Chiansaw “Makita Dcs4610”: The Reliable Device For House And Countryside.

The Makita DCS4610 chainsaw. the device for sawing of wooden objects and logs. It is often used when working in the garden, for minor repairs or making firewood. This model is distinguished by a small level of vibration, which provides comfort when working and the ability to perform precise movements.

Briefly about the manufacturer.

Makita is a manufacturer of power tools and gas-powered tools (see the difference between electric saws and chainsaws) with headquarters in Japan. Works since 1915. than 350 types of devices are being produced together with 4,500 accessories that are suitable for them (see chainsaw attachments). The manufacturer has eight enterprises where products are manufactured. Rating chainsaws for reliability, read our other article.
The largest of them are in the UK, Romania and Germany. Trade is primarily conducted with European countries, and purchases are made by companies from North America and Japan so that you can judge the approval of products by most countries of the world.

Description and specifications.

Makita chainsaw of DCS4610 is intended first of all for amateur operation. The power of the device corresponds to an average of 1.7 kW. The oil tank holds 0.25 litres of substance, which is commensurate with the engine size of 45.1 cm³. The weight of the device is slightly less than 5 kg. There are 56 links, which is quite enough for cutting objects that are considered household. The noise level is 101.2 dB (A), what is the best indicator.
This device has a high-power engine and a small vibration, which facilitates the process of work. The service does not take much time and does not require financial expenses for a long time. The design is ergonomic. It is necessary to enable easy operation with the device, without distraction to minor inconveniences. The time of continuous work is increased, which is an excellent indicator for an inexpensive model of chainsaws since its price ranges from 12,000 rubles.
Makita DCS4610 has several advantages, among which presence of inertia brake of the chain, protecting the user from unpleasant situations; automatic lubrication of the chain (see oil for lubrication of the chainsaw chain), that is, a significant saving in owner time.
Starting the engine is easy to install, as it is pumped. The electric cooker is equipped with an additional handle that reduces vibration. With its help you can make the most accurate cuts, it is possible to work comfortably.

Setup Instructions.

To set up a Makita DCS4610 chainsaw, you need to implement a set of activities. Before performing any work with this device, you must turn off the engine and disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug. When setting up the device and working with it, you need to use protective gloves. The launch of the chainsaw is possible after its complete adjustment and verification of the correct position of the structural elements.

Installing the tire and saw chain.

Complete with the Makita DCS4610 electric saw, a universal key is supplied that helps to perform this action.

Place the device on a flat surface and arrange all elements in sequence:

  1. The arm guard moves in the direction of the arrow, thereby weakening the chain brake.
  2. The fasteners are unscrewed and neatly placed in any container.
  3. Unscrew the brake cover.
  4. The pin is moved to the left until it stops. To do this, turn the adjusting screw.
  5. A tire is inserted into the hole. To check the correctness of the installation, it is necessary to trace how accurately a voltage pin is placed in a special hole on the bus.
  6. The chain is placed on the gear, then installed in the upper groove. The position of the cutting edges should regulate the correctness of the work. They are sent along the arrow.
  7. The chain is located in the arcuate shape, framing the saw bar, while you need to tighten the saw chain slightly.
  8. The saw chain must exit through the stopper and remain in an elastic state. At the same time, the protective cover is closed, and the nuts that perform the protective function are brought to the stop.

Chain tension.

The algorithm of actions is executed:

  1. The device for tensioning the chain is guided to the right until this element reaches the guide groove and is firmly fixed in it, that is, the chain must reach the lower edge of the tire, through which a special groove is made.
  2. The end of the tire is lifted, and the chain screw turns slightly to the right until it stops until the chain fits tightly to the lower contour of the tire.
  3. Tighten the mounting nuts when raising the tire. To do this, use the supplied universal key.

Chain tension check.

The optimum chain tension is easy to check. It is enough to see that the chain evenly adjoins the lower part of the tire along the entire length without being too long; that is, it remains possible to move it freely. For the quick setting of the chain in the necessary position, you must first release the brake.
It should be periodically check the chain tension after each period of operation of the device, as new chains can permanently lengthen during the first time of the process. Before performing a check, you need to check that the engine is off.
It is advisable to purchase several chains at once to implement their alternate use.
For the tire to wear evenly and be in good condition as long as possible, it is necessary to turn the tire over when inserting each new chain.

Chain saw tightening.

The universal wrench is used to loosen the fastening of the nut; however, it cannot be removed; it is enough to unscrew it one turn. The spikes rise slightly and head to the right. It is necessary for the best position of the saw chain on the bottom of the tire. After installation of the chain, you cannot lower the jigger. It is held in a raised position until the nut is tightened.
Additionally, read the article on how to sharpen chain chains yourself.

Chain brake.

The DCS4610 35 and DCS4610 40 saws are characterized by an inertia brake, which is supplied as standard. When the saw bounces off when the tip touches the tree, the chain brake will work if there is a significant rebound. This mechanism works due to the action of inertial mass, which allows practically instantly automatically stop the circuit.
The brake is installed to lock the device at the time when it is not activated and in the event of extraordinary situations. Do not connect the motor when the device is on the brake. It is possible only for checking the security system, but not for active work with the tree (see how to cut down a tree). Failure to adhere to this rule may damage the device quickly. Before you start, you need to release the electric saw brake.

User’s manual.

When using the device, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the quality of the materials used, for example, fuel and oil, and also to check and repair the structural elements on time. It should work properly with a chainsaw to ensure the maximum result of its use (see running chainsaw).

Engine starting.

The chainsaw is ready to start only after its complete assembly. First, the device is refuelled with fuel. Then it must be moved at least 3 m from the place where the filling of the liquid occurred. You need to prepare a flat surface, remove all unnecessary parts and put a chainsaw.
The device is locked by activating the brake.. The tubular handle is held with one hand, and the second chainsaw is pressed against the surface.
Fixing the rear handle is possible if you use the help of another person or when working on the floor or the ground so that you can hold it with your foot. It is a preparatory position before starting the engine. Further actions depend on the type of start.

Cold start.

The fuel pump is activated when you repeatedly press, and you need to wait for the appearance of fuel in it. The combined switch is directed upwards. Stick grip and accelerator. Next, press the locking button, after which you can release the accelerator.
It must be placed in the middle gas position.. The starting cable is strongly pulled out until a significant resistance appears, but not more than 50 cm. It is necessary to pull it with a force so that the ignition signal appears. After that, the cable should be laid back.
Combination switch moves to “I” position, when the ignition is heard, then you need to pull the cable again. When the engine is turned on, press the accelerator to return the locking button to its original position. The engine is placed in the idle mode so that there is no risk of damage to the clutch.

Warm start.

It is performed in the same way as a cold one, but it is not necessary to set the combination switch to the “I” position.

Turn on the chain brake (locking).

The chain brake is automatically triggered in the event of a dangerous situation. It is recognized if the saw blade accelerates intensively, and the inertial mass of the arm is increased.
Because of these factors, there is a strong rebound, which is cause instant termination of the device, which resumes when it is connected.
To activate the brake yourself, push the fence on the left side to the end of the chainsaw body.

Chain brake release.

Fence arms need to lift, directing it to yourself. When latching occurs, the brake can be considered as deactivated.


Makita chainsaw DCS4610 is intended for private use. It is preferable to apply it to standard wood, avoiding difficult work with icy or contaminated material. This model has many advantages that manifest themselves with proper operation and proper care of the device.