lawn mower garage meme. Lawn mower garage meme

Meet the Dad Whose New Balances Glow When It’s Time to Mow

Meet Scott Golz. Dad. Lawnmowing enthusiast. He caught our eye when he commented on a story we did about a community lawnmowing gang. He shared an amazing photo of him proudly posing on his trusted machine, hoisting an American flag. But our community also noticed a subtle glow coming from his New Balances. We needed to find out more. Thankfully, Scott was gracious enough to share his story and some of his tips for a ballpark-esque turf.

Every superhero has an origin story, what’s yours?

My lawn mowing history began around the age of 12. My father passed away 4 years prior so I am what you would call “self-taught”. I didn’t have much technique but damn were my lines straight. The interesting thing is, I had heard stories of my father and how he could mow the lawn with one hand and drink a cup of coffee with the other. It is quite possible that I had acquired some of the raw talent he possessed.

Tell us about your lawnmowing footwear.

The New Balance sneaker – I had my daughter at the age of 32, it was maybe a couple of weeks later when I purchased my 1st pair of New Balance running shoes. I can’t say what inspired me to try on that 1st pair but I did, and haven’t looked back since. New dad instincts I’m guessing.

I have a theory called the New Balance evolution. That 1st pair was my everyday shoe. I’d wear them to the grocery store, casual work meetings, and fun nights out on the town. When they began to lose their luster, they evolved into “work shoes”, mainly worn while doing various light-duty yard work. At this point, I purchase a new pair for everyday use. Once the new pair loses its luster, they evolve into the “work Shoes” and the old “work shoes” graduate to “Lawn Mowing Shoes”. These grass-stained soles are basically the Holy Grail of Dad footwear. I have a large assortment of grass-stained New Balance sneakers on display in my walk-in closet and the collection isn’t showing any signs of slowing. In terms of what pair I choose to wear when I mow, the sneakers basically dictate which pair will be worn on any specific day. I don’t choose the sneaker, the sneaker chooses me.

You may notice the “N” symbol on my New Balance shoes will glow at times. I compare it to the Bat-Signal. I always say “When the New Balance Glow, it’s time to mow”. I couldn’t tell you exactly when this phenomenon first occurred but I can tell you that every Dad has the ability to harness that power. It does come with time and patience. I have been a Dad now for 13 years and I would say it took a good 10 years before I experienced “The Glow”. The funny thing is… I believe it was right around the time I got my 1st riding mower. It was sitting in the garage of the new house we were putting an offer on. In my offer, I negotiated the beautiful green mower into the price of the house and the rest is history. The only thing that can diminish the glow is a rainy day. It is Dad Law that you cannot and must not mow when those blades of grass are wet.

How did becoming a dad change your mowing mindset?

You need to teach your kids to take pride in everything they do, even mowing the lawn. I am sad to say, however, my 13-year-old daughter shows absolutely no interest in lawns, lawnmowers, or lawnmower accessories. She does say the striping looks really nice when I finish. I’ll take any compliment I can from her at this point.

What do you think of Robo-Mowers?

THEY’RE A JOKE. This is a major part of living the dad life. Don’t let robots take that away from you. If you want a robot to vacuum your new bamboo hardwoods, that’s acceptable.

Do you have any signature moves?

I have several signature moves. I usually pull out the 1 handed finger gun and pew-pew the next-door neighbor. Sometimes if I am having an exceptionally good mow, I whip out the double-handed finger guns and pew-pew like the wild west. Know this much, if you drive down my street, you will always get a wave no matter what. You will also see me mouth the words “who the hell is this”.

Do you have any lawnmowing rivals?

When I moved to my current house 3 years ago, my lawn was horrendous. Riddled with a cornucopia of weeds and the invasive “Nutsedge” I was a bit overwhelmed. My next-door neighbor Simon has a beautiful lawn and I decided if I get to look out at his masterpiece, he should get a masterpiece as well. I have been on a mission to be on the same level and it looks like I am almost there. I would not consider him competition, I would consider him motivation. He and his family are wonderful neighbors as well.

Between the two of us, we are the dominating forces in our neighborhood.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming lawnmowing dads?

Keep your blades high, do not under any circumstance scalp your lawn. It opens the lawn up to weeds like you’d never imagined. Get yourself on a 3 step fertilization program and do not mow when the grass is wet. Another major component to my lawn success is to mulch your clippings, do not bag. The clippings are a natural fertilizer. Aerate the lawn every so often and dethatch as well. When you have things looking good and the grass is lush, buy yourself a striping kit for the mower. This will give you those beautiful lines you see at ballparks. This is how you attain lawn domination in your neighborhood. Sticking flame decals your kid got you for Father’s day on your mower definitely scores domination points as well.

What Is Roblox’s Spotify Island, and How Will Kids Try To Spend Money There?

Gaming and music go hand-in-hand, and Spotify hosts over two million gaming-related playlists. This makes their jump into the so-called metaverse a no-brainer, since it’s apparently real, and we will, in fact, have to deal with it. But when Spotify invited The Dad to take a first-hand look at their partnership with Roblox, I was excited to ask the hard-hitting questions dads need to know. Questions like “What is Roblox?” and “No, really, is it like…like what is it?”

Okay, most of us have at least heard of Roblox and perhaps even used it as a motivating tool for chores or good grades or being left alone for an hour. Despite the surging popularity of feel-good, low lift video games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, however, I’ve never actually played the game. But Spotify recognizes the fantastic potential of video games to connect people and has created a space within the game world for users to connect through a love of music. I was given a chance to explore “Spotify Island,” a unique little sanctuary within Roblox, and play around with the features. While it’s not exactly Elden Ring in terms of gameplay nuance, it’s an early look at the merging of all our digital spheres, and certainly a first step toward how entertainment will start to feel in the coming years.

Sidenote: I have to say, the Spotify office is pretty rad. When I arrived, there was a full coffee bar in the lobby, complete with a barista who was very unimpressed by my order of regular black coffee. Look, Spotify, you know me, you know how many times a week I listen to Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town; what kind of coffee did you expect me to order?

Anyway, the Roblox thing. The game allows players to engage with user-generated content, mainly in the form of mini-games players can create and share. The basic gameplay of Spotify Island is to parkour your way around a digital island paradise, collecting heart-shaped tokens, finding hidden easter eggs, and interacting with other players at beat-making stations. The tokens you collect can be exchanged for in-game content, such as emotes and cosmetic changes to your avatar. That’s all pretty familiar territory to online gamers, but the hook is how Spotify will use this space to host unique moments between artists and fans.

In-game, Spotify will host mini-quests, virtual meet-and-greets, and other interactive experiences with artists, including, obviously, selling MERCH! Yes, what kid hasn’t begged for some extra virtual dollars to spend on a virtual t-shirt for their virtual person. As someone who spent money on multiple skins for the various Avengers in a game I don’t even like, I have no commentary on this. But while it’s Dad Law to roll your eyes and act like your wallet is welded shut in these scenarios, Spotify made clear that in-game merch proceeds go directly to the artist. The artists are also as involved with the creative process as they’d like to be. Collectables and achievements are nothing new in video games – or, as we’ve seen with NFTs in the last year, real life for that matter. Considering the game’s been around since 2006, many artists will have grown up on Roblox themselves. I’m sure some young popstars will be thrilled to design in-game swag to share with fans. And I’m doubly sure preteens will lose their mind for it.

Spotfiy Island is a video game, but it’s more like a virtual lounge. I’m told there will be multiple islands added to the game world, with different themes and genres for each.This allows players to find their own little place in the metaverse based on their taste and creativity. Notably, the island features a large stage central to the action. While it’s not mentioned as part of an official release, it’s easy to see virtual events down the line, like how Fortnite has been used as a digital venue for concerts, movie trailers, and other #trending #things.

They announced they were starting partnerships with K-Pop icons Sunmi and Stray Kids, and I politely pretended to know who they were. I’m sure the kids will be excited.

Lawn mower garage meme

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When the lawn mower lookin extra chill on the garage ��

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Mowing With A Troy-Bilt Mower: A Review

Your average American garage contents… probably two cars, a shovel, a rake, a hoe, and a lawn mower, mixed in with some bikes and sports equipment.

My garage? No bikes, and for sports equipment I think I could find a Frisbee® if I could climb over the two electric chipper shredders and move the snow blower over a bit past the lawn cart and the wheelbarrow. I have to be careful, though, not to crash into my stash of clay pots. Let’s not talk about shovels, rakes, and hoes for the moment, they are on the other side of the garage anyway.

Let’s FOCUS instead on the lawn mowers. Yes, there’s a new mower in my garage, a Troy-Bilt B270 ES TriAction™ 21″ Electric Start Self-Propelled Mower sent to me by Troy-Bilt to try out on my lawn.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Setting Up The Mower:

The mower was easy to get out of the box. Open top flaps of box, cut all four corners with razor knife so the sides of the box lay flat and wheel it out. It was easy to set up, too. Straighten handle, loosen two bolts, pull handle out eight inches, tighten bolts back down. Pull starter cord and hook onto handle. Add oil, add gas, turn key to electric starter. Engine starts, ready to mow.

It took just 15 minutes or so to set up the mower, with no tools required. Somewhere in there I should have noted to review the owner’s manual.

Mowing with the Mower:

This is where the rubber meets the road, or we should say, the blade cuts the grass. Short version… once I made a few adjustments, this mower mows quite well.

It is very easy to adjust the height of the mower deck to adjust the cutting length, and the heights are labeled “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6”, which I took to mean inches. So I started out at “3” and scalped the first section of lawn I tried to mow. I moved the two levers up to “5”, which seems to be a 3” cut. I measured to be sure because the owner’s manual didn’t seem to note that particular detail.

The mower is self-propelled by the front wheels. My other gas powered mower is a self-pacing self-propelled mower so I was concerned that this one would be too fast or spin out of control in some sections. But it did neither. It moves at a very comfortable walking pace and I never felt it jerk forward, as some earlier self-propelled mowers seemed to do in the past.

I did note that the handle is a bit higher than I am used to and isn’t adjustable. But once I got used to it, I forgot about that, and think it made me stand up a little straigher while mowing. When I finished mowing, I didn’t seem to be quite as worn out as with the self-paced mower, probably because I didn’t try to go faster than the walking speed. But overall, it took about the same amount of time to mow.

The cut is good. I used the mower in “mulching mode” with no side discharge and no bagging (I never bag the grass as I cut it) and it did a nice job of cutting with no clumps of grass left behind.

The second time I mowed with it, I put it through a serious work out. First, the grass was dampish in places since it had rained earlier in the morning, but it still cut well. This could be because of the “rake bumper” on the front that helps to separate the grass as you mow.

Then when I finished mowing, I dropped the blade down and “short cut” the areas where I will have new garden beds. I do not recommend cutting a lawn that short, ever, and so question why lawn mower designers even make it possible to cut a lawn that short. But the lawn mower did well through this little exercise. I was cutting nearly two inches off, so at times it would start to clog up a bit, but occasionally lifting the mower slightly cleared out the grass clippings. A better option might have been to put the side discharge chute on.

(The whole time I was mowing these sections this short I was thinking about how there are actually people who mow their lawns at this height all the time. Why? Don’t “short cut” your lawn unless you are going to dig it under anyway for a new flower bed or shrub border.)

Deciding What to Do With The Mower:

When I got this mower from Troy-Bilt to try out on my lawn, I assumed I would try it out, write the review and then look for a good home for it, as I wouldn’t want to give up my self-paced mower, plus I also have a delightful reel mower, plus I have a cheap push mower, plus I have… well, it isn’t really all that relevant how many mowers I have. What’s relevant is that I mow my own lawn, usually twice a week during “the season”, and I’ve mown with all types of mowers, except a riding mower, and amongst all those I’ve used, this Troy-Bilt mower ranks pretty high as a good mower.

For more information on this mower and all the Troy-Bilt mowers, visit their website.

(Troy-Bilt sent me this mower at no cost to me, with a request for me to use it and write a review of it on my blog. My opinion of this mower is based on my experience after using it twice.)

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With so little grass on my corner of Katy, a gas mower no longer makes sense for me. But if it did, this one sounds like a great choice!

Thanks for the review. I hope someday my blog gets a big enough readership that I get sent free lawn mowers!

I was thinking of you just now, Carol, as I came indoors from an hour of weeding … in the pouring rain with an umbrella! Yes I am a member of that club! Interesting your mower review – we certainly need a decent one to cope with the grass after never ending storms (most unusual weather for here) – but I imagine that you will not have as much lawn to mow once your wonderful new beds are done. Happy mowing. Y

Sounds like a great mower. I have a riding lawn mower and that’s all. Troy Built is a good company I’ve found.~~Dee

We still have a gas mower but sometimes think about getting an electric one next time, Carol. Thanks for the review! I don’t think you mentioned the sound … is the Troybilt electric quieter than gas mowers? As to the height – I’m pretty sure anyone who grows bent grass keeps it cut very short (haven’t grown it myself but saw it at son’s house). A mower probably has to be able to cut anything from bent to bluegrass to fescue to St Augustine and Bermuda – all so different! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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