Miter Saws Selection And Comparison

The miter saw is designed for sawing wooden blocks at any desired angle, tilt or wood sampling. The tool with a broach has several advantages compared to conventional trimming. Leading manufacturers offer many options, and economical home craftsmen construct it themselves.

Purpose of a face saw

Miter Saws Selection And Comparison

Often during finishing work it is necessary to perform diagonal cutting of materials with great accuracy. This is a rather difficult task in the absence of a special tool. A special device will cope with a tree of various species, soft metals, polymers, laminate. The end saw helps to do the job quickly and accurately, for example, when laying out baguettes, baseboards or working with lining.

The face saw belongs to the category of highly specialized tools. She can cut narrow bars, boards, slats. With its help, it will not come out to dissolve along the board. The presence of broaches somewhat expands the capabilities of the tool, allowing you to cut wider workpieces.

End saw design with broach

The device for trimming wood is simple: it is a functional module consisting of an electric motor with a gearbox, a handle with a start toggle switch and a working circle. The entire module is attached to the base.

The electric motor can be asynchronous or collector type. Collector need a periodic change of brushes, but give out large revolutions. Asynchronous are quieter and more durable.

As a rule, the electric motor is installed on the right hand from the saw wheel. But there are models with an engine behind the drive. It does not overlap the view, which is especially important if the design allows you to tilt the work element.

Through the gearbox, movement is transmitted from the motor to the saw wheel. Transmission can be used belt or gear. The gear even at maximum speeds works without slipping. But the belt reduces vibration and is quieter, which is also very important for accurate cutting. Periodically, the belt wears out and needs to be replaced; during a sharp change in speed, it can slip. There are also models with direct transmission. They are the most reliable, but their torque is lower.

To expand the capabilities of the saw, a lingering mechanism was created. The functional module is located on two guides along which it moves along the cutting path. A miter saw with a broach will cut wider boards. During operation, the operator pulls the circle towards himself, the working edges spin from the operator, so the sawdust fly by, and the circle presses the part against the stop.

The functional unit is installed on the base. the bed. It consists of a movable circular part, which moves during setting the angle and emphasis. The best bases are made of strong and light metals: aluminum or magnesium alloys.

A saw is a dangerous cutting tool, therefore a protective cover is provided in its design to prevent injuries. During downtime, the hinged part covers the circle; during operation, the casing is removed using a special lever or automatically when the console is moved to the operating position. Additional safety is provided by an electrodynamic brake, when the power is cut off smoothly stopping the electric motor.

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High-power devices are equipped with a smooth start, while replacing the circle, the torsion mechanism is blocked, and when the circle stops, the engine stops. Any model is equipped with protection against breakdown of electricity on the housing.

Electronic and laser equipment

The miter saw with a broach rarely contains electronic elements. But there are models with electronic speed control. This option allows you to more accurately control the progress of work, as well as adjust the mechanism for sawing various materials.

Single manufacturers went even further and equipped their mechanisms with the ability to maintain a stable speed. A useful option if you need to quickly saw a lot of workpieces, because during pressing the speed of rotation of the disk is usually greatly reduced. In modified saws, the electronic controller will return the speed to the required limits. This ensures a quick and even cut.

Laser aiming is another expensive, useful, but optional option. The laser clearly indicates the line cut, it is very convenient for inexperienced craftsmen who have not yet developed automatism.

Additional functions

Dust removal. During operation, a miter saw emits a lot of wood dust and sawdust that are harmful to the operator. Modern instrument models are equipped with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Garbage is removed directly from the place of allocation and does not have time to spread throughout the room.

Extension countertops. Useful option when working with long bars, laminate. Most often, the table is attached to the bed and held on two legs. Most tables are 50 cm long, and can be found longer.

Selection criteria for trimming

So that the money for the purchase of saws on wood was not in vain, it should be noted

The purpose of the tool. A broaching saw is necessary for professionals who often work with wide workpieces. If the tool is used from case to case, it will be enough to simply trim without frills, a household class. Professionals are skeptical of combination tools combining the possibilities of trimming and a circular saw. As a rule, the execution of one of the functions (or both) suffers. Therefore, combined saws are not bad for amateurs, they will save space by getting two tools in one case. The rotational speed of a professional saw blade is the same as a household saw. But the power of the first is higher, therefore more power consumption.

Security. A protective cover must be mandatory, even for the cheapest device. Useful is the function of blocking an accidental launch.

Weight and dimensions of the saw. Professional, powerful tools are bigger and heavier. But trimming is a portable device, so its weight should be within reason. In addition, you should pay attention to the maximum free movement of the working head.

Diameter of working disks. Disks less than 0.2 m across are only suitable for children’s fun. The wider the saw wheel, the more convenient it will work.

The choice of consumables

The quality of cutting depends on the characteristics of the tool and the working body, in this case the saw blade. All disks for miter saws on wood differ:

  • outer diameter;
  • internal diameter;
  • the shape of the teeth.

The inner diameter of the disk or the landing hole is two sizes of 25 or 30 millimeters. The size is indicated on the face of the circle and in the saw specifications. The outer diameter is also selected depending on the capabilities of the tool. It is more difficult to deal with the geometry of the cutting surfaces:

  • the more teeth on the wheel, the more rough the part. For example, for cutting laminate, painted or varnished wood, you should not choose such a consumable. Fine toothed circles are suitable. There is a classification of saw wheels for miter saws with a broach: for transverse cuts, longitudinal and for finishing (universal);
  • slotted discs are good for long-term performance. Slots do not allow the circle to deform during heating, and also reduce noise during operation.

The main manufacturers of professional saws with a broach for wood are Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo, DeWalt.