How to start the chainsaw after a long break

How to start a chainsaw engine after a long break

Before storage, you must drain the fuel and then start the engine and burn off the remaining fuel in the system. Preparation is necessary to prevent the diaphragms from sticking during storage. This simple operation will allow you to start the dust after winter. If you still don’t know how to start your Quiet 180 chainsaw, you should know that it will be easier if you add 2 ml of fuel mixture to the cylinder before running it through the spark plug hole. You can do this with a syringe.

Installing the saw with the decompression valve

Users sometimes ask how to start if the tool has a decompression valve. This is not the case with the Model 250. As soon as the first burst occurs, the valve will operate normally. the engine control lever will be set in the position when the air damper is open. The startup will continue; the decompression valve must be depressed again. This does not make a quick start, but it makes the process easier and more comfortable because less effort is required for the operator to start.

If you’re not quite sure how to start a Calm 180 chainsaw, keep in mind that valve-operated equipment, whether it has a hot or cold engine, must be started with a. This makes it easier to control the engine. In this way, you can extend the life of the starter and reduce the number of torn cords, as these chainsaws have a larger cylinder volume and compression ratio.

MC 180 chainsaw review

This model of equipment costs 11,490. This is a household tool that will help you get the job done at the cottage. With this device you can get rid of unnecessary knots and cut small trees. It is operated with one hand, and the light weight makes it very comfortable to operate the unit.

The consumer should know not only how to get a Calm ms 180 chainsaw, but also the technical specifications. Among other things, there’s a 35-cm tire and a 31.8-cm 3. The volume of the oil tank is 0.15 l. Weight of the machine is 3.9 kg. Model volume is 2 liters. с. The fuel tank capacity is 0.25 liters.

Calm 250 Chainsaw Review

Quite often consumers wonder how to get a Calm 250 chainsaw before buying. This was discussed above. However, this is not the only information you should read before using the model. Other features include:

Buying this model, you can quickly refill your account. This function is realized with a lid, which has a patented design. The operator working with the equipment will have reliable hand protection. Consumers especially emphasize the timing belt and chain, which guarantees quality and fast wood cutting.

After buying the equipment described in the article, you will be asked how to start the chainsaw “Quiet”. This information will allow you to extend the life of your tool. Improper handling can cause some parts to wear out quickly

start, chainsaw, long, break

It is especially important to know how to prepare your unit for extended downtime. This was discussed in more detail above

Reading this information will help you understand how to prepare your unit for winter storage.

Sometimes some consumers are aware of the possibilities of running the specs. If it can also help you, you should read them. Some of these have been presented above, but a full list is in the instructions needed for the equipment.

Chainsaw in Rust

The chainsaw in Rust is the most efficient tool for wood extraction, but it’s also the rarest. This item allows you to get a huge amount of wood in the shortest amount of time. it literally takes seconds to get one tree, and it is not necessary to hit vulnerable points.

When extracting wood using a chainsaw, you are guaranteed to get 100% of the wood. even if you use an iron axe, which is often used when extracting wood, you can only get about 87%.

start, chainsaw, long, break


Starting a chainsaw

I answer to the Man-Hemingway: kickback is when the nose of the chainsaw blade touches a hard object. Because the speed of the chain is tens of meters per second, the saw can bounce up and back. right in the operator’s face. To prevent this from happening. there is a special brake on the saw, which is controlled by a shield facing your left hand. When backing off, the hand presses on this shield and the brake is triggered, stopping the chain.

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Low profile chains with a large spacing between the cutters are also commonly used in “domestic” saws. This reduces the performance, but it also reduces the kickback tendency.

To saw with a chainsaw is easy and simple, physical effort is not required. it is pressed by its own weight, you only need to hold the gas and pull it slightly on itself.

Now about how to start all this stuff. The engine, not burdened with easy start system (about it below), is started:

Switch on ignition.1. Pump primer (membrane pump, designed for initial filling of fuel system with actual fuel, typical, easily recognizable bubble) 8-10 times.2. Release the throttle and lock it in this position with the lever.3. Close the throttle (also known as the choke).4. Pull the starter 3 or 4 times.5. Open the throttle halfway.6. Yank the starter until it starts.7. Let it run for 10-15 seconds.8. Turn off the throttle.9. Open the throttle all the way.

Engine with the system of easy start (visually the presence of this system is identified by a bright yellow starter handle) starts a little easier:

Switch on the ignition.1. Pump primer.2. Turn the special lever to the cold start position.3. Yank the starter until it starts.4. Let it run for 10-15 seconds.5. Reset the throttle.

In both cases, before running, the engine should be allowed to warm up for a few minutes, otherwise at full throttle it will pull poorly, sneezing, snorting and, most likely, will generally stall the hell out, after which the entire procedure will have to start over.

An engine can be started with one jerk, but only if it has been running recently and has not yet cooled down. That is why when you see how the character found the chainsaw in the shed and started it with one light touch you know that it was warmed up beforehand and put into the frame about a minute and a half or two minutes ago.

Peculiarities of the first and subsequent starts

Learning how to start a chainsaw correctly is not difficult at all. You learn the skills you need while you’re using it.

The chainsaw is started with a cord starter, in most modern models it is combined with an inertia or spring starting system. A properly adjusted mechanism reduces the force required to start the engine by almost half.

Since it is not possible to start the chainsaw without the starter, in order to extend its life it is necessary to develop a smooth, low-acceleration jerk of the cord, which does not put a heavy load on the construction of the starter.

  • For the first start-up, you should put the fuel and chain oil on a flat surface, unlock the starting prevention system and the emergency brake on the saw headset. If the primer is installed, pump fuel to the carburetor.
  • To start the engine it is necessary to set the gas accelerator on a mode of small revolutions and, holding the tool by the handle to pull the handle of the starter. To start the chainsaw for the first time, what is called a half-turn, most likely, you will not succeed. Even a fully serviceable and adjusted tool “grabs” with 3-4 attempts.
  • When idling, the piston group and connecting rod-crank assembly is in oil starvation and the idle time should be limited to a minimum.

How to start a chain saw with a decompression valve

Before you start your STIHL chain saw with a decompression valve it must be turned on. I would like to point out that there is no decompression valve on the STIHL 250.

After the first burst has passed, the valve will set to normal operation, respectively after the engine control lever is set to the open air damper position and the start-up continues, the decompression valve must be pressed again.

Schematically work valve is shown in the figure below.

In fact the valve does not make the engine faster, it merely makes it easier and more comfortable to start.к. so that less force needs to be exerted on the starter.

A saw with a decompression valve, whether the engine is cold or hot, should be started using the valve to relieve the cranking force of the engine. This will significantly increase the service life of the starter and reduce the number of broken cords, because. к. it is fitted on chain saws with a larger cylinder volume and therefore higher compression.

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Something else important.

Before you start, it is necessary to check the tightness of screws and nuts, because they can loosen and even unscrew from vibration. Also check the plug, the color of which, with a properly prepared mixture of gasoline and oil, should be slightly brown. White color indicates a poor fuel mixture. you can not work, you may jam the engine (you need to adjust the carburetor in the workshop). Black fouling indicates an excessively rich mixture, which can also lead to failure (carburetor adjustment in a workshop is necessary). It is worth noting that the “poor” and “rich” mixture is not the percentage of 2-stroke oil in gasoline, but the ratio of the masses of gasoline and air entering the carburetor. Varying the amount of oil won’t solve the problem. Although some “experts” manage to dilute the gasoline in critical proportions.

The rule of petrol and oil mixture preparation is very simple: buy 2-cycle oil of known brand, which produces gasoline tools, with a formula of mixture 1:50, prepare a fuel container, preferably with measuring strips, pour a liter. and a half of gasoline there, add 100 grams of oil to it and mix carefully. Afterwards fill up with petrol to a total volume of 5 liters, and stir everything up again. Done. So for 5 liters of petrol you need to add 100 grams of oil.

How to start the chain saw: Sequence of steps

It was noted that the surface on which the device is installed should be flat. But also make sure that the tire is not in contact with the ground.

Sequence of steps when starting:

  • The chain brake is released.
  • A special button or switch is used to turn on the ignition.
  • The air inlet flap is moved to the closed position. To fix the lever in this intermediate position, pull it out.
  • The front handle is taken with the left hand and slightly pressed down. The right handle has a deflector. It should be stepped on.
  • Pull the handle with your free hand. Actions should be carried out smoothly. As soon as the pawls of the mechanism engage with the clutch of the drum, you need to make a sharp jerk.
  • When the first “pop” is heard, the choke shutter goes back to the previous position. Re-starting the tool.

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When the engine is running, you can throttle it up and release the throttle lever.

The answer to a popular question about starting a chainsaw

How to start the chain saw without the aid of the starter does not always appear on the internet. The answer is as simple as that. a chainsaw cannot be started without a starter motor. The manufacturers do not provide any alternative starting methods. к. Even if you remove it and somehow start the saw, it will not work, because of the irregularities in the cooling system. In it, a snail is installed, which transmits the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller, to the cylinder.

If it is removed, the engine will overheat and most likely jam.

STIHL chain saw Getting Started

How to use a chainsaw: step-by-step tutorial

The owner of a personal home, cottage on another dacha sometimes need to create wood saws. In this case it is necessary to buy special equipment. Chainsaw Sometimes it is an indispensable tool. To make sure that the work is done safely and quickly, before operating the equipment you should familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for carrying out the process.

How to use a chainsaw. it is necessary to know each master. If you do not do the rules discussed by the manufacturer of similar equipment, there is a high risk of injury at work. Therefore, before operation, it is imperative that our client should carefully consider the subtleties of the equipment.

Features of the equipment

Getting to the study of how to use a chainsaw “Husqvarna”, “STIHL“,” Druzhba “or other varieties of similar equipment, it is necessary to think especially of each tool. Our client remains available varieties are conditionally divided into three groups.

The first class includes household appliances. They are used in personal use when performing a small amount of work. Such chainsaws have low power. However, for the home handyman such multifunctional abilities will be a lot. This is relatively cheap and lightweight equipment.

Semi-professional chainsaws allow you to fell trees. They are also used for construction or repair work. Working time of the tool does not exceed 8 hours a day.

Prof chainsaws can work up to 16 hours a day. Their continuous operating time reaches 9 hours. This is expensive, heavy equipment. It certainly choose to buy only special companies, enterprises.

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Features of Russian chainsaws

Russian tools have certain design features. In order to use them correctly, it is necessary to learn chainsaw construction. The most common tools in this category are “Druzhba”, “Druzhba-Altai” and “Ural”. They have been in the field for a long time.

To understand how to use a chain saw “Druzhba” and other brands, you need to look at their device. The equipment has a motor and a clutch, also a gearbox. The chainsaw is necessarily supplied as a set. To be able to control the starter, there are special design elements.

The power system has a gas tank, carburetor and valve. Fuel flows by gravity through the pipe when the valve is open to the carburetor. Removable starter starts the engine. These systems are working properly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Features of foreign chainsaws

Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws are very popular now. Their device is similar to the Russian varieties of tools. But in their construction there are a few peculiarities. Learn the ins and outs before you get started with your STIHL or Husqvarna chainsaw.

Presented equipment of foreign companies is characterized by relatively low weight. That makes work much more comfortable. Husqvarna has a gasoline booster feature. This is good if a situation has occurred where the gas has run out and the engine has stalled. When refueling later, this feature allows the chain saw to start immediately.

“STIHL chain saws have a quick-release cover. ideal if you want to fill the spark plug with petrol. Devices with a cover on the bolts cause certain difficulties. In this case, the mounting should be done with only one screw. Foreign equipment is characterized by a huge set of additional features. But the rules of operation for all varieties of chainsaws are common.

Preparing the tool

To learn how to use the chainsaw correctly. should begin with a detailed study of the manufacturer’s manual. Here are the subtleties of operating the equipment.

Before starting work the tool should be checked. Start by tightening the chain. For this, you have to pull it by the upper link. In the correct version, the shank protrudes a few mm out of the slot. The chain must not slacken at the same time. Otherwise the chain must be tensioned. It should then just be able to pull. A high tension is also unacceptable.

STIHL chain saw. How to use

How to wind it correctly. What kind of oil to use. Principle of operation. How to start it correctly. A bit of history.

The handle of the inertia brake should not be in contact with the main handle. Otherwise the clutch will be displaced when the saw is working. An elementary first check can greatly reduce the chance of a machine breakdown.


When looking at how to use a STIHL chainsaw, Jonsered, Husqvarna, Partner and other models, it is important to understand the refuelling process. Almost all presented varieties of devices have a two-stroke engine. It is not capable of running on pure gasoline mixture. That is why gasoline is made from certain ingredients.

Chainsaw is HARD TO START? Try this EASY TRICK, especially on the BIG Stihl’s, Echo’s and Husqvarna!

To prepare fuel, you will need to take 20 grams of motor oil per 1 liter of gasoline. Gasoline must be A92 for domestic tools and A95 for expensive foreign models. Recommendations for selection are specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Engine oil must be specially designed for chainsaws. Ordinary automobile varieties are not suitable in this case. Mixing oil with gasoline in a plastic tub. The mixture obtained should be poured into the tank. Its opening is marked with the petrol station icon. The neck of the oil can is marked with a drop.

Chain lubrication

In order to keep the machine in good working order and to keep it in good working order, it is necessary to add oil to the chain from time to time.

Most often manufacturers recommend to use only branded oils. If the user decides to use a different means, you can replace the special grease with automotive varieties.

The viscosity of such a product must meet the level specified by the manufacturer.

After choosing the right lubricant, you need to understand how to use the measuring tank for a chainsaw. The marks are located near the filler neck. When working with the presented equipment it is necessary to periodically check the oil level inside the saw.

start, chainsaw, long, break