Overview Of Semi-Professional Chainsaw “Stihl 230”

230 Stihl in its characteristics belongs to the class of semi-professional chainsaws intended for harvesting firewood on a professional level (i.e., it’s not easy to cut firewood into a bathhouse, for example, for sale). Due to the size-to-power ratio, the chainsaw is great for building from wood and felling. Due to the limited size of the tire, which is only 35-40 cm, the manufacturer recommends cutting trees with a diameter of no more than 30 cm. But, as practice shows, the Stihl 230 does an excellent job with larger trunks.


Let’s look at the characteristics of the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw, declared by the manufacturer:

  • engine capacity: 40.2 cu. cm;
  • engine power: 2.7 hp / 2.0 kW;
  • idling speed: 2800 rpm;
  • chainsaw weight: 4.6 kg;
  • tire length: 35-40 cm. / 16 inches;
  • chain pitch: 3/8 “;
  • oil tank capacity: 200 cu. cm;
  • fuel tank capacity: 470 cu. cm;
  • sound power level: 113 dB;

According to some reports, the engine displacement is 45.4 cubic centimeters. According to data from the official website of Stihl, the value of this technical specification is indicated by the range from 40.2 to 45.4. Therefore, to find out the real parameters of the engine 230 Calm I recommend to look at the passport on the chainsaw, which comes in the configuration.

Standard grade. The price of 230 Calm includes the following items:

  • chainsaw;
  • tire and chain;
  • wrench screwdriver for chain tensioning and refilling oil and gasoline;
  • screwdriver;
  • case to protect the chain;
  • manual.

Features chainsaws Stihl MS 230.

Stihl 230, like many other saws of the company, are made with the latest technology. Let’s look at the main technologies used in the production of this chainsaw:

  1. Carburetor preheating. when working in the winter season, the chainsaw is transferred to the summer mode, the heated intake air blows the carburetor, thus preventing its icing.
  2. Innovative gas cap does not require a special key to open. The technology is developed and patented by Stihl. The process of opening, closing takes place without difficulty, and the tightness, in turn, remains at a height.
  3. Anti-vibration system. the company Stihl, as well as Husqvarna, use a special system to reduce vibrations transmitted from the tool to the person during work. Without such a system, with prolonged work, the human body is under heavy loads, which over time can lead to poor circulation in the hands.
  4. Instant stop of the chain brake QuickStop. The well-known handbrake handle activates the QuickStop mechanism, which allows you to stop the operation of the Stihl MC 230 chainsaw at lightning speed.
  5. Ematic chain lubrication system. The system includes an oil pump with adjustable oil supply, an Oilmatic chain, and an Ematic guide rail. The peculiarity of the system is that the supplied oil gets only to the places where it is required, which has reduced the oil consumption in half.

What is better Stihl 180 or Stihl 230?

  1. The most important difference. Stihl MS 230 has a larger engine size, which in turn greatly increases the resource and, consequently, the service life.
  2. Chainsaw Stihl 230 is equipped with a heating system that prevents carburetor icing when working in the winter season.
  3. 230th heavier than his younger brother by as much as 700 grams. Believe me, when doing light work (pruning branches), this difference is significant.
  4. Therefore, the higher the price of Stihl MS 230.

These are the main differences, and they are important. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before choosing.

Carburetor adjustment.

If the Stihl 230 chainsaw starts and stalls or works unstable, then it’s time to see how things are going with the fuel supply system, namely the carburetor. Most likely, the reason lies in it, and it requires maintenance. We will not dwell on this process in detail in the framework of this article since previously told about the repair of the carburetor on chainsaws in general and Stihl in particular. We recommend reading the articles: the device and adjustment of the carburetor on a chainsaw Stihl 180 and the second interesting article about the adjustment of the carburetor on chainsaws in general.
The articles raise the issues of the main reasons why the saw begins to “nonsense.” Provides detailed and detailed answers that will help to repair the problems with their own hands.
It is worth remembering that the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw is a semi-professional saw, not a household saw! For this reason, it is worth carrying out periodic maintenance, it is better to contact specialized service!
If for some reason you cannot contact the specialized service of the Stihl company, and you want to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw with your own hands, then you need to watch educational videos related to this issue. We present to your attention, our selection.
Adjusting the carburetor on the saws Stihl 230 and 250 is no different, so watch the video will be useful to owners of those and other chainsaws.

Repair Stihl MS 230.

The tool is quite reliable, and it breaks only because of improper operation or a large amount of work, because of which the resource of chainsaws has long been developed. One of the serious damage is a problem with the engine, in particular, the cylinder-piston group.
Symptoms of the problem are full or partial jamming of the chain. Chainsaw chain does not rotate; the starter does not scroll.
Attention, do not try to start a chainsaw with similar symptoms. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse, and further repairs will require even more funds!
If your 230 Stihl has similar symptoms and problems, we recommend watching an interesting video on this topic. The author tells in detail what to do and in what sequence in this situation.


Summing up, it is worth noting that the semi-professional chainsaw. Stihl MS 230 is in great demand, thanks to good performance characteristics. The truth will have to pay for them because the cost of the saw is not in the budget segment. The main malfunctions that need to be resolved are related to the carburetor; videos from masters (published in the article) or services of specialized centers will help you in solving these problems. Serious malfunctions occur very rarely, but everything is solved here. All this speaks of the reliability of the German saws Stihl. We recommend this chainsaw to the choice of those who need a reliable tool for more powerful for every day, to solve problems of average complexity.