Oil supply on the Carver chainsaw. The main adjusting screws

Carver Carver chainsaw carburetor adjustment

The use of a chainsaw greatly simplifies life even to amateurs, and in individual professions it is almost irreplaceable. But, like any relatively complex equipment, motorizedopia needs regular maintenance. If it is performed untimely or poorly, then this leads to various malfunctions. One of the most common causes of malfunctions is the incorrect tuning of the motor.pill carburetor, which is astraying due to the displacement of adjusting screws under the influence of vibrations or as a result of unsuccessful attempts to regulate it.

Adjustment of the chainsaw is in the following cases:

  • The factory settings of the carburetor of the motorcycle are knocked down;
  • The motor starts up with a strangle and stalls almost instantly;
  • getting particles of garbage into a mechanism that distributes fuel, due to a malfunction of the air purification system;
  • The exhaust is too thick, the fuel consumption is too large, the fuel is not completely burned in the cylinder;
  • Significant wear of the piston group (in such a cerebral carburetor is a temporary measure of the chain).

The carburetor is designed to prepare the fuel mixture for supply to the motor. Violations of the proportions in the fuel mixture lead to malfunctions in the functioning of the engine.

Adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw of Chinese

The design of carburetors in different models of motorcycles varies, but all of them act according to the same principle. The air flow moves quickly along the channel. The speed of its movement is adjustable using a damper overlapping the channel. The fuel supplied to the channel through the spray is mixed with air, after which the resulting fuel.heating mixture enters the motor.

The carburetor always consists of the same set of parts, although it can slightly modify depending on the manufacturer. It includes the following parts:

  • The foundation. It is a special tube with an external resemblance to the aerodynamic structure. An air flow passes through it. In the middle of the tube in the transverse direction is a damper, the position of which can be changed. The stronger it is pushed into the passage, the less air enters the motor.
  • Diffuser. This is a narrowed part of the pipe. With its help, an increase in the speed of the air flow is ensured in the part where the fuel is supplied.
  • Float chamber. This element is similar in shape to the tank. It is used to continuously preserve the optimal fuel level before entering the channel from which air is supplied.
  • Fuel flow channels. The fuel mixture is in the float chamber, from where it enters the jick, and then filed in the sprayer.

In order for the functioning of the tool to be effective and even, the return of the maximum, and the fuel consumption is economical, the timely regulation of the carburetor of the chainsaw is required. Before its execution, check the cleanliness of the air and fuel filters. For most of the motopiles, adjustment is performed using three screws: high revolutions, low revolutions, idle.

The carburetor adjustment should be carried out with maximum accuracy, since errors are fraught with very significant consequences, up to the failure of the motor.

Signs of the right setting are the following:

  • Acceleration of the motor is carried out quickly and smoothly;
  • The chain remains motionless at idle;
  • The engine makes an even sound when working, resembling the sound of a four.stroke unit.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw is the same as in models released by European manufacturers, in fact, Chinese analogues are copies of eminent branded instruments, but with some changes.

For this, the same screws h, l and t are used. The standard for carburetors of Chinese motorcycles is the position of the screw L, in which it is weakened compared to a fully clamped state for one and a half turnover. For a screw h, the standard is one revolution from the same position. The idle adjustment is performed on a heated motor.

Some models are regulated only by idle. Nevertheless, owners of Chinese motorcycles and service employees talk about increased complexity of adjusting the carburetor in tools issued by Chinese manufacturers. Even experienced crafts the Chinese chainsaw is slightly more time, unlike original tools.

Structural features

The comfort of the work has been increased due to a good balance, an improved design of the vibro.gap, a significant decrease in the noise level.

Despite a significant improvement in the working characteristics, the price of the Carver 45-15 saw compared with previous branded developments increased slightly.

The construction of the chainsaws involves the advantages of light starting systems and automatic lubrication of the chain with adjustable performance of the pump. Compact placement of internal equipment is combined with convenient access to the air intake filter, adjusting units of the fuel system and the chain tension mechanism.

  • a combination of a classic tool layout with modern areas of industrial design;
  • weights with powerful characteristics;
  • simple service with an increased duration of the overhaul service life.

Carver Carver chainsaw carburetor adjustment

The best info about the adjustment of carburetors on a chainsaw

I welcome you dear and most faithful readers of my blog. In the current article, I decided to see how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw. After all, it seems to me that you have repeatedly faced a problem that your “road” failed you when I needed it. And because we are economical and do not want to waste funds to what we can do ourselves, then let’s learn to regulate the carburetor on our chainsaws with our own hands, without recruitment of profiles of the repairmen. And how soon you will see, it is quite simple to do it. For you, even nothing special is useful to you, do it. I specifically saw the adjustment of the carburetors of all recognizable brands of saws, any of which has its tricks and aspects and for my gaze is the best information on the network!

Details of the carburetor, preparation for setting and security measures

Before adjusting the carburetor, you definitely need to make sure that the air and fuel filter is clean. Also, make sure that there is no air leak into the motor from the side, otherwise it will not work to adjust the carburetor correctly.

The almost any carburetor in the chainsaw is adjustable using three screws:

  • The bolt of the chief nozzle, which is usually displayed using the letter “h”, is used to set maximum engine speeds;
  • A bolt of the idle nozzle, which has the designation “L”, and used to set low revolutions or idle revolutions;
  • Bolt of the idle stroke, which is indicated in different ways: “s”, “la”, “t”

Of course, you can find carburetors with fewer screws. Such carburetors, as a rule, are developed specifically to protect their products from incorrect tuning.

Pros and cons

The main drawback of Carver chainsaws is the quality of components. Although it is considered acceptable, the company is still trying to save and make a chainsaw as accessible as possible. As a result, engineers have to balance on the verge, t.to. Better parts are more expensive. Thus, they get a more or less high.quality chainsaw for an acceptable amount, but how long it can maintain performance, this is already a lottery. Sometimes Carver saws have been working for years without proper service and repair, and sometimes they begin to “pour” immediately after the purchase.

Now consider the positive aspects of Carver.

  • The low cost of both the chainsaws themselves and the branded spare parts, consumables.
  • High.quality service throughout the territory
  • The chainsaws are necessary to equip, facilitating the work of the tool with a little experienced users.
  • A wide range of line from which you can choose a chainsaw suitable by weight, power and other characteristics.
  • The chainsaw houses are made of high.quality and practical plastic.

Basically, we examined all the positive points, but I want to add that Carver saws can be used not only for its intended purpose. VIC company supplies a large amount of additional equipment to the market, which significantly expands the functionality of the chainsaw. For example, with the help of special nozzles from the saw, a shoe, boat motor or pump for pumping liquids is made from the saw.

Carver Carver chainsaw carburetor adjustment

Carburetor Carver Carburetor settings is required if the tool is inability to start, or with a sharp increase in the number of fuel consumed by it. The algorithm for adjustment is as follows:

  • First, the bolts with labeling l and h need to be transferred to the base position. It is indicated in the instructions for the tool;
  • Then you need to start a saw motor and give it time to warm up;
  • As soon as the motor cylinder becomes warm, you need to start turning the standard bolt of L during the watch of the watch. This must be done until the internal combustion engine is to unwind to maximum speed. Immediately after this, the bolt will need to turn back a quarter of turn. Then the bolt of T needs to configure the operation of the motor at idle, turning it in different directions;
  • Further to the Carver saw, you will need to connect a tachometer and find the maximum engine speed. To do this, the basic bolt h needs to be rotated until the speed on the tachometer coincides with the instructions in the instrument operation instructions.

DIY Carver chainsaw

Details: Carver chainsaw repair from a real master for Olenord.com.

Chainsaw. a worthy replacement of manual saws and axes. Today this tool is available in almost every household. it is indispensable when arranging a personal plot, construction and repair work. Intensive operation and improper care of the tool can lead to premature failure of it. However, the owner of the chainsaw is not at all to immediately contact the workshop. many of the malfunctions that can happen to it during operation, it is quite possible to eliminate it independently.

The main condition for successful repair is the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in order to determine why the chainsaws were out of order and, most importantly, how to force it to work again, first of all you need to know the features of its design.

It should be noted that it does not differ in particular difficulty, as it includes:

In order to simplify the diagnosis of malfunctions, it is customary to distinguish them into two main categories:

Most often, malfunctions occur in engine systems, however, the rest of the tool due to intensive operation or improper care can fail at any time. How to determine exactly where the breakdown happened? Simple logic will help us with this.

If the problem is in the engine, it will be:

As for all other malfunctions, as a rule, they manifest themselves with a normally working motor.

If the chainsaw is not started, the first thing to do is check the presence of a fuel mixture in the tank. By the way, it must be prepared in the proportions specified by the engine manufacturer, otherwise the tool simply will not start.

After making sure that the fuel mixture is correct and is available, you should check the ignition system check. To do this, inspect the spark plug.

Her condition can say a lot:

It indicates that the fuel mixture does not fall into the carburetor, which means the problem is not in ignition;

It is the result of an excess of the fuel mixture, which lies either in violation of the engine start algorithm, or in the irregular adjustment of the carburetor;

This is a signal about the presence of low.quality oil in the engine lubrication system, incorrect carburetor settings or about incorrectly prepared fuel mixture.

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If the candle is sprayed with fuel, after removing it must be thoroughly wiped. You should also clean the fuel supply system. To do this, it overlaps, after which the starter turns on. The candle covered with soot must be carefully cleaned with the help of an awl and emery.

When checking candles, attention should be paid to the distance between the electrodes (the normal gap is 0.5-0.65 mm), as well as the state of the gasket and the presence of a spark. The damaged or worn gasket will have to be replaced, and the spark can be checked by putting on the ignition cable by connecting the cylinder and a candle nut and starting the starter.

If the discharge does not occur, the candle needs to be replaced. In that case, if the spark does not appear with a new candle, then the problem is connected with the high.voltage wire or in it.

If the fuel mixture does not enter the cylinder, but the candle works normally, this may mean that:

To clean this node, remove the fuel hose and check the stream. If it is weak, the filter needs to be removed through the pouring hole of the fuel tank and cleaned or replaced in case of complete wear.

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As a prevention, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter at least 1 time every 3 months.

This is nothing more than a hole in the lid of the fuel tank, which is cleared with the help of an awl.

There may be several reasons for this:

If at low speeds the chainsaw motor works normally, but on the high ones it begins to stall and smoke, the problem can be hidden in the muffler.

To check the quality of its work, you should perform:

Dry cleaning without means of respiratory protection is not recommended. Chanc seeders present in the Nagar will be released into the surrounding atmosphere in the form of dust, inhalation of which is extremely dangerous for health.

To prevent the muffler blockage during operation of the chainsaw, you should carefully monitor the composition of the fuel mixture and the quality of its components.

If the chainsaw engine does not start or cannot develop normal power, it is likely that in the engine cylinder there is no sufficient pressure for combustion of the fuel mixture. The reason for this can be the wear of the elements of the cylinder-piston group-piston, rings, bearings, etc. In order to evaluate the state of this node, it should be carried out by a visual inspection, having previously removed the muffler.

Pros and cons of Chinese carburetors

Chinese carburetors can be of low, medium and high quality. Low.quality products have an advantage in the extremely low price. The most optimal option in the price-quality ratio is, as a rule, in the average price segment.

Original STIHL carburetor European assembly or pure Japanese Walbro are excellent in quality. But their cost is sometimes equal to the price of the entire Chinese chainsaw. Therefore, it is better to confidently navigate in the most diverse Chinese carburetors that are littered with our market, and make an appropriate choice.

Carver Carver Carbier carburetor is responsible for the supply of a correctly dosed fuel-air mixture. By increasing the supply of the mixture when pressing the gas handle, engine speeds increase. Sustainable work at idle also depends on the proper operation of the carburetor. This is an important chainsaw system and you need to have an idea of ​​how it works, know the basics of diagnosis, and also be able to regulate and repair.

Carburetor’s carburetor device

Most modern chainsaws (Carver are not an exception) are either completely single.type carburetors from one manufacturer (for example, WALBRO), or very similar in design. But even with distinguishes in the appearance of the case, the principle of operation of all carburetors is exactly the same.

But carburetors on Carver saws differ from other chainsaws with the availability of adjustment. Adjusting screws on most other models of saws are hidden under the housing and often have unique curly surges. Therefore, they can only be adjusted with special “branded” screwdrivers that are sold in service centers. Carver carburetor is regulated by a regular flat screwdriver. There are three holes under the adjusting screws in the housing. Therefore, the carburetor on the Carver chainsaw can be adjusted without even removing the casing.

The main nodes of the Carver carburetor

The carburetor of the chainsaw consists of the following main nodes:

  • cast housing made of light alloy;
  • a membrane pump for manual pumping of fuel before launch (ledge);
  • diffuser;
  • nozzles (strictly calibrated holes in bronze bushings for dosed fuel supply);
  • float chamber;
  • spray.

Also in the carburetors of the chainsaws there are fuel channels, throttle (gas) adjustable damper, air damper, filters and adjusting screws.

Carver carburetor principle

After starting the power supply of the chainsaw, the air damper opens, the cleaned air with a thin cleaning filter enters the diffuser through it. There, through calibrated holes in the nozzles, gasoline gets. The amount of the air-fuel mixture that enters the carburetor into the combustion chamber is regulated by the position of a throttle tied with a thrust with a gas handle.

The needle valve covers the flow of gasoline into the carburetor when filling it. Gasoline before getting into nozzles passes through the filter, which reduces the risk of clogging calibrated holes in them.

That the three screws of the carburetor l, h, and t regulate three screws.

On old models of chainsaws only two adjusting screws. One of them regulates idle speed, just raising the throttle. When it is twisted, the passage under the damper increases, the supply of fuel into the combustion chamber increases, the engine increases speed. In fact, twisting “adds gas” without pressing the gas handle.

In modern carburetors of the Carver chainsaws, the idle adjustment screw does not regulate the throttle, but the amount of fuel flowing through the idle nozzle.

The screw l inside has a sharp needle.shaped tip and regulates the main fuel duct through the calibrated hole of the nozzle.

In modern models of such screws there are two. One. L, regulates the main stream of fuel at low and medium speeds (not to be confused with idle). Second. n, determines the supply of fuel at maximum speed.

Illumored screw adjustment N can lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, CARVER CARVER ICE, designed for maximum revolutions of 12 thousand. about/min, with full gas, will develop a moment of momentum to 15 thousand. about/min and will fail. over, any adjustment only N leads to the effort of fuel supply, and the engine can “sag” at certain speeds.

Whether it is necessary to run into a chainsaw?

The gasoline chain saw consists of a number of nodes, which, during intensive work, are heated and increased friction. As a result of operation under increased loads, most parts of the garden tool are severely wear. Most often, this leads to small breakdowns, but there are frequent cases in which the leading star is deformed, the formation of burrs on the surface of the cylinder-piston group and other serious breakdowns.

To avoid these malfunctions and establish the working work of all elements of the chainsaw, after its purchase it will be necessary to run the economic tool. In the process of its implementation, the moving details are displaced in the direction that the installation of the unit requires. In addition, the running.in the new chainsaw allows the used lubricants to evenly be distributed along the entire tool design and cover the saw details with a thin oil film. In the future, it will protect the mechanisms of chainsaws from high temperatures, high friction, corrosion and the formation of soot.

How to run a new chainsaw correctly?

Before proceeding with the run.in a garden tool, you need to make sure that the carburetor settings are set for it to work on it. To do this, you need to study the operating instructions that indicate the correct position of the screws. If it does not correspond to the position of the screws on the chainsaw, then they will need to be unscrewed on their own.

After that, you will need to carefully inspect the device of the chainsaw and make sure that the air filter is available. some models go on sale without it. Then you need to prepare a fresh fuel mixture and pour oil for lubrication of the chain.

Next, you need to perform the following actions:

  • First, the tool should be equipped with a standard saw tire on which a riveting circuit for a chainsaw should be installed. The use of this part, instead of a standard headset, will help use all moving elements of the saw, avoiding increased load on them;
  • Next, you need to start the engine engine and let it work at idle. The duration of the engine in this mode should be at least 20 minutes. In this case, every 45 seconds the operator must produce the engine of the engine;
  • After 20 minutes, the engine will need to be drowned out. After that, you need to wait for the cooling of the motor and start it again;
  • Then the operator should begin sawing small branches. It is necessary to continue the cut until the moment the fuel used is spent;
  • After that, you need to season the saw with fresh fuel and proceed with the sawing of medium.sized branches. As soon as the second tank with fuel is spent, you need to drown out the saw and let it cool with the engine;
  • When the saw is cooling, you need to pour a new fuel mixture and start sawing large wood.

Ryan Cook. Carver King Feature

On average, at least 2-3 hours go to run into the new chainsaw. During this time, the details will have time to finally get to each other and establish stable work for further intensive operation.

Carburetor device of the chainsaw

Most modern chainsaws are equipped with almost the same carburetors. They are practically no different from each other, and work according to a similar principle. The only difference between cameras of different manufacturers is the material from which they are made. In expensive chainsaws of American, Swedish and German production, the cameras are made of reliable alloys on which protective coatings are applied. Cheap Chinese and Korean chainsaws are equipped with knots made of cheap materials.

Each carburetor consists of the following elements:

  • aluminum body with a whole structure. Inside the housing is the input fitting, the main screw, the pulse canal, the engine for adjusting the engine when working at idle;
  • throttle. it is responsible for adjusting the amount of air required to enrich the fuel mixture;
  • diffuser. located next to the input hole of the camera;
  • Sprayer. designed to feed the fuel mixture directly into the carburetor chamber;
  • float chamber. there is a float in it, which works in the case of an insufficient amount of fuel;
  • jetlars. are valves that are responsible for adjusting the amount of fuel.

This diagram of the chainsaw carburetor is as simple and effective as possible. In some models of garden tools, it can be supplemented with additional pipes, oil seals or filters.

The principle of operation is a chainsaw carburetor is quite simple. At the time of starting the engine, the air damper opens, located at the bottom of the case. In this case, a vacuum caused by the piston movement is formed in the float and air chambers. As a result, a regular diffuser is triggered, which begins to absorb air. The amount of air taken depends on the degree of opening of the damper. When the piston is triggered, the fuel begins to enter the chamber through the input fitting. Its number and rate of flow depend on the position of the jetgles.

Subsequently, fuel in the air chamber begins to mix with air. After that, the finished air-fuel mixture passes through the inlet valves, from where it is directed into the combustion chamber of the engine engine.

Carburetor’s carburetor device

Most modern chainsaws (Carver are not an exception) are either completely single.type carburetors from one manufacturer (for example, WALBRO), or very similar in design. But even with distinguishes in the appearance of the case, the principle of operation of all carburetors is exactly the same.

But carburetors on Carver saws differ from other chainsaws with the availability of adjustment. Adjusting screws on most other models of saws are hidden under the housing and often have unique curly surges. Therefore, they can only be adjusted with special “branded” screwdrivers that are sold in service centers. Carver carburetor is regulated by a regular flat screwdriver. There are three holes under the adjusting screws in the housing. Therefore, the carburetor on the Carver chainsaw can be adjusted without even removing the casing.

Features of the lubricant system and the choice of oil

Fuel tanks are selected in strict accordance with the volume. With maximum production, it is allowed to choose components with a small amount of oil.

The fuel system of the chainsaw: 1. fuel filter, 2. carburetor, 3. manual pump pump pump.

If you correctly adjust the carburetor, fuel will be spent in the permissible volume. Otherwise, it will end too fast.

Slow reduction of fuel during the operation of the saw is a normal process. If it is absent, the chain is lubricated incorrectly, so working with a chainsaw should be coordinated. It is necessary not only to be able to eliminate breakdowns, but also to identify them on their own.

You can change the intake of fuel manually. The correct operation of the lubricant is determined by bringing the tire. If oil spray appears, then everything is established correctly.

It is desirable to cut with a significant amount of lubricant. If there is work with soft wood, a small amount of fuel is served.

The chain should always be well lubricated. This will avoid smoke and further failure of the entire chainsaw. If the oil leaks or does not arrive at all, it is necessary to identify the cause of the breakdown. It is not recommended to operate the tool before repair.

When choosing fuel, you need to do it right. The desire to save money leads to the fact that the chain quickly fails. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is undesirable to choose oil, the manufacturer of which is China. Preference should be given to original firms. In their price category, they are much higher, but their quality is better.

Elimination of problems associated with the work of the chain

In the operation of the chainsaws, it is necessary to constantly monitor the lubricant of the chain. After all, it is this part that works in the most difficult conditions. The chain is subjected to constant overheating, dust and abrasive particles are clogged into it. All this negatively affects its life. Correct the situation will allow a special lubricant. It is submitted to the chain from the tank, thereby ensuring unhindered work.

If there is no lubrication during operation, a high probability of overheating remains. When the oil does not come, the chain begins to stretch. In this case, the probability of its jamming or spontaneous jumping is maintained, as a result of which a person can get a serious injury.

The channels through which the fuel supply is carried out can be clogged with small particles, so it is advisable to periodically clean them. It is important to monitor the level of oil in the tank. Garbage in the channel becomes a common cause of non.earnings of the brake of the quapi. This can negatively affect work.

Constant channel cleaning and general care for the chainsaw will allow the tool to function for a long time.

But what to do if all the recommendations are respected, and the oil still flows. You need to verify the proper operation of the chainsaw. It is likely that she was incorrectly collected. If the breakdown was not detected, it is recommended to take it to the workshop. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the pump, but this must be done if the new drank. Old tools leak due to wear of the tank.

The current state of the chainsaw can only be evaluated by a specialist. In the absence of knowledge or uncertainty in one’s own strength, it is advisable to entrust the instrument repair to a professional.

Each chainsaw, regardless of its model, brand, and class has approximately the same structure. It consists of several important nodes, among which the lubricant system. Without the latter, the work of a power unit is impossible. Due to the functioning of the compulsory lubrication system, the tool chain reduces the risk of strong wear, which is guaranteed under the conditions of constant friction of the carved element on the guide tire, inevitable heating. When lubricating the chain mechanism, friction softens, at the chainsaw operator the need to repair this element or its complete replacement occurs much less often.

Lubricant malfunctions and how they are eliminated

The main malfunctions of the oil supply system on the chainsaw can be divided into two main types, these are general malfunctions inherent in all chainsaws and individual, which may vary depending on the type of pump and worm transmission installed on a specific model. Let’s start understanding the faults in order.

The work of the chainsaw, if the lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw is not carried out, is prohibited. This adversely affects the tire, the leading star and the chain, and can also result in serious repair costs.

Signs of malfunction of the lubricant system, checking its performance

  • The chain of the chainsaws is dry and has a pale tint without shine.
  • The circuit is relatively quickly stretched.
  • The tire is very hot and can even partially melt paint.
  • The tank oil is practically not reduced.
  • The effectiveness of the cut on a sharp chain has decreased

All these signs indicate that the lubricant proceeds with violations. In order to check the supply of oil with a lubricant system, it is necessary to remove the side tire of the chainsaw and start it. Next, you need to slightly increase the speed observing the end of the oil line. If the oil comes, most likely its amount is not enough for normal lubrication and you need to clean or replace the filter and, if possible, adjust the feed. In the case when it does not act, the problem is more serious and requires further diagnosis.

There is a method of checking the oil supply without removing the tire. To do this, it is necessary to direct the end of the tire to the side, for example, a freshly sawn chock from the cut side and maximize the speed, while you need to try to keep the end of the tire at a distance of not more than 10 cm from the chock. If oil spots begin to appear on its surface, then the oil is supplied.

Search for a malfunction

After it was determined that the oil is not supplied, further diagnosis is possible only if you completely remove the oil system. Of course, in some situations the filter replacement helps, but it is very rare.

Access to the oil pump of some models drank, it is possible only after complete disassembly, respectively, having no skills in repairing a benzo tool, it is better to entrust the repair to professionals.

The most common malfunctions

  • Oil hose cliff. It can sometimes be found during visual inspection. The problem is solved by the replacement of a faulty part.
  • Lack of thread on the shaft of an oil pump, its replacement will help.

Individual malfunction of the STIHL MS 180 lubricant system

Due to the fact that the Stihl MS 180 is one of the most common models of chainsaws, I would like to dwell on one malfunction inherent only to it and describe the method of elimination without replacing details.

Quite often on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, depressurization of the oil line is observed in the place where the oil pipeline coming from the tank is installed in the saw case. You can determine the malfunction by characteristic lubricant leaks on the bottom of the tool.

To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to remove the chainsaw handle, remove the hose from the landing hole, clean and degrease. After all these manipulations, apply a sealant to the hose and install a chainsaw in the housing.

You can find out more about eliminating the malfunction and complete diagnosis of the STIHL chainsaw system by watching a video in which the process of disassembling and repair of the lubrication system is stepped step by step.

Why is the chain flush and tear

If a chain flies from a chainsaw or it breaks, this means that there are some kind of problems in the device, under normal conditions it should not do this. There are three reasons why the chain flies:

  • Problems with the bus. They lead to weakening the stretch, which can lead to the fact that the chain has torn. Most often, this problem occurs in the groove between the external plate on the casing of the chain headset and the internal plate on the engine housing. The casing with the tire is recorded by a bolt, which during operation of the chainsaw can weaken, as a result of which the tire begins to move or vibrate. To solve this problem, it is necessary to find and lower the chain brake, for which the tension screw, which is located next to the tire, needs to be twisted until completely tension.
  • The chain stretched. Sliding may indicate a malfunction of the chainsaw mechanism. During operation, the metal is deformed, which means that it can become 0.5-1 cm longer. In this case, it is recommended to replace or shorten the chain.
  • The leading star is poorly fixed. To fix it, you need to remove the protective cover of the engine and candles, and then pull out the air filter. The candle itself also needs to be unscrewed, after which to install a special stopper in its place, fixing the piston. Twist the fastening disk clockwise until the piston stops in the extreme upper position. The role of a stopper can be a thick rope folded several times. After fixing the piston, hold the leading star. Collect a chainsaw, installing all the details in the reverse order.

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Most problems can be solved by repair. Only in exceptional cases will have to change it.