Metal facing machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

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Metal facing machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

Top 6 drawings will help make a cutting machine from the angle grinder with their own hands without errors and unnecessary costs. Answers to frequently asked questions, recommendations.

  • The right option is b). Foot switches are more convenient because they are actuated quickly.
  • Theoretically. enough power in all three variants. In practice, they use a). electric and pneumatic models. No battery needed for a stationary grinder. For pneumatic drive, you will need to buy a compressor with the appropriate capacity.
  • 900 W or more. Correction is used when relatively soft materials are to be machined, or at high speeds.
  • Both are correct. Powerful angle grinder is suitable for creating a variety of machines domestic and semi-professional level.
  • Two mounting options are allowed. Specialists prefer the top-mounted.

the electric angle grinder performs many different operations. To reduce labor costs while increasing accuracy, it is used as a base for the machine.

“Angle grinder” is a common name for an angle grinder (angle grinder). By changing the disc, this versatile machine is converted for trimming, other working operations.

How to make a cutting machine in steps with drawings: 4 arguments in favor of implementing the project

In order not to doubt the correctness of your decision, study the following facts:

  • Without securely fastened workpieces vibrate, increasing the risk of damaging the disk;
  • the heavy tool is difficult to manipulate with high accuracy, observing the perpendicularity of the cut;
  • Difficulties increase when processing thick products, when creating a large batch of the same type of parts;
  • when both hands are occupied, the probability of injury increases significantly.

A quality machine is needed to solve the marked problems, improve productivity. It is created according to the following algorithm:

  • Clarify the intended purpose, the scope of work;
  • study the drawings factory analogues and self-made, choose a suitable option;
  • make a set of design documentation with a list of necessary purchases;
  • perform assembly according to an approved plan with a functional test.

Top 6 drawings with explanations for making a homemade metal cutting machine

Typical circular saw is not difficult to create, if you fix the angle grinder under the work table with a slot. You have to think of a guide system for high accuracy of movement of the workpieces.

Picture Schematic diagram

Look at the picture of what a typical trimming machine looks like. Here the angle grinder is mounted on a movable joint, which complicates the design somewhat. This scheme has a number of advantages:

  • simple and reliable fixing of the workpiece;
  • The significant weight of the upper part helps you to use less force when cutting workpieces;
  • If necessary, electric hand tools can be dismantled for normal operation.

Such a power frame is assembled from standard steel angles, pipes with a square cross section. Welded joints are stronger. But it is also possible to create a prefabricated structure using screws and nuts.

Picture Pendulum saw assembly drawing

This design can be used as an example for building a quality metal-cutting machine. Equipping with wheels facilitates moving the heavy product.

For your information! In other stands screw supports must be installed. Use them to compensate for uneven flooring.

Picture Pendulum Circular Saw

Take a look at the picture for an example of a woodworking machine. This technique is suitable for cutting large workpieces. An angle grinder with sufficient power has to be chosen, so that it is powerful enough for big-diameter saw blades. Attach a load to the back of the arm (instead of the electric motor, as in the drawing). Weight and location of attachment are chosen according to personal requirements and the specifics of the particular construction.

Circular saw drawing

This machine can be remodeled to mount an angle grinder on the bottom. If a longitudinal sawing of wood is intended, this engineering solution would be optimal.

Pics Design of a panel sabre saw

Look at the picture It can be used to make a set of drawings with their own hands. It is recommended to pay attention to

A spring that lifts the work unit back to its original state. Rotary table with measuring devices will help to create a machine with higher tolerance requirements.

Picture drawing of the bed

When making this part of the machine, thick metal is used. This solution increases the cost and weight, but extends the service life, increases reliability, improves the attachment of attachments and the accuracy of machining.

Converting an angle grinder into a machine tool in steps: 10 assembly steps, wiring diagram to the drawings

To create a machine by yourself you need to choose a design that suits the available skills and capabilities. The easiest way to assemble the machine from blanks, created according to the drawings in a specialized metalworking workshop. Otherwise, you will have to learn welding techniques and acquire the necessary equipment.

Below is a step-by-step self-assembly algorithm with helpful Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

Cutting machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

Angle grinder. a very useful and versatile tool. With its help you can cut metal, stone, tile, and, of course, grind surfaces, but sometimes it is much easier and more accurate to perform these works with a stationary machine. Fortunately, you can make a cutting machine from an angle grinder with your own hands.

Pros and cons of the homemade machine

If you have to hold an angle grinder in your hands quite often, you have probably had time to feel its disadvantages. The weaknesses of the tool in his own main advantage. mobility.

First, it is not always possible to fix the parts while cutting, and their slightest vibration can lead to the destruction of the abrasive disc, which, in turn, is fraught with serious injury.

Secondly, it is quite difficult to control the clear perpendicularity of the cut with a mobile version of the tool, take into account the thickness of the disk in relation to the mark and the material to be cut, and even hold it if necessary.

Thirdly, it is quite difficult to cut several pieces with the tool of the same size, especially when we are talking about bars and small pipes. you have to trim the pieces after cutting.

And of course, both hands are needed and concentration must be extremely tiring, because the angle grinder is one of the most dangerous tools. Just look at the reverse impact. the sudden tool kickback when the rotating cutting wheel jams in the workpiece. The danger of kickback is not so much in the tool being thrown away, but in the accompanying destruction of the wheel. At such high RPM the splinters of abrasive can seriously injure the operator.

Kickback especially often occurs after finishing a cut, when there is only a small bridge between the workpieces. In this case, it is recommended to stop the tool without cutting the workpiece to the end, remove the circle and finish cutting the part from the reverse side. A cutting machine that can be constructed from readily available materials can solve all of these problems and provide additional safety.

To buy or not to buy?

Finding a pre-built machine on the shelves of a store that meets your needs at first sight is a simple enough task. But it is unlikely to find a design that is made entirely according to your requirements, but they all have different. In such cases, the owners of machines are trying to improve or remake them, but they face very serious obstacles. the manufacturers have made the machine from alloys that are very difficult to work with welding, or did not take into account the little things you need specifically. for example, an accurate ruler or more elastic spring. Redesigning someone else’s is much harder than making your own.

How to make a cutting machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

The simplest homemade machine for a small angle grinder can be made at a minimum cost and for only a few hours.

Made of metal pipe and angles

The finished construction of such a machine will be a long metal tube, acting both as a frame and as a handle. Closer to one end, a transverse metal strip is welded with two holes for fixing the angle grinder.

The tube in this construction is both a handle and a mount

On the same side of the tube is attached to one side of a small piece of angle on a movable shaft, the same angle with its other side is fixed either to the work table or just on the floor in the workplace. On the opposite side of the mount, be sure to fix the spring, which will allow the entire structure to return to its original position. That’s all. the machine is ready, you only need to properly fix the angle grinder. Of course, such a variant is for the simplest works with metal, and for complex ones, where precision is required, the construction must be more stable and solid.

Cutting machine with bed (drawing)

Tools and materials required

To make a cutting machine you will need the following materials and tools: steel angle, profile tube, sheet metal for the platform (or a lighter version of the chipboard), welding machine, channel, drill, shaft, several identical bearings, small diameter pipe, spring, and relay and pedal. Welding, if you think about it, can be replaced by solid bolts, that’s what you need a drill for. By the way, this option will also allow you to disassemble the machine in case of such a need.


The construction of the machine should begin with the cutting of parts on the frame. To make sure you don’t spoil any valuable material, look very carefully at the numerous blueprints available on the Internet or follow the models over the counter. In the latter case, make a drawing yourself, it does not require any special skills. the main thing on the paper to represent the finished design and its proportions. For each angle grinder needs its own drawing, because the tools from different manufacturers can be radically different. somewhere you can remove the handle, somewhere will have to invent a rack for the entire angle grinder as a whole! Plus you need a different frame for different disk sizes. Below are a few diagrams.

Photo gallery: diagrams of cutting machines from the angle grinder for metal and tile


The simplest frame consists of two frames on a common axis. The bottom frame should be secured to a platform. metal or wood chipboard. If the angle grinder is large, it is better to use metal. The upper frame, to which the angle grinder is bolted, must rotate vertically relative to the lower, like a pendulum. A spring is needed to fix the initial position. To the bottom frame is welded mount, which consists of a clamping angle and a movable clamp.

The frame of the bed can be made of metal

The line

It is very important to provide measuring parts in the machine, so that you can cut the workpieces with an accuracy of up to 1 mm. A sliding ruler with a stop bar welded to the tube is best for this application. After precisely sizing it and securing it with the face screw, you can get to work.

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For ease of operation, include in the design of the starting pedal or button with switching through a low voltage relay for 12 V. Through it the voltage will be fed to the angle grinder. With such an uncomplicated design, we free our hands, achieve a precise straight cut without using a vice, and save time on accurate measurements. This tool replaces the metal cut-off saw and if necessary you can always return the angle grinder to its mobile state.

Materials and tools

The easiest way to make a homemade cutting machine from the angle grinder and grinders, which can use circles of different diameters. Choosing the used angle grinder, it is necessary to remember that models that can work with discs with a diameter greater than 150 millimeters, are versatile in use, and such a machine will cope with the processing of various sized lumber. Optimal power values of the angle grinder are 800 watts or more.

Bed and bracket is easiest to perform from a metal angle, which is welded or fastened on rivets. The quality of fixation of the angle grinder should be paid due attention, because later during the processing of materials it is on the available mount has an increased load, which can lead to breakdowns of the pendulum mechanism.

Making a machine by your own hands

Before you proceed directly to the manufacture of the machine, you should pick up the used components and drawings of the cut-off machine with their own hands from the angle grinder. The simplest versions have the following structural elements:

The frame is made in the form of a steel frame welded from profiled pipes. Working platform-table can be made of sheet metal, the thickness of which is not less than 3 millimeters.

To the made plate mount a bracket, on which the hinges mount the pendulum plate.

You can easily find the necessary drawings for the base for the angle grinder with their own hands, which will greatly simplify the manufacture of such equipment.

For fixation of the workpiece to be processed one or two stops are installed on the platform of the pipe cutter, which will ensure the immobility of lumber and metal products during their cutting by the cutting wheel. Some models of trimming machines imply a rotating device with a protractor, by means of which the cutting disc can be rotated to any angle, which allows the complex processing of parts.

In the metal platform at the place where its saw touches the cutting wheel, you must make a small cut, the width of which should be equal to twice the thickness of the cutting wheel of the angle grinder

The presence of such a kerf will greatly simplify the work with the tool, eliminating damage to the unit in case of careless handling of the pendulum attachment angle grinder.

In the future there is the possibility of upgrading the made by your own hands of the angle grinder trimmer, including the replacement of the used angle grinder or installation of additional fasteners for the work pieces. The latter allow the most accurate processing, including the manufacture of the same size wooden or metal products.

It is not difficult to make an angle cutter and a cutting machine from an angle grinder. It is only necessary to choose a quality scheme of implementation of such equipment, which subsequently will be assembled by the desired machine

The easiest way to perform such a unit is from the angle grinder, which is attached to the pendulum and the base of the metal angle. With such simple equipment, you can process wood, cut lumber, or work with various metal blanks.

Top 6 blueprints with explanations for making a homemade metal cutting machine

A typical circular saw is not difficult to create, if you fix an angle grinder under the working table with a slot. You need to think about a system of guides for high precision movement of workpieces.

Picture Schematic Diagram

Check out this picture to see what a typical metal cutting machine looks like. Here the angle grinder is mounted on a movable joint, which complicates the design somewhat. Such a scheme has several advantages:

  • Simple and reliable attachment of the workpiece;
  • Significant weight of the upper part helps to use less effort when cutting workpieces;
  • if necessary, electric hand tools must be dismantled for normal operation.

Picture Stand for angle grinder Such power frame is assembled from standard steel angles, pipes with a square cross section. Welded joints are more durable. But it is also possible to create a prefabricated structure using screws and nuts.

Picture Pendulum saw assembly drawing

You can use this project as an example for building a quality wood-cutting machine. Equipped with wheels to make moving a heavy piece easier.

For your information! In other racks, screw supports must be installed. Use them to compensate for uneven flooring.

Picture Pendulum Circular Saw Look at the picture example of a machine for woodworking. This technique is suitable for cutting large workpieces. It is necessary to choose an angle grinder of sufficient power, so that it is enough to work with large-diameter discs. On the reverse arm of the lever (instead of the electric motor, as in the drawing) fasten the weight. Weight and place of attachment are selected according to personal requirements and the features of the particular design.

Picture Circular Saw Blueprint

This machine can be remade to fix the bottom of the angle grinder. If wood will be sawn lengthways, this engineering solution is optimal.

Picture Construction of a Factory Wood Circular Saw

Look at the Picture It can be used to make a set of blueprints with your own hands. It is recommended to pay attention to the spring that lifts the working assembly to its original state. A rotary table with measuring fixtures can help create a machine with higher tolerance requirements.

Picture Bed drawing

Heavy-gauge metal is used for this part of the machine. This solution increases the cost and weight, but extends the service life, increases reliability, improves the attachment of the elements and the accuracy of machining.

Making a cutting machine with their own hands

To understand how to simply make an angle grinder cutting machine, you need to have at least some basic experience with the angle grinder. Such equipment is easy enough to make on your own, if you know exactly all the nodes of the future desktop equipment.

Preparatory stage

At the beginning of all work should find an accurate sketch of the machine, which, in a step-by-step version will outline the entire assembly. Such foresight will allow you to gather in advance all the necessary material for manufacturing.

The option of drawings is chosen arbitrarily, regardless of the power of the angle grinder. Free dimensions can be easily found on the Internet.

You also need to prepare all the tools that will be needed in the process of all the work.

Blueprints for making a homemade cutting machine

It is not difficult to find ready-made ones. Here is one of the simplest options.

The drawing of the home-made equipment

Step by step instruction

The first step is to make the base. Need to cut the angle into four pieces at an angle of 45 ° on each side. The parts can be of any size, since there are different sizes of lathes. They are welded together to form a rectangle. The bars are welded in the middle of the base and additionally reinforced with an angle from below. In this way you should get a platform with the right dimensions.

The next step is to make the pendulum. The first thing is to make its base. From the profiled tube you need to weld two parts at an angle of 90 °. They are installed on the base, with a distance of 40 mm from each other. The edges of the parts must be sawn at 45°. This is to ensure that the parts have a perfect fit with the base.

Next, you need to prepare the mechanism for rocking. It is made of a stud and a tube. Instead of a metal pipe, you can take the nuts with internal thread like a stud.

Two parts of the tubes are welded to the tops of the angles, which will serve as a rocking unit.

For the pendulum we take a profile tube with a cross-section of 40×40 mm. The wall thickness must be no less than 3 mm. In the middle of the pipe is drilled a hole, the diameter of which must strictly correspond to the diameter of the stud.

Important! Making this node, you must make sure: the backlash should be completely absent, because it affects the evenness of the cut.

On one side of the pendulum one or more springs are installed: holes are drilled at the edge for the hook.

To mount the angle grinder on the arm of the pendulum requires drilling holes in its base. It is necessary to attach an angle grinder and mark the place for the hole in the boom. Since fixing on one bolt is not reliable, it is necessary to fix the cutting tool itself on additional two bolts. For this purpose, by welding, special fasteners are made, which are installed on the edge of the arm of the pendulum.

Before testing the machine, fine adjustments must be made. Set the cutting element and make the first pull on the bed. In this place you need to install a stop or a special vise for a drilling machine. The starting cut will be the zero point of reference.

Important! When you cut any part, it must be clamped firmly. This will eliminate the impact or distortion of the cutting disc.

metal, facing, machine, angle, grinder

When the disk is installed on the angle grinder it is placed on the bed and the angle of cut is checked with the help of an angle. If the angle is not adjusted, this must be done.

Conversion process

To be precise, it is hard to call it a remodeling, it is an improvement or expansion of the functionality of the angle grinder. Finishing can be divided into stages or steps in the process. To begin with, let’s define the main tasks. It is necessary to make a table for the installation of the circular saw. It can be from any available material, but a steel angle base is preferred.

angle grinder must be painlessly installed and removed, so its attachment to the table must be open and accessible. The cutting disk will be installed directly on the shaft of the angle grinder. It should be adjustable in height or change the height of the cutting disk above the table plane.

The table should have an adjustable guide. With its help you can set the thickness of the cut of the board. As a special case, an angle guide can be installed if needed.

So, structurally we make a machine tool under the existing angle grinder with height adjustment of the cutting wheel. For ease of construction we use wood:

  • We make a slot in the tabletop from a board for the saw. If it will be a furniture board or a sheet of plywood, it is advisable to reinforce it with an additional strip along the position of the cutting wheel;
  • We fasten the back part of the machine on the hinge. Then mount the angle grinder. You will need a short bolt with a lock nut to attach it. The bolt will be screwed in place of the handle, and will attach the angle grinder to the pivot part of the machine;
  • On the side of the handle of the angle grinder we make a clamp with a sawed adjusting bar. This is the U-shaped bracket, into which the drill handle must fit snugly. Rubber strips can be glued in for tightness. To the same n-shaped plate will be attached a regulating strip with a kerf.
  • Install the tabletop on a base made of steel angle or wooden bars;
  • Connect power. The electrical safety conditions must be met. It is better to make a connection with a cable that is not afraid of accidentally falling on it a piece of board;
  • Make a test run. The saw blade must rotate without catching on the edge of the slot. If this is not the case, you must change the mounting position of the hinge or n-plate. Feed to the cutting wheel of the material should not cause displacement or vibration of the angle grinder.

Both the angle grinder and the manual circular saw are very successful removable drives for the stationary circular saw.

From an angle grinder is not difficult to make a manual circular saw. To do this, you have to modify the guard so that almost the entire saw blade is covered. And you need to install a movable guard on the working sector of the disc, which will move during operation. It is also desirable to install a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner if the saw will be used indoors.

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At the front you must install an additional curved handle made of thin-walled pipe. It is better and safer to fix the circular saw during work with this handle.

You may have difficulty creating a stationary circular saw from an angle grinder or a manual circular saw. On construction sites and forums you can find the required drawings of simple designs.

How to make crosscutting woodworking machines with my own hands

A wide variety of equipment can be used for woodworking. Such material is machinable, which has determined its popularity in the production of various things. To change the size and shape of workpieces, a crosscutting machine is used. Its design is similar to that of a circular saw, but there are several differences that determine the popularity of the machine. The main advantages include low weight and overall dimensions, which allows the equipment to be installed in a home workshop. It is possible to make a crosscutting machine for wood with your own hands, but as a rule, the self-made machine will be more cumbersome and less productive. It is convenient to operate this equipment in a stationary mode.

Cutting machine from the angle grinder

To make the machine you will need the following tools and materials: steel angle, a piece of profile pipe, sheet metal for the platform welding machine, drill, bolts and several identical bearings.

On each angle grinder, on the gearbox there are three holes under the handle, on them bent bracket of a strip of metal, welded to it one more strip and two studs at 10. Then I cut out a sheet metal for the base, to which I welded a piece of profile tube on bearings, to which I also fastened the angle grinder rigidly with bolts.

The advantages of such a machine is that the workpiece is rigidly clamped, which is safer and provides a more even cut, the possibility of cutting at an angle, and if necessary, remove the angle grinder does not take much time.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Useful development! Such a base for the angle grinder is always needed, especially when you cut the same type of workpieces, and even in large quantities. Cutting precision is assured.

“You see Balaganov, what you can make from a simple Singer sewing machine? A small device. and turned out a nice collective farm sheaf-binder”. (Golden Calf).

I have a similar product manufactured by “Chinese factory”. one pain in the use, I do not even want to take it into my hands.

Your photos show everything. There were questions at first, but then I figured it out. I will make one of these myself!

Metal cutting machine with your own hands: recommendations for building

Disc cutting machines are tools, which are based on a special platform or frame made of metal. The machine itself is equipped with details that provide a reliable fixation of the material in a certain position at the required angle during the cutting process.

The cutting element is a disc made of high-speed steel. It is also called carbide. It can also be used to cut metal with a circle coated in the form of abrasive material. The cutting element is driven by an electric motor with belt or gear transmission.

Metal cutting machine device diagram of pendulum type

Please note! In low-power variants of the tool it is allowed to use a cutting element installed directly on the shaft of the electric motor. In other cases such a disc application can be dangerous.

Three different feeds of the cutting component are found in disc machines:

According to the number of cutting elements the machines can be:

  • single-head. only one cutting blade is included in the unit, so when the operation needs to be changed, the cutting edge is readjusted to the new task;
  • double-headed. the design makes it possible to work with two tools at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency. In such machines, one head is in a fixed position and maintains stability, the second head can move. Two-head designs can work automatically.

Example of metal cutting machine made by own hands

Making a disk metal cutting machine with their own hands: procedure

When making a machine designed to work with metal, the steps are as follows:

  • Protective guards are prepared, which will be installed on the drive belt, as well as the cutting disk.
  • The motor is installed. The drive belt serves as the connecting piece between the cutting element shaft and the motor.
  • Shaft is made, on which the drive pulley will be mounted and the cutting-off disk is to be installed. The assembly is to be assembled and then mounted to the pendulum. In this case the mobile upper part of the construction serves as a pendulum, where the cutting element and the motor are located.
  • The shaft for the swingarm mounting is made.
  • The frame for setting up the machine is made. The spark arrester and the workpiece are to be mounted on it.
  • Pendulum is mounted on a frame.
  • Electrical wiring is installed.
  • Test start-up of the tool and adjustment of the equipment takes place.

Homemade cutting machines use a cutting wheel made of high-speed steel or a disc with a coating of abrasive material as the cutting element

Calculation of the pulley for self-made metal cutting machine

Calculation of the diameter of pulleys is carried out taking into account the rotational speed of the disk and other parameters. If we assume a motor power rating of at least 300W, the disc will have a rotational speed of at least 3000 rpm./min., and its size in diameter is 40 cm.

Useful tip! In the process of cutting metal, the nut in the disk clamping area can be unscrewed. To avoid this, it is recommended to place the drive pulleys on the left side and the disk on the shaft on the right.

Discs are usually marked on the product by the manufacturer with the maximum allowable rotational speed. In this case the figure is 4400 rpm./min. Therefore it is possible to choose any speed within the range of 3000-4400 rpm./min.

  • the motor’s rotational speed is 1500 rpm./min.;
  • the diameter of the pulley to be installed on the shaft is 6.5 cm;
  • disk rotational speed. 3000 rpm./min.

Drawing of a frame-type cutting machine (frame dimensions depend on the size of the tool used)

The calculation is performed in the following sequence:

  • Set the length of the shaft on the perimeter. To do this, multiply the number π, which is 3.14, by the diameter dimension: 3.14 x 6.5 = 20.41 cm (perimeter shaft length).
  • Multiply the result by the necessary RPM: 20.41 x 3000 rpm./min. = 61230 cm/min.
  • The result needs to be divided by the engine speed: 61230 cm/min/1500 rpm./min. = 40.82 cm (perimeter length of motor pulley).
  • The resulting value is divided by the number π: 40.82 cm/3.14 = 13 cm (required pulley size).

Calculation of the belt length for self-made metal cutting machine with your own hands

The following data will be needed to perform these calculations:

Having two pulleys with dimensions of 13 and 6.5 cm, you can make the necessary calculations. Since the distance between the centers of these elements can be changed (since the belt needs to be tensioned), we will take a 50 cm long section as an example.

The larger the diameter of the cutting element, the easier it will be to cut thicker metal

Now you need to count 1/2 the circumference of each pulley. Since the drive belt runs between them twice to this value you must add twice the distance between the center points.

Useful tip! To obtain a more accurate result, calculate the maximum and minimum distance between the pulleys’ center points and choose an average value.

To make a machine design for working with metal yourself, you should prepare the necessary tools.

Drawing of the pendulum-type cut-off machine: on the left. base dimensions, on the right. pendulum design features

The obligatory set of tools and materials includes:

  • welding machine;
  • Metal angle bar (steel);
  • channel and chain;
  • on/off button;
  • bearings;
  • a shaft and an electric motor;
  • Electric drill;
  • sheet steel to create the working surface;
  • Box for placing the electrical components of the machine.

Making a cutting machine out of an angle grinder with their own hands: drawings, technology

Designs of cutting machines, made on the basis of the angle grinder, are of two kinds (depending on the placement of the angle grinder).

In the first case, you get a bed, on which the angle grinder is very rigidly fixed. Only a disc is elevated above the working surface, for which there is a special slot in the table. Such a machine operates on the principle of a circular saw.

Note! In the process of working with such a machine, you have to move the workpiece by yourself, which loses the accuracy of the work. In addition, this process can be unsafe, so drawings with a hidden type of placement of the angle grinder are not in high demand.

The second variant assumes that the workpiece remains in a stationary state, and the cutting element is moved. The grinder can be placed on top of the worktop, which means that you don’t have to use much force to cut the workpieces.

Working on a home-made cutting machine, based on the angle grinder

List of tools and materials for the cut-off machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

When making the tool independently, it should be taken into account that the accuracy with which it will work, depends largely on the stability of the design. For this reason, the thickness of the materials used is not so much due to the strength requirements of the machine body, but rather to the need for adequate rigidity.

  • a profiled tube with a square cross-section (2.5×2.5×0.25 cm);
  • sheet steel (sheet thickness 0,4-0,5 cm);
  • shaped tube with a rectangular cross-section (4x2x0.25 cm);
  • ball bearings. 2 pcs. (03, 204 or 202);
  • calibrated rod not more than 10 cm (the thickness is selected taking into account the hole on the inner rim of the bearing);
  • metal bar (diameter 0,8-1 cm);
  • fixing elements (bolts with nuts, M or M8 threads);
  • metal bar (2×0.4 cm).

The accuracy of the cut-off machine from the angle grinder largely depends on the stability of the construction

  • angle grinder;
  • Electric drill (can be replaced by a drilling machine);
  • drill set;
  • A set of dies, designed for the formation of metal threads;
  • welding machine;
  • open-end wrenches.

Selection of appropriate cutting tools for homemade cut-off machine from angle grinder

The angle grinder is the main component of the machine for working with metal. Specialists do not recommend using a small tool for these purposes, which has a capacity of no more than 500-600 watts. In such grinders, the cutting discs have a diameter of no more than 12.5 cm. These limitations are due to the fact that the large-diameter cutting element is considered versatile and very reliable. it can handle the cutting of thick workpieces.

metal, facing, machine, angle, grinder

Useful tip! Instead of welding to fix the parts, you can use threaded connections, but they are less reliable and will not provide the necessary level of strength.

Competent choice of the angle grinder is an important point in creating a cutting machine for metal from this tool

Carefully approach the choice of angle grinder should also be because there is a large variety of designs on the market. Since this power tool is not fully unified, the construction of the machine will be carried out under a certain modification and size of the angle grinder.

If the machine breaks, to perform the installation of another angle grinder can be not only problematic, but also impossible. You will have to redo the pendulum and all mounts. Therefore, it is worth choosing a tool from the range of large and already proven companies, such as Bosch or Makita.

Drawings of a cutting machine: how to make a cutting tool from an angle grinder

At the preparatory stage the design and drawings are made. There are no “one size fits all”, as every machine design is subject to a specific cutting tool model. Ready-made drawings, of which there are quite a few on the network, can be fitted to an angle grinder. They allow you to orientate in relation to what will be the structure of the structure, its dimensions.

Drawing is better to begin with the body part. In some cases it may be necessary to build a separate platform instead of the frame. Such a platform will be fixed on the workbench. Then determine the size and location of key elements on the machine. You need to measure the center distance between the mounting holes located on the gearbox, as well as measure the angle grinder itself.

All these data are used to make drawings. After the mounts for the pendulum and grinder are designed, the swivel assembly is developed.

Useful tip! The accuracy and rigidity of the machine depends on the distance between the cutting element and the pivot joint. The smaller the gap, the better. It is recommended to install the pendulum joint with minimum length.

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After compiling the drawings, you will only need to select materials, calculate their quantity and proceed to the implementation of the construction.

After drawing, selecting the necessary materials and tools, you can proceed directly to the creation of the cutting machine

Technology for building a cut-off machine from an angle grinder

The technology of making a machine for cutting metal on the basis of the angle grinder is almost the same as in the case of the cutting disc:

  • Preparation and fabrication of parts for the frame.
  • Articulating joint on the pendulum arm.
  • Making a U-shaped bracket with holes for mounting the gearbox of the grinder.
  • Making a U-shaped clamp and a strip that will fix the body of the angle grinder on the pendulum.
  • Assembly of the U-shaped clamp and the U-shaped bracket to the cutting tool: all these parts are attached to the cantilevered part by means of welding or screwing.
  • Pressing bearings into supports.
  • Double-sided press-fit of bearing units on the shaft. To increase the strength of the connection, you can tin the axis with a thin layer of tin using a soldering iron.
  • Fixing the pendulum with supporting nodal parts on the edge of the platform (0.5-0.6 cm from the edge) using a welder.
  • Installation of the angle grinder and safety guard.
  • Mounting the return spring.

The simplest crosscut saw from an angle grinder with your own hands

A mitre saw is needed to cut long steel flat. Not necessary in a small workshop. To save space and money, you can make a stand for an angle grinder to completely replace this tool.


The base of the stand must be cut out of thick sheet steel. Four holes are drilled and countersinked in it for its attachment to the worktable.

The threaded rod is cut to the width of the sole. Nuts are screwed on it. Then they are welded to the edge of the base plate.

From a strip a corner is bent with a hole at the edge. It must be screwed to the angle grinder through the regular hole for fixing the removable handle.

Next, you will need to weld the second edge of the angle to the stud so that the disk of the angle grinder passed the side of the sole, and was located strictly parallel to it.

A stop is welded to the base plate from a strip, on which you can level the workpieces perpendicular to the cutting disc. Then the machine is set on the corner of the table and screwed with self-tapping screws.

Before using it on the angle grinder from the bottom of the handle is scrolled. That’s it, the mitre saw is ready for use.

angle grinder HORSCHING saw. step-by-step operating procedure

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THIS ARTICLE IS HERE 1. From sheet metal thickness of 5 mm cut out a plate with dimensions 240×50 mm. To it welded a bracket from iron bar d 10 mm. I welded a bolt to the top of the last one

Picked up a shaft d 25 mm with a through hole already drilled (the blank can be turned from a metal bar). Using a tap inside the hole, cut a thread for a bolt on the staple. Screwed the shaft on the bolt to check the smoothness of movement. Then I welded two threaded rods M10 to the side of the shaft. For them to “wiggle” less when working, between them I welded a metal strip 5 mm thick

Materials and tools

The easiest way to make a homemade cutting machine from an angle grinder and grinders, which can use circles of different diameters. Choosing the used angle grinder, it is necessary to remember that models that can work with discs with a diameter greater than 150 millimeters, are versatile in use, and such a machine will cope with the processing of different sized lumber. Optimal power output of the angle grinder is 800 watts or more.

The frame and bracket is easiest to perform from a metal angle, which is welded or fastened on rivets. The quality of fixation of the angle grinder should be given due attention, because later in the processing of materials it is on the available mount has an increased load, which can lead to breakdowns of the pendulum mechanism.

Step-by-step making of the circular saw

To make an angle grinder out of a circular saw, it is necessary to follow the instructions:

  • Making the frame. The base frame under the stationary from the angle grinder circular saw is made of metal, and the table top. of fiberboard or plywood, which is covered with a metal sheet. It is necessary to make a slot in the table top for the cutting disk, and it is desirable to screw the frame to the floor for stability of the construction.
  • Installation of an angle grinder. Angle grinder is fixed under the table top to the special bar. For fixation, use the clamps for the angle grinder or homemade clamps, attracted by the nuts. Secure all threaded connections with clamps. Cutting disk is installed in such a way that its maximum part protrudes over the table top level. Over the disk must be installed protective visor, which can be purchased at any construction store. It should be attached to the hinges so that it hinges. The protective cover of a manual angle grinder can also be made by yourself using plywood or chipboard. If you want to monitor the sawing process it is better to install a window on top. This is an important detail that will considerably increase the safety of the tool during work.
  • Making a thrust strip. The support strip is installed parallel to the cutting edge, it is made of metal angle. It must be sliding, so it is not attached directly to the table top, but installed on a separate plywood. The plate with the thrust plate is fixed to the table top with angle grinder clamps.
  • Wiring the electricity. Cables are led to the left front foot of the frame and connected to the extension cord with turn-on button. For convenience during work, the wires can be secured under the tabletop with a staple gun.

Making an end saw

Trimming saw from the angle grinder differs from the disk grinder in that it performs a single task: with this modification you can cut the ends of the lumber at different angles. It can be attached to the bed or removed and used as an ordinary angle grinder. The pivot element of the face grinder is made of an automobile kingpin, held in place by a ball bearing of 150 mm or more. Saw is fixed on the base with the help of welded ears on the outside of the bearing and M6 screws. The saw blade is covered with a protective shield and the cage with a box. A broach is made of cargo shock absorbers, oil is poured out of them beforehand, ventilation holes are made and covered with a grid against dust and shavings.

Before you make a circular grinder from an angle grinder, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of work with the tool to ensure safe operating conditions. Otherwise there is no way to avoid different kinds of injuries.

Observance of the rules of operation of the circular grinder, as well as measures to protect against various damages, is as follows:

  • To ensure that the disk does not blunt quickly, and the motor of the angle grinder does not burn out, it is recommended to install a system of pulleys and a belt. They are mounted on the angle grinder shaft and the saw blade. The discs and belt can be purchased at an auto parts store. The smaller diameter disc is mounted on the angle grinder shaft, and the larger diameter disc on the saw blade shaft.
  • The on/off switch must be on the front of the frame on the side, not on the top.
  • angle grinder saw with your own hands should be turned on only when the table is firmly secured to the floor, and the blade is equipped with a protective guard.
  • It is recommended to use an angle grinder with adjustable disk rotation speed and a motor power of at least 1600 W to create a circular saw.
  • Design must be such that material can be fed from right to left and from left to right for left-handers.

During work, you must use eye protection, not to stand in the line of rotation of the cutting disc, and not to keep hands less than 20 cm from it. Material for sawing should not be fed by hand, but with a pusher bar.

Trimming saw out of angle grinder with My Hands

The design of the trimmer is similar to a circular saw mounted above the work table. Its main advantages: compactness and low weight. That is why saws are not only used in workshops, but also on construction sites. Often, homemade tools are quite bulky not heavy. They are easy to operate in stationary mode.

The mitre saw is determined for the one task only: to cut the ends of lumber at different angles. Because the workpiece is stationary on the table at the time of cutting, the cut is neat and not clean. Craftsmen who work with wood rely more on this tool. And self-made saws have been successfully used for years.


All materials were recycled. they were found or left over from past projects:

  • 2 pieces of 15 cm PVC pipe
  • 4 half-circular pipe clamps sh 1.25 cm
  • 2 pieces of chrome plated curtain rod 50 cm.
  • 50 cm of steel sheet thickness 0.5 cm and 2 cm wide.5 cm
  • 2 pieces of square tubing w 2.5 cm and d 50 cm
  • 2 pieces of angle piece sh 2.5 cm and w 15 cm
  • 2 pieces of 0 gauge steel plate.3 cm l 10 cm and w 7 cm
  • 1 steel plate l 25 cm and w 22.5 cm for the table
  • 1 piece of aluminum ingot for the stop
  • Shoe strap
  • 20 cm of nylon rope
  • 1 8 cm bolt and d 0.9 cm.
  • Oak Blank

Circular saw based on angle grinder with a broach by hand

For precise cutting of sheet materials, you can make a coping saw with a broach driven by an angle grinder. It will also allow you to cut long pieces of metal, and with an appropriate cutting disc, it can work with lumber and tile.

Basic materials:

Use 600-700 mm long profile pipe to make a guide for the machine carriage. A through hole is drilled around the edge with an 8 mm bit. The studs are inserted into them and tightened from the inside using nuts. Then 4 studs from angle piece are clamped on stud bolts.The frame of the bed is welded from the same angle to the size of the guide. Then the struts are welded or bolted to it.

To make the carriage it is necessary to grind 8 nuts to the size of the inner ring of the prepared bearings.

The carriage is then assembled from the two halves. Each half consists of a pair of 100-150 mm long corners, drilled at the edges.

Stud bolts are inserted into the holes in one corner, and ordinary nuts and ground nuts with washers are screwed on them with alternation between them.

The carriage halves are joined together by studs and set on a guideway. To prevent the carriage from sliding to the side, it is necessary to make two side stops on each side. They are rollers made from drilled bearing balls. Each ball is mounted on a bar spindle and a band fork is welded to it. The forks are welded onto the studs that must be bolted to the brackets welded to the side of the carriage.

A hinge sleeve with pressed-in bearing is welded to the bottom of the carriage. The shaft is inserted into it, to which a strip with a handle and eyelets are welded for installation of the angle grinder through the regular holes for handles. For more rigidity you need to weld vertically to the mount a piece of pipe to stop the angle grinder housing with a bolt.

Then a steel plate is welded to the frame of the frame. Perpendicular to the cutting wheel of the angle grinder, an angle bracket is screwed onto it to hold the cut workpieces. The tool is ready to use. Later, if necessary, you can install an additional removable stop at 45 degrees.

You can work with metal, tile or even wood. Everything will depend on what disc you install on the angle grinder.