Why The Gasoline Trimmer Does Not Start?

Why the gasoline trimmer does not start?
Because it is old. Why this question can be any number of answers, wrong fuel is not an argument. Maybe a person does not know how to use it, so it’s not right. There is no fuel coming in, the plug is pierced, the wires are pierced, not turned on, do not know how to use, the trimmer has burned/broken, and there are still some other reasons. There are also such hand hooks.

Reasons why the gas trimmer won’t start, maybe a few.

If the trimmer does not start up or immediately stalls after start-up, then the problem may be in the fuel tank (namely, as fuel), in the candle and the dump channel, in the air or fuel filter, the breather or outlet.

  1. Be sure to before you start the trimmer, you need to check the availability, and most importantly, the quality of the fuel mixture.
  2. The trimmer may not start or stall when a lit candle. It will need to unscrew and wipe. It is necessary to dry the canal of the canal for at least 3040 minutes. Otherwise, a new candle can also be flooded.
  3. If the trimmer starts without an air filter, then it is better to change the old filter to a new one.
  4. The trimmer may not start if the fuel filter is dirty.
  5. Also, the trimmer may not start due to soiling of the breather.

Also, the reason may be the ingress of dirt in the exhaust channel or clogged mesh muffler.
The gas trimmer may stop starting for several reasons at once.

First of all:

Try to clean the carburetor. its pollution leads to a break in the bender.


vacuum may form in the barrel. If so, try to make a small crack in the lid of the barrel.


Check that the trimmer settings are correct.
There are several reasons due to which the trimmer will not start.

I will list the main ones:

  • bad fuel. For each trimmer model, you need gasoline with a certain octane number. Check the manual and make sure that you fill exactly the right one.
  • drenched candles. At the same time, I advise you to check the candles for performance. Sometimes even new (in a box) candles can be inoperative or defective.
  • no fuel mixture enters the carburetor. Pump it up a bit.
  • ignition coil out of order.
  • muffler clogged. It is necessary to free him from carbon. To do this, carefully disassemble and clean (you can turn on a gas burner).

Usually trimmer we have didn’t start after winter, we used to take the trimmer almost every spring to the workshop where we repaired it. But, one day, a knowledgeable person advised us first, never to leave gasoline in the trimmer for the winter, because old gasoline may be the reason that the trimmer does not start, and he also said that it is necessary for the trimmer plant to pump the carburetor with the fuel mixture After we began to follow these rules, our problems with the trimmer disappeared.
First of all, you can watch the candle. If necessary, replace it, making sure that the candle is not pierced and gives a usual spark. The next problem will be hiding in the fuel system. As mentioned above, we check the tightness, then check the fuel filter, if necessary, change. We clean the carburetor, and we look effect. It may be required to delve into the ignition system, adjust. To check the fuel system, you can pour a few grams directly into the cylinder through the screwing holes in the spark plug, screw in the spark plug and try to start it. At a minimum, the trimmer should make the sounds of a running engine within 1-2 seconds, and a little smoke should come out of the muffler.
If the trimmer does not start at all or stalls immediately after the start, then you first need to look for the cause in the main components and assemblies, for this, you need to check in the sequence below, so here is the sequence:
In these nodes, the whole problem may lie.