Lawn Mowers: Gasoline Self-Propelled Viking Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers: VIKING petrol self-propelled lawn mowers, prices for manual gasoline, electric, cordless grass mowers (lawn mowers),

VIKING is one of the leaders in the global market for the manufacture, sale and maintenance of lawn care products. The range of our equipment includes both the simplest hand-held lawn mowers on wheels, and powerful self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers for mowing and mulching grass, which will cope with any area. The range of equipment includes electric and cordless lawn mowers for grass, which are distinguished by their affordable cost, high efficiency, safety, ease of operation and environmental friendliness.

If you are looking for an option for work in the garden or at the cottage. choose German lawn mowers. Our trimmers, mulching lawn mowers and self-propelled models will neatly and easily cut weed and lawn grass, small shrubs and trees, ensuring perfect evenness and freshness of the lawn. Even the simplest VIKING hand-held petrol lawn mower will reduce labor costs at times and make gardening easy and enjoyable. You do not have to mow the lawns manually, use the Lithuanian or grandmother’s scythe. A gasoline grass mower will save you not only from tiresome mowing, but also carefully collect the grass in the grass catcher so that you do not have to clean it with a fork and rake.

For work in large areas and professional garden care, we recommend self-propelled gas mowers with a mulching function. Such lawn mowers will help you not only cut the grass, but also prepare the nutrient mixture for feeding cultivated plants quickly and without extra effort. Everyone can use inexpensive and reliable gas mowing mowers, even without experience, as the mowers are very easy to operate and undemanding in maintenance.

The prices for lawn mowers presented on our website may vary depending on the export version and delivery conditions. To purchase our lawn care equipment, contact your VIKING authorized dealer in your area. There you can find out the prices of VIKING gas mowers for your city, as well as choose the best options for your site, based on the recommendations of professional consultants.


Lawn Mowers: Gasoline Self-Propelled Viking Lawn Mowers

Viking mower instruction:

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    September 29, 2015

    Viking Lawn Mowers appeared on the garden equipment market in 1984. Their parent is an Austrian company, which is popular worldwide for its high-quality products.

    Assortment of garden and lawn care equipment:

    • electric lawnmower Viking;
    • rechargeable;
    • gasoline;
    • lawn mower mulcher.
    • Petrol Lawn Mower. Top Selling

      The greatest demand among consumers is the Viking gasoline mower. And that’s why:

      • high performance indicators;
      • spacious grass collector. the tank capacity can reach 70 liters;
      • the ability to adjust the cutting height within 3-15 cm;
      • support for the collection, mulching, disposal of grass;
      • excellent maneuverability;
      • compactness;
      • simplicity in operation;
      • does not require special maintenance;
      • independence from an electric power source;
      • full autonomy.

      Specifications. How do they affect the choice of lawn mowers?

      The fundamental general criteria are:

      1. Name of the manufacturer or brand of engine. A motor is the main element of a gasoline type lawn mower. The unit is equipped with a proprietary engine. The rating of the companies that produce this device is best studied in advance, since the performance and service life of the equipment depend on this structural element.
      2. Engine’s type. The lawn mower can be equipped with three types of engines:
      • Household (power 3.5-5 l. From.), Which is embedded in small Viking lawn mowers with a mowing width of not more than 46 cm, designed to handle a plot of 8 acres maximum.
      • Semi-professional (power 5-7 l. From.), Which is introduced into garden equipment with a cutting width of 51-53 cm, used to put in order a lawn with an area of ​​5-18 hundred parts.
      • Professional, which are equipped with lawn mowers designed for professional use (garden equipment for public utilities).

      3. The width of the mowing. According to this indicator, Viking lawn mowers are divided into two types:

      • Units with a mowing width of 42-48 cm. If the area of ​​the lawn does not exceed 8 acres, then this is exactly what you need.
      • Mowers whose mowing width is in the range of 51-53 cm. Such equipment is preferred when the area of ​​the site to be processed exceeds 6-8 acres. The maximum area that will be “tough” to this mower is 18 acres.

      4. Type and volume of grass collector. The waste collection container may be made of fabric and plastic, or of these two components at the same time.

      • The fabric tank is made of thick synthetic material that is worn on a metal frame. Advantages: excellent fillability. Disadvantages: the difficulty of cleaning. Scope: large Viking lawn mowers in which the grass catcher volume exceeds 60 liters.
      • Plastic compilation. The main material in the production is high-quality plastic. Advantages: easy to clean. Disadvantages: a possible variant of the deterioration in the degree of filling, if the volume is more than 50 liters.
      • Mixed collector. combined. The upper and lower parts are made of plastic, and the side surfaces (walls) are made of fabric material. Advantages: excellent fillability, quite easy to clean. Scope of use: garden equipment for mowing grass, which belongs to the premium class, and the volume of the collection tank exceeds 60 liters.

      5. Functionality. Any equipment is selected based on the main list of functions that it can perform. So, Viking lawn mowers can support:

      • Mulching function. The grass after mowing falls into the part of the body where the knife is located, and is subjected to additional grinding, after which it is evenly scattered around the site.
      • Side discharge function. The grass cover removed by the mower is thrown sideways. Equipment with this type of grass discharge is used to process large areas along fences or in park areas.
      • The function of collecting in the tank. After mowing, the grass falls into a specially designed container and is not scattered around the garden area.

      6. The method of adjusting the cutting height. Adjusting grass mowing height can be done in one of three ways:

      • Screw. The housing of the unit has special openings that are located at different levels and are designed for an axle with wheels. To adjust the desired height, you just need to rearrange the axis in the corresponding hole. This method is used on budget class lawn mowers.
      • Central adjustment. Setting the mowing height is carried out with a single lever. Self-propelled gas mowers for uneven sections are equipped with this type of adjustment.
      • Lever way. The second name is individual. Each of the wheels of garden equipment is equipped with a special lever, which is designed to adjust the height of mowing.
      • Front-wheel drive mowers. Advantages: maneuverability. Disadvantages: displacement of the center of gravity of the unit as the grass tank fills. As a result, the mower is shifted back, and the front wheels are lifted and begin to slide on the work surface.
      • Rear-wheel mowers. The most comfortable to use, since most of the load falls on the wheels that are located behind.
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      Also, when choosing garden care equipment, already advanced users are advised to pay attention to the diameter of the wheels, the availability of the ability to adjust the high-speed driving mode and bearings.

      And a little more.

      In addition to general recommendations, when buying a mower, you should focus on the values ​​of specific technical indicators:

      • Power. It is indicated by such Latin letters as "S", "M", "L", "XL", indicating the minimum or maximum power, respectively.
      • Number of knives as standard. Determine the functionality of the equipment. Ideally, if the unit is equipped with two knives: mulching and for cutting.
      • The quality of the cutting mechanism. It is strongly recommended to give preference to knives made exclusively from high-strength and high-quality material. steel.
      • Body. It can be made of plastic, steel or aluminum. An aluminum casing is an ideal option that combines optimal quality and practical characteristics: strength, low weight, and corrosion resistance.
      • Wheel size The larger the diameter of the wheels at the unit, the better, since there is the possibility of seamless processing of uneven areas.
      • Speed ​​selection. It is better to give preference to those models of lawn mowers where the manufacturer provides for independent speed control.
      • Equipping wheels with bearings. This greatly facilitates the movement and extends the life of the device.

      Viking Lawn Mowers: Range

      Video: Lawn Mowers: Gasoline Self-Propelled Viking Lawn Mowers

      Viking lawn mowers are far from the last in the ranking of the most popular gasoline units.

      TOP-10 includes self-propelled lawn mowers “Viking”. Reviews of this brand of garden equipment and the positive trend in demand have ensured the unit a place in the ranking of the most popular mowers. As for the models, the following users won popularity: VIKING MB 248.3T, VIKING 448, VIKING MB 545 T, VIKING MB 650 T, VIKING MB 545 VE, VIKING MB 650 V.

      Viking MB 248

      Lawnmower Viking MB 248 3T. The people nicknamed it as "the beast-machine." The cutting mechanism of the unit is made of a special alloy and is not amenable to any physical or mechanical influences. The same can be said of the metal case. This allows you to meet obstacles in the form of stones, piles of earth and other elements that have nothing to do with plants without any troubles and worries.

      The machine is equipped with a grass collection tank, in which a fill indicator is mounted, and a handle for comfortable operation. The mower is not picky. for its maintenance you only need to change the oil once every 12 months. Starts by pressing a button.

      Viking 448

      The Viking 448 Lawn Mower is a 2.7-horsepower rear-wheel drive unit. The speed mode is not regulated and is 3.5 km / h. The unit is distinguished by its characteristic operational efficiency. it is able to mow the lawn in record time. Gathers grass in a 55 liter bag, also supports backflow of waste. The width of the mowed strip is 46 cm, and the mowing height is adjustable from 2.5 to 7.5 cm as necessary.

      Reviews of trimmers «Viking» 448

      Users of lawn care equipment ТМ "Viking" note that the model is easy to operate and manage. For the unit to begin its work, you should press the button, and the process will go. The weight characteristics are not minimal (26 kg), but due to this, the Viking lawnmower has a confident course without any jumps and jumps.

      The reviews reveal some of the model’s shortcomings, including a fuel tank with a capacity of only 0.8 l and retro-style pens, which does not quite fit into the overall design picture. But these are all trifles, because there are no complaints about the quality of work!

      "Viking" MV 545 T

      Rear-wheel drive VIKING MB 545 T mower is an ideal solution if the purpose of acquiring the products in question is to mow lawns of small and medium areas (up to 1200 sq. M). The device is equipped with a ReadyStart engine, which is distinguished by high power indicators and special endurance. Supports several options for dumping grass: in a 60 liter container, mulching. The width of the mowed strip reaches 43 cm, and the cutting height varies from 25 to 80 mm.

      "Viking" MV 650 T

      The Viking MB 650 T is a model with a single-speed drive (constant speed 3.5 km / h). Designed for processing areas of more than 2000 square meters. m. It has an aluminum housing. This is an ergonomic machine that delights amateur gardeners with high productivity rates. Collects a sloping green cover in a 75 l grass catcher. The working width is 48 cm, and the height of the mowed grass can vary from 30 to 85 mm.

      Reviews about MV 650 T

      Others say they expected unquestioning and easy work on uneven surfaces. But the statements of the latter are to some extent unreasonable, because the model is front-wheel drive (recall that it is better to use rear-wheel drive models for working on uneven areas), which means that there will be small flaws in the processing of bumps. In addition, the disadvantages include the inability to adjust the speed mode.

      "Viking" MV 545 VE

      The VIKING MB 545 VE is an ergonomic rear-wheel mower. Designed for mowing small and medium-sized lawns (up to 1200 sq. M). The position of the handrail-holder is three-position, easily adjustable. Supports the function of collecting grass in the tank (60 l) and mulching. The width of the mowing strip is 43 cm, and the cutting height is 25-80 mm.

      "Viking" MV 650 V

      The Viking MB 650 V petrol lawn mower is equipped with an engine that provides easy driving. The drive is single speed. For ease of operation, the height of the handle of the unit is adjustable. There is also a separate lever for comfortable transportation.

      Lawnmower VIKING MB 650 V easily copes with the processing of lawns of large areas (from 2000 sq. M). The grass after the cut gets into the 75 l grass catcher. The cutting height is adjustable centrally and ranges from 30 to 85 mm. The width of the processed strip is 48 cm.

      Repair of Austrian lawn mowers

      The most common causes of mower failure and the best way to address them.

      1. Failure: loosening of the housing, bolts.

      Signs: when the device is working, loud extraneous sounds or strong vibration shocks occur.

      Solution: to check the reliability and density of all connections and, if even a slight play is detected, tighten thoroughly.

      2. Fault: roller lock.

      Signs: when the machine is operating, a whistle occurs.

      Solution: check the inside of the unit for the presence of a foreign object and eliminate it.

      3. Fault: wear of the drive belt.

      Signs: front wheel drive stop, uneven removal of green cover.

      Solution: replace a spare part for lawnmowers such as a drive belt, or adjust it in case of excessive stretching.

      4. Fault: piston jam.

      Symptoms: engine stops immediately after starting and starting operation.

      Solution: check the oil level in the crankcase and add it to the required amount.

      5. Fault: the mower does not turn on.

      Do not forget to carry out regular systematic maintenance of your lawn mower, and then it will delight you with its reliability and a long service life!

      Viking lawnmowers can be repaired in two ways: on their own at home or by contacting a specialized service center where a professional ambulance will be provided to the unit. The latter option is more preferred. Of course, you will have to pay a little more money, but accurate diagnostics and high-quality repairs will be made. In this case, if the cause of the breakdown is the failure of a particular part, during the repair work will be replaced, as spare parts for lawn mowers are subject to a guarantee. The term of such a guarantee is usually 12 months.

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      Instructions for the Viking Te-600 electronic mower

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      • Soft
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      Your file has been found. instructions for the Viking Te-600 electronic mower

      Speed: 9018 Kb / s

      Features and Benefits of Benzo Mowers

      Today, an increasing number of people are acquiring land, which in turn are used for various purposes. However, these lands are mainly intended for building country houses or summer cottages on them, and of course, every landlord dreams that the homestead should look beautiful, well-groomed and delight the “eye”, and not just the house itself.

      What is needed for this? It is natural to look after the lawn, painstakingly investing your work so that it can grow both green and healthy.

      Well, for this you need to acquire special equipment that "deals" with lawn care, namely lawn mowers. Undoubtedly, you can choose for yourself the most optimal and best option, as the modern market provides our choice with a huge assortment of this equipment. And following this link you will find useful tips on which lawn mower to choose for your cottage or for your site.

      In this article, you will be presented with a rating of lawn mowers, which are the best of their kind, and are very popular among consumers in different countries. And here you can find detailed information on the prices of gas mowers. So, let’s actually begin to familiarize ourselves with this topic.

      Device and principle of operation

      First of all, I would like to note that the device consists of an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. It is important that it, in fact, has the same design as the engine used in chainsaws, however, there is a difference and it consists in, for example, that a tire is attached to the gearbox in the chainsaw, and in the lawn mower a tubular long rod is installed, in the inner part of which the shaft is located.

      The main direction of his, let’s say, work is that he transmits to the tool from the engine exactly the rotating moment, which is actually located at the very end of this shaft itself. This whole mechanism is “suspended” on a special belt, which you simply need to throw over your shoulder and begin direct work.

      This feature makes the device truly unique and popular, since it is very easy to work with it, since you do not need to hold the instrument in your hands, therefore, you get less tired and believe the weight is rather big, sometimes it reaches five kilograms. Also can not be left without due attention. a handle that the manufacturer actually attached to the bar.

      It is with its help that you will make the necessary movements of the lawn mower above the surface of your site. over, on the other hand, where your legs are located, the instrument has a special casing, which in turn represents a kind of protection against unexpected contact of the instrument with the operator’s legs.

      Rating of the best manufacturers

      So, now let’s actually get acquainted with the unconditional leaders in the agricultural machinery market, who managed to get the honor and popularity among consumers across the globe. So let’s get it in order.


      To begin with, it is worth noting that the Huxvarna company began its direct activity regarding the manufacture of agricultural machinery, namely lawn mowers.

      It is important that all models belong to universal household tools. As for the weight category, it ranges from 4 to 6 kilograms.

      Today, the manufacturer provides us with a complete tool kit, which actually consists of the following:

      • a trimmer head T25 (L), which has a size of two millimeters in diameter. In the process of contacting the device with the ground, a special fishing line is fed, which in turn adjusts the semi-automatic direction of the filament itself;
      • Today, experts believe that Huxwana is the best lawn mower. since it is equipped with a special suspension designed for a peculiar fixation of the instrument in the shoulder area, which actually contributes to the comfortable and convenient operation of the instrument;
      • the cup of the restrictive direction cannot be left without due attention, the main “activity” of which is that it prevents the knife itself from directly touching the surface of the earth;
      • over, the Huxvarna lawnmower has a special hex key, which is made of high quality material.

      I would also like to mention that there are also lawn mowers with a Husqvarna seat. working with whom will also give you considerable pleasure.
      The video features the operation of the mower.


      Over the years, AL-KO has been manufacturing the best equipment for working in areas both near the house and in significantly larger areas. Therefore, it is not surprising that its products enjoy such a high level of demand. After all, the main activity of the manufacturer is precisely the high quality and excellent performance of its lawn mowers.

      An important advantage of such a tool of this particular manufacturer is its low cost, since it does not overestimate the price of its products, but, nevertheless, in quality it is not inferior to its analogues.

      It is also important that the level of quality of the so-called “haircut” itself directly depends on exactly how many blades this or that model has. Besides that most lawnmowers in this direction have two to three knives.

      This kind of device is simply indispensable in the field of lawn operation, because due to the fact that the mechanism has certain important features that become a kind of "guarantor" of a gentle cut of grass, and also make it possible to produce a haircut at the highest level.

      Many are interested in the question of how much the mower from this manufacturer costs. In fact, the cost of a lawn mower is quite optimal and ranges from 100 to 200 dollars, depending on the model and its technical characteristics. And if you are interested in products from this manufacturer, we advise you to click here and find out all about other AL-KO gas mowers.


      Absolutely all the equipment of this manufacturer is simple to operate. Besides she created specifically for work on sites. The weight category of Stihl tools is quite diverse.

      over, each equipment has the functionality of work in absolutely any conditions. All devices are equipped with a hacksaw, which in turn has a sturdy motor crankcase made of shockproof plastic.

      over, the Stihl lawnmower, the price of which is quite reasonable and ranges from 150 to 300 dollars, has a convenient handle and a rod through the use of which you will not have any difficulties during the operation of the devices.

      If you do not know how to properly work with the device, but, nevertheless, you are interested in the Stihl gas mower. then the instruction manual is attached to it in the kit, so you will not have problems with the work.

      Watch the technical benefits of the lawn mower in the video.


      To begin with, I would like to note that this lawn mower is a universal tool, which in turn has a wide range of functionality. Which actually makes it so popular among consumers not only in our country, but also in other countries.

      An important advantage of it can rightfully be considered that its pricing policy is quite optimal and accessible even to a simple gardener.

      But, nevertheless, the trimmer is in no way inferior to expensive models of lawn mowers in the quality of its work, as it performs it at the highest level. over, using it you will not have any problems regarding damage to the grass itself, as they simply will not, and all that remains of its work is a clean, well-groomed and evenly cut lawn. In addition, what is not unimportant is that the device is almost silent.

      It is worth noting that gasoline manual lawn mowers are trimmers prices. which range from 120 to 350 dollars, with special ease capable of processing even the most inaccessible and complex areas of grass. which are located in your home.

      It is also important that they have varying degrees of mowing height. They have six special levels, which, in fact, lend themselves to its adjustment.

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      If you are interested in this tool, but you have no idea what it really is, then the best thing you can do is enter in the search engine “lawn mowers and select trimmers” and, after receiving the information, feel free to go shopping.


      First of all, what I would like to say is that both electric and gasoline devices in this area are very convenient and practical. All you need is to include it in some kind of power source, or to refuel gasoline, you can safely proceed to the work itself. In addition, the time range of the operation itself is unlimited.

      Regarding Makita electric lawnmowers. then they have an undeniable advantage, namely, direct environmental friendliness. However, Makita gas mowers do not emit a large amount of exhaust, which is also important. It is for this reason that these lawn mowers are so popular among consumers in all countries.

      Important is that each tool has a fairly comfortable handle. thanks to which, without much effort, it is possible to maneuver the devices.

      over, the device is equipped with wheels that are placed compactly enough, thanks to this feature, the tool patency in any problem areas is significantly increased. The device of practical direction has a mass equal to 60 liters, and the manufacturer also made it according to a special design, through which the grass, which is mowed, simply does not deform it.

      In addition, the manual and self-propelled lawnmower of this manufacturer has an adjustment system, thanks to which you can manually determine what height of the bevel should be used, which is why you can easily care for a site with different heights of certain plantings.

      Lawn mowers gasoline Makita, the price of which ranges from 200 to 500 dollars. Undoubtedly, they can become irreplaceable helpers for you near the house.


      They have devices with a high-performance and powerful engine. It is also important that it allows you to "accelerate" the speed of the knife to exactly 3,200 rpm. It is this feature that makes it possible to produce high-quality and quick lawn cleaning even for those that have an uneven and complex surface.

      over, the fact that lawn mowers are not high in weight. which actually becomes the guarantor of their easy and convenient operation.

      Also, each instrument produced by the echo company is equipped with a special grass catcher, which can be easily removed for cleaning from mowed grass. It is also important that the engine is presented in both electric and gasoline “form”, so you will not have problems choosing the device you need.

      over, each unit, regardless of model, does not need a systematic production of routine operations. And besides, any model is safe in the field of ecology.


      It is important that the equipment is equipped with easy forced cooling, which is simply necessary after prolonged use of the tool. Operation of the Stihl equipment can be carried out for a long time without long stops.

      The manufacturer also provides self-propelled and controlled lawn mowers, but, nevertheless, each of them is quite maneuverable and easy to operate directly. For more information on MTD lawnmowers, see here.

      over, it is also not difficult for you to find a place to store each of them, since they are quite compact. If we talk about the case, which is equipped with most of the devices, then he made of polypropylene, which in turn has a fairly strong and high-quality structure.

      A convenient handle, a powerful engine and high-quality components guarantee a high level of productivity. If you want to have an idea of ​​how the device looks, in this case, enter in the search engine “company mtd lawn mower photo” and the best models will appear before you.

      The advantages of the device in the video.


      Viking benzo mower price, which is at an optimal level, “personifies” high quality work for not high cost, since it is in the range from 50 to 150, agree quite reasonable prices.

      The mower of this manufacturer is simply an indispensable assistant in the field of gardening. It is important that this tool has a high level of optimization, as it has functionality that allows you to perform a significant amount of work in absolutely any conditions, and can also “get” to even the most inaccessible places.

      Important is that the engine itself does not need maintenance of a technical nature. In addition, Viking products have a special knife, which, in principle, is safely used in creating a strong air stream. Thanks to this feature, the quality of the grass catcher is greatly increased. You can also familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Viking electric lawn mower by clicking on this link.

      over, the Viking lawn mower, whose manual price is between 60 and 120, will greatly facilitate your work.


      The products of this manufacturer are designed for work with grass that has a high level of density and growth, moreover, these are simply irreplaceable assistants in those areas of lawns in which they have hard-to-reach spots and uneven coverage.

      In addition, the fact that each mechanism of the company has a high level of functionality of the cutting direction. Since Champion lawn mowers do their job extremely quickly, accurately, and any other model of other manufacturers can “envy” their cut accuracy. Find out more about all Champion lawn mowers here.

      They are ergonomic and multifunctional. These lawn mowers prices, which range from 200 to 450 dollars, are among the best of their kind.


      These models are indispensable tools directly for mowing grass lawns, and which, in turn, are small in size. It is worth noting that these devices are quite effective and practical. In addition, financial and direct physical costs are at a minimum.

      Thanks to this kind of feature, the products of this manufacturer are very popular among consumers and, moreover, are in great demand. It is worth noting that each tool is compact enough. its movement is made in a straight line, since any lawnmower has solid axle wheels.

      In addition, it’s quite easy to maneuver with tools. If you are interested in this product, and you want to know the cost, in this case, enter in the search engine “Carver benzo mower price trimmer” where you will actually be provided with all the information you are interested in.

      User manual

      First of all, you should remember that your work with the device should begin precisely with checking the tool itself, since it should be in working condition without any damage. This applies to both the case and the internal parts.

      This article contains complete information about the proportion in which to breed gasoline for a chainsaw.

      You have probably heard a lot of information about the Japanese Echo chainsaw, which of what you heard is a myth, and what is the reality, read here

      It is also important that work must be carried out in a special protective clothing. it will be best if you wear rubber boots, which in turn will serve as a kind of protection for your feet from the effects of random tool knives.

      over, the operation of the mechanism should be carried out in the area where there are no crowds of people and animals. Also, the direct start of the starter and the engine itself must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. over, you should position your legs at an optimal and safe distance from the cutting device.

      You cannot tilt the mower while you are starting the engine itself. Even if there is a need for a slope, then it should have a minimum indicator. over, lifting the device should be carried out exclusively from the opposite side from you.


      In this article, you had the opportunity to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of lawn mowers, and also you actually learned about the main aspects of the advantages of each of them. Undoubtedly, having received this kind of information for yourself, you can, without any problems, be able to choose the most suitable version of the tool just for your wishes, and which in turn will serve you for many years.