Proportions of Gasoline and Lawn Mower Oils

Proportions of Gasoline and Lawn Mower Oils

The emergence of lawnmowers on sale has greatly facilitated work on the care of grass on lawns. Depending on the engine model, they are divided into 2 types: gasoline and electric. If you choose between these options, then gasoline is preferable, since it is much more mobile. it does not require wires and an electrical outlet.

In order for the lawn mower to help care for the lawn for as long as possible, you need to carefully monitor its condition and regularly carry out maintenance.

The amount of oil per liter of fuel

Two types of engines are installed on gas mowers. four-stroke and two-stroke. There are significant differences between them. The first option has a separate supply of oil and gasoline, that is, there is no need to prepare a special fuel mixture. And the second type of motors requires constant lubrication of engine parts by mixing fuel and oil in a certain proportion.

If you purchased a grass mowing tool with a two-stroke cycle of the engine, then you have to do the preparation of the fuel composition to refuel the mower.

The fuel mixture consists of gasoline and special oil for engines with a two-stroke cycle. When choosing oil, it is advisable to use lubricant from the same manufacturer as the lawn mower, but this is not a fundamental issue.

The main thing is that the oil is of high quality, and not a cheap fake. in this case it is not worth saving.

Two-stroke engines can be distinguished from others by marking on the label. It also indicates the ratio in which it is necessary to dilute the lubricant with the fuel. When using good and high-quality oils, the dosage, as a rule, is: 1 part of oil to 50 parts of fuel, that is 2% of the total volume of fuel. Some owners get confused in these proportions. In fact, everything is very simple.

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If the label indicates 50: 1, this means that 5 grams of gasoline needs to be poured 100 grams of oil. In other words, 20 grams of oil is required per liter of gasoline to lubricate the engines.

Rules for the preparation of the fuel solution

Before starting work, you should carefully study the instructions. In no case do you need to do everything “by eye”. Each manufacturer adds its components to the fuel, so it will be useful to familiarize yourself with its recommendations.

The basic rules for preparing fuel for a two-stroke lawn mowing lawn are as follows.

  1. Strictly observe the proportions when preparing the fuel solution. If the concentration of the lubricating component is insufficient, the piston and cylinder will become very hot, and the engine may fail under such conditions. Due to overheating, barbs appear on the cylinder walls, which subsequently will require serious investment in repairs.
  2. Do not add excess oil to the mixture. A large amount of it will lead to the appearance of additional soot and a speedy reduction in engine life. Elimination of defects is also expensive, as is the case with oil savings.
  3. Long-term. more than one month. storage of the fuel mixture is not recommended, since it begins to decompose and lose its basic properties. The prepared mixture can be stored for no more than 90 days, clean fuel is even less. about 30.
  4. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the combustible solution, protect it from various debris and other pollutants, which could damage the engine.
  5. After completion of work, if a long break is ahead, it is better to drain the fuel mixture from the tank.

Before preparing the fuel mixture, you should take care of its safety in the future. It is better to store gasoline in a metal container, the fuel content in plastic canisters specially designed for this is allowed. In no case should you store gasoline in plastic bottles: the fuel enters into a chemical reaction with polyethylene and decomposition products if it enters the carburetor can disrupt its operation.