Lawn Mowers Repair Do It Yourself

In a private household and the country, it is simply impossible to do without lawn mowers. manually mowing lawns is very long and difficult. Many uses electric and gasoline units. Sometimes these devices fail but do not rush into service. It is possible to repair lawn mowers with their own hands. If the unit is electric, then most likely the problem lies in the wiring. In the case of gasoline, there may be problems with the candles, or the engine has failed.

Electric Lawn Mower Malfunctions.

Often, any malfunctions with the devices of such a plan are associated with violations in the electrical part. Those who are at least a little versed in electrics say that the contact has disappeared (or it has appeared where it should not be). In any case, repairing a lawn mower with your own hands is best to start with a visual inspection. Typical problems include insulation damage or a start button malfunction.

Gasoline equipment.

Repairing a gasoline mower is more difficult than repairing electrical equipment. But nothing is impossible. It is enough to know typical problems, to be able to diagnose them and replace parts. In most household lawn mowers installed gasoline two-stroke internal combustion engines. Sometimes units can be equipped with motors from other equipment. Often can be found in the lawnmower engines from chainsaws and trimmers.

The motor starts, keeps pace well, and the knives do not spin

It is a typical problem. In this case, the mechanical part fails.

The engine is difficult to start, but it works stably.

In this case, the unit with a gasoline engine starts poorly but behaves well in the operating mode when the fuel supply. It is a common cause that is associated with malfunctions of the idle carburetor system.

The engine starts badly, unstable work on any modes.

In this case, you should check the carburetor. Fuel jets may be clogged. Also, the reason may be a clog in the fuel or air filter. Repair lawn mowers include cleaning or replacing filters, as well as blowing nozzles.

The power unit starts, but can not withstand the load.

It happens so. The engine tolerably works at idle speed, but at the slightest load, they fall. In this case, there is “oxygen starvation”. The solution is straightforward. replacing or cleaning the air filter will help.

If the gasoline engine does not start.

It happens that even with normal fuel supply, the engine refuses to start.

Carburetor cleaning.

The carburetor is the most common cause of problems in the operation of lawn mowers and other gasoline equipment. Helps to clean the device. The design of all lawn mowers is about the same. Therefore, you can easily perform such repair lawn mowers with their own hands, regardless of model or brand. First, remove the air filter cover. Unscrewing the screws, remove the plastic cover and take out the filter. If it is clogged, you should clean it. Under this cover, there is an inside cover. It will remove after twisting the bolts. Under the hood is a carburetor. It should also be removed. To do this, first of all, disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel tank directly to the carburetor. If the inside was combustible, it would surely flow. Need to be very attentive. Next, the carburetor is removed. it held on two bolts. Now, it is necessary to disassemble it. Unscrew the bolt that holds the fuel chamber lid. Cleaning involves the use of special liquids.


As you can see, most of the faults of the garden equipment can be eliminated at home with their own hands. If a motorist owns a lawnmower which has at least once set up a car carburetor, repairing self-propelled lawn mowers for such a person is easy. But it is better not to bring the device to such a state. The pledge of the smooth operation of the device. high-quality fuel, good oil, respect for proportions in the mixture. With proper preparation and high-quality fuel, it is complicated to spoil the two-stroke engine. If you follow all the rules, then the repair of the lawn mower “Husqvarna”, as well as any other models for a long time is not needed.