Easy Ways How To Set The Ignition On Tiller Correctly.

Many farmers are interested in how to set the ignition on the tiller. Tillers are becoming increasingly popular with farmers. They are easy to use; they can be used to perform all types of garden work. But any equipment sooner or later wears out and breaks.
We will find out how to set the ignition on a motor-cultivator, how to fix problems, how to check the system correctly. Installing the ignition is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

How to set the ignition on tiller?

Consider how to adjust the ignition tiller. The tiller ignition system is fairly simple. Before you install the ignition, it is important to make sure that this design creates a spark, which in turn will cause ignition of the fuel fluid in the combustion chamber.
In order not to turn to experts on trifles and save your money, you need to understand how the ignition is adjusted and the settings of the ignition coil. Consider how to set the ignition on tiller MB 1 and MB 2.
It is possible to expose ignition using a spark. It is necessary to turn the crankshaft so that the marks of the pulley and the gas mechanism coincide. The runner, which distributes the gas flows, should point to the high-voltage wire of the cylinder.
It is necessary to slightly unscrew the nut, which changes the position of the mechanical structure, which determines the moments of the high-voltage pulse.
Then you need to get a high-voltage wire from the system cover. He is in its center. Then place the contacts at a distance of 5 mm from the motor cultivator.
Then turn on the ignition.
Next, you need to turn the mechanical structure, which determines the moment of ignition, clockwise to the mark 200. Turn the above-mentioned structure carefully in the other direction.
All this needs to be done with the utmost care. The mechanical design should not change its position relative to the tiller.
A spark arises between the central high-voltage wire and the mass of the cultivator. After that, you need to tighten the nut-breaker to avoid ignition quickly.
You can set the ignition by sound. If the owner has a proper hearing, then this method of checking and adjusting the ignition is excellent. In other words, this is a contactless test of candles.

The contactless method involves the following procedure:

  1. First you need to start the engine.
  2. Then you need to slightly weaken the distributor.
  3. Slowly turn the case-breaker on 2 sides.
  4. The mechanical design, which determines the moment of spark formation, must be strengthened in the state of the greatest power and the greatest number of revolutions.
  5. Next, listen carefully. When you rotate the discontinuous system should be heard clicks.
  6. After all the actions done, you need to tighten the timer nut.

The strobe method works as follows:

  1. First you need to warm up the engine.
  2. After that, attach the strobe to the tiller.
  3. The sensor that reacts to the sound, you need to attach to the high-voltage wire cylinder.
  4. Remove the vacuum hose and plug it.
  5. The stroboscope will emit light, which should be directed to the pulley.
  6. Start the engine of the unit again, leave it idle.
  7. Rotate the distributor.
  8. Attach as soon as the pulley mark points to the mark marked on the tiller cover.
  9. Tighten the nut breaker.

The above describes how to check the ignition coil. When installing the system, it is advisable to use the instructions, especially owners who are faced with this for the first time.
Adjusting the coil is not a difficult task.

Repair ignition coils and troubleshooting.

There are situations when the motor-cultivator does not start. This problem may be related to the coil system.

For example, there is:

  1. Malfunction in the coil itself.
  2. Malfunction in the candle located in the coil.
  3. In the wiring.
  4. At the tip of the candle.
  5. To check the candles you need to pull it out and inspect it. If carbon is present on the electrodes, they can be heated with gas.

To check the magneto (coils), the tip is put on the candle, and the lower part is brought to the coil. When the flywheel is turned, a spark should form. If this does not happen, then there is a fault in the ignition coil for the tiller.

Setting and checking the ignition for tiller “Neva”.

To correctly and quickly check the coil tiller Neva, you need:

  1. A4 sheet folded 4 times.
  2. Loosen the modular mounting bolts.
  3. Put the paper under the pillow.
  4. Press it down and hold it until the bolts are tightened.
  5. Turn the flywheel and see if there is a spark.

Adjusting and tuning the magneto is quite simple. The most common cause of malfunction tiller coil is a candle. Therefore, in the suitcase with the tools of each owner of the cultivator must be sets of spare candles.
The most popular candles from well-known manufacturers are Bosch and Subaru.

Testing candles is carried out as follows. To check the serviceability of the candles tiller coils MB and MB 1, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Turn out the candle. Wipe the electrodes.
  2. In the presence of soot clean it.
  3. Set the distance between the electrodes.
  4. Put the tip on the candle with a high-voltage wire.
  5. Press against the cylinder body. Electrodes should look one way under the candle.
  6. Scroll through the crankshaft, observe the formation of a spark. If not, then a malfunction in the candle.

Who owns cultivators, he must remember that if a spark was formed, then you need to look at its brightness. If the color is intense, then the magneto setup and adjustment was successful.
On excellent magneto work, it is essential to monitor the gap between the flywheel and the stator. The distance should be between 0.1 and 0.15 mm. If the indicators do not meet the required, then adjust them will not be easy.
To set the optimum gap size, remove the fan cover, loosen the stator bolts and insert the dipstick. Then you need to set the required performance and tighten the nut.
Ignition repair for tillers is also not complicated. Most often, a magneto breakage occurs due to a malfunctioning candle.
To check, you need to unscrew the candle and scrutinize it.
If the candle is dry, it means that the fuel does not enter the engine system. If the candle is wet, then this means that the candle is continuously filled with engine oil.
To repair in the first case, you need to wipe the candle, while later repair, dry the engine cylinder, driving it out at idle.