Partner Trimmers

Partner is a renowned Swedish manufacturer with a long history. He puts on the market a huge assortment of garden products, equipment and heavy machinery. It was this company that introduced several innovations, including heated handles and a chain brake.

Partner Trimmers

In 1990, the manufacturer began to produce garden equipment, among which electric trimmers, lawn mowers, garden tractors, saws, motor cultivators and other equipment were especially popular. A diverse range of equipment can satisfy the interests of absolutely all consumers.

Features of Partner Lawnmowers:

  • high quality European assembly;
  • use of reliable engines;
  • application of technical innovative solutions;
  • wear resistance and productivity;
  • affordable cost.

A feature of Partner’s equipment is that spare parts for it can be purchased independently. So, absolutely the entire piston group of trimmers is available for sale, and each model can be repaired without the help of specialists.

Partner XS trimmer

This very convenient and lightweight trimmer is designed for comfortable work in areas of various purposes. Partner XS is equipped with a gasoline engine, has an efficient cutting unit and ergonomic design.

  • Engine. gasoline, two stroke.
  • Power. 700 watts.
  • A manual starter is used to start.
  • Air cooling system.
  • Fuel tank. 0.34 l.
  • Mowing with a fishing line. 41 cm.

This equipment can be used even in hard-to-reach places. over, if you are interested in the question of how to disassemble the trimmer, there is nothing complicated. The model is very simple, and it can be repaired at home.

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Lawn mowing Partner DX 42

The Partner DX 42 is a semi-professional product that combines high performance and ergonomics. Used for mowing grass, shrubs and overgrown trees.

Main characteristics:

  • Motor. gasoline, single cylinder.
  • Turnovers. 10,000 rpm.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters.
  • Engine power. 4200 watts.
  • Use of cutting elements. disc and fishing line.
  • The knife mowing width is 25.4 cm.
  • The mowing width of the fishing line is 41.5 cm.

Thanks to the use of the SmartStart system, an easy and quick start is ensured with reduced fuel consumption.

Lawn mowing Partner DX 56

The powerful semi-professional device is equipped with a powerful air-cooled motor. The Partner DX 56 lawn mowers do an excellent job of harvesting grass, weeds and shrubs. Thanks to the anti-vibration system, working with such a device is very comfortable.

Main characteristics:

  • Motor. gasoline, single cylinder.
  • Engine power. 4.1 kW.
  • Turnovers. 10,000 rpm.
  • Air cooling.
  • Fuel tank, volume 1.2 l.
  • Use of cutting elements. fishing line, knife, cutter.
  • Mowing fishing line. 41.5 cm.
  • Mowing with a knife. 23 cm.
  • Mowing with a disk. 25.4 cm.

The fuel tank of the model is made of durable translucent plastic. A shield is provided that protects the owner’s legs when mowing.

Trimmer Partner B250B

Partner B250B is designed to handle overgrown gardens and lawns. The lawn mow uses a powerful engine and a well-developed security system.

  • Motor. gasoline, two stroke.
  • Power. 700 watts.
  • Air cooling.
  • Fuel tank, volume 0.5 l.
  • Turnovers. 10,000 rpm.
  • Mowing with fishing line. 40 cm.

Partner lawn mowers and trimmers are a great choice for gardening. They are also well suited for cleaning large areas, used by commercial companies.