Why Does The Gasoline Trimmer Stall?

A spit with a gasoline drive is a useful thing for owners of private plots, lawns, and when the trimmer suddenly stalls, the work of cleaning the territory from grass stops. The device itself is a fairly complex mechanism, so there are many different reasons for its failure. The most frequent problems are contained in the instruction manual. Know the reasons why the trimmer stalls, should, to independently effectively perform the repair of the device.

What could break?

Problems with the benzocosa, due to the fact that this device does not start, are definitely classified by service technicians.

They highlight faults with the following mechanism nodes:

  • a motor in which the piston and bearings may wear out or fail, crack the crankcase;
  • fuel supply system, with possible clogging of the filter or problems with the carburetor;
  • mechanical damage to wires, tubes, hoses;
  • ignition circuit.

To correctly identify the site where the failure occurred, you need to pay attention to the circumstances under which the trimmer stalls.

When you press the gas.

If when you press the gas the gas mower stops, then the reasons may be as follows.

  1. The most common option is carburetor adjustment failure, which occurs under significant loads on the drive, after prolonged inactivity of the mechanism or when it is used in harsh conditions.
  2. Fuel valve clogging, which eliminate its relief, as a result of which the gasoline system begins to flow normally.
  3. Loosening and drooping of the cable in the carburetor. May also occur fuel hose stretch up to its rupture, caused by the action of a significant load.
  4. Breather obstruction (check valve), as a result of which no fuel enters the tank.

If the problem is connected with the carburetor unit, then it can be recognized by the appearance of vibrations of the gas mowers. When the hose bursts or the cable is stretched, they replace these components.

At high speeds.

When the spit stalls at high speeds, it is associated with the following malfunctions:

  • blocking or sticking of the valve located on the gas tank cover;
  • carburetor misaligned under the action of vibrations that occur during operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • air leaks;
  • the fuel intake hose is cracked or loosely connected.

Carburetor adjust, based on the trim instructions. To set up it is often enough to loosen the tightness of its body. If there are problem points with the circulation of the fuel mixture, it can gradually flow into the carburetor. After its development, the engine stalls at high speeds.

At idle.

At idle, common causes for a trimmer to stop are the following:

  • pollution, maladjustment, or improperly tuned carburetor adjustment;
  • air filter clogging;
  • reduction of the speed of the gearbox when it is heated, which is a consequence of the use of an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • throttle clogging;
  • air entering the system;
  • not enough fuel to operate the gas mowers.

If the problem is the carburetor, then the technique will stop at a “cold” and “hot” start.

Immediately after it wound up.

The unit may stall immediately after starting, if the carburetor is misaligned or has been improperly adjusted. this causes uneven fuel supply. The result of this is that the device begins to vibrate distinctly. To troubleshoot the carburetor reconfigure, acting on the instructions to the mechanism.
Also the engine stops when occurs valve clogging, fuel supply. In such cases, it is enough just to clean it. If the trimmer first worked, but then immediately stalled, then perhaps the fuel in the carburetor unit comes with some difficulty. Solving the problem is helped by weakening the valve, which allows the mixture to circulate freely in the system.
Stop can also be caused air suction in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks), producing fuel intake. In this case, you should add speed to the drive in order to more quickly expel air bubbles from the system.

When heated.

trimmer often stops when heated. At the same time, it starts, works “jerky” and gradually stops. This process occurs when gasoline in the carburetor boils or the flap in it is installed rotor, and not disk type. In the latter case, the item is changed.
It is found that the trimmer heats up if damaged ignition wire or coil. In order for the device to start working normally, parts are replaced.

When opening the air damper

It happens that the unit stalls when you open the air damper, normally working at idle. This is due to the air leakage system caused by the presence of fuel hose cracks or problems with seals. The carburetor metering system may also malfunction, and the trimmer will stop when the valve is open.
There are many reasons for stopping the mowers, but the most common problems are related to its carburetor. They can occur in any cases. The most problematic option is when a serious breakdown occurs, and you need to purchase new parts or change the benzocos.
In order for the trimmer to work normally for a long time, the requirements of the operating instructions should be strictly followed. It is necessary to fill the unit with a suitable fuel mixture for its composition, the device should work with a moderate load.

The best models of trimmers according to customers in 2018:

  • Trimmer “UNION BTS-9252L”
  • Trimmer “Hammer MTK33LE”
  • Trimmer “PATRIOT PT 3555 ES”
  • Trimmer “Huter GGT-800S”
  • Trimmer “Interskol KB-25 / 33B”