Repair Chainsaw “Partner 350” Do It Yourself.

Today, when carrying out repairs or any construction can not do without chainsaws. The quality of its work will depend on the whole process of wood separation and the implementation of the planned building project. That is why you should carefully consider the choice of a high-quality chainsaw, which will allow a practical and more qualified to make the process of dividing building elements based on wood.
An excellent example is the Partner 350 chainsaw. But, like any other type of chainsaw, it can become unusable and require repair. To accomplish it, it will be important to understand the cause of the breakdown correctly and to correctly replace the elements that have exhausted their resources.
As a rule, repairs can be done independently, only it is necessary to understand where to start. Given the work of the oil pump or the existing carburetor. To do this, you will need to study the structure and working principle of the “Partner 350” chainsaw.


Using chainsaw ” Partner 350″ with an engine capacity of 1.8 hp allows not worrying about chain jamming, allowing performing the necessary amounts of work on the procurement of firewood or construction work. It is achieved by an automatic inertia brake and chain lubrication during operation.
The CCS system with a powerful air filter allows for timely cooling of the unit and prevents it from overheating. The saw has low production noise due to a properly designed housing that dampens it.
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The available chain pitch of 3/8 inch allows you to distribute the applied load evenly. The capacity of the fuel tank in 0.4 l provides the necessary amount of fuel for long-term work and does not weigh down the design of the saw with a mass of 4.7 kilograms. Engine capacity is. 34 cc.

Advantages when using this model.

When using a chainsaw partner, you can guarantee a perfectly made cut and separation of wood.

With all this we can note some advantages, namely:

  • ease of maintenance and service repairs can be performed by almost anyone;
  • robust body and practical use due to the ease of chainsaws;
  • minimum consumption of fuel and oil;
  • the ergonomics of each of the elements of the chainsaw;
  • possibility of use at high and low air temperatures.

These criteria allow us to speak about the widespread use of chainsaws: in difficult weather conditions with the implementation of a large amount of work in the minimum time frame.

Technical nuances, device and carburetor adjustment.

During the adjustment of the carburetor, it is important to perform a detailed disassembly and clean it from the existing dust and dirt. Thus providing additional care for connecting elements and housing.
The Partner 350 chainsaw has several levels of protection for both the oil pump and the carburetor. It allows us to say that the adjustment and adjustment of the carburetor operation is necessary taking into account future loads on the equipment.
When disassembling the chainsaw, it is important to properly detach the carburetor so that after it can be adjusted. After completing the access to the internal components, the fuel hose and the drive rod are separated.
The disconnection of the cable end is ensured. On the left side of the fitting, you can remove the gas line hose.
The result will be obtained perfectly filmed carburetor, which can be repaired and adjusted in detail.
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Instructions for disassembling the chainsaw “Partner 350”.

First of all, the top cover of the chain saw body is removed, then you can proceed to the separation of foam rubber on the surface of the air filter. All the device and elements are bolted on, which makes it more practical to use the unit without fear of damage under heavy loads.

With the help of adjusting screws, the carburetor is adjusted, each of which performs its function:

  1. Helps to adjust the top speed.
  2. Low.
  3. Idling.

The essence of the setting: clockwise we increase the number of turns, against. we decrease.
It should be noted that overheating of the chainsaw is excluded, even with a large amount of work performed, due to the powerful air filter and the base metal in the carburetor body.
Practical and simple device allows you to use the Partner 350 chainsaw in a variety of conditions. However, to prolong its service life, it is necessary to use high-quality lubricants (they are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts for a couple of hundred rubles).
But the damage caused by the use of unsuitable oil can cost you the cost of the chainsaw itself. Also, do not forget to drain the remaining fuel from the tank if you do not plan to work within the next week.
Observing the above care recommendations, you may never need a repair.