Trimmer Repair. Do It Yourself.

A trimmer is an essential tool in the summer period for both owners of private residential buildings, and for fans to grow their vegetables, berries and fruits in the country. Destroying weeds or trim a lawn. all this can easily make a trimmer. And much faster than if you use other methods.

Unfortunately, like any other technical device, the trimmer sometimes breaks. For example, the engine does not work or having problems with the carburetor or starter, even if you periodically carry out maintenance of the unit: change the cutting line or teeth, fill it with high-quality fuel and oil, and also constantly lubricate the gearbox of the trimmer. In order not to pay for repairs that can cost you a pretty penny, you can study the device of the mowers and fix it yourself.

Trimmer arrangement.

Typical layout, according to which manufacturers make their mowers:

  1. The upper part is considered basic. the main elements of the gas mowers are concentrated here: the starter, the carburetor and the engine;
  2. The middle part is a bar, which is hollow inside and along which the cable is connected, connected at one end to the engine, and at the other end to the gearbox, which sets the cutting line in motion. Here are the buttons with which the operator can control the mowing machine. Attached here is a belt for unloading the weight of the trimmer that the operator wears on the body to make it easier to do his job;
  3. The lower part consists of a gearbox and a cutting tool covered with a special casing. It is done specifically to ensure that the operator does not suffer from garbage, glass and other dangerous items that may be in the grass.

Typical faults.

The most frequent breakdowns occurring during the operation of the unit are:

  • the engine does not work, the trimmer does not start;
  • the engine manages to be started, after which it does not keep the momentum and stalls abruptly and for no reason;
  • rod of the trimmer vibrates strongly;
  • gearbox overheats;
  • weak turns at the cutting line.

Before proceeding with the repair, read the instructions that must be included to correct diagnosis.

Check and repair motor.

In case the engine of the device does not start, it is necessary to check the presence of gasoline mowers in the tank. Keep in mind that when you refill your device with a specially prepared mixture of oil and gasoline, the fuel should be no lower than the AI-92 grade. To avoid engine breakdown, a certain amount of oil adds to the gasoline volume calculated in advance using a syringe. Making sure that the problem is not in the absence of gasoline, we proceed to test the operation of the ignition unit.

Ignition unit troubleshooting start with a candle. It is enough to unscrew it, bring it to the body and try to start the engine to check whether it works. If everything is in perfect order with a candle, you will see a spark that flashed between the body of the trimmer and the candle.
Another source of trouble is that the mixture of oil and gasoline fills the channel into which the candle screws. Try to dry the canal, and also dry and clean the candle itself. You need to leave the device to dry for about one hour, then re-twist the candle and try to start the engine. If the fuel regularly fills the candles, you are unlikely to eliminate this kind of malfunction yourself, so you will need to contact a qualified specialist.
If you determine that the source of the problem is not in the ignition unit, it is time to check state of unit filters, fuel and air. The air filter will need to be changed to a new one if, after removing the old filter, you find that the engine began to start easily without it.

To make sure the fuel filter is working, do the following:

  • disconnect the hose from the filter outlet;
  • try to start the engine;
  • if the fuel mixture began to flow out of the filter hole, then it is all right; otherwise, replace the filter.

The last reasons that the engine does not start may be a clogged breather or muffler. You should make sure they are clean. If this is not the case, clean the exhaust port or the breather.

Carburetor adjustment.

The carburetor is a rather complicated element of the mowers, which should not be repaired by an unprepared person, except for performing some simple operations, for example, cleaning the inner surface of the product from contamination without completely disassembling it. Trimmer carburetor adjustment it is better to entrust to specially trained people who can carry out the finest tuning, without disturbing its normal working capacity.

Gear care and repair.

The role of the gearbox in the trimmer is that it is an intermediary between the engine and the cutting line, transferring torque from the motor to the lower part of the unit through two gears with teeth.

To prevent gear wear in gearbox and their premature failure, it is necessary to monitor that they are constantly lubricated carefully. Most manufacturers indicate in the instructions attached to the trimmer that in the gearbox you need to fill in the oil at least once per season. If you often work with the trimmer frequently or hear unpleasant noises coming from the gearbox, you will have to check its condition and, accordingly, lubricate it more often.

To lubricate the gearbox, you need to do the following actions:

  1. Find a stopper on the gearbox, the role of which is to close the technical opening that is used to insert a new lubricant;
  2. Remove this plug using a special key attached to the trimmer;
  3. Use lubricants, for example, such as Litol-24, Oleo-Mas or conventional engine oil. Put them on the gears through the hole in the gearbox. In the process of operating, slowly turn the gears to achieve uniform lubrication;
  4. Screw the plug on the gearbox and start the engine. Make sure that the ambient noises that came from the gearbox have stopped.

If from the gearbox comes heavy knock, Most likely, the reason for this is that the bearings have worn out due to intensive work, insufficient lubrication, or due to dirt getting into them. The solution in this situation is only one. the replacement of failed nodes.

If you find that the trimmer cutting element has stopped working and is not rotating, the most likely cause of the malfunction is wear gears, more precisely, their teeth, which are no longer in contact with each other and do not transmit torque from the motor. The fault is eliminated by parsing the gearbox and replacing gears with new ones.