Oil lubrication. The oil does not enter the chain, what are the reasons

How to replace oil for a chain of a chainsaw. expert advice

Special oil lubrication is expensive, there are a huge selection of other oils on stores on stores on more pleasant price tags. But is it possible to use a chainsaw in the lubrication system what came by the arm? Let’s deal with this issue and select the necessary options for replacing.

Can be replaced with any oil with good adhesion. But, there is a small snag, it turns out, with good adhesion. there are only oils for chains of chainsaws and electric saws on sale, there are no others. Therefore, we will choose from what is.

Options for Stihl and Husqvarna

These are at the same time the most popular and most expensive oils, usually manufacturers recommend them and users usually think about their replacement there are in some stores and 750.

Husqvarna is the same, for a liter of the cheapest oil you will have to give 450-600, for example, biologically pure Husqvarna Bio Advanced costs 460.

Both companies say that their oils are environmentally friendly and increase the service life of the saw chain and guide tires. Regarding the first. this is true, in Europe they are worried about the ecology, about the second. it is unknown, there is no scientific evidence, some chains and on cheaper Oregon last longer.

An ideal replacement option for these products will be a special oil for chains, but from less known brands. Consider the possible options:

  • Caliber, 180 per liter. the cheapest with good viscosity indicators, by the way this is the only brand that shows this very indicator, there are no fakes.
  • Oregon, 300 per liter. a well.known brand, make high.quality tires and chains, acceptable price, quality at the level of Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita.
  • Carver, 200 per liter. a cheap, well.known company, make chainsaws, quality is good, low consumption, due to good indicators of adhesion.

In more detail about which oil chain to use the chain we considered in this article.

For clarity, we give a comparative table in which we collected together the most popular oils, made a characteristic and gave an assessment. Red options are highlighted in red, green. the best.

Rating of the best oils for chainsaws

Nomination place Name of product price
The best oils for lubricating chains of chainsaws one Stihl Forest Plus 299 ₽
2 Oregon 90844s 448 ₽
The best motor oils for chainsaws one Stihl HP Ultra 180 ₽
2 Husqvarna HP 2 680 ₽
3 Oregon 90720S 489 ₽
four Hammerflex 501-004 319 ₽

The chain of the chainsaw glides along the tire with a star and a groove, which includes the legs of the links of the cutting canvas. From friction, the equipment heats up and expands, which leads to slipping and decreasing performance. Sawdust and tar from a tree also slow down rotation. To maintain the light stroke of the chain of the chainships, oils poured into a special container in the tool are produced. From there, it is dripping on a saw blade during the entire process. The operator sets the oil consumption using a special valve. During storage, the substance protects the asterisk and the cutting elements from corrosion.

lubrication, does, enter, chain

Stihl Forest Plus

The first place in the oil rating for chains is the product of the German company. The substance is made on a mineral basis and is produced directly in Germany. Oil is packed in canisters of 1, 5 or 20 liters, which is convenient for purchase based on the upcoming volume of work. The last two containers already have a full.fledged handle for transfer. If the saw canvas is properly processed, then the chainsaw can be stored for an unlimited time, after which there is no depreciation and the equipment is immediately ready for operation.

Experts added this oil to the rating as the best in protecting the chainsaw from wood resin. Lubrication is highly resistant to adhesion and will not allow you to slow down the saw process even with frequent work with coniferous rocks, as well as garden plants that release a large amount of resin on the trunks. The tool will be able to work freely after prolonged downtime. German quality is always on top and has only positive reviews, but its cost remains relatively high.


  • Suitable for all types of chains and tires;
  • packing in various containers;
  • comfortable handles for transferring canister;
  • contributes to a decrease in wear;
  • effective protection against resin.


  • thickens in frost below.15 degrees;
  • relatively high cost;
  • A wide neck is inconvenient for straight pouring into a chainsaw tank.

Oregon 90844s

This product takes second place in the ranking and is also made on the basis of mineral oils. The manufacturer managed to achieve constant viscosity of the lubricant, so it can be used even in frosts.20 degrees. The oil significantly slows the wear of the parts, and if necessary, it is easily cleaned by the solvent. The goods were developed in the UK and designed to use with any chainsaw. The instruction allows you to fill the oil in the tank, even if the previous remedy remains in it on a mineral basis. In addition to lubricant, the oil also performs the cooling function, effectively taking the temperature from the metal.

Our experts brought oil to the rating as the best to maintain viscosity at high speeds. The manufacturer managed to achieve this effect through the use of additional additives. Thanks to this property, the oil remains on the saw canvas and is not sprayed to the sides, which the owners like the chainsaws in the reviews. Reduced evaporation and viscosity provide economical consumption.


  • does not smoke even when heated to 240 degrees;
  • ergonomic bottle convenient for gas station refueling;
  • There is no pungent odor;
  • contains a set of additives to prevent freezing and maintaining viscosity;
  • does not corrode seals and plastic on the chainsaw.

The compactness of the chainsaw motor is due to the use of two.stroke units. But this design of the internal combustion engine is technically not provided with a crankcase with a crankshaft grease, so the oil supply is carried out here along with gasoline, for which the operator pre.mixes them according to the proportions indicated in the instructions. The mixture passes through the carburetor, enriched with air, and in this form enters the combustion chamber, where it ignites and at the same time lubricates the rubbing parts, protecting them from wear and overheating.

Stihl HP Ultra

This product in the ranking is the development of the company already described above from Germany, only the Ultra line is made exclusively from synthetics. Increased fluidity allows you to work with oil even at temperature.30 degrees. The substance is specially designed for high.performance engines developing high speeds. The composition includes special additives that provide combustion without a trace. Unlike competitors, the substance does not contain sulfur, calcium sulfate and sodium. The product has environmental friendliness, completely decomposing in the open air in 21 days. Another set of additives creates a thin film on the rubbing parts of the engine and reduces wear.

Oil in the line of the German manufacturer from the HP Ultra category is released by increased combustion without a residue. During the experiments, it showed excellent results to preserve the purity of the piston from the carbon, for which it fell into the rating of the best. In tests, the chainsaw engine worked for 500 hours and was not covered with coke.

The main brands of motor oils for chainsaws

The leaders in the production of high.quality lubricants for chainsaws and motorcycle are Stihl and Husqvarna. Their assortment contains both ordinary mineral lubricants for two.stroke engines and synthetic oils for difficult working conditions. Consider the range in more detail.

Stihl HP

STIHL HP mineral lubricant was specially developed by STIHL engineers for use in their tools. That is why the owners of the chainsaw and the STIHL motorcycle is recommended to use this type of oil.

Its color is red, the shelf life in a closed container is no more than four years. Sets in several types of containers, so you can choose the most convenient package for yourself. Not so long ago, a convenient container of 20 grams appeared, which are diluted by one liter of gasoline. For those who rarely use a chainsaw, is the best option. Can be diluted and immediately consumed.

Important: Storing the finished fuel mixture for more than one month is not recommended, t. to. it gradually oxidizes, and the lubricating properties are lost.

STIHL HP fully complies with high European standards.

HP Ultra

Another STIHL oil. It has a synthetic basis, due to which it has improved characteristics of combustion, cleanliness and engine protection.

Recommended by the manufacturer for long.term use in difficult conditions. Ideal for work at low temperatures. HP Ultra does not harm the environment, t. to. The oil spilled to the ground decomposes by 80% in just 21 days.

Sets in two types of containers, 100 ml and liter bottles. The proportion of the finished fuel mixture is 1:50, which means 100 millimeter bottles are enough for the preparation of 5 liters of the mixture. Green color. Shelf life 4 years.

It is worth noting that the STIHL oils before entering the sale pass through the laboratory of the company in which they are checked for compliance with all the requirements.

When developing oils, much attention is paid to combustion of fuel, starting characteristics during cold starting, the ability to biological decomposition, a change in viscosity at different temperatures (information from the official website of the company).

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke

Husqvarna HP oil, like an analogue of the STIHL HP, is also designed specifically for 2x-stroke engines.

According to the manufacturer, this type of oil has additives that compensate for the low quality of fuel, which is relevant for our country. The declared octane number of gasoline at gas stations rarely corresponds to the real.

Husqvarna HP. semi.synthetic, green. Packed in liter or ten.liter containers. The proportion of the mixture is 1: 50, t. e. 20 grams per liter. During the run.in the engine of the saw or when working in the cold, it is allowed to increase the proportion to 1:40, which will give the engine a greater protection and increase its service life.

Today, the market has a large amount of lubricants for two.stroke engines from different manufacturers. For this reason, answer the question of which oil is better for a chainsaw is quite difficult. Our opinion is worth trusting reliable companies that are Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, Champion. It is their oils that will allow to protect the engine of your tool as much as possible and extend its resource.

Unscrupulous manufacturers often mask their products for all known brands (Husqvarna, Stihl, and T. D.). Such oils are of low quality and are able to harm the engine. In order not to be deceived, it is necessary to purchase lubricants from official representatives with the necessary certificates for products. How to distinguish a fake from the original can be found from

How the quality of lubrication affects the engine resource

Now let’s talk about how specifically the quality of the oil affects the operation of the engine and its resource, t. to. Many are not clear.

The principle of operation of a two.stroke engine implies that the lubrication of its internal parts occurs due to the oil in gasoline. They grease the bearings of the crankshaft and the connecting rod. Also, the oil envelops the cylinder walls and reduces the friction of the piston rings.

How to Lube a Bicycle

The chainsaw engine is highly reserved, some models can develop up to 15,000 rpm, which gives a tremendous load on bearings and other engine parts. Insufficient lubrication or its low quality leads to the fact that bearings and pistons work almost on dry, as a result, the temperature rises. The elevated temperature of the bearings can cause their jamming.

Heating the piston to the limit causes its melting, particles of aluminum from the piston are transferred to the surface of the cylinder and cooling slightly, become solid. Rings passing a plot with aluminum growths are damaged or jammed.

Another danger of poor.quality lubrication is a dozen. Nar can form under the piston rings, making it difficult or completely stopping their proper operation, and in the graduation channel. Cases when the carbon felted completely sealed the exhaust window and the muffler is not uncommon. Below is a video about the consequences of using low.quality oil.

Is it possible to fill in a chainsaw in a chainsaw

Many sawmills have found such a way to save a chainsaw as a tank for lubrication of a chain with a waste material that merges from car engines. This allows not only to significantly save on the purchase of oils, but also to spend waste oil products.

To lubricate the chains of chainsaws, you need to use only special lubricants, but not motor. The development has not only another viscosity, but also contains metal dust dust, grains and chips.

lubrication, does, enter, chain
  • When the lubrication of the tools gets into the tank, these dust particles and grains, which are the production of metal, enter the oil pump. As a result, the device fails, and you have to repair the chainsaw
  • Small grains of metal also fall on the chain, so the accelerated process of heating the saw headset is not excluded, and its failure is out of order
  • Dulling the teeth of the chain, since the contact of the metal with the metal leads to the rapid dulling of cutting teeth

The consequences of such unjustified savings are dangerous not only for the tool itself, but also for the sawdust. After all, at any moment the headset can break, which will entail negative consequences. If you want to save on buying lubricating materials, then buy oils from little.known firms, like nanothek standard, premium nanothek and Encor.

The stingy pays twice, and this proverb really works, so if you do not want to overpay, it is recommended to refuel your tool with high.quality materials, which will positively affect their performance and service life.

A little about the lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw

The development is called oil, which has already served its term in the engine or gearbox. It is often used to save money, including when servicing a chainsaw.

It should be borne in mind that training can lead to rapid wear of the structure.

This can be associated with the following moments:

  • Often, the breakdown is associated with a large amount of metal chips in the composition. It gets there at the time of operation of the engine and gearbox, then accumulates in the pallet.
  • When it hits the tire, metal shavings becomes like an abrasive. Due to this, the process of surface wear process is significantly accelerated. A sprocket with a bearing wears out.
  • Development has a negative effect on the joints of the moving elements of the chain. Due to severe wear, the likelihood of its cliff increases at the time of operation.

The above information indicates that in all cases you need to use a special product that is intended for this. The development that was previously used in the engine or gearbox is not suitable for a chainsaw.

How should the chain lubrication system work with oil?

To ensure reliable operation of the chainsaw, a special power lubrication system is installed with oil. The following information can be called an example:

  • Fuel tanks are selected in volume, taking into account the fact that with full production of fuel, a little oil should remain. In addition, it is important to correctly configure the carburetor so that the fuel is not quickly generated.
  • With a slow decrease in oil at the time of use of the saw, the efficiency of the lubricant decreases several times, the conductivity of the channels also decreases. Over time, a malfunction may appear, which will be difficult to fix quite difficult.
  • It is recommended to check the condition of the oil pump from time to time. If necessary, you can adjust performance using a special screw.
  • You can check the correct operation of the pump yourself. For this, the tire is brought to the illuminated surface. If oil spray appears on it, then the design works correctly. Lubrication consumption is regulated depending on the specific situation.

A sign that a lack of lubrication falls into the cutting zone, a strong heating and the appearance of smoke, an unpleasant odor at the time of cutting wood can be called. With severe heating, the metal expands, due to which the circuit is pinched into the groove.The effectiveness of the degree of lubrication is reduced when the tire gets into the ground. That is why with sloppy use of a saw, it quickly wears out. The oil for the circuit when contacting the soil collects various substances, due to which the heating of the metal is accelerated.

How to replace the original expensive oil and whether it is worth?

In situations where it is not possible to use original ones, you can replace them with oil engines. Cheap car oils of the autolo type or diesel lubrication options, due to reduced adhesion properties, are unsuitable for prolonged use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. It cannot have some negative effects on the lubrication system of the chainsaw, which means the difference only as the protection of the tire from the friction of the chain.

We recommend reading more about replacement options here.

A little about the lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw

Washing is called oil that has served its term in the engine or car gearbox. Many owners of chainsaws, trying to save money, use it to lubricate the chain, which pours in serious repair costs.

The reason for these breakdowns, the presence of metal chips in the development of impurities, which settles in the crankcase of the car, and at the time of drainage from the pallet is drained with it.

Getting onto the tire, metal chips acts on its surface as an abrasive. Simply put, instead of protecting the surface, development enhances the wear of the tire, the leading star and bearing of the driven star on the tire. The development also affects the chain of the chainsaws, in those places where it bends and increases the risk of breaking the chain mechanism. The use of working out, also increases the likelihood of an oil pump breakdown.

lubrication, does, enter, chain

Conclusion: To grease the chain of the chainsaws, you need to use original lubricants from manufacturers. Working from a car engine is unacceptable. In the absence of high.quality oils, a short.term replacement of it with clean automobile

Popular brands of oil chains


The Germans traditionally offer several solutions:

Inexpensive for a branded product, but very effective. There will be no problems with him before.15 degrees. Sets in containers 1 and 5 liters. Retains the properties of three years, so when acquiring it, you need to consider how tightly you will use the saw.

The name hints at the environmental friendliness of the lubrication. Plant origin makes the goods completely safe for forests and reservoirs. Biodegradable lubricants at the peak of popularity in Europe, although they are reluctant to lay out money for them so far.

Professional oil for real harsh lumberjacks from countries with a harsh climate. Although forests are cut down from these mainly in Finland. The formula of the components allows you to work with.25, and the high price makes its use in household saws meaningless.


The Swedes did not stand aside from the “chain” lubricants. This segment proposes two options:

A universal decision, both for lovers who value their efforts and tools, and among professionals who are maximum speed and wear resistance vital. The biodegradation is present without fail.

budget decision for amateur sector. Positioned as oil with reduced consumption. In practice, it almost does not differ from competitors in the speed of devastation of the tank.

Other manufacturers

Oil is produced by many companies that make chainsaws. Their products are less popular than STIHL or Husqvarna, but is also in demand among owners of gasoline units.

Mineral grease from Italians Oleo-Mac.

Adhesive lubricant, which the manufacturer of the same name recommends for his benzo tool.

Submitting to the world fashion for ecology, the Japanese company Makita decided to keep up with not to lag in.

If you have a saw that you do not want to lose, do not lie in an oil tank for working out from a car engine. Although this fluid still has lubricating properties, but there is practically no adhesion. Everything around will be in working out. In addition, small particles of metal that were gained in the development during its location inside a 4-stroke ICE act on a chain, asterisk and a tire like an abrasive.

For an expensive tool, it is better to take quality consumables. For inexpensive. still high.quality, if the saw is not bought for a single work. Oil for a chain and engine is a way to both extend the life of a chainsaw, and quickly “kill” it.

The main manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws produce consumables and lubricants for them, including specifically for circuits and tires. All other things being equal, the products of the manufacturer of the chainsaw itself should be given preference. But the quality of the best brands is such that the use of lubricants of another manufacturer will not have a negative effect on work.

The most famous brands are the German company Stihl, Swedish Husqvarna and Japanese Makita. They provide a fairly wide selection of adhesive oils, among which there are:

  • Mineral Stihl Forestplus is designed to work at temperatures before.15 ℃. Standard packaging. 1 and 5 liters. For long work, recently, in a 20-liter container is also available;
  • Highly ecological stihl bioplus is released on a plant basis. Once in the soil, it quickly decomposes, without polluting it. Operating temperature also before.15 ℃. Packing. 1 and 3 l;
  • For low temperatures, a semi.synthetic Stihl Synthplus is suitable, which works applicable to.25 °.
  • Ecological, biodegradable Bio and Bio Advanced. It is presented as a universal all.season oil. The BIO Advanced version. improved oxidation resistance and up to 10 % is better than lubricants;
  • Makita. Biotop oil;
  • Adhesive oil Champion.

Of the brands especially for chains there is “bison zmpm-m”. There are other, less well.known manufacturers whose lubricants are noticeably lower in price.

How to replace expensive oil

In special branded lubricants for chains, the disadvantage is their high price. Buy a liter of other expensive oil notly. And if there are work requiring several liters, or even dozens of liters, there will probably be thoughts about saving. The main thing is that when considering options, do not hit the extreme. You can save on oil to such an extent that you will have to change the chain several times, or even the tire or oil pump itself.

There are three replacement options. Firstly, specialized products of little-known manufacturers can be used to lubricate the chain. But such oils still have to look. In addition, there is a risk of stumbling on a poor.quality product.

The use of oils for automobile engines. As a temporary replacement, they can be used, but they cannot boast of high adhesion, so the quality of their work will be clearly worse than special. For this reason, it is not recommended to use spindle and diesel oils. the worst in adhesion.


And be sure to say about another option. working out. This is the name of the oil that has worked out its term in the engine, and merged from it when replaced.

In fact, this is not an option at all. Metal particles are necessarily present in working out. And if they may not damage the chain itself, then the oil pump and the entire lubricant system. for sure. On the forums on the Internet you can find a “slaughter” argument in favor of working out. that the Soviet chainsaw “Friendship” did not have a lubricant of the chain and worked. So you can pour anything. and so it will do. Well, so “Stihl” will also work with working out or even with an unexpected chain. The question is how long it will work and how many chains will have to be changed over this period.

Caution of those who have a chainsaw is on a warranty period. Masters of warranty workshops are able to identify cases of use of low.quality lubrication of the chain. Especially when using working. Refusal of repairs under warranty will follow immediately.

Problems when lubricating the chain

The main problems with the lubricant of the chain that the owner of the chainsaw may face during the operation of the tool:

Reason: oil is not enough to lubricate, filter is closed, carvings on the pumping gear are torn.

Such a malfunction is eliminated by the replacement of the filter and adding oil to the crankcase, replacing the thread.

We recommend watching thematic videos about this problem, which are further posted in the article.

Reason: You can recognize such a breakdown by the presence of oil subtexts in the lower part of the chainsaw. To eliminate the problem, a sealant is applied to the seat of the hose after its fixing to avoid oil during further operation.

How to reduce oil supply to the chain of the chainship

“As the owner of a chainsaw with great experience and experience, I recommend to everyone. do not save in oil for a chain! Do not use working out in any case, such lubricants will not bring any benefit. The higher the quality of all combustible materials, the longer your chainsaw will last, especially if it is not cheap ”.