Types of Coils (Heads) For Petrol And Electric Trimmers

The coil, or, as it is also called, the head for the trimmer is one of the types of cutting elements of a garden tool. Its main function is the timely supply of fishing line for uninterrupted mowing of grass on the site. Not only the speed of the trimmer, but also its effectiveness when working in different operating conditions depends on the health and condition of the spool.

All trimmer heads are pre-divided among themselves. by type of cutting line feed. Depending on this factor, the following types of devices can be found on the market:

  • tame. In spools of this type, the fishing line must be fed manually. To stretch the right amount of cutting cord, you need to stop the lawn mowing operation, and lengthen the ends. The manual coil for the trimmer is considered the most reliable of all types. However, its use will require some skill, which can only be obtained with the constant use of heads of this type;
  • semi-automatic. to extend the ends of the cutting cord, the lower end of this device will need to be pressed to the ground. In this case, the operator must press a button that opens the anchor mechanism. At this time, centrifugal forces are triggered inside the spool, under the influence of which the fishing line is extended by the amount necessary for further work. Semi-automatic coil trimmer does not require dexterity. The only negative is the high prices for some models of these devices;
  • automatic. heads of this type do not need to stop the operation of the trimmer and do not require dexterity. The cutting cord in them lengthens independently during a fall in the engine speed of the lawn mowers. The automatic trimmer head is the most convenient fixture, however, due to its more complex design, the owner is forced to repair the fixture more often.

Types of Coils (Heads) For Petrol And Electric Trimmers

In addition to the classification according to the method of feeding the fishing line, the spools for trimmers are initially divided among themselves by cutting cord charging method. Depending on this factor, the following types of devices are found:

  • quick. got their name due to the fact that when a new cutting line is attached, the operator does not need to remove the head from its base. This makes it possible to save time and make the operation of the trimmer more convenient. For refueling, you will need to insert one of the ends of the new cord into its hole, and wrap it around the head several times. After reaching a certain value, the second end of the fishing line must be cut off;
  • collapsible type coils. for refueling, the operator will need to turn off the ignition and remove the coil from the trimmer. After that, a new cutting line is wound instead of the old. In the end, the operator will have to assemble the head and install it in a regular place.

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Most lawn mowing coils include spools that can be single or double section. In the fixtures of the first type, the used fishing line is wound evenly on each side. In two-section mowing heads, each of the individual parts of the cord must be wound on a specific part of the coil. Devices of the second type are considered the most convenient to use since the fishing line in them does not bend at sharp angles and does not deform.

How to choose a head for trimmer?

In order for the mowing head to show high efficiency, the owner of the lawn mowers will need to correctly approach her choice. In this case, several factors must be taken into account:

  • experience. If a beginner gardener is involved in the purchase, it is best to purchase an automatic spool. Semi-automatic and manual spools are best suited for use by more experienced gardeners;
  • material. the reliability of the coil depends on it. The most durable metal models are considered, however, they weigh much more than standard plastic devices. When working with a metal spool, the lawn mowing engine lends itself to increased load, so you need to buy them only to work with a powerful lawn mowing;
  • diameter of the used fishing line. for medium power trimmers, coils are used that can be tacked with fishing line with a thickness of not more than 1.6 mm. On lawn mowers with a capacity above 2.5 liters. with. fixtures that can be tucked with a cutting cord with a thickness of more than 2 mm can be installed.

An important role in choosing a coil is also played by the simplicity of its design. For beginners, spools, which consist of a minimum number of parts, are best suited. experienced gardeners can use heads, the design of which includes a larger number of elements.

TOP 3 most reliable reels for domestic use

The market has its own rating of the most durable mowing heads. They are distinguished by the simplicity of the device, reliability and resistance to damage. These include:

  • 3rd place. Bosch K-103. This is a universal coil weighing about 300 g. Most often it is used to complete the lawn mowing company Makita and Hyundai. The model stands out for its low cutting cord consumption, impact resistance and durability. The core and its other parts are made of forged steel, and the body is made of plastic;
  • 2nd place. Flymo 15. This semi-automatic model for trimmers is equipped with a thin cup, which leads to increased consumption of cutting line. However, it performed well when mowing grass in rocky terrain. To work with it you need to use only a thin fishing line;
  • 1st place. EFCO 8100. This model is one of the most reliable mowing heads. It works in a fully automatic mode, which simplifies its refueling with a cutting cord. To work with the spool, only a thin fishing line is used. The case of the model is made of durable multilayer plastic.

Despite the stability and durability, all of these coils are an order of magnitude cheaper than other, lower-quality counterparts, which makes them leaders in the post-Soviet market.