Miter Saw Elitech Fri 1825ku Overview

Brand Description

Miter saws Elitech are designed to perform woodwork, for example, for the manufacture of blanks for installing doors, skirting boards, etc. The range of saws is wide, there are saws of different power, with different diameter of the saw blade, both professional and domestic. Tools vary in weight as well as in price. Households are cheaper.

Miter Saw Elitech Fri 1825ku Overview

The lineup of Elitech saws:

  • crosscut saw ELITECH ПТ 2030КРС, 2000 W;
  • crosscut saw ELITECH ПТ 1825КУ, 1800 W;
  • crosscut saw ELITECH ПТ 2000С, 2000 W;
  • saw ELITECH ПТ 1825К, 1800 W;
  • saw ELITECH ПТ 1400, 1400 W (not produced, replaced by ELITECH ПТ 1625, 1600 W);
  • crosscut saw, ELITECH ПТ 1200, 1200 W (not manufactured, replaced by ЕITECH ПТ 1221 model).

Technical specifications and equipment

Technical parameters of miter saws:

  • power from 1200 to 2000 W;
  • disk rotation speed per minute depending on the model: from 4600 to 5000;
  • saw blade 230-305 mm;
  • internal diameter of a disk (landing opening): 30 mm on all models;
  • number of teeth on a disk: from 24 to 60;
  • left-right rotation angle: 45 degrees;
  • tilt angle: from 0 to 45 degrees (in all models);
  • cutting depth of the material: from 60 to 900 mm;
  • cutting width: from 120 mm to 310 mm;
  • tool weight from 8 to 20 kg.

To install the saws requires a special workplace. The table top on such a table should have dimensions no thinner than 15 mm. Ideally, if the surface is supported throughout the area, and not just on the legs of the table. Take care of ventilation and fire prevention measures in the room where the saw is located, always work in a protective position to prevent the chips from getting into the airways or eyes.

Video: Miter Saw Elitech Fri 1825ku Overview

Complete set of a miter saw Elitech:

  • disk;
  • protective cover;
  • dust bag;
  • supporting stops;
  • clamps of blanks, stops;
  • instruction (manual) for use;
  • packaging.

User’s manual

Please note that the instruction manual for the Elitech face saw model 1825 ku is also suitable for saws of the Elitech 2000c, Elitech 2030k, Elitech 2030krs, Elitech pt 1625, Elitech pt 1221 models. General recommendations given in one document are suitable for saws of the entire model range.

How to use the Elitech miter saw:

  • the saw should always be on a stable surface;
  • Do not use the tool in a damp room, when the sole contacts the wet floor;
  • connect the saw only to the mains with the required voltage;
  • do not leave a working saw, even if you leave it for a short time;
  • keep your palm at least 10 cm from the working disk;
  • after pressing the power button, the saw blade stops within 10 seconds;
  • use dust and sawdust removal systems;
  • replace a dull disc in a timely manner;
  • wear protective equipment when working with a face saw.

Elitech Side Saw Faults

Possible malfunctions of Elitech face saws are as follows:

  • the saw may junk, give a spark or not start if the carbon brushes are worn out Replace them and continue working.

Always keep the tool clean; remove sawdust from the dust bag in time. Do not use solvents or detergents when cleaning the tool. Debris clogged ventilation cavities cause damage to the end saw. Observe the norms for replacement of spare parts and do not do it yourself if you saw it still under warranty.

Video review of the work of saws

Saw face Elitech pt 2030k

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Reviews on Elitech End Saws



From the pros: budget price, good equipment, there is a clamp, soft start, additional brushes included.

Cons: it is quite large, you need a lot of space to accommodate, you can’t put this at home, I made a special table for it, I got confused. But the result in the end is very pleasing. "