Replacing Fishing Line In Al-Ko Trimmer

Replacing Fishing Line In Al-Ko Trimmer

GTLi 18V Comfort Model Description

The AL-KO GTLi18V Comfort trimmer tool is very easy to operate due to its low weight of 2.4 kg and convenient handles. For modern models, an important element is comfort and safety during operation, which accommodates the AL-KO GTLi18V Comfort cordless trimmer. An additional handle on the rod with tilt adjustment increases functionality, the flexibility of the trimmer cutting system adds to the device the quality and accuracy of cutting in the most inaccessible places. With a cutting head with a rotation angle of 180 °, you can easily trim the edges. for perfectly maintained lawn). The optimal length and position of the trimmer is provided by the telescopic aluminum bar and the rotary part of the handle, thanks to which the trimmer can be adjusted quickly and easily.

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The cutting system of the trimmer includes a double-line reel made of high strength nylon material and a knife for rougher work if necessary. The cutting head is equipped with special Rotor-Cut technology, which provides grass cutting with great accuracy. Contributes to high-quality and accurate cutting also the presence of a restrictive bracket, a support wheel and the flexibility of movement in different planes of the trimmer cutting head.

Features of the GTLi 18V Comfort model:

Lightweight balanced body

The modern trimmer model is compact in size and most convenient to use with its weight of 2.4 kg and practical controls. It is easy to work with an electric braid even with one hand in any places remote from the electric network. The arrangement of the engine and the batteries is thought out to completely balance the design, which reduces the load on the operator’s hands several times.

Complete freedom of movement

The engine is equipped with 18V lithium batteries with a good 1.3A / h capacity reserve, which are located near the main handle. With a power output of 350V, the battery engine is able to work on batteries for a long time without requiring recharging. Such freedom of movement will help maintain a well-groomed appearance in remote areas. If it is necessary to connect to the power grid, you can continue to work on the lawns near the connection point.

Minimum working noise

Rechargeable electric braid does not create uncomfortable noise during operation, which allows you to operate it even in the early morning without worrying about neighbors or sleeping households. Complemented with an anti-vibration system, the trimmer mower does not create a harmful effect on the user’s body during prolonged use.

Telescopic folding boom

Designed from lightweight, durable aluminum, the boom has telescopic capabilities, allowing you to adjust the length according to the needs of the operator. For greater ease of storage, it also folds during transportation.

Comfortable handles

The D-shaped design of the main handle with the power button on it is very comfortable in the hand. In addition, an adjustable handle for the second hand is installed on the bar, which improves maneuverability and accuracy during lawn mowing. It has several tilt positions for greater convenience. All handles are rubberized, which excludes slipping hands.

Adjustable trimmer head

Thanks to the flexibility of the trimmer cutting head, the productivity and maneuverability of the device increases. For smooth edges of the lawn, the turning angle can vary up to 180 degrees. By adjusting the length of the bar and the inclination of the trimmer, you can quickly and easily get the most convenient trimmer position for work.

Hard-to-reach haircuts

Thanks to the three tilt positions, the trimmer is able to cut even under garden benches or swings. The maximum slope corresponds to a right angle. Special protective systems prevent damage to the cutting system in the event of a collision with a fence or bench leg.

Precise edge cut

A restrictive bracket and a support wheel installed in the battery trimmer facilitate accurate mowing of the grass without damaging other plants or contacting the fence and walls of the house or objects in the garden.

Replacing fishing line without stopping work

The cutting thread head is equipped with a semi-automatic line feed system, which ensures the replacement of the used part with a new one without interrupting the operation of the trimmer. To trigger the system, a small blow with the trimmer head on the ground is enough.