Miimo robotic lawn mower. Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower blade

Honda Miimo vs Husqvarna Automower: The Full Comparison

Mowing the lawn used to be a big, boring chore that just takes up too much time.

Thanks to robot lawn mowers, you can do other things while these nifty devices take care of the job for you!

Two of the best robot lawn mowers you can buy are the Honda Miimo and the Husqvarna Automower Comparison.

Bottom Line Up Front: I strongly prefer the Husqvarna 430X available here right now, as it is a bit smarter and proven in terms of tech and reliability.

First Up: Honda Miimo

The Honda Miimo gives you well-manicured lawns without you spending too much time on it. It will mow your lawn on its own and when the battery runs low, it will also find its own way back to the charging dock.

The Miimo uses sensors, a timer, and a microcomputer to figure out what to do. There are two Honda Miimo models available everywhere now.

  • Miimo HRM310, which can cover around 1,500 square meters of lawn.
  • Miimo HRM500, which can cover around 3,000 square meters of space.

Additionally, there’s the Miimo HRM3000, which is currently available only in select countries. The Miimo HRM3000 can cover up to 4,000 square meters.

HRM310 HRM520 HRM3000
Dimensions (L x W x H, inches) 25.4 x 21.7 x 10.8 25.4 x 21.7 x 10.8 27.95 x 21.65 x 11.85
Weight (pounds) 25.6 26.2 30.42
Lawn Coverage (square meters) 1,500 3,000 4,000
Charging System Automatic Automatic Automatic
Working slope angle (degrees) 25° 25° 25°
Cut height (inches) .8 – 2.4 .8 – 2.4 .8 – 2.4
Cut width (inches) 8.7 8.7 8.7
Sound level (decibels) 58 58 59
Quiet mode sound level (decibels) 55 55 55
Lithium ion battery Yes Yes Yes
Charge Time (minutes) 30 60 45
Run Time (minutes) 30 60 90
3 Razor Pivot Blades Y Y Y
Directional cutting pattern Y Y Y
Random cutting pattern Y Y Y
Mixed cutting pattern Y Y Y
Spiral cutting Y Y Y
Edge cutting Y Y Y
Narrow Passage Control Y Y Y
Anti-Theft PIN Code and Alarm Y Y Y
Lift sensors Y Y Y
Tilt sensors Y Y Y
Bump sensors Y Y Y
Seasonal Timer Y Y Y
Works with mobile app Y Y No

Features of the Honda Miimo

The features you should know about the Honda Miimo include:

  • Three different cutting patterns. The Honda Miimo uses three cutting patterns to make sure that it adequately covers your lawn. It can move randomly, which is recommended for larger lawns. There is also the directional cutting pattern where it rotates 175 degrees and goes in that direction. Then there is the mixed cutting pattern that mixes both directional and random for 15 minutes each.
  • 360° Awareness Sensors. The Honda Miimo has a variety of advanced sensors that are able to detect different obstacles. Once the lawn mower encounters any obstacle, it will immediately head to another direction. Once the Miimo is lifted off the ground, the blades will automatically stop rotating. Miimo will also be able to navigate around flower beds, swimming pools, trees, ponds, and other lawn features. It will also mow on steep inclines up to 25 degrees.
  • Three special blades. The Miimo uses three special blades. These blades are very durable and efficient. It takes a long time to wear down these blades because they switch the rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise. What’s more, they retreat back into the blade disc if the Miimo hits something hard, minimizing the damage to the blade.
  • Anti-theft PIN. The Miimo has a security pin that bars anybody from using it without your permission. Not only does this discourage your kids to play with the robot lawnmower, it will also render it useless when it gets stolen. What’s more, the Miimo will stop mowing once it is lifted off the ground and it will sound an alarm to scare off any would-be thieves.
  • Works quietly. Miimo does not use a gasoline engine but relies on electricity, making it very quiet. You can even mow your lawns at night without waking up the neighbors. The Miimo also has a quiet mode that further lowers the noise.
  • Fertilizes your lawn. The Miimo cuts grass into tiny pieces, and this goes back to the soil and fertilizes it. The constant mowing will also make it more difficult for weeds to grow.
  • Spot cutting. Once the Miimo detects that it is cutting in an area where there is thicker or longer grass, it will follow a spiral pattern and concentrate cutting on that particular area.
  • Edge cutting. Miimo will also follow the guide wires to make sure that the borders of your lawn are kept neat.
  • Follows the seasons. You can program the Miimo to cut more when the grass grows faster and less during seasons where the grass is sparse.

What you would like about the Honda Miimo

The Honda Miimo will keep everything around it safe. If you have pets or kids and they accidentally tip the Miimo over, the blades will instantly stop rotating.

Setting up the Miimo is a breeze; you just follow the setup wizard and you are ready. Furthermore, the Miimo is able to turn away from any obstacle fast. It does not need to stop or back up, making it more efficient. What’s more, it is easy to adjust the cutting height. You can choose your preferred cutting height just by turning a knob.

What’s more, you can use the Honda Miimo any time you want to. Aside from being quiet enough so as not to disturb your sleeping neighbors when you let it mow at night, it is also waterproof so that it could mow in the rain if you want.

Miimo comes with a two-year full warranty, so you can be sure that it is made with utmost care and excellence.

Next Up: Husqvarna Automower

  • Smart Schedules: Like all robot lawn mowers, the Husqvarna Automower wants you to have perfectly manicured lawns without having to work too hard for it. In fact, you just set up the schedules and the perimeter wire and then you can promptly forget about mowing your lawns.
  • Returns to Base for Charging: Like the Miimo, the Husqvarna Automower also works on its own and finds its own way back to its charging dock. It can work at any time, even at night, because it stays really quiet when you want it to. And because it is waterproof, the Husqvarna Automower can even mow in the rain.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm: It also has an anti-theft alarm that would help scare off potential thieves. It also uses a PIN code, without which the Husqvarna Automower would not work.
  • Perimeter Wiring: The Husqvarna Automower also uses perimeter wires to keep it within the spaces you want it to mow and keep it from wandering off to your neighbor’s yard.
  • Pet Friendly: Your family and pets will also be safe around the Husqvarna Automower because its blades stop whirring when it is lifted or when it topples over.
  • Seasonal Cutting: It also follows the seasons, cutting more when the grass is growing too much and mowing less in the dry season or summer.
  • Fertilization: It also trims the grass beautifully and leaves the clippings on your lawn, which, in turn, helps fertilize the soil. It can also prevent weeds and moss from taking hold.
  • Wi-Fi Network: The Husqvarna Automower also connects to your Wi-Fi network so that you can control it with a smartphone app. Even when you are not home, you can just launch the Automower Connect app to start, stop, or pause mowing your lawn. The mobile app also allows you to set your preferences and adjust the settings without having to bend over the robot lawnmower. You can also use the mobile app to locate your robot mower.
  • Smart Integrations: Integrations with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa are underway. Soon, all you need to do to start mowing is to say something like “Ok Google, tell Husqvarna to start mowing the lawn” or “Alexa, tell Husqvarna to stop mowing the lawn.”

Main Differences: Miimo vs Automower?

There are things that the Husqvarna Automower does better than the Honda Miimo.

For one, the Husqvarna Automower is designed for safety. While other robot lawnmowers also have sensors that stop the blades from spinning when the unit is lifted, the Husqvarna Automower adds more space between the outer edges of the mower and the blades.

over, the Husqvarna Automower uses GPS to create a map of your garden and the location of the boundary wires. This helps it determine which parts of your lawn have already been mowed and which ones need more attention. Knowing this, the Automower can decide what cutting patterns to use in order to cover more of your lawn and to ensure better mowing results. This feature is not available on the Miimo.

miimo, robotic, lawn, mower

The Husqvarna Automower has an anti-theft alarm and a unique PIN code to help deter thieves from stealing your robot lawnmower. However, what if you forgot to create your unique PIN code, or if the Automower was stolen while you were away? You can locate the robot lawnmower using the built-in GPS!

There are several Husqvarna Automower models that connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to use the mobile app to control it. As for the Honda Miimo, only the Miimo 3000 works with the smartphone app, and it is currently not available in the United States.

Selected Husqvarna Automower models

There are currently seven Automower models that are available from the Husqvarna site. These are:

  • Husqvarna Automower 310
  • Husqvarna Automower 315
  • Husqvarna Automower 315 (2018)
  • Husqvarna Automower 315X
  • Husqvarna Automower 430X
  • Husqvarna Automower 430X (2018)
  • Husqvarna Automower 450X (my full review here!)

Here are the features of some select Husqvarna Automower models:

Model Automower 310 Automower 315(2018) Automower 315X Automower 430X (2018) Automower 450X
Capacity (square meters) 1,000 1,600 1,600 3,200 5,000
3 pivoting razor blades Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cutting width 8.70 8.70 8.70 9.45 9.45
Lithium ion battery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Typical charging time (minutes) 60 60 60 50 60
Mowing time (minutes) 70 70 70 145 290
Sound level measured (decibels) 58 58 58 57 58
Automower® [email protected] Yes Yes No No No
Automower® Connect No No Yes Yes Yes
Automatic passage handling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPS-assisted navigations No No Yes Yes Yes
Weather timer No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manages slopes up to 40% 40% 40% 45% 45%
LED Headlights No No Yes Yes No
Ultra silent drive No No No Yes No

Final Cut: Automower or Miimo?

Depending on what you need, how large your lawn is, and whether it has steep slopes, you can choose from the different models offered by Honda Miimo and Husqvarna Automower.

However, Husqvarna has made sure that it would be very difficult to beat its robot lawn mowers.

The Automower line has everything you want in a robot lawn mower, plus some of its own technology, such as the ability to control your robot using your smartphone, GPS-assisted navigation, and other unique features. It is also competitively priced.

Bottom Line: I much prefer the more automated and market ready Automower available here.

About Patrick Sinclair

Patrick Sinclair is a geek; make no mistake about that. He runs All Home Robotics in his spare time so he doesn’t have to think about his depressing cubicle and it gives him an excuse to buy expensive gadgets to review!

Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower blade

Congratulations on your purchase of a Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower. All robot models use razor-sharp blades that rotate simultaneously to cut the grass into small pieces. Over time, these blades become dull and must be replaced. We recommend replacing these blades every 2-3 months. All robot mower blades are sold with screws and are available in standard steel and titanium coated versions that last longer than steel blades. This initial investment will provide you with the comfort, peace of mind and safety that your new robotic mower brings. Thanks to their design, robotic mowers maintain your lawn regularly, independently and silently. They ensure a perfect cut all year round with minimal effort and without the risk of damaging any object, animal or person. Discover our different blades for robot mowers, our shelters and our stickers to personalize them.

  • Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower blade
  • Miimo 300
  • Miimo 310
  • Miimo 500
  • Miimo HRM 300
  • Miimo HRM 310
  • Miimo HRM 310 R
  • Miimo HRM 500
  • Miimo HRM 520
  • Miimo HRM 3000
  • Miimo HRM 40
  • Miimo HRM 70

Discover the 8 products Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower blade.

Blades for Honda Miimo robot mower. titanium set of 6 blades

Blades for Honda Miimo robot mower. titanium set of 9 blades

Blades for Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower. titanium set of 18 blades

Our spare blades for robot lawn mower Honda Miimo

Nevertheless, the way these particular mowers work requires regular maintenance. Given their limited power that guarantees low power consumption. so a light battery and a fairly short charging time. these mowers use very sharp blades, such as razor blades.Thanks to this sharp edge, the grass is cut very easily and silently. That being said, maximum effectiveness is achieved by pruning the grass regularly, before it grows back too much and thickens. You will probably have to mow the lawn every week, but it is your Worx robot that will take care of it while you can go about your business or relax. They work even in the rain and, thanks to our shelters. that you will find on our website. they can recharge safely. You will therefore understand that the blades must remain as sharp as possible, otherwise the mower will discharge faster or will no longer be able to ensure the same quality of mowing. Like all professionals in the industry, we recommend changing Honda Miimo robot blades several times a year. The exact number depends on the area of land to be maintained and the type of grass to be cut (thin, thick, greasy, dry). A replacement every three months should, as a general rule, be enough to ensure the optimal operation of your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower

Replacing Honda Miimo robot lawn mower blades is very easy

Replacing Honda Miimo robot lawn mower blades is very easy

Normally, you will maintain your robot with some regularity. for this it only takes a simple brush to rid it of grass residues and dust. In this way, dirt will not hinder the proper functioning of your device. Be aware that replacing robot lawn mower blades is also very simple, provided you take a few logical precautions: just put on a pair of protective gloves to prevent you from cutting yourself while handling the Husqvarna robot blades, and, above all, turning off the robot. The only tool to handle is the screwdriver: remove the screws that hold the worn blades in place, remove the blades, install a new blade, put the screws back, and voila! The operation lasts only two minutes.

Ensure the longevity of your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower with our range of blades

In our assortment you will find several types of blades depending on your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower models and the use you make of them. Thanks to our selection, all your needs are covered and you can let your automatic mower take care of your garden in peace, and tranquility! Honda Miimo robot lawn mower blades are available in packs containing many parts. in multiples of 3 since Honda Miimo robot lawn mowers use three blades.By purchasing a pack, you will be guaranteed to be able to maintain your mower for more than a year, even two. Some Honda Miimo robot lawn mower blades are more durable than others, especially those with titanium coating. In a few clicks on our website you will access our selection of products made by serious experts. Delivery is very fast, which makes it possible to cover pressing needs in case of wear of blades at the wrong time.

Don’t forget to check out the list of our mower shelters, or decorative stickers to customize your robot and give it a personality!

miimo, robotic, lawn, mower

We offer a wide range of blades for Honda Miimo robot lawn mowers such as Worx 450X robot blades or blades for Automower 310.

What is the best blade for Honda Miimo robot lawn mowers?

For good mowing, the robot lawn mower must be properly maintained. And this involves replacing the blades. The Honda Miimo robot lawn mower is known for its resistance, but for it to be so at all times, it is necessary to regularly change its blades. So what is the best blade to choose for your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower? Find out in the next lines.

Choosing solid blades Honda Miimo robot lawn mowers are known for their performance. And to maintain it, its blades must be changed regularly. It is recommended to choose blades that have a very high strength. Indeed, your robot can be confronted with forgotten objects (toys, large dead branches, stones, etc.) in the grass that will destroy the blade if it is not of quality. In addition, weak blades will not be able to offer you the mowing you want. In addition, solid blades for your robot lawn mower will allow you to avoid the risk of an incident. That is, when the less solid blade breaks, it could leave debris in the grass, which is risky for a four-legged child or an adult who decides to walk barefoot.

The types of blade to choose for your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower

If you are still wondering what is the best blade for Honda Miimo robot mowers here are two types that will satisfy you. A distinction is made between conventional stainless steel blades and titanium carbide treated steel flooring blades.

Conventional stainless steel blades are the most used because of their affordable cost to all. They also offer a good result. Titanium blades for robot lawn mowers are more expensive but more resistant. If you have the right budget, it would be better to buy it. It is very sharp and offers you a result in a very short time.

When to change the blades of the Honda Miimo robot lawn mower?

There are countless criteria to consider when determining which is the best blade for Honda Miimo robot lawn mowers. And it is on this basis that a wise choice can be made.

The price

Price is undeniably a criterion by which you will choose the best blade for your robot. Thus, it is advisable to pay attention to the price of Honda Miimo blade too low. These robot lawn mower blades are usually expensive, especially Honda Miimo robot lawn mower titanium blades.

The cutting quality of the blade

The blades of the Honda Miimo robot lawn mower are usually very strong, sharp and are able to cut the hardest grass. So, pay attention to its resistance before any purchase.

Blade compatibility

Before you buy your blade, you need to make sure that it is perfectly compatible with your robot. Since there are specific blades for each Honda Miimo robot lawn mower.

The longevity of the blade

Blades obtained at a lower cost wear out faster than others. Then you need to ensure that your blade is solid and of impeccable quality. Thus, you can use it for up to at least 3 months before it shows signs of wear.

An essential criterion for choosing the blade of your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower is not to neglect the surface to be mowed. There are some surfaces that are indeed easier to mow than others because of the type of herbs that are there. And so depending on these herbs, you will choose blades made of conventional stainless steel or titanium blades for robot lawn mower

When to replace the blade of your robot lawn mower?

The question is often forgotten, but it is of paramount importance if you want to have a perfectly mowed surface. Not to change your blades even for reasons of economy would be to let the machine weaken. Indeed, over time, the blade degrades and no longer gives an expected result even if you sharpen it. Which is also not recommended.

How to change the blades of the Honda Miimo robot lawn mower?

Changing the blades of the Honda Miimo robot lawn mower is very simple if you know how to do it. You will just need a Phillips screwdriver in order to remove and put back in place the screws of the mower. But before that, you need to turn off the robot and put on gloves as a precaution. The installation of new blades will only take a few minutes and your Honda Miimo robot lawn mower will be functional again.

Order on a perfectly secure site, we are at your disposal.

Free shipping and delivery

A shipment in less than 48h when the product is in stock.

Data encryption, reliable and secure payment

A contact person at your disposal for any help on the site or on your order.

Site based in France

Miimo robotic lawn mower


Disclaimer – Steven does not ride the robotic lawn mower.

By now y’all are probably well aware that I love to mow the lawn. I think those are actually some of my most popular Instagram Stories. So when Honda Power Equipment reached out for a collaboration I wasted no time in saying yes, without even really knowing what I was signing myself up for! Unbeknownst to me, the collaboration was going to be for their Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower!

I was immediately put in touch with the nicest guys from Honda. We started working on a time frame for the guys to come assess my lawn. To be completely honest, I had a couple concerns at first. One being the fact that I love mowing so this would take that joy out of my life. Second, I didn’t think our St. Augustine grass was going to work since you have to keep the grass cut pretty short for the Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower. But with a little bit of work, we got it all figured out. Keep reading to see how!

Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower Review

The guys came out one morning to start looking things over but also had a couple concerns with the lawn. They decided to come out and install the boundary wire anyway to test the Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower out. The next morning the Honda guys came by the house to give Miimo a test run. Sure enough, our grass was just too thick and had to be cut taller than Miimo would like. They tried everything they could to get it to work but Miimo just kept getting stuck. Our lawn is also set up in multiple quadrants and separated with pavers and a wood fence which made it hard for Miimo to navigate around. The Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower loves a nice, open lawn to work with.

I felt so bad the Honda guys had to come out 2 days in a row and worked outside in the Texas heat for something that wasn’t going to end up working out. They were so nice about the situation and even offered to try and work with me on another project. In a sense I was extremely sad Miimo wasn’t going to work out for us but at the same time, I love mowing my lawn!

Then an idea popped into my head. My dad’s lawn would be perfect! It was about a month away from Father’s Day. So I thought this would be an amazing gift. His backyard alone is a little over half an acre and he absolutely hates spending his free time mowing. The Honda guys LOVED the idea! My main contact, Frank, even lives in my hometown which is pretty close to my dad’s house! It almost felt like it was meant to be.

The Honda guys started removing the boundary wire at my house while we started brainstorming ideas for how we could still work together for my lawn. They also agreed Miimo probably wouldn’t be something I would utilize to it’s maximum potential since I absolutely love mowing. That’s when they offered to get me a brand new Honda self propelled mower! Dream come true moment! Seriously not even exaggerating. I’ll go into more detail on that mower at the end of this post.

But seriously, talk about amazing customer service. These guys were bending over backwards to accommodate me and still offered to look at my dad’s lawn for Miimo.

My Dad Loves the Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower!

Fast forward a month. The Honda guys make it out to my dad’s house and of course, he has the perfect lawn for Miimo. Queue the eye-roll. Happy Father’s Day, dad! He always gets the coolest stuff! The next day the boundary wire was laid around his property and Miimo is thriving! I’m slightly jealous!

I wanted to see Miimo in action so I planned a trip up to Fort Worth to check everything out. And honestly, I had never seen a more beautiful lawn. Since my dad’s lawn is so large he runs it pretty frequently. We ended up getting him the Miimo 520. This model has more cut zones and will run longer than the Miimo 310.

Honda worked with my dad to program Miimo to his desired specifications. He (can I call Miimo a he??) is fully customizable to your yard and your lifestyle. There is a keypad on the top of Miimo that allows you to easily program and change settings. You can customize run time, charge time and how high or low it cuts your lawn. Dad runs Miimo about 6 hours a day. It will run for an hour and charge for an hour.

Everything you Need to Know About the Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

Miimo uses a microcomputer, timer, and sensors to provide automated, precise, unattended grass cutting. Tell Miimo when and where to mow and it does the rest. When Miimo has a low battery it automatically returns to its charging station.

To my surprise, Miimo was extremely quiet! I think my robotic vacuum cleaner is louder than Miimo is! You can’t even hear it unless you are right up next to it while it is mowing. If you missed any of my Miimo videos head over to my Instagram Highlights!

Once Miimo was up and running his day-to-day lawn care became a very hands-off process. Every week or so he will have to edge where the boundary wire doesn’t allow Miimo to go.

Like I said before, his lawn looked absolutely perfect every single day. It was as if his lawn was never actually growing. He literally has an immaculate looking lawn from a robot!

I’m sure y’all are all thinking the same thing… Yes, this is like a robotic vacuum you would see in your house. But instead of vacuuming your floors it is mowing your lawn. Miimo starts out at a charging station dock and runs within a boundary that is installed around your lawn by Honda. This way Miimo has absolutely no way of escaping and won’t bump into anything.

Miimo uses a set of razor blades to cut the lawn which are sharper than your typical lawn mower blades.

And if you’re worried about Miimo getting stolen; fear not! Worried about theft? Honda has thought about that too. If someone picks up Miimo. it automatically triggers an alarm. One of the Honda guys was saying that someone tried to steal Miimo from his lawn and his neighbor called claiming the robot lawn mower was in a ditch screaming! It locks up when it’s lifted, so it can’t be used until you enter your custom PIN code.

Robotic Lawnmower FAQs

I had quite a few questions about Miimo from my poll on Instagram Stories. I tried to answer all of the questions the best I could below! If you still have more, feel free to message me on Instagram or leave me a comment below!

Which Miimo do you have? The Miimo 520

How much does Miimo cost? Miimo 520 (2,799), Miimo 310 (2,499)

How long does it take to charge? Miimo 520 (60 minutes charging and mowing, up to.75 acres), Miimo 310 (30 minutes charging and mowing, up to.37 acres)

Does it miss any grass? No. Miimo mows every piece of grass within the boundary wire. Miimo’s starting points helps it cover all areas of your yard efficiently, ensuring it reaches all zones. For example, if the docking station is in the back yard, setting an additional starting point in the front yard will help Miimo mow both areas evenly.

If you have areas of your lawn that are separated by a narrow strip or large landscaping islands, your dealer will consider setting additional starting points in those areas. This helps Miimo to reach these areas more effectively. Up to three starting points can be programmed for the Miimo 310, and up to five starting points for the Miimo 520. Starting points should not be confused with mowing zones. A starting point is the location where Miimo starts mowing. Miimo mows randomly, so it will eventually move to other areas of your yard. However, it will typically spend a fair amount of time in the area around the starting point before “escaping” to a different area of the yard. This helps to ensure better coverage of your entire yard.

How does it store the grass it cuts and where do the grass clippings go? Miimo’s frequent, small cuttings create tiny grass pieces that are pushed into the root system of your lawn. These tiny pieces decompose rapidly, depositing nutrients back into the soil to naturally fertilize your lawn.

Is it weatherproof? No, Miimo can operate in conditions with temperatures between 41 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect the battery, Miimo will not mow outside this temperature range. If your daytime temperatures are frequently over 104 degrees, we recommend operating Miimo at night, when it is cooler. Also, Miimo can mow in the rain. However, mowing in the rain is not recommended for optimal cut performance. Miimo should be sent back to the docking station during extreme weather conditions.

The grass looks pretty short already. How is it with tall grass? Miimo is a the perfect solution for “maintaining a perfectly cut lawn.” Usually, the first cut of the season is done with a traditional mower, and Miimo maintains the lawn. The cut height range for Miimo is 0.8 in. – 2.4 in. Ideally, the grass should be within the Miimo cut height range to ensure the best cut performance.

How does someone order Miimo? Go to our website and schedule an in-person consultation with your local Miimo dealer.

Is it heavy? No it is not heavy Miimo 520 (weighs 26.2 lbs.), Miimo 310 (weighs 25.6 lbs)

How often does it run? Your dealer will program Miimo to fit your needs and lifestyle. Set the right schedule for you. Miimo is happy to work day or night – so you wake up to a perfect lawn.

How does Miimo handle poo? Miimo’s bump sensors will detect if it bumps into your pets, and it will turn and go in a different direction. However, for safety, we do not recommend leaving your pets unattended while Miimo is running. It is recommended to remove feces and other debris from the lawn before using Miimo. If Miimo runs over this material, it can cause an unpleasant situation.

Do you need a specific type of grass or lawn? The cut height range for Miimo is 0.8 in. – 2.4 in. Ideally, the grass should be within the Miimo cut height range to ensure the best cut performance.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Miimo and highly recommend if mowing is more of a chore than a joy. If you aren’t sure if it is worth the price just think of how much time a robotic lawn mower could save you. Not to mention, how much money it could save you, even in the short term. If you are paying a lawn care guy 100 a week, that’s 5,200 a year for lawn maintenance.

Sure, you still have to edge but you are saving thousands a year. Not to mention time.

Alright, now to my new Honda mower !!

Frank worked a deal with Jack at Travis Tractor in Austin to find me the best mower. They ended up placing an order for the Honda HRX217HYA lawn mower. Once I started doing a little more research I was beyond excited! My current push mower was semi-new but wasn’t really cutting it. Get it?? This mower is self propelled and extremely easy to use!

Overall, I could not be more impressed with Honda’s customer service. To say our situation was a little more unusual than most is an understatement. The Honda guys were overly accommodating and extremely helpful with any questions or concerns we had. I highly recommend them!!

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This is definitely a great gift for dad. With my dad’s recent health condition, he can’t mow the lawn anymore and they were talking about how to do it. Definitely need to check this out! http://www.rdsobsessions.com

ok this is so cool I love Steven being quite the model! We had looked at this for our yard, but had some hesitations! Sounds like it worked perfectly for your dad!

The robot mower sounds so cool! I love how it naturally fertilizes your lawn. Plus, it looks really fun!! XOXO Cathy

Whaaaaat. This is such a great collaboration. If I could have a robot mow my grass I’d be a happy camper – but I guess I’m lucky right now in a townhome that has someone else mow it for me. It’s good to keep this in mind for when I’m a homeowner in the future!

Okay, that is so awesome!! It’s crazy how technology has advanced, even including lawn service now! Definitely need to check them out, would be so convenient! Kileen cute little

Robot tondeuse : notre sélection des meilleures tondeuses à gazon en 2023

Vous en avez assez de tondre votre pelouse vous-même ? Pas de souci, la technologie est à vos côtés jusque dans votre jardin, grâce au robot tondeuse. Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux des tondeuses autonomes : vous découvrirez ici les meilleurs modèles disponibles sur le marché.

La corvée de tonte du gazon vous pèse ? Vous n’en pouvez plus de vous échiner sur le moindre brin d’herbe de votre pelouse ? De subir le bruit assourdissant de votre tondeuse, ainsi que les odeurs d’essence ? On vous comprend. Sans compter qu’à l’heure où l’écologie est plus importante que jamais, dire au revoir à sa tondeuse au sans-plomb, au profit d’un robot tondeuse électrique, est une excellente idée.

De plus, tondre une pelouse peut prendre beaucoup de temps — en fonction bien sûr de la taille de votre jardin. Déléguer le travail à un appareil qui se débrouille seul vous permettra mécaniquement de dédier ce moment-là à d’autres activités.

De 500 à plus de 4 000 euros, la gamme des robots tondeuses (ou tondeuses robots) est large et le choix ne doit pas être fait à la légère si vous ne voulez pas jeter votre argent par la fenêtre. On défriche tout cela ensemble : vous trouverez ici nos recommandations des meilleurs robots tondeuses, selon vos besoins et votre budget.

Vous êtes branchés maison connectée ? Jetez donc un œil à notre guide des meilleures caméras de surveillance connectées, ainsi qu’à celui sur les meilleures alarmes connectées, pour sécuriser au mieux votre logement. Et pour ne plus vous fatiguer non plus à faire (une partie) du ménage chez vous, tournez-vous vers les aspirateurs robots. Enfin pour votre extérieur, notre guide d’achat des meilleurs robots piscines est disponible.

Honda Miimo 310 : le meilleur rapport qualité-prix

Il peut paraître surprenant, de prime abord, que Honda, constructeur japonais célèbre pour ses motos, se penche sur ce type de produit qu’est le robot tondeuse : et pourtant. Résultat, la qualité est au rendez-vous.

Alors certes, le Honda Miimo 310 ressemble à une armure de Stormtrooper. Mais en dehors de ce design discutable (achète-t-on un robot tondeuse pour son look ?), il est efficace et capable de couvrir un terrain allant jusqu’à 1 500 m². 200 mètres de câble périphérique ainsi que les piquets pour le fixer sont livrés avec l’appareil. Il peut théoriquement gravir des pentes allant jusqu’à 40 %.

Son efficacité de coupe est irréprochable, contrairement à nombre de robots qui font le travail à moitié. Les réglages sont particulièrement précis, notamment avec une excellente gestion des zones. Il dispose de plus de la coupe en spirale qui permet d’insister sur une zone plus touffue de la pelouse. Et avec un niveau sonore de 47 dB, il est un des meilleurs élèves. Pour comparaison, un réfrigérateur en fonctionnement produit un bruit d’environ 40 dB. L’autonomie promise est de 45 minutes pour une recharge totale de 30 minutes. Par ailleurs, l’appareil est assemblé en France.

Il n’est cependant pas exempté de défauts, les robots électroménagers étant des produits qui ne sont pas encore tout à fait matures. Le plus gênant est sûrement l’emplacement de la batterie : impossible de la changer sans démonter l’appareil. De même, le changement des lames n’est pas particulièrement aisé. C’est donc globalement dans son entretien que réside son point faible. Mais à 1 500 euros, pour un robot capable de s’occuper de 1 500 m² de gazon, il s’agit d’une bonne affaire.

Pourquoi choisir le Honda Miimo 310 ?

  • Tonte très précise, même en bordure
  • Particulièrement silencieux
  • Programmation de l’appareil facile

Vous pourrez aussi trouver le Honda Miimo dans les boutiques spécialisées dans le jardinage.

Husqvarna Automower 430X : le meilleur robot tondeuse

Si vous possédez un grand terrain de plus de 3 000 m², il vous faudra un robot tondeuse haut de gamme muni d’une batterie conséquente. Husqvarna est une marque particulièrement reconnue pour ses tondeuses premium — avec un prix qui va avec.

Côté sécurité, le verrouillage par code et une alarme sont bien entendu inclus.

Pour résumer, il s’agit du top du top : il n’y a pas mieux sur le marché des tondeuses autonomes. Mais pour s’offrir ce petit bijou, il faut y mettre le prix : plus de 3 000 euros, selon les options choisies. On notera cependant un point négatif : le câble périphérique et ses piquets doivent être achetés en plus, ce qui est un peu mesquin au vu du prix d’achat du robot.

Pourquoi choisir le Husqvarna Automower 430X ?

  • Une tondeuse à l’efficacité redoutable
  • Très grosse autonomie
  • Fiabilité à toute épreuve

STIHL iMOW RMI 422 : la tondeuse fiable et simple à utiliser

Il y a un gros avantage au fait de choisir une tondeuse robot STIHL : la marque, spécialisée sur tout l’outillage jardin, dispose d’un vaste réseau de revendeurs. Que cela soit donc pour acheter votre robot, ou bien remplacer des pièces, vous n’aurez aucune difficulté, puisque vous pouvez vous rendre dans des enseignes telles que Jardins Loisirs ou Point Vert.

Le RMI 422 est le modèle le plus abordable chez STIHL. Il est capable de tondre jusqu’à 800 m2 de terrain, et de se déplacer sur des pentes à 35 % maximum. Si vous avez un jardin plus vaste, vous pouvez aussi opter pour le modèle supérieur, le 422 P, qui monte jusqu’à 1500 m2.

L’une de ses forces est la gestion du plan de tonte dynamique. Vous pouvez ainsi déterminer une période donnée, pendant laquelle votre robot choisira quoi faire. Il dispose aussi d’un capteur de pluie, qui lui permet d’arrêter la coupe seul pendant le mauvais temps.

Notez bien que si le robot en lui-même est vendu 999 euros (avec le câble de charge et la base), il vous faudra acheter en plus le câble périphérique et ses piquets, pour au minimum 139 euros (150 mètres de fil), jusqu’à 319 euros (400 mètres de fil).

Worx Landroid : le robot tondeuse le plus abordable

Les modèles Landroid de Worx reviennent souvent sur le net. Le WR130E est donc très facile à trouver chez à peu près tous les revendeurs. On vous prévient cependant : ne vous attendez pas à une efficacité aussi grande que les modèles Huqsvarna ou Robomow. Il s’agit d’un appareil d’entrée de gamme, décliné en plusieurs modèles selon la capacité de tonte : 300 m², 500 m², 1000, 1500 et 2000. Bien entendu, le prix grimpe en conséquence.

Le modèle le plus modeste, le Landroid WR130E, peut s’occuper de 300 m² de gazon. S’il fait correctement son job, l’ergonomie de l’appareil et l’utilisation de l’application sont moins réussies que chez les concurrents. Ne vous attendez pas non plus à ce que vos bordures soient parfaitement tondues.

Reste qu’à des tarifs démarrant à 650 euros pour le modèle 300 m², il s’agit du robot le moins cher du marché. S’il n’est bien sûr pas aussi efficace que les robots tondeuses haut de gamme, il sera tout de même parfait pour débroussailler les petits terrains.

Pourquoi choisir le Landroid WR141E ?

  • Une des tondeuses robots les plus abordables
  • Mécanismes antivol intégrés
  • Roues crantées efficaces

Robomow RK1000 : le pro des bordures

Robomow est une marque de référence en matière de robots tondeuses, étant l’une des premières à en avoir commercialisé. Le Robomow RK1000 est le modèle premium le plus récent de la gamme : il profite ainsi d’années de savoir-faire de la part de la société israélienne.

Le RK1000 s’en sort sur tous les types de terrains : il est capable de gravir des pentes de 45 %. L’organisation possible en différentes zones permet de gérer la tonte du gazon avec précision. Mais là où la RK1000 excelle, c’est sur la tonte des bordures, très efficace, à seulement 5 cm d’un muret par exemple. Comme les autres robots, ce modèle rejette directement l’herbe coupée très finement, qui servira alors d’engrais naturel.

Ce modèle peut être contrôlé via une application qui fonctionne avec le Bluetooth. Par question ici donc de lancer une tonte si vous êtes à l’autre bout du monde : pour cela, votre tondeuse devrait avoir une connectivité GSM (c’est le cas de la version Pro du RK1000).

Le principal point faible de ce modèle est son bruit : 60 dB, ce qui est conséquent pour un robot tondeuse, mais reste modéré en pratique.

Pourquoi choisir le Robomow RK1000 ?

  • Tonte très précise, particulièrement sur les bordures
  • Bonne gestion des pentes et plus globalement du terrain
  • Application smartphone pratique

Gardena Sileno City 300 : le robot tondeuse pour les petits jardins

Avouons-le, nous n’avons pas tous la chance d’avoir un jardin de 3 000 m². Il existe aussi des robots tondeuses adaptés, à prix plus abordable, pour ceux qui ont un petit jardin — par exemple, en ville.

Gardena est une marque allemande spécialisée sur l’outillage du jardin. Ils proposent donc tout naturellement une gamme de tondeuses robotiques, organisées par capacité de surface. Le modèle Sileno City est un bon compromis entre un produit fiable, cependant moins coûteux, car adapté uniquement aux petits jardins.

See the Honda Miimo Robotic Mower in Action

Il est relié en Bluetooth à l’app dédiée, qui vous permettra de le commander à distance. Comme tous les autres robots tondeuses, il est en théorie censé pouvoir tondre la pelouse même sous la pluie et sur gazon humide. Dans la pratique, il vaut mieux éviter, car cela sera beaucoup moins efficace et que l’herbe mouillée a tendance à se mettre en paquets, coinçant la rotation des lames. L’appareil peut en outre fonctionner sur un terrain possédant une pente allant jusqu’à 35 %.

Contrairement au Honda Miimo, ici, les lames, mais surtout la batterie, sont très facilement accessibles, ce qui est un excellent point pour l’entretien et la réparabilité.

Pourquoi choisir le Gardena Sileno City ?

  • Lavage au jet d’eau bien pratique
  • Très compact et silencieux
  • Lames peu coûteuses

EcoFlow Blade : la technologie de pointe pour la coupe

Le marché des robots tondeuses est très dynamique et les constructeurs sont nombreux à se lancer dans l’aventure. Nous avons pu prendre en main l’EcoFlow Blade pendant plusieurs jours.

Cette tondeuse est capable de prendre en charge des surfaces allant jusqu’à 3 000 m². En théorie, elle peut fonctionner 4 heures d’affilée. Elle retourne se recharger seule à sa base.

Contrairement aux autres robots tondeuses, ici, pas besoin de baliser le terrain avec un câble périphérique. La tondeuse se repère en effet grâce à une caméra et un capteur LiDAR. Équipée de lames flottantes, la EcoFlow Blade permet une hauteur de coupe comprise de 20 à 76 mm. Ses roues avant mesurent 20 cm de diamètre, et peuvent ainsi franchir des obstacles d’une hauteur maximale de 4 cm. Elle peut aborder des pentes allant jusqu’à 20°.

Globalement, le robot fait parfaitement le job pour un entretien de pelouse. Mais la technologie doit encore être perfectionnée, au vu du prix… mieux vaudra patienter un peu, attendre peut-être de nouvelles mises à jour.

On vous laisse consulter notre prise en main de l’EcoFlow Blade si vous êtes curieux d’en savoir plus.

Comment choisir son robot tondeuse ?

Vous devez considérer plusieurs critères pour choisir la tondeuse robot idéale pour votre jardin :

A Cut Above. Tom Hart Dyke and Honda Miimo Robotic Mower

  • La surface de votre jardin. Plus le jardin est grand, plus le robot devra bénéficier d’une grosse batterie, pour avoir une autonomie suffisante.
  • Les options connectées. Voulez-vous pouvoir consulter son trajet, l’activer à distance via une application ? Pouvoir le géolocaliser en temps réel ?
  • Le relief et les spécificités de votre jardin. Si votre jardin possède de nombreuses pentes, des trous, des cailloux, des mares… votre robot devra être haut de gamme, voire 4×4.
  • Vous pouvez consulter en amont le prix des lames et de la batterie, cela peut influencer votre choix.

Tout savoir : quel robot tondeuse choisir ?

Quels sont les avantages d’un robot tondeuse ?

Bien sûr, le principal avantage d’un robot tondeuse est de vous éviter de devoir vous atteler à la tonte de votre pelouse le dimanche après le poulet du midi.

L’autre principal atout, par rapport à une tondeuse thermique, est que vous éviterez le bruit produit par l’appareil, ainsi que l’odeur. Là où une tondeuse thermique classique vrombit dans les 90 dB, un petit robot se fera bien plus discret avec environ 60 dB en fonctionnement. La tonte pourra ainsi être prévue la nuit sans risque de déranger. Comme il s’agit d’un appareil électrique, il ne rejette pas de gaz d’échappement et donc pas cette odeur caractéristique d’essence — mêlée à celle de l’herbe coupée. La plupart des tondeuses fonctionnent au sans plomb 95 : étant donné le prix de l’essence actuellement, vous êtes en outre certains de réaliser des économies substantielles.

De plus, les robots tondeuses ne possèdent pas de réservoir récupérant l’herbe coupée. Ils utilisent la technique du mulching, c’est-à-dire qu’ils coupent très finement les brins d’herbe et les rejettent en paillis sur la pelouse. Cela permet de protéger la pelouse contre la sécheresse et de faire office d’engrais naturel gratuit. Rassurez-vous, un mulching bien fait ne se voit pas.

Son entretien facile est un autre des avantages du robot tondeuse. Une tondeuse thermique demande l’ajout régulier de carburant (qu’il faut conserver correctement), mais aussi la réalisation d’une vidange en début de saison (avec une huile à moteur 4 temps), ainsi que le remplacement du filtre à air. Le robot tondeuse, lui, n’a pas besoin de tout cela. Son seul entretien nécessaire sera un nettoyage régulier, ainsi qu’un changement des lames environ une à deux fois par an. La batterie (au lithium ou au plomb) devra être remplacée au bout de quelques années.

Quels sont les inconvénients d’un robot tondeuse ?

Globalement, vous laissez le travail se faire par un robot. Il faut donc s’attendre à ce que tout ne soit pas parfaitement nickel, notamment au niveau des bordures. En outre, la tonte par un robot est très lente. Il faut plusieurs heures au robot pour tondre un jardin de 1 000 m², surtout que les capacités des batteries sont limitées : le robot doit donc retourner régulièrement sur sa base pour se recharger avant de repartir en mission. Le but d’un robot tondeuses est en outre plus de réaliser un entretien régulier, que de s’occuper de la première tonte du printemps.

Enfin, comme il s’agit d’un robot muni de lames, se promenant seul dans le jardin, il faudra être particulièrement attentif à deux catégories d’êtres vivants : les enfants et les animaux de compagnie. Ceux-ci pourraient se blesser, par exemple en voulant jouer avec. Heureusement, il existe maintenant un certain nombre de protections intégrées. Sur tous les modèles, si la tondeuse est soulevée ou retournée, le disque de coupe s’arrête et les lames se rétractent. Dans le cas où elle rencontre un obstacle, la tondeuse fait demi-tour. On recommande cependant d’arrêter le robot lorsque des enfants jouent dans le jardin.

Pour conclure sur les points négatifs, le principal d’un robot tondeuse est son prix, globalement plus élevé. En plus du montant investi de base, il faudra prévoir un changement de la batterie, généralement tous les 2 à 4 ans.

Quelle installation pour un robot tondeuse : la pose du câble périphérique et de la station de charge

La plupart (mais pas tous !) des robots tondeuses fonctionnent à l’aide d’un câble périphérique, qu’il est nécessaire de poser manuellement. Il s’agit d’une opération un peu fastidieuse à réaliser, mais totalement indispensable pour le bon fonctionnement de votre robot tondeuse. De plus, une fois posé, vous serez ensuite tranquille.

Ce câble, qui est parcouru par un courant basse tension, marque les limites de fonctionnement du robot. II devra donc notamment contourner les endroits où vous ne souhaitez pas que le robot se rende, par exemple des parterres de fleurs. Ce fil devra être enfoui dans le sol et maintenu à l’aide de piquets. Il est nécessaire qu’il forme une boucle. Aux extrémités, il est relié à la base de recharge par des connecteurs.

Le fameux câble doit, de préférence, être enterré dans la terre, à quelques centimètres de profondeur, afin d’être certain que le robot ne le sectionnera pas par inadvertance. Si vous ne pouvez pas l’enterrer, les piquets fournis permettront de bien le ficher dans le sol. Par ailleurs, il est recommandé de tondre (soi-même, donc) sa pelouse avant de poser ce câble, pour qu’il soit le plus possible au ras du sol.

Quant à la station de charge, son emplacement devra être stratégique, avec un accès dégagé pour le robot. Bien entendu, la présence d’une prise de courant à proximité est requise, cette dernière devra être adaptée à l’extérieur. En outre, cette station devra être à l’abri des UV, de la chaleur et des projections d’eau. C’est pourquoi il peut être préférable d’investir en plus dans un abri. Ce dernier protégera non seulement la station, mais aussi le robot, qui verra ses matériaux vieillir moins vite.

Quelle est la consommation électrique d’un robot tondeuse ?

Rassurez-vous, les robots tondeuses sont très économes. Ils ne consomment que très peu de kW/h. À titre d’exemple, les plus gros robots haut de gamme, ceux de Husqvarna, consomment environ 24 kW/h par mois. À 0,20 euro le kW/h, cela revient à un peu plus de 28 euros pour 6 mois de tonte.

Quelle est la meilleure marque de robot tondeuse ?

Il existe une multitude de modèles de robots de tontes, et chaque jardin est unique. Il est impossible d’affirmer avec certitude quelle est la meilleure marque ou même quel est le meilleur robot tondeuse. Nous pouvons tout de même vous recommander les modèles de la marque Huqsvarna qui sont bardés de fonctionnalités et très fiables. La marque STIHL est aussi bien implantée et spécialiste sur tout l’outillage de jardin.

Quelle est la durée de vie d’un robot de tonte ?

Tout dépend de la gamme dans laquelle vous investissez, si vous choisissez un petit robot d’entrée de gamme ou un modèle premium. Si vous entretenez correctement votre robot, en changeant bien les lames régulièrement, il pourra tenir au moins 5 ans, voire le double.

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