Lubrication for saw chains consumption. The oil does not enter the chain, what are the reasons

Lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw. which oil is used for STIHL (stihl), how to lubricate and how to replace the chain for Husqvarna

The chainsaws are certainly different (models, power) and the oil consumption for lubrication of the chain is clearly registered in the instructions for a particular chainsaw.

But most often a tank (tank) of chain oil goes to the fuel mixture tank.

That is, they developed a fuel mixture, then a new gas station and chain oil, including.

Suppose (the volume of the tank for the fuel mixture in different chainsaws, different) saw with a tank (fuel mixture) by 0.4 liters, consumption of chain oil 200 grams, that is, 0.2 liters per volume of the fuel mixture.

Of course, many such consumption is surprising (when buying a chainsaw, users simply do not suggest that the consumption of chain oil is so huge), you need this to lubricate the chain

It is not cheap, so there are only 2 options, or reduce the consumption of chain oil by adjustment, of course this is a violation of the recommendation of the manufacturer, but the consumption of the oil tank (chain) per two fuel tank is quite a working option.

Or fill the tank for lubricating the chain with other less expensive oil.

Some even use the development, though cleaned, or car oil, or transmission.

Of course, the chainsaws are more mobile (it is possible to work far from the electricity source) and more powerful power saws, but if all the work is carried out near the house, then the electric saw is much cheaper in operation (power plants can also be of different capacities).

Oil for lubrication of the chain and it is used in it, but there is no fuel mixture (gasoline oil), which is also not cheap.

Power engine oil is considered one of the most important consumables, on which the correct operation of the tool depends. Quality substance greatly simplifies the operation of the device and improves its contact with materials of different structures. In addition, a good composition increases the service life of the device.

There are many effective oils for electric saw

Why is it required to lubricate the electric saw chain

During operation of the electric saw, all mechanisms of the device are subjected to high and constant friction.

  • To reduce the load, it is necessary to use the optimal working fluid.
  • With the help of a correctly selected substance, you can even speed up the operation of the device.
  • The composition also helps to protect the metal from pollution and water that provoke its corrosion.
  • Another important function of the substance is the protection of the chain and tires from the accumulation of resins.
  • A good composition helps maintain the structure of metal guides, avoid their excessive heating and prevent the process of destruction. As a result, the power tool will work efficiently for many years in a row.

Sometimes a situation arises when a lot of effort needs to be made to carry out work. This indicates a lack of oil or its low quality. In this case, experienced masters immediately look at the parameters of the oil in the tank. To finish the work, you must immediately apply a little lubricant to the chain.

Is it possible to replace chain oil for a chainsaw?

From the point of view of the brand, without problems. The main thing is that the label has the appropriate tool manufacturer.

But the use of fundamentally different consumables is unacceptable. If you have unused motor oil in your garage margins, it will not work. The main reason is insufficient adhesion.

You already know that the lubrication of the chain occurs by holding the liquid in special grooves on the tire. Ordinary motor oil does not hold on the surface, it works when spraying or immersion of parts.

About the use of processing instead of normal oil. video

And chain consumables should cover the metal tenacious. For this, special additives are added to their composition that improve adhesion.

Not only is there a problem with adhesion, there is a lot of metal and slag particles in the development that will quickly clog the channels and derive their pump.

How the stihl chainsaw is refueled

In the technical passport of the tool, the manufacturer indicates how much fuel and lubricant should be used. According to the manufacturer, AI-95 gasoline is the best fuel for the Stihl chainsaw.

However, in domestic gasoline, to get the right octane number, various additives are added. As a result, its quality is reduced. Therefore, AI-92 gasoline is used as fuel for STIHL saw.

The type of oil depends on the engine power. For a two.stroke engine, the original “StiHL” liquid is considered the best. It can be of two types:

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw, the equipment manufacturer indicates. The mixture is usually prepared in a ratio of 1:50. In other words, 50 g of oil is required per liter of gasoline.

Useful recommendations

To ensure longend operation of the Stihl chainsaw, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

Fuel should always be fresh. You can not fill gasoline from the canister, which has stood for more than a month. It is strictly forbidden to pour lubrices intended for four.stroke engines in Stihl. The combustion of oil will be incomplete. Nar will begin to form, the piston group will quickly fail. For a two.stroke engine, in which the combustion of lubrication should be complete, the manufacturer recommends the use of synthetic products. They form a minimum number of combustion products. When the mixture is divorced, it is desirable to increase the volume of oil

However, you need to do this carefully. 5 g per liter of gasoline is enough

If you add more, it is possible to form a carbon. A smaller volume of fluid, even 5 g, can cause overheating of the piston system. It is forbidden to fill a mixture cooked more than a month ago. You can not use lubricating liquids for mopeds. They are designed for a very small number of revolutions. When seasonal work is finished, the mixture must be drained or fully consumed. This is done to prevent wear of seals.

New Bike Chain: Packing Grease or Re-Lube Before Use?

Chain lubrication

In other cases, it is quite possible to replace the oil lubrication of the chain with any other except for the development. However, there is another nuance Often, users have a question.“Why is the oil consumption for lubricating the chain more than the fuel mixture? After all, their consumption is interconnected?»Here it is worth considering that the manufacturers of chainsaws consider the oil consumption for lubrication of the chain, filling their branded. And the consumption of any other can differ both in the smaller and in the larger way.

On many chainsaws, starting from semi.professional, there is the possibility of setting up oil consumption for lubrication of the chain. This is done by adjusting the performance of the oil pump.

lubrication, chains, consumption, does

If such adjustment is not provided, then the settings are originally from the manufacturer. How to check whether the oil consumption for lubrication of the chain on your chainsaw? It is necessary to start the saw, give gas and bring to the board, log or other surface that is horizontally. From the working chain, particles of oil for lubrication of the chain should fly and leave a thin, even oil trace.

When to use a special oil for lubrication of the chain

The use of special oils for lubrication of the chain will be justified in the following cases:

  • You have a new chainsaw at warranty and to save it, you must use the oils recommended by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Otherwise, if it fails, for example, the oil pump will not be carried out under the warranty. This is especially true for expensive professional chainsaws.
  • You respect the environment and prefer not to pollute it once again. In this case, oils with the prefix “bio” are suitable.
  • When working at critical temperatures.

Consider several types of oils from different manufacturers and sort them by the price category, environmental friendliness and volume of containers.

Brands of oil lubrication chains

  • Oil for lubrication of the chain nanothek standard. Suitable for working at temperatures up to. 20 degrees.
  • Adhesive oil nanothek premium. For work at.30 degrees.
  • Oil for lubrication of the chain from the well.known manufacturer of machines and equipment. Enkor. Capacity 1 liter.
  • And the last in this category oil from Champion. Capacity 1 liter.

Brandenous oils intended for use on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • Makita oil
  • Makita Biotop oil.
  • Adhesive oil husqvarna bio.
  • Lubric oil for the OREGON 1 liter circuit.
  • STIHL BIO Plus oil.
  • Oil STIHL 1 liter

Oils packaged in containers large volumes allow you to save when buying. Relevant for enterprises having a large amount of work.

Often the most optimal choice for oil lubrication and tire will be the simplest oil of the M-8 or M-10 brand. Its characteristics quite satisfy the necessary goals.

At low temperatures, it is necessary to pour oil with a low temperature of thickening, otherwise it is possible to fail the pump for oil supply.

What oils are suitable for lubrication of the chain. classification

For lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw, it is recommended to use such types of oils:

  • from the famous world manufacturers (STIHL, Daewoo, Husqvarna and others, on the packages of such oils there is usually a “adhesive” mark);
  • Original chain from the same manufacturer (if they are in the assortment);
  • with a good biodegradability indicator in CEC-L-33-T-82 (95%);
  • with viscosity that meets European quality and safety standards. Example of the Standard: Vitness index 130 DIN ISO 2909, density at 15 ° C. 0.89 g/cm³ DIN 51757, thickening temperature.25 ° C Din ISO

How to replace?

If you use the oil for the chain of the same name from the manufacturer, there is no way to use the motor oils of known brands that can be replaced by chain. Of course, it is not desirable to use the motor for the chain of the chainsaw, but as a temporary measure, it is acceptable. Manufacturers whose motor oils retain the working properties at temperatures up to minus 30 ° C: premium nanothek, standard, Enkor, Makita, Makita Biotope, Makita Oregon, Stihl Bio Plus.

Chain oil consumption

Oil for chains of chainsaws. What oil to use to lubricate the chain chain?

Chainsaws are a popular instrument for those who have to engage in countless household chores without the help of others. They can be used for various purposes. to prepare firewood, cut off dry branches But in order for the device to last as long as possible, you must correctly care for it, choosing different compositions well. A special role is played by oil chains, which is selected depending on the mechanisms of the tool and its features.

What to take into account?

The grease of the saw chain should be paid to the best. First you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump

The consumption of such oil is comparable to “for lubrication of the chain of the chainships is perfectly suitable. In addition, this will ensure high.quality operation of the self.sampling system. The chain requires proper storage, that is, immersion in oil, and in case of wear, do not try to reanimate the old chain. it is easier to replace it. What oil to choose for chains of chainsaws so that it is safe and meets all the requirements?

Types and composition

Select a specific oil should be dependent on where and how the chainsaw is operated. Mineral compositions are suitable for summer and warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi.synthetic oils. If you need to lubricate the chain, do not use waste oils, which will lead to clogging the fuel system, and then to serious breakdowns of the tool.

The oil for chains of chainsaws should be thoroughly cleaned so that the lubricant is performed correctly and neatly. If you use low.quality compositions, then there will be no contact between the elements of the saw and the tire, sparks will appear, and the mobile details of the saw will subsequently arise.

How to choose?

Each chainsaw has a carburetor two.stroke engine and two tanks: gasoline is poured into one, butter in the second. When choosing a composition for lubrication, an important role is played by zoning. it should be minimal. Another important indicator is resistance to low temperature: the oil should not freeze with a strong minus, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

Is it possible to fill in a chainsaw in a chainsaw

Many sawmills have found such a way to save a chainsaw as a tank for lubrication of a chain with a waste material that merges from car engines. This allows not only to significantly save on the purchase of oils, but also to spend waste oil products.

lubrication, chains, consumption, does

Working out in the tank of the tool

To lubricate the chains of chainsaws, you need to use only special lubricants, but not motor. The development has not only another viscosity, but also contains metal dust dust, grains and chips.

  • When the lubrication of the tools gets into the tank, these dust particles and grains, which are the production of metal, enter the oil pump. As a result, the device fails, and you have to repair the chainsaw
  • Small grains of metal also fall on the chain, so the accelerated process of heating the saw headset is not excluded, and its failure is out of order
  • Dulling the teeth of the chain, since the contact of the metal with the metal leads to the rapid dulling of cutting teeth

The consequences of such unjustified savings are dangerous not only for the tool itself, but also for the sawdust. After all, at any moment the headset can break, which will entail negative consequences. If you want to save on buying lubricating materials, then buy oils from little.known firms, like nanothek standard, premium nanothek and Encor.

The stingy pays twice, and this proverb really works, so if you do not want to overpay, it is recommended to refuel your tool with high.quality materials, which will positively affect their performance and service life.

The main problems with oil supply

When the chainsaw is operating, two types of problems with the supply of lubrication to the chain can be observed:

  • Insufficient oil flow that can be caused for various reasons. If you do not take measures in time, the quality of work will noticeably deteriorate, and the chain itself may completely become unusable.
  • Excess amount of oil. In this case, after long work, puddles of grease can accumulate under the saw. This not only affects the flow of oil, which will have to be constantly added, but also negatively affects the ecology.

Both of these problems must be eliminated as soon as possible after their detection. This will extend the service life and reduce the consumption of lubricant fluid.

In what proportions to mix oil and gasoline for chainsaws?

The chainsaw is equipped with a single.cylinder two.stroke engine, which uses the fuel mixture to work. For refueling, you will need 92nd gasoline and special oil for two-stroke aero-cooled engines.

We prepare the mixture in the proportion of oil and gasoline. 1:40. In other words, we observe the ratio of 1 liter of gasoline. 25 grams of oil. Most often, such a volume is contained in a standard cap of container with technical fluid.

Mix the mixture well in a separate container. Owners Fubag FPS 56 were lucky, because it is already in the kit. At the end of the preparation of the fuel mixture, pour it into the gas tank.

What oil for chainsaws to choose? For our engines, we recommend Fubag 2T Extra semi.synthetic oil. optimally selected quality composition. We pay attention to the fact that oil for four.stroke engines or for boat engines will not work in any way.

The fuel mixture for the chainsaw is not the only thing where the oil is used. The devices have another technological tank where the lubricant is poured for the chain. By the time of fuel production, oil for the chain also ends, so it will be necessary to add it every time after refueling the tool.

Which oil to choose for lubrication of the chain? We recommend special branded Fubag Super Chain chain oil.

Test. checking the supply of fuel mixture

Our saw is refuel. Launch the engine and test the oil supply.

one. Check the lids of the gas tank and the oil tank. They must be tightly closed. 2. This model has a light starting system and a primer. a fuel pump button. Stretch the handle of the air damper and turn on the ignition toggle switch.

Pull a hand starter. Important! The saw should not be in the hands, only on the ground! This is necessary in order not to get injured when jerking.

four. We give the engine to work for 30-40 seconds at idle, after which the air damper can be transferred to its original position.

I drank ready for work, click the launch levers. This model is equipped with an anti.vibration system, which significantly reduces the load on the operator. To stop the saw, just release the start button. The chain will stop, the engine needs to be held for several minutes at idle. After that, translate the ignition to the position of.

Test. checking chain oil

They figured out the engine. Now let’s evaluate the correctness of the supply of chain oil.

To do this, after starting the engine, drive the circuit at medium speed to remove excess oil. If necessary, we adjust the feed using a screwdriver. You need to insert it from the bottom of the coupling and set the desired oil consumption.

What kind of oil should be used

It is widely believed that high-quality branded oil for the chain of the chainsaw should be used only in the gas-oil mixture of the engine. Nevertheless, the choice of oil for lubrication is a simple matter. Anyone is suitable, if only to get where it is necessary.

But suppose lubrication on the chain. half. It is necessary that it holds on the metal and remain on the lower edge, which the tree is sawn.

For this purpose, substances with increased adhesion are used, that is, the ability to stick to the surface and stay on it. Oil with weak adhesion will fly with a rapidly rotating chain, spraying everything around.

Of course, some part will remain, but it is not known whether this will be enough so that with intensive work the chain does not overheat.

Important! With all.season operation, a chainsaw should be taken into account the dependence of the conditions of oil supply on the time of year and air temperature.

Mineral materials that provide a lubrication of the chain and tires at plus temperature, crystallize and thicken in the cold. This leads to the fact that the lubricant will hardly be supplied and the load on the oil pump will increase.

Its service life is reduced, and he can fail prematurely. In winter, you need to choose synthetic materials with special additives that provide reliable lubrication in frosts before.40 ℃.

At small frosts and temperatures, semi.synthetics are used around zero.

Evaluation of the use of different oils for lubricating chains of chainsaws is that the wrong choice is able to increase the load on the engine to 10%. The service life of the chain itself and the saw tire is further reduced.

Due to the fact that in recent years, great importance of ecology has been attached, more and more branded oil products are made on the basis of decaying substances.

But with prolonged operation, the consumption of chain lubrication can be measured in liters. And for people who are not indifferent to the nature of people, this will be an excessive reason to choose an environmentally friendly product.

If it is not all the same than spraying its site and what traces remain on the wood after the saw.

When and how to fill

Where to fill the oil for the chain is clear. There is a separate container for this. In most chainsaws, the size of this container is calculated taking into account the volume of the file of the saw.

When filling both tanks under the eyeballs, they empty at about the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to fill the full volume of the oil tank simultaneously with the filling of the fuel tank.

Then you will not have to be distracted by the top twice.

Before starting work, it is useful to check whether the oil will enter the chain. To do this, just direct the end of the tire to the flat surface. Some part of the lubricant will fly off the edge of the tire. Drops of drops on the surface indicates the normal operation of the system.

At high negative temperatures, the summer oil thickens and its lubricating ability worsens. Therefore, it is worth using stamps intended for winter conditions. If this is not possible, then it is worth spending time to dilute the existing oil to reduce its density. It is best to dilute with kerosene in a ratio of 1 to 4.

Some models provide for adjustment of the supply speed in the lubricant system. It is useful for adjustment in case of a change in the type of lubricant.

note! A mixture of oils of different types cannot be poured into a tank. mineral and synthetic.

If the oil ends from one manufacturer, and there is the same type, but the other company, then they are allowed to mix them, provided that it is immediate use. You should not leave such a mixture for a long time.

Lubrication for the star

At the end of the tire for the chainsaw there is a driven star that provides the rotation of the chain. It also needs to be lubricated periodically. For this, thick materials are used. You can use the universal grease of Stihl. Domestic lubricants based on lithola are also suitable. There is a special hole on the tire to lubricate the sprocket. You need to download a grease in it with a press-oil or a syringe.

It should be noted that with frequent operation of the tire toe, for example, when sample grooves, the load on the asterisk increases and it must be lubricated more often.

The main manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws produce consumables and lubricants for them, including specifically for circuits and tires. All other things being equal, the products of the manufacturer of the chainsaw itself should be given preference. But the quality of the best brands is such that the use of lubricants of another manufacturer will not have a negative effect on work.

The most famous brands are the German company Stihl, Swedish Husqvarna and Japanese Makita. They provide a fairly wide selection of adhesive oils, among which there are:

  • Mineral Stihl Forestplus is designed to work at temperatures before.15 ℃. Standard packaging. 1 and 5 liters. For long work, recently, in a 20-liter container is also available;
  • Highly ecological stihl bioplus is released on a plant basis. Once in the soil, it quickly decomposes, without polluting it. Operating temperature also before.15 ℃. Packing. 1 and 3 l;
  • For low temperatures, a semi.synthetic Stihl Synthplus is suitable, which works applicable to.25 °.
  • Ecological, biodegradable Bio and Bio Advanced. It is presented as a universal all.season oil. The BIO Advanced version. improved oxidation resistance and up to 10 % is better than lubricants;
  • Makita. Biotop oil;
  • Adhesive oil Champion.

Oil for lubrication of the chain of chainsaw. Review, lubrication process, reviews

Chain chainsaw is a rather complicated device that requires constant care and maintenance. The owner of the tool can perform part of these works independently, in case of complex malfunctions, we advise you to contact experienced mechanics.

The performance of chain benzo and electric saws depends on many circumstances. The power of the engine, the experience of the operator, the quality of the saw headset and the fuel and lubricants should be taken into account. In addition, modern chainsaws are equipped with automatic lubricant chain, without which it is now difficult to imagine even the cheapest tool.

The main components of the chainsaw

What is the system of automatic lubrication of the chain, how it functions and what its serviceability depends on, we will tell in our material. We pay special attention to the problem of choosing oil for lubrication, we will introduce the recommendations of leading manufacturers in this matter.

Circuit automatic lubrication system

Everyone who taught physics understands that at the time of movement of the chain, friction occurs along the tire, which, in turn, leads to an increase in temperature in the working area and premature wear of details. To soften this process, you must constantly lubricate the working area. Actually, for this purpose, a chain lubrication system was developed.

Sawing chain lubricant

The operator floods the oil into the tank, which through the oil pump enters the saw set. The system is mounted in such a way that with increasing loads, the oil is released in large volumes, at idle, the system stops its activity.

The device of the automatic lubricant system depends on the manufacturer and model of the chainsaw and may have some design differences. However, the basic principles of work, nodes and the connection system remain unchanged.

Automatic circuit lubrication system:

  • Oil tank. The tank for refueling, depending on the model, can have different spaciousness and be located in various places. Most often, the manufacturer places the container in the engine crankcase;
  • Filter. Installed directly in the tank;
  • Oil pipeline. Hose, small diameter made of temperature and oil.resistant materials;

Oil tank worm gear oil pump tire of the chainsaw (grease of sprockets)

  • Oil pump. The main unit of the system. Doses the supply of oil to the chain;
  • Worm-gear. Serves to transmit the effort from the engine of the chainsaw to the oil pump;
  • Tire. In this case, this part performs a dual purpose. The fact is that in the saw tire there are channels and grooves for passing lubricants;

Principle of operation

When the engine is launched and its speed is increased, the force is transmitted to the oil pump shaft. The more you press on the accelerator, the greater the pressure in the oil pipeline. the larger the doses of the oil enters the oil pipeline towards the saw.

Automatic circuit lubrication system device

The oil pipeline tube ends at the contact point of the motor crankcase and saw tire. As we have already mentioned, it has grooves and an oil channel on which the lubricant enters the chain. There are also grooves in the saw chain that disperses the oil over the entire bus.

Important: the lubricant system operates regardless of the degree of tension of the chain, the control of which is carried out by the operator.

Some new models of chainsaws are equipped with oil supply regulators. This is a convenient function that allows you to increase or decrease the lubrication consumption, depending on the ambient temperature and the intensity of work.

The main signs of a malfunction

How to find out in which your chainsaw operates, whether it is working, or problems have appeared. In the worst case, the engine simply won’t start, or starts up and immediately stalls.

Signs indicating that the chainsaw needs repair:

  • When working, the smell of burnt wood is felt, the chips changed the color to dark brown;
  • There is a rapid gap of links of the chain and the tire itself;
  • The performance of the chainsaw has fallen;
  • The level of oil in the tank remains constant;

Since we found out that our chainsaw has malfunctions, it’s time to move on to finding a breakdown. Immediately note, in some cases, repair at home is impossible.

Breakdown of the lubricant that can be fixed independently:

  • There was a break in the oil pipeline. The most difficult to diagnose this breakdown. But if you still managed to detect a cliff or an oil flow area, it remains to simply replace the worn part; The oil pump oil pump oil pump
  • Filter or oil pipeline. There are also no special problems here, carefully clean all the details, if necessary, they should be replaced. We recommend cleaning the oil pipeline by compressed air;
  • Carvings on the shaft of the oil pump. In this case, only the replacement of the part will help;
  • Oil pump malfunction. The most difficult breakdown. It is decided by the repair of the node or its complete replacement.

Oil selection criteria

Many owners of chainsaws, when malfunctions appear, sin on the manufacturer of the tool, complain about cheap components and poor.quality assembly. However, often the negligence of the owner himself and his desire to save on consumables, in particular in oil, leads to a breakdown.


Forestplus mineral oil for lubrication of the chain, it is a quality product that creates a reliable film on the tires and on the links of the chain, which is well held at the maximum speed of rotation of the chain.

Sets in three types of containers, a liter bottle and canists of five and twenty liters.

Forestplus has the lowest expiration date among the Oils of the Stihl line, which is only three years subject to storage conditions.

BIOPLUS oil review overview

Bioplus is made on a plant basis, which allows it to decompose when it enters the soil for the minimum time. It is this property that is marked by the European sign of environmental safety. According to information that is available on the manufacturer’s website and is official, Bioplus has been tested according to OECD 301 b.

For maximum convenience of consumers, it faces 4 types of containers, this is:

  • Liter bottle.
  • CANISTRET three liters.
  • A five.liter canister.
  • A plastic twenty.liter canister for those who work as a chainsaw daily and spend a large number of lubricants.

The price of Bioplus may vary depending on the region of sale.

Bioplus shelf life is four years. Brown colour.

Preventive work on the maintenance of the chainsaw

Sharpening of the saw is performed independently by means of devices and a file or on a machine machine. It is made when the cutting edges, minor chips on the teeth.

Filters change is carried out periodically in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Air, oil and fuel elements are subject to renewal.

Replacing the spark plugs is performed after a certain time, guided by the requirements of operation.

Fuel gas station. Different manufacturers and engine type determine the composition of the fuel mixture-2 or 4-stroke gasoline engine is seasoned with gasoline with or without oil additive.

complex work is the repair of a piston group, gearbox, clutch, etc. P are carried out as events. Such work is usually carried out in specialized repair shops.

Correctly configured chainsaw is a guarantee of safe and high.performance work. Remember this!

What oils can be used

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws recommend using their own manufacturing materials in their technique. However, often these oils are several times more expensive than simpler from manufacturers.

Pay attention if you doubt the choice of lubrication, then in this case, the best solution would be to purchase lubricants from the manufacturer of equipment.

But what to do if for some reason the purchase of expensive original oil is impossible? Here, the owners of the chainsaws resort to different options. Consider in general terms each of the possible lubricants for saw chains.

Original oils

Often. this is the best choice in terms of operational qualities, but not prices. In addition to optimal lubricants, today manufacturers seek to make these lubricants biodegradable (based on rapeseed bases), which almost does not harm the environment and human health.

STIHL chain oil for the chain of the chainsaw is just referring to biodegradable products. The only significant minus is the price.


Special oils for the chain of the chainsaws from manufacturers. Also a good choice. Are much cheaper than branded lubricants, but are often almost not inferior in working qualities.

Cheap industrial oil

The most common option here is the domestic product marked I-20 or I-20A. One of the cheapest options. This industrial oil can be poured into a chain to lubricate the chain and not be afraid of negative consequences.

Lubrication has good properties regarding the conditions of the saw headset and can reliably protect the chain and other elements of the headset from wear.

In terms of working qualities, it loses a little to the original. But the price can be several times lower relative to specialized products. Therefore, this option is used by many owners of chainsaws of any brands and models.

In conditions of heat, it is recommended to control the lubrication level after the production of half the gas tank during the feast.

Due to the very low viscosity, industrial oil is quickly consumed. There are cases when industrial lubricants were produced faster than the fuel tank fell out.

New motor or transmission lubricants

Not entirely justified choice in economic terms. Suitable in cases where the saw is rarely used, and there is no point in buying a canister of a special lubricant separately.

These oils contain a huge number of additives unnecessary and useless to work, which will only pollute the processed lumber and the environment.

Which oil is better to use for a chain video

How to Lubricate the Chain on the EGO Power Chain Saw

Here you also need to take into account viscous indicators. The intensity of oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw can decrease greatly with a temperature increase in viscosity.

Thick lubricants in winter conditions can lose their fluidity and ineffectively protect the chain and working surfaces of the tire from wear.

lubrication, chains, consumption, does

In the case of motor oils during operation in winter, it is recommended to use small options. In general, lubricants for ICE can be used in saws.

Wheelled oils

Use to lubricate the chain of the chainships that have worked out oils is the most unsuccessful idea of ​​all possible.

Firstly, the specifics of the work of the chainsaw implies the creation of oil fog in the production zone, which spreads to the surrounding nature and is partially inhaled by man.

And the development is recognized by carcinogen and is generally extremely toxic. Therefore, in many countries, entire industries have been created for processing the engine and transmission oils that have served their term, and unauthorized drain on the environment is punishable by serious fines.

Secondly, the lubricant quality of working out is extremely low. They are enough with an interference for the average load modes. If you saw a thick log or hard wood of wood. a chain and the rest of the saw set will suffer up to irreversible destruction.

Answering the question of how to replace chain oil for a chainsaw, if you buy the original too much, you can answer this: almost any oil with a suitable viscosity. But not by working out. It is better to pour in a chain lubricant, specially created products for this.

How and when to pour lubrication in a tank? Here the answer is simple: pour it every time when refueling gasoline to a mark on the neck.

We remove the rivets

For separation, efforts will be required: high.quality steel is used for the production of rivets, their shape is geometric.

Fundamentally! A distinctive feature of the inner rivet is a larger radius. Specifically this thickening was created to turn the link, and the role of the outer parts of the rivets is a connecting.

Fundamentally! It is necessary to grind the link from 2 sides, with all this, you should keep from damage to the side parts of the links.

Rivets are knocked out for what purpose use the beard. The side parts in this case are slightly bent.

How to shorten the chain on the chainsaw.

After separation of the part, you should not get rid of a remote rivet. It is possible that replacing her will never be found. It is almost impossible to buy a rivet, but it is quite possible to use it.

Important! When separating the part, it is necessary to count the guides of the ledges on the inside of the chain and the distance between them. There should be a combination between them and the leading star of the chainsaw. Even with a slight deviation in the step of the chainsaws, an extension of such an important part will again occur again

Even with a slight deviation in the step of the chainsaws, an extension of such an important part will again occur again