Werk WS chainsaw is not started. Causes of malfunctions and repair

Why the chainsaw is not started and there is no spark. the reasons and ways to eliminate

To date, it is probably difficult to find a master who would not have such a universal, practical, and multifunctional tool as a chainsaw. This device is deeply rooted in everyday life, and this is not surprising, because the chainsaw has become a simply indispensable assistant in the field of wood cutting, harvesting firewood for winter time, wood saws, and it is also used in the construction sphere, etc. Naturally, her positive aspects can be talked endlessly and she copes with her task simply great. But, like any technique, no matter how unique and highly practical over time fails and stops starting up, and this is normal. The most important thing at this moment is to correctly determine the cause of the malfunction and quickly eliminate it.

Naturally, you can contact various kinds of services that will put your equipment in order for a fee. But at the same time you will have to pay a significant cost. What for? After all, you can try to determine the degree and reason for the breakdown and repair.

Since there are such insignificant breakdowns that can be eliminated within five minutes. It is about them and ways to eliminate them that we will talk in this article.

The device of the plant

The first and almost main element of the chainsaw is the engine, namely the carburetor two.stroke (see. Carburetor adjustment). Its direct power is diverse, it all depends on the model of the device and its direct purpose. For example, the power of the Ural chainsaw is 3.68 kW.

The second no less important part of the tool is the headset (saw) which consists of a chain (cutting), tires, stars, wheels (chain). It should be added to this that completely different manufacturers provide their own certain spectrum of this headset.

It is important that it always needs to be selected directly by certain characteristic engine data. Since the greater step has this kind of headset, the cut of the chainsaw will be deeper, you can even say that the more powerful and productive it will be. But do not forget that for the full operation of the device, the engine should also not concede it by power.

Its lubricant is carried out by means of special oil directly from the tank of the second, which is located on a manual block. It is worth noting that the mass of this kind of tank has such features that the oil and fuel, which is designed for the engine ends in the same time.

chainsaw, started, causes, malfunctions

They figured out the general outlines with the device, but most likely with its basis, and now the time has come to start understanding why the chainsaws stopped working, what would be the life of this and how to eliminate them.

After winter I can’t start a chainsaw what can you tell

If you use a chainsaw in winter or in summer, then with the coming of spring, when there is a need to prepare firewood, a malfunction is often observed in the form of the impossibility of starting the tool engine. The prerequisites can be different, but the first step. Check the presence of gasoline in the tank. If the chainsaw was not used for a long time, but the fuel remains in the tank, then the difficulties when starting two.stroke engines are associated with a premise of stagnation of fuel.

If the fuel in the tank was not merged before storage, then there is a great opportunity that a cork was formed in the carburetor. You will need to disassemble the carburetor for you and clean it. In order not to resort to these steps, you can make the next:

  • Unscrew the spark plug and inspect it. If it is dry and has a true brown color, then fuel is not supplied to the cylinder.
  • 20 grams of fuel consistency are drawn into a syringe and sprayed into a cylinder
  • The spark plug is twisted and the engine starts
  • If the ignition system works in an affirmative way, the chainsaw will start

When the engine starts, the purchased cork in the carburetor breaks through, and the engine will work normally. If the engine starts and stops on the chainsaw, then the function of adding fuel to the cylinder should be repeated a couple of times. If the samples end unsuccessfully, it is necessary to clean the carburetor, but at first check the serviceability of fuel and air filters, the ignition module and clean the exhaust channel (silencer).

Difficulties with starting a chainsaw cannot be excluded for subsequent reasons:

  • Attenuation of the electrodes of the candle
  • Oxidation of contacts of the spark plug wires
  • Damage to insulation of a high.voltage wire
  • Ignition coil failure
  • The need for the carburetor option

Difficulties with starting a chainsaw appear at some point. It all depends not only on the properties of the tool and its price, and on the characteristics of the care, operation and storage of the tool. With proper care and storage of the tool, you will never have troubles with starting the motor of your chainsaw.

The main reasons why the chainsaw is not started

When the chainsaw does not start, the search for the prerequisite should start with research procedures. To fulfill them, it is not at all without fail to understand the device of a gasoline tool, and rather adhere to the sequence of actions. General prerequisites why your chainsaw is not started:

  • Fuel mowing fishing line.From the tank, fuel in the form of gasoline with butter flows in a fuel strip in a carburetor. The carburetor membrane, which plays the role of the pump, is responsible for its transportation. If there is no fuel in the tank, then, of course, the chainsaw will not start, so first make sure that there is a fuel in the gas tank.
  • Ignition system. Most often, that the chainsaw engine does not start, there should be a spark.This is due to the fact that it has a certain resource, and if the tool is used often and for a long time, then the candle fails. After making sure that there is a fuel in the tank, you need to check the condition of the spark plug
  • Filter elements. These are fuel and air purifiers that prevent small sand grain enters the carburetor and cylinder.The fuel filter cleans the fuel, and it is placed on the fuel supply stripes in a gas cylinder. The air cleaner is placed on a carburetor and limits the hit of the chips and sawdust into the carburetor.
  • A dichiller or pressure rectifier is the least element, is often the main reason that the chainsaw will not start.The main symptom of malfunction of the respiratory tube is when the engine is delayed during operation
  • Muffler or exhaust channel. When the tools are working on the walls of the exhaust system, carbon deposits settled.As a result, exhaust gases do not get anywhere, and therefore the chainsaws will not start, and if it starts, it will stop immediately
  • Carburetor. This is a more serious malfunction that can be eliminated by cleaning the device responsible for mixing fuel with air, and supplying the finished mixture to the cylinder.Connection of the channels and jets of the carburetor leads to the fact that the engine will not start
  • CPG. This is the most extreme reason why the chainsaws are not started.The compression manometer will help to verify the wear of the group of cylinders-piston. By measuring the compression of the chainsaw, we can draw a corresponding conclusion about the state of health of the motor itself

These are all the components that need to be checked in order to find and remove the reason for the impossibility of starting the chainsaw engine. carefully each type of defects, as well as the methods of their elimination, we will see further.

The chainsaw is not started? Reasons and solutions

Basils have long been a kind of innovation and even more so are not considered exclusively a professional tool, because today literally every owner has such a universal device in his tools. And although there is a huge variety of types and models of chainsaws, in general, their designs do not represent something particularly complicated. With proper use and maintenance of this tool, any problems with its work arise quite rarely. But what to do if a chainsaw does not suddenly start? The main thing is not to panic and in order to figure out what is the reason for the problem.

First you need to check the fuel level. If it is not enough, it is necessary to correctly prepare the fuel mixture, which should include the proportion of gasoline/oil indicated in the operation instructions (the oil brand is also indicated in the instructions). To prepare the mixture, use AI-92 gasoline correctly-this will get rid of many unnecessary problems. The amount of the mixture should be designed for 1-2 weeks of the chainsaw, t.to. gasoline has a feature of losing its octane properties.

The tool may not start because during its launch flows a candle of ignition. If this is true, then to solve this problem, it is necessary to turn the flooded candle and be sure to dry it (without pumping), drain the fuel from the candle hole and make a half.hour break. Then install either dried or spare candle in place. It is also important to pay attention to the contact between the tip of the candle and the high.voltage wire.

The completely dry light of the ignition suggests that the fuel mixture does not occur, which means that there is a certain problem with the carburetor. First you should clean the fuel filter. If after eliminating all available pollution, nothing has changed, it is necessary to do a carburetor. However, it is better to entrust its disassembly and cleaning to specialists in this matter.

If there is a spark, but the chainsaws still do not start, you will need to additionally check the air filter and the saeph. Air filter is easily cleaned of dust. In order to check whether the sapphone has clogged for leveling the pressure in the gas tank, it is necessary to disconnect the fuel hose and see how the fuel flows from it. If the stream is normal. the saopant is in order if there is no fuel or it flows very slowly. you need to clean it.

New chainsaw will not start

Often a completely new chainsaw cannot be launched the first time. With a cold launch of its engine, the switch is installed so that the damper is closed. Now you need to pump up the fuel into the carburetor, and then twist the launch hand well. It is considered normal, even if after 2-5 launches the tool starts up, but stalls. After that, you can transfer the switch to the position of half.gas, and then to the working position, and continue to start the chainsaw.

The reason that after the winter period the chainsaw refuses to work, it may be elementary. the fuel mixture has decomposed and lost its properties. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to pour the old fuel, unscrew and dry the spark plug, season the chainsaw with a new fuel mixture and abundant the engine several times. After installing the candle in place and in the absence of other problems, the chainsaw will necessarily start.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start further?

If the initial inspection did not give anything or the defects in the search process were eliminated, and the chainsaws are not started, then you need to look for more serious reasons. It is best to identify and eliminate such breakdowns in the service center. However, in the presence of experience, you can find and eliminate them independently. What to diagnose and check?

In the first case, checking the compression in the cylinder will find out the condition of the cylinder.piston group (CPG) of the chainsaws that does not want to start on the cold. To do this, you need a compressometer. The device is screwed into the spark plug and the engine is idle. The measurement of indications allows you to judge the state of the CPG. In the absence of a compressometer, it is possible to determine the compression in the cylinder as follows:

By putting a finger to the candle hole and twitching the starter, you can check the compression in the cylinder

If you feel that the finger is strongly drawn into the candle channel, then everything is in order with compression. Lack of discharge in the cell, indicates the presence of a malfunction. The cylinder.piston group needs a more detailed examination, which will give an idea of ​​the state of the piston and cylinder, piston rings and bearings.

You can’t start a chainsaw on a cold one due to the lack of compression in the engine crankcase. The main reason for this is the damage to the gasket placed between the cylinder and the crankcase. It is quite easy to identify the lack of compression:

  • Disconnect the upper tube from the carburetor;
  • Pour gasoline into ordinary cork;
  • We immerse in the fuel removed the tube;
  • We pull the starter several times.

If the fuel from the lid is absorbed when the starter of the chainsaw is launched, then everything is in order with compression. If not, see the gasket.

If the fuel is drawn, then everything is in the strand. the gasket is the whole. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a reptile and replace. How to do this watch the video, why the Chinese chainsaw is not started:

The launch of the tool can be complicated by the incorrect operation of the carburetor or its breakdown. It often happens that in the process of cutting, the fixing screws are weakened and the air sucks into the cylinder. Check the reliability of the carburetor mounting. Inspect it for fuel leaks. The causes of the malfunction may be a mass. It is possible to accurately determine the malfunction, eliminate it and carry out subtle adjustment of the carburetor only in the service center.

Having passed the cheeky defect of the chainsaw engine, you can find a malfunction, eliminate it yourself and successfully start your working tool. Do not take up those types of work that you are not sure. Trust the search and elimination of a malfunction to specialists from the service center.

The chainsaw is started normally, but when adding gas stalls

One of the common breakdowns of household chainsaws is only at idle, and an instant refusal when pressing a standard gas trigger.

There can always be several reasons for this malfunction:

  • clogging or initially incorrect setting up a standard carburetor. in this case, you will need to clean the knot and configure it according to the instructions in the instructions for operation;
  • The clogging of the basic air filter of the tool used-because of this, the air does not enter the saw carburetor, which leads to a gradual loss of power;
  • The clogging or wear of the fuel filter. as a result, the part is not capable of missing the amount of fuel that is necessary for the ability to set the revolutions of the motor.

If the chainsaw works normally at idle, but stalls under load, then the first thing its owner should do is check the condition of the filters. Only after that can you start setting up the carburetor.

Malfunctions of the chainsaw

Chainsaws are simple in design and work units. With proper treatment of it, malfunctions rarely occur and, often, they are quickly eliminated by the owner himself.

Our review is designed to help in extreme situations when it is necessary to understand and eliminate the basic causes of the instrument malfunction.

chainsaw, started, causes, malfunctions

The chainsaw is started normally, but when adding gas stalls

One of the common breakdowns of household chainsaws is only at idle, and an instant refusal when pressing a standard gas trigger.

There can always be several reasons for this malfunction:

  • clogging or initially incorrect setting up a standard carburetor. in this case, you will need to clean the knot and configure it according to the instructions in the instructions for operation;
  • The clogging of the basic air filter of the tool used-because of this, the air does not enter the saw carburetor, which leads to a gradual loss of power;
  • The clogging or wear of the fuel filter. as a result, the part is not capable of missing the amount of fuel that is necessary for the ability to set the revolutions of the motor.

If the chainsaw works normally at idle, but stalls under load, then the first thing its owner should do is check the condition of the filters. Only after that can you start setting up the carburetor.

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Why the stihl chainsaw is not started

For preliminary diagnosis of causes, the gas pump is checked, the appearance of the candle, fuel flow, carburetor functionality and filter condition. Pay attention to the performance of cylinders, pistons, muffler, crankshaft bearings. After preventive measures, they try to launch a chainsaw. Insufficient lubrication of rubbing spare parts also becomes a factor of poor work.

In this article, we will consider the main problems that can occur when the stihl chainsaw is launched (the spark has disappeared, the tool stalls or does not gain momentum), as well as ways to eliminate them.

Lack of sparks

Sparking is being checked on the spark plug. The functioning of the element is affected by different factors. When testing the mechanism, the reasons are revealed:

Due to work in such conditions at the contacts, the candle accumulates. The subsequent corrosion of the conductors becomes the reason that there is no spark in half of cases of malfunctions. This is because the gap between modular contacts changes. To check the spark, they make the following:

  • The tip of the high.voltage cable is removed;
  • the candle is twisted;
  • The tip is put in place;
  • The candle is leaning with a wide end against the cylinder;
  • Start the starter.

If when starting between the electrodes a bright spark appears, resembling a zipper, then the ignition unit is working. In the absence of a flash, the entire element is cleaned and the gap between the conductors is exhibited. Sometimes there is no gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil. When the flywheel is visible on its appearance, scratches are visible.

chainsaw, started, causes, malfunctions

The ignition coil malfunction

The module or coil does not understand, its suitability is difficult to identify without testing devices. Modern ignition systems are strong, light and small in size. They are characterized by almost reliable functionality. Problems with a malfunction of the chainsaw due to the ignition coil can be eliminated independently.

Test the outlet wires for damage (in t. h. internal) that arise due to vibration leading to friction. If there are no cracks, then the ignition coil replacement is required. Sometimes a weak, barely distinguishable flash when heating the saw indicates a malfunction of the module. This is due to an increase in the temperature of the coil, which leads to an increase in the resistance of the transistor.

The peculiarity is that at the beginning of the spark, the spark may appear, but after prolonged use it becomes dull and disappears. Modern ignition coils in a home workshop are not repaired, therefore they are changed to suitable elements.

chainsaw, started, causes, malfunctions

Fuel supply

After twisting the candle on its surface, a wet plaque is detected. This speaks of excessive supply of gasoline to the combustion chamber. For this reason, the tool does not work or stalls, t. to. Fuel is not ignited.

Another inhibitory factor is the clogging of the sapun. a small hole in the lid of a gasoline tank. It is cleaned with a needle, otherwise the chainsaw of the Stihl MS 180 does not start. To determine incorrect fuel supply, consistent actions are carried out:

Диагностика бензопилы “Werk”.

  • remove the candle;
  • 2 cubes of gasoline are poured into the candle hole with a syringe;
  • put a device for ignition in place and put on a cap of a high.voltage wire;
  • The lever is transferred to the position of hot launch;
  • Twist the starter handle a couple of times.

If the tool starts and stalls immediately, then the fuel highway is tested further. Check a gasoline filter, a surge from the engine crankcase, the integrity of the partition in the pump when unscrewing the cover.

The breakdown of the crankshaft bearings

With defects in the bearings, a weak play is felt. To identify it, the flywheel of the STIHL MS 180 saw is staggering from one side to the other. The movement suggests that the flywheel shifts towards the electrodes with its own magnets, as a result of which there is no spark. To remove the mechanism, dismantle the cutting element, remove the filter lid and clutch. For the crankshaft, the lid of the manual starter is removed and two bolts are pulled.

The clutch is twisted with a clock clockwise. Remove the drum with an asterisk, change the old clutch and twist it all the way. The crankshaft are stopped so as not to break the starter. The mechanism is assembled in the reverse order. To tighten the brake handle is tilted forward, the tool is started, then removed from the brake.

Less commonly detected bearings with marriage (in the clip, the diameter of the holes is increased). To determine, disassemble and measured using a micrometer. A regular knock testifies to broken bearings. In this case, urgent repairs are required, t. to. In case of violation of the integrity of the crankshaft, a piston group and cylinder will fail.

Flies a candle of ignition

In this case, the spark is not able to ignite the fuel, which in large quantities enters the firebox to burn the combustible mixture. If it floods the candle, then the carburetor is faulty or the cold motor is launched incorrectly. The engine is made, the procedure is performed with the ignition turned off and far from the open flame. To ensure fuel ignition at the time of start.up, they clean the mechanism:

  • They twist the candle, wipe dry, dried for half an hour;
  • A large layer of carbon fiber is removed with a file;
  • Between the contacts, the gap is regulated;
  • The tool is turned upside down and gasoline is drained;
  • In this position, the starter is twitched several times (to remove fuel residues);
  • They are assembled in the reverse order.

Stihl chainsaw stalls: reasons

If the tool is turned off immediately after starting, then there was a breakdown of a device or part. To determine the reason, the mechanism is tested independently or in service workshops. Sometimes the reason that the mechanism starts poorly is the improper service of the saw:

  • insufficient volume of gasoline;
  • poorly cooked fuel mixture;
  • poor lubrication quality;
  • muffler clogged by combustion products;
  • unresolved carburetor;
  • air filter obstruction;
  • Piston or cylinder malfunction.

When pressing gas

Speaking units work at idle, but the motorcycle stalls when the gas is pressed, t. to. The load rises. The tool is heated before use, driving off the engine at idle for a minute. If this is neglected, then the motor stops after pressing the pedal. Other reasons can be:

  • a clogged or unresolved mixing unit of fuel fuel;
  • The clogged air filter does not give the desired air flow when the load is increased;
  • a contaminated gasoline filter does not miss the required amount of the mixture;
  • the wall of the cylinder and the piston rubs.

Low octane fuel number causes the brake, t. to. This circumstance does not allow the motor to achieve the required power when increasing the load.

At idle

Violation of the functionality of the fuel unit system leads to an air leakage. In this case, the unit stalls at idle and does not hold their number. An additional suction reduces the air pulse to the fuel pump and passes through the membrane of the pallet or crankshaft oil seals. Diagnosis is made by vacuum.

The stopping of the engine is on the cold for other reasons:

  • The candle channel contains an excess amount of combustible mixture;
  • A gap is not adjusted between the tip of the candle and the high.voltage cradle;
  • Failure of power supply.

Check the seals, pouring gasoline into the crankcase, the leak is visually visible. So, the engine does not work at idle, and at a high frequency, leaky oil seals will lead to jamming of the bearings. In the case of elements, they are replaced with new ones and sealing.

At full speed

Sometimes the engine stalls after normal operation. To establish the cause, pay attention to related circumstances:

  • The motor stalls in the middle of work for no apparent reason. The starter is in a fixed position and does not turn. So, the tool is jammed and requires urgent repair.
  • During normal operation, the power is reduced in a short time and the engine stops, the cylinders are overheated. The situation indicates the occurrence of an air suction under the rubber pipe between the carburetor cylinder, possibly due to the gap. Air impoverishes fuel, it requires replacing the pipe.

He is not gaining momentum

A lot of mechanism systems are involved in launch, so the loss of the stiHL chainsaws after operating at idle may become a consequence of various factors. Confident work of idle and interruptions in the motor with a load can arise for the following reasons:

  • engine resource development;
  • wear, deformation and corrosion of the piston group;
  • malfunction of the ignition or candle coil;
  • Balance of carburetor screws.

If the tool does not develop speed, then the conductivity of the hole in the lid of the tank for fuel is disturbed. The occurrence of a vacuum does not give the right amount of fuel, because the engine does not gain the required power. The revolutions are reduced when the carbon monoxide is accumulated in the muffler, it is difficult to remove gases from combustion.

Does not drop in momentum

The tool quickly reaches the maximum speed, and the power is not reduced. This situation is explained by the fact that:

  • the throttle does not work due to the weakening of the spring or traction element;
  • periodically refuses the tooth controller;
  • There is no corkscrew on the axis of the throttle;
  • The carburetor was clogged;
  • The fuel hose and a filter of gasoline are functioning incorrectly.

Pollution of the main filter elements of the chainsaw, adversely affect its work.

For example, a dirty air filter will provide air supply to the carburetor in full, which will affect the quality of the fuel mixture and normal engine start. Fuel filter pollution will make it difficult, or even reduce the supply of gasoline into the carburetor and make the engine to work impossible.

Reduced compression

As you know, for the normal launch of the chainsaw in its engine, compression should be present. It is necessary for the normal compression of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder, it also affects the operation of the gasoline pump.

During the operation of the tool, the value of the compression indicator falls, and the chainsaw begins to start poorly.

The reasons for the lack of compression, or its decrease, can be natural, t.to. The engine wear out during operation. Problems can also be caused by serious breakdown, for example, Zadir CPG, or breakdown of a piston ring.

A sign of reduced compression is the weak resistance of the starter during the start. With reduced compression, a decrease in the power of the chainsaw is observed, which negatively affects its performance. The problem of replacing piston rings, or completely CPH, is eliminated.

Carburetor adjustment

Not correct adjustment of the carburetor will cause the chainsaw will not develop full power. It will be bad to start, or not start at all. The setting of the carburetor directly affects the quality of the fuel.air mixture, which is necessary for normal starting and further engine operation.

If the carburetor is improperly adjusted, the fuel with the air will be present more, or less gasoline than required, and the mixture will not be ignited even with normal sparking.

Excess gasoline in the mixture, it is customary to call overflow. Characteristic signs of overflow, it is a wet spark plug, after several unsuccessful attempts to start a chainsaw.

Spark plug

Spark plug is one of the main elements of the ignition system. On its electrodes, a spark is formed, and when this element fails, it will be difficult to start, or it is not at all possible.

The candle can completely refuse, or work with interruptions or give out a weak spark. Checking the candle is quite simple, for this you will need to unscrew it from the engine, attach to the cap of the high.voltage wire and, putting it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If the candle is in order, the spark will be powerful with a bluish tint. Weak spark with a reddish tint, a sign of a problem. A defective candle needs to be replaced.

Ignition coil

The reason that a new chainsaw is not started, or it starts poorly, may be a ignition coil. Modern chainsaws are equipped with electronic ignition coils. This part is not subject to repair, and, as a rule, in the presence of a defect, it completely changes.

Gap between the ignition coil and flywheel

An unbelievable gap between the flywheel and the contacts of the ignition coil affects the quality of sparking, which in turn is responsible for the normal start and stable engine operation.

The chainsaw is not started on hot

In cases where the chainsaws do not start hot, you need to conduct a visual inspection of all the main nodes of the chainsaw. Inspection should start with the spark plug. Check the spark, inspect the surface of the candle electrode, these actions will help establish the direction in which you should look for the problem.

Malfunctions in the ignition system

If, when examining a candle, it is found that it is wet and sparking on the contacts does not occur, this means that the problem should be sought in the ignition system, inspect the coil, check the gap between the flywheel and contacts of the coil. You can also check how tightly the cap of the high.voltage wire sits on the candle, and the candle itself. Try to replace it with a new.

Problems in the fuel system

If during the examination it was found that there is a spark, and the candle is dry, it means that the problems are in the fuel system. Its check should start with the fuel filter. Next, you need to inspect the fuel hose and its fastening to the carburetor, pay attention to, on the fuel leaks from the carburetor and the presence of gasoline in the air filter housing. It is advisable to start removing the carburetor only if the visual inspection did not allow determining the cause of the breakdown.

A characteristic feature of the problem in the fuel system is an excessive amount of fuel in the engine cylinder. As a rule, the signs of this are an overly wet spark plug and the presence of a spark on the contacts of the candle. In this situation, it is necessary to turn the chainsaw so that the candle hole is directed to the bottom. If gasoline will flow from the cylinder, then the reason that the chainsaw does not start, it is transferring fuel to the engine.

“Floods” with fuel, sometimes due to improper adjustment of the carburetor, or its malfunction.

The process of adjusting the carburetor can be found on the example of the Champion 254 saw, watching the video instructions.

The algorithm for finding a chainsaw

Experts recommend that you start to make a visual inspection of the nodes in order to find the reasons why the chainsaw is poorly started. The algorithm of this process consists in the consistent diagnosis of all key elements. To do this, check:

  • The presence of a spark between the electrodes of the candle;
  • The gap between the ignition module and the flywheel with the magnet;
  • The condition of the fuel and air filters;
  • Fuel mixture;
  • The correct setting of the carburetor;
  • Sapun (small hole) of the cover of the fuel tank;
  • The performance of the exhaust system.

Spark on the spark plug

It must be remembered that the optimal gap of the electrodes of the candle in different manufacturers may fluctuate. Basically, this distance varies from 0.2 to 0.5 mm.

In the absence of a discharge on a candle and, as a result, the problematic nature of the launch or unstable operation of the ICE can be determined by the following problems:

  • Excessive overflow of the fuel of the candle canal;
  • Ignitional failure;
  • Lack of contact of a high.voltage cable with a candle core.

If, with a difficult launch of a chainsaw, a cold candle floods with a fuel mixture, it is necessary to produce the following manipulations:

Let us evaporate the remnants of the fuel mixture for 15-30 minutes;

Clean the contacts from the soil with sandpaper;

This algorithm in most cases helps to launch the motor, but does not allow you to determine the reasons why the chainsaws are not started after the ignition is turned off. In the absence of contact of the ignition wire and candle, it is necessary to check the reliability of the connection. For these works, you can use the usual tester. However, if the diagnosis of the wire and the candle did not show deviations, then most likely the problem lies in the ignition module. The reel is not subject to repair and restoration, so it will require a complete replacement.

The fragment of the fuel of the chainsaw

The distance between the ignition coil and the magnet directly affects the quality of the spark of the Electrodes of the candle. When diagnosing malfunctions, it will not be superfluous to check this gap, the value of which depends on the manufacturer of the chainsaw and model. If it is deviated from the norm, it is necessary to loosen two screws of the yard, and by means of the probe to establish the correct distance.

Fuel system

If the diagnosis of the ignition system did not show deviations, and the chainsaws are started and immediately stalls, then it is necessary to pay attention to the fuel supply system. First of all, you need to check the presence of the mixture in the tank and the tightness of the joints. When disconnecting the hose from the carburetor, we produce several strokes of the primer. The norm will be considered intermittent supply of the mixture recommended by the manufacturer.

One of the reasons for the unstable operation of the engine can be the low quality of the fuel mixture. Experts recommend, with prolonged breaks in the work (more than 2 weeks), drain gasoline from the tank. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture can react with plastic, the result of which can be the formation of soot on the spark plug.

Checking fuel and air filters

Filter elements can have a direct effect on the quality of the air fuel mixture. When clogging one of two, the recommended process of mixing air or gasoline may be violated. To diagnose the fuel filter of the chainsaw, you need to disconnect the pipe from the carburetor and swap several times. Weak pressure may indicate clogging directly in the filter tank. It can be removed with a regular wire or screwdriver, and then replace it with a new.

Fuel tank cover valve

Sapuns located near the gas tank cover are used to level the pressure necessary for the optimal fuel flow, and prevents its flow from the tank. Over time, this small hole can be clogged due to high dustiness, small sawdust, and dirt. As a result of this, a vacuum (negative pressure) is formed inside the container, which does not allow the fuel mixture to flow.

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A regular sewing needle will be required to clean the soundtress, with which you can extract dirt from the hole. After you can remove the remaining particles with a strong stream of compressed air from the compressor.

Examination of the exhaust system of the chainsaw

Often, one of the reasons why the chainsaw is not launched is the formed blockage in the muffler or in the exhaust channel. In addition to difficult launch, this malfunction is accompanied by a significant drop in the power of the unit. The exhaust system is clogged most often due to poor-quality fuel or excess of a portion of oil in the fuel mixture. To restore the functioning of the release system, you will need to carry out the following work:

  • We dismantle the muffler with a sealing gasket;
  • Unscrew the sparking and disassemble the resonator body;
  • We place the parts in a washing solution for several hours;
  • We dry and collect the chainsaw release system.

In most cases, the initial inspection described above allows you to determine the malfunction that makes it difficult to launch the tool. If such a diagnosis did not give positive results, then it is necessary to check the compression in the cylinder, adjust the carburetor. The wear of the piston group negatively affects the launch of the chainsaws on the cold, and a poorly.minded fuel system can cause unstable operation of the chainsaw in all modes.

Mechanical sequeling of the piston or crooked mechanism

This malfunction occurs due to the piston grafting in the cylinder or the destruction of the crankshaft bearing. This happens when the engine is overheated or long.term operation on clean gasoline.

In the first case, it is recommended to cool the power unit, and then pour a few drops of motor oil into the candle hole. In most cases, the engine can be rewound, but the result of this incident may be the appearance of scuffs on the piston. On the chrome surface of the cylinder mirror, the tack is not reflected.

If the measures taken did not give the proper result, the saw is subject to repair in a specialized workshop.

The consequences of filling

The element responsible for ignition of the fuel mixture is the candle. It consists of a case and central electrode. A side electrode is welded to the “skirt” of the details, which has an electrical connection with the “mass” of the car. Due to the presence of a ceramic insulator, the electrodes do not have contact with each other. High voltage attached to the contact output of the candle leads to a break in the air gap. The spark slides between them.

The main condition for sparking is the lack of an electric bridge between the electrodes. If the candle is wet, then a chain that has low resistance is created. This leads to a sharp failure of the tension due to the leakage to the case.

If a chainsaw is not started after a long rotation of a manual starter, then there is a high probability of a candle bay. The wet candle is wiped with a clean rag and blown with air. It is not recommended to pump it on fire, t.to. This leads to the formation of microcracks on the insulator. After cleaning, the element performance is tested. If there is a spark, then it is installed in place and the engine is being started. In the event that there is no spark on the candle, then it is replaced with a working.

What to do

If the chainsaw engine does not start, and on the electrodes of the spark plugs there are traces of fuel and oil, it is necessary to establish the reason for their appearance. It will depend on this what needs to be done to eliminate it. If the fuel cast occur during the unit starts, then it is necessary to remove the fuel mixture accumulated in the engine crankcase. To do this, they turn the candle, the chainsaw is turned down with the cylinder down and the crankshaft is turned with a hand starter. Such manipulations need to be done at least 25-30 times.

After that, the removed part is installed in place and the engine is launched in accordance with the operating instructions. If interruptions occur during the operation of the unit, then this indicates a candle defect. Over time, the electrodes of the sparking device are burned, as a result of which the gap between them increases. This leads to the appearance of a weak spark that cannot ignite the fuel.

Uninterior fuel settles on the electrodes, and the sparking stops.

The gap adjustment is carried out using the probe. For two-stroke engines, the distance between the electrodes should be 0.7-0.9 mm. Splating contacts can occur due to an overly enriched mixture. This is disturbed by a violation of the carburetor adjustment or clogging of the air filter.

The setting of the device is carried out on a heated engine. Through rotation of the screws achieve the maximum possible resistant revolutions. If the owner of the carburetor is not carried out by the owner of the unit, then it is worth contacting a specialist.