“Patriot” Petrol Trimmer.

The trimmer petrol Patriot differs from competitors in excellent build quality and high reliability. All models cope with high loads, so they are actively used in the care of personal plots, avenues and park areas. The price of this technique is acceptable because even an ordinary summer resident or villager can afford it.

Description of Patriot trimmers.

Patriot is a piece of reliable garden equipment, which has occupied its place in the market and maintains an impeccable reputation. Trimmers produced by this company divides into professional and household. The latter are much in demand because of the low cost. But do not forget that in the pursuit of savings, you can purchase a low-power device that is not able to perform the functions assigned to it.
When working with the tool there is a load on the human body, which often leads to pain. Patriot trimmers manufacturers took care of this problem and equipped them with belts to balance the load.

Trim Types.

Firm Patriot presented to the attention of consumers 3 trimmer lines:

  • Gasoline models involve the treatment of large areas with different terrain. They are practical, do not require a nearby power supply and long wires, and are reliable. To increase the convenience of work, they are completed with a suspended belt.

Attention! When working with a gasoline trimmer, particles of fuel and lubricants can get into the area and produce combustion products.

  • A Patriot electric trimmer is used to maintain areas around trees and shrubs, as well as hard-to-reach places. The instruction promises that the electric trimmer will cope well with the processing of medium and large areas. It has a reasonably small mass; its operation is effortless. The device is environmentally friendly.
  • Patriot battery trimmer can work only on flat areas. Due to the absence of a motor, the weight of the apparatus is significantly reduced. Working with it is easy and safe. Besides, there is no need to spend money on the purchase of fuel or pull electricity to the site. The Patriot battery trimmer doesn’t harm the environment and does not produce harmful emissions on the garden.


Patriot trimmers have many distinctive characteristics, given that a potential buyer can choose the model that best suits their needs and capabilities. An important role in this matter is the location of the engine. In the cheapest models, the motor locates below. Most often, this design uses in battery trimmers that do not have increased protection from moisture and are characterized by low power and weight. Electric and gasoline trimmers differ in that in most cases the engine is on top.

Also, when choosing a trimmer, the following characteristics should be taken into account:

  • the mass of the apparatus;
  • type of cutting tool (knife or fishing line);
  • rod type (straight or curved);
  • motor power;
  • fuel tank capacity;
  • the presence or absence of a connector for installing nozzles;
  • grip width

Principle of operation.

Patriot trimmers work on the same principle as a regular manual braid, but are equipped with an engine that drives the cutting element. As the last most often used sharp fishing line of any form of section. For its winding, a special coil is used, which is subsequently inserted into the bobbin, the two ends of the fishing line are left free. They will cut the grass at a time when the bobbin starts to rotate rapidly. Instead of fishing line can be involved disks or knives. With this design provides easy replacement of the cutting parts.
The principle of the trimmer bases on the fact that the rotation from the motor shaft extends to the cable or intermediate shaft, which are connected at the splines. The opposite end of the shaft is inserted into a bevel gearbox, changing the direction of the axis of rotation. It is he who causes the output shaft to rotate, at the end of which mounts the cutting tool.

How to choose a trimmer?

Trimmer Patriot with a gasoline engine is now a sales leader. The manufacturer presented several successful models to the attention of consumers. A potential buyer should only decide for what purposes the unit will be used.
In most cases, Patriot trimmers are equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Its power ranges from 0.5 to 3.3 kW. For a stable and long-term engine operation, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and oil specially designed for such engines.
Attention! Using a different brand of gasoline or another type of oil leads to overheating of the engine and its uneven operation.
Beginners who do not have experience with this kind of engines, you can purchase a model equipped with a four-stroke engine. It has a distinctive feature: oil and gasoline are poured into separate containers because the need for preliminary preparation of the mixture disappears. Besides, the four-stroke trimmer is more massive, which makes it possible to use it to service huge areas or heavily overgrown suburban areas.
If the owner of the site faced with the task of only mowing a small lawn, then it is advisable to purchase a device with a two-stroke engine, which is significantly inferior to the four-stroke not only in size but also in price. You can also use the Patriot electric trimmer, but here the inconvenience will be delivered by long wires and the search for opportunities to power it from the network.
Another competing firm is represented on the market. Champion, which supplies similar trimmers. Comparative characteristics of these devices make it possible to notice some features. If we take as a basis for petrol vehicles with an engine capacity of about 33 cm3, then there will be the following picture. The two-stroke motor from the Patriot has 1.8 hp, and the same representative Champion. 1.23 hp Both give out up to 8000 turns. The four-stroke engine from the Patriot has available 1.3 hp, and from the Champion. 1 hp Turnovers from both representatives are 9000. According to experts, such a difference is because firms do not manufacture equipment on their own, but only buy it from suppliers and equip it with their emblems. Patriot, also, independently develops the design of buildings, but this does not affect the performance in any way.

Rules of operation, maintenance and repair.

To extend the life of the acquired trimmer, you must strictly follow the rules of operation, maintenance and storage.
Attention! It is necessary to follow the safety recommendations strictly to avoid injuries during the work process.
Mowing grass should be done gradually, cutting no more than a third of its total height at a time. The height of the lawn to be treated should be from 4 to 9 cm. A lawn mower uses for heavily overgrown, flat areas. Regular cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of the trimmer not only increase the safety of work, but also prolong the life of the machine. Electrical and battery devices must be thoroughly cleaned from residues of grass and other debris.
When working with a battery trimmer, you cannot put it on charge immediately after mowing. The battery itself must be put into storage with a full charge to ensure its long and reliable performance. For devices equipped with a gasoline engine, care is carried out on the same principle as that of another gasoline tool.