Circular Saw Blades For Wood And Metal.

The disk for the circular saw is the main working element of such machines as Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, Rotorayzer and their analogs. It is saw blades that allow the device to cut wood, aluminum, metal, and other materials. Therefore, their choice should be approached, especially carefully.


When purchasing a mini knife for your Rotorayzer, or buying circular saws for circular machines, you should know what functionality these or other saw blades have for cutting materials. It is on the types of functions that one should rely on while making a choice. It will determine which knife will be able to work with which material.
You can find a more or less versatile saw for wood and metal, but its saw functions will not be as effective as a specialized knife.

Depending on the functional purposes, tools for cutting metal, chipboard, laminate, wood, aluminum are divided into the following types:

  • Knife for wood. These are saw disks which cope with the wood of various breeds;
  • Saw blades for wood-based products. These include processing on laminate, chipboard, chipboard, OPS, etc.;
  • Polymers. If you have to work with plastic, circular saw or circular should be equipped with appropriate saws for polymeric materials;
  • Natural stone;
  • Soft metal. For work on soft metal, aluminum, copper, there is a separate category of tools;
  • For alloys. These specialized tools cut professional flooring, metal pipes, etc.

The circular saw blade is the basis of the tool, without which sawing capabilities are reduced to zero. Therefore, buying, Rotorayzer, circular Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, circular saws, be sure to opt for a disk that can handle a specific type of material.
The choice depends on a number of parameters, such as thickness, type of material, longitudinal section, etc.

Technical specifications.

Description of disk symbols for circular saws:

  1. Outer diameters. The saw blade has a certain standardized outer diameter. Based on the dimensions of the protective cover of the machines Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, Rotorayzer, you determine the maximum diameter of the saw blade. Disk tools mainly produce in the range of 13-25 cm. External diameter affects the depth of penetration of the disk, but not the speed. The larger the disc, the more heavily loaded the engine is.
  2. Internal diameters. For mini-saws, Bosch GKS 190 Professional machines, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, the universal cutter, has its characteristics of internal diameter. It is the landing hole. Therefore, when choosing discs, make sure that they match the design of your Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, or equivalent machine. According to the standards, disc tools are produced with bore diameters from 16 to 32 mm.
  3. Teeth on the disk. All circular cutting tools have a certain number of teeth. Each of them is a mini knife that performs its functions. The number of mini knives affects the speed and cleanliness of cutting wood, aluminum, metal, laminate, chipboard, etc. The smaller the teeth, the higher the processing speed. At the same time, the purity of the cut will fall. If the mini knives will be many, the cut is cleaner, but the engine is more heavily loaded. There are three categories of disks according to the number of mini teeth. from 10 to 40, from 40 to 80 and from 80 to 90 pieces. The most popular ones are 40-80 mini prongs. Such disk tools are considered universal.
  4. The slope of the teeth. The slope is determined by the level of deviation from the radius of the disk. If the slope goes to the back side, it is negative; if the other side is positive. Longitudinal type of cut requires the use of a positive tilt.
  5. Tool thickness The actual cutting width for wood, aluminum, laminated chipboard, metal, laminate, which is performed on circulars such as Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, Rotorayzer, directly depends on the thickness of the disk. Standardly it is 3.2 millimeters. Thickness directly affects the strength of the disc. The smaller the disk thickness, the greater the risk of wear, breakage, overheating. But too large discs on metal, wood, aluminum, laminate, laminated chipboard should not be taken, since they capture more material, turning it into chips.

Tips for choosing.

Nobody argues that Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt machines are excellent tools. But if they do not pick up the appropriate knife for wood, aluminum, metal, chipboard, they can not fully function.
Pay attention to a few highlights of how best to choose mini disc and which option suits you best.

There are not a few points to draw here:

  • Motor power. Depending on which engine is installed on Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, or analogs, the type of disc selected is dependent. The more teeth and a negative inclination, the more the knife will load the motor;
  • The number of revolutions. The manufacturer determines the rotational speed for machines Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt. He also advises on the selection of cutting tools for the parameters of rotational speed. Here it is better to look into the passport to the instrument;
  • Inner diameter. If it does not coincide with the size of the seat on the shaft, you cannot use the knife. It is better to look again at the passport to Bosch GKS 190 Professional, Hitachi c7ss, Bort BHK 160u, Dewalt, and check which parameters are specific to this tool;
  • External diameter. The protection cover will not allow you to exceed possible values. But it is not always necessary to select a disk that will sit close to the casing;
  • Sharpening Regular work on wood, laminated chipboard, metal leads to saw blades become dull. Sharpening allows you to restore the cutting edges, to ensure the tools work effectively. However, sharpening is not possible on all tools. Therefore, it is worth wondering whether it is possible to sharpen this disk, how difficult it is, and where the grinding is performed. Some craftsmen can sharpen a tool with their own hands, making a machine and sharpening a knife for chipboard, relying on video instructions. But if necessary, there are workshops where professional sharpening is performed for little money. The main thing is that the sharpening was provided by the disc manufacturer.

Saw disks on chipboard, a laminate, metal is an important element of the machine. Disk devices on wood, chipboard, aluminum can not function without them. To effectively cut the same sheet of chipboard, purchase only high-quality tools. If the price of the machine itself is from 6.5 thousand rubles, then a set of disks will cost several times cheaper.