Replacing Crankshaft Oil Seals On “Stihl Fs38”.

The preface: they brought the trimmer to THAT before the upcoming season, it started up, worked, and only occasionally with long work there were not big problems, she began to live her life, did not obey the handle of the gas, but soon it passed, and she again worked.

We need:

  • Carry out maintenance (replacement of filters, plugs, bearing lubrication, cleaning, purging, adjustment). I will not show how this is done, everyone should know this.
  • Find the defect that causes “it’s life” Trimmer. Near the carburetor and under the covers was visible oil with dust, the carburetor and the intake tract was fully functional. So we will get to the glands. To do this, remove the starter.
  • Then unscrew the screws at the bottom of the spit, which is labelled.
  • Remove the casing upper and lower. Next, we take a Torx that fits the size, insert it into the clutch drum and unscrew it, the thread is right, that is, ordinary.
  • Next, are the clutch pads, if there is no pneumatic wrench, then we clamp the flywheel gently in a vice through the wooden spacers, and as if unscrewed with a gas key, the thread is right.
  • If the flywheel itself has not flown away, then we take a mallet and lightly knock it, it can be easily removed, from the starter side with the head for 13 unscrewable starter ratchet, the thread is right. So we got to the stuffing boxes, you can see oil around them with dust, which means the stuffing boxes pass, the client said change.
  • We take out the old oil seals with a thin screwdriver, clean everything, take new oil seals (size 12 22 ​​7.3, such stand on the Chinese braids of 26 and 33 cm3), lubricate with oil inside and out, fill it with a suitable head.
  • Putting it all in reverse order. Launched, heated, gassesd, works like a clock.

I do not praise Stihl, but I wondered how long this spit is at the owner and how much he mows it, spit 5-6 years old, in the summer it harvests hay, sometimes 3-4 days a week mows, it burns up to 5 tanks of fuel with interruptions only for refuelling.