Review About Patriot Trimmers: Types, Features, Operation.

Reliability is valued most in tools. Ideally, this is a technique that works under all conditions, does not need preventive maintenance, and is operated even by a child. In reality, this combination does not occur, but it is possible to approach it.
Garden equipment from the company Patriot is pretty close to this ideal.

Trimmers with different drive.

The Patriot produces two basic hand-held devices for mowing the grass. Their appointment is different, so the devices are not competitors.
The inconvenience is an attachment to the outlet. Even with a large cable length. up to 50 m, it is impossible to process the far corners of the garden. Dignity. the period of continuous operation is limited only by overheating of the motor, after cooling it can be mowed on.

  • Petrol devices are independent: its power drive provides their functionality. The power of the engines is different: the Patriot produces both cars, designed for the treatment of sports fields. the model Patriot 4355 with a 2.3 hp drive, and more modest for mowing home gardens, for example, trimmer 3055 with a capacity of 1.3 liters. with.

The disadvantage of cars in this class is, of course, noise: the engine, and it is fixed on the top of the device, it works literally near the head of the operator. Therefore, it is necessary to wear headphones during mowing. The weight of the devices is almost two times more. 7–9 kg, due to the weight of the tank, the engine and the systems serving it. Repair Trimmer too difficult.

How to pick a trimmer?

The most important factor is the purpose of the device. It is one thing. a flower garden near the house, and quite another. an uneven, bumpy lawn with wild grass. The tools here will require different, with different characteristics. The latter is described in detail in the instruction manual.

Flowerbed near the house.

Since flowers, as a rule, are the result of the desire of the hostess to improve the territory, she will have to remove the grass. It is necessary to take into account the fact that such work requires great maneuverability, and, therefore, a good review.

  • Gasoline engine. two-stroke, low or low power, since the area of ​​the site is small.
  • The minimum possible weight, for example, like the model Patriot PT 2540. 4.5 kg.
  • Curved shaft. to provide visibility and the ability to remove grass around trunks and bushes.
  • Trim head with 2-3 mm fishing line.

Lawn near the house.

The site can be quite extensive. Its distinguishing feature is flat land, without pits and hummocks. Usually, the lawn does not start to such an extent that it grows weeds and formed deadwood. However, if mowing is missed several times, the grass can rise fairly, and, most importantly, become much tougher.

  • Engine. you need a more powerful one, for example, like the trimmer Patriot 3355 –1.8 hp The photo shows the device.
  • With the weight, in this case, will have to accept. at least 6 kg. But on the other hand, all models of the company are equipped with a shoulder mount, which greatly facilitates the work.
  • The shaft is straight. otherwise, the transmission power will be lost, and great effort will be needed to cut the hard grass. An attempt to install the knife on a curved shaft ends with an unexpected repair.
  • Trimmer head, if the vegetation is just thick, and knives, if the lawn has managed to grow weeds. Components for different models. For the first case, a three-blade knife is sufficient, as in the trimmer 3055. A 40-toothed disk is more suitable for cutting hard, dried stems. It is part of the Patriot 3355 model.

The change of components is described in detail in the instruction manual. It should be studied carefully to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Lawn near the house.

If there is no lawn, but there is a drawn meadow next to the house, the desire to bring it into relative order and use it for picnics or recreation is understandable. A feature of this area is a large number of hummocks and holes, dead wood and thickets of wild grass. From the lawn, it, above all, is very rigid.
A good option for such heavy areas is knapsack trimmer, such as, for example, T552. With an engine capacity of 3, 0 liters and the corresponding tank, the weight is massive –10.6 kg. An excellent way out of the situation is the location of the drive behind the operator’s shoulders.